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									                                                                                          Volume I, Issue 2

                                Central Middle School

                    THE RAM REPORT
A few words from the Principal:
   The staff at Central maximizes their use of Tuesday release days. During the first half of the year,
students see all of their teachers for 30 minutes, a relatively short period of time. To refocus our efforts
on preparation for MCAS, we creatively schedule less classes for longer periods of time. These classes
focus on areas in need of improvement on the math, ELA and science (science is grade 8 only) portions
of MCAS testing. On February 8th, we began this year’s Challenge Day programs. We had to be
exceptionally creative this year due to staffing so each team approached their schedule differently.
Half of the school is re-grouping students who then have fewer classes for up to an hour in each subject.
Some teams chose to keep their schedule the same, but change what is being offered. For example,
the 6th grade Presidents kept their current schedule. Mrs. Brooks and Ms. Ioanilli are focusing on Open
Responses and math facts, while Mrs. Monaco/Mrs. O’Connor are teaching much needed study skills and
Mr. Lenane is providing support for the reading comprehension portion of the tests. No matter what the
schedule looks like, all students participate in Healthy Choice activities. We believe that test anxiety plays
a large role in many of our students’ performances. To counteract this, our specialists provide healthy
choices and relaxation techniques. Students will go for a healthy walk, lift weights, learn yoga or art
therapy. We are hoping to include some parents this year to alleviate some of the scheduling problems.
Special thanks to Mrs. Raybuck and Mrs. Jaehnig for volunteering their time! Remaining release day
dates are: March 8, March 29, April 12, April 26, May 10, May 24, June 7 and June 14.

Parents, please look on the central website for Central’s School Council survey on school climate.
Parents will be asked to print and send in the “thank you” page at the end of the survey for their child
to be entered into a raffle for $50.

Exciting News!

The new Central Middle School project is well on its way! Quincy’s City Council voted to purchase the
site ****** and we could see construction begin as early as this fall. The next two years promise to be
exciting as we witness (from a few blocks away!) the construction of this state of the art middle school.
We plan to have a presentation for parents in the near future as well as a chance to meet the architects and
members of their team.

Quincy Public Schools and the Rotary Club would like you to join us for the presentation of “Enhancing
your Child’s Social Skills in School and Online” by Dr. Elizabeth Englander, Massachusetts Aggression
Reduction Center at Bridgewater University. Dr. Englander is a leading expert in the area of Bullying and
Cyberbullying at Bridgewater University. All parents are encouraged to attend this valuable presentation
on March 1st, 7:00pm,in the Quincy High School Auditorium.
                                   GRADE 6—THE PATRIOTS TEAM
Science-Ms. Ahearn                                               on to Japan and eventually the rest of Asia. Also, students
                                                                 are working on a project in which they must use specific
In Ms. Ahearn’s 6th grade science class we are                   data from the CIA to convince a company to build a factory
experimenting!!! Our school’s science fair is on                 in their country. I am looking forward to these
March 31st and we are well on our way. In class,                 presentations. Again, if you have been to or are from a
we are learning the components of a science fair                 country in Asia, it would be great if you could share
project while diving into the inquiry process. We are            souvenirs, stories etc. with my classes.
all excited to see the finished products. In February,
we finish our unit on weather. There was much to                 Reading-Mr. O’Brien
study this year with all of our snow! February is also
the beginning of our quest into space. As we learn               In Reading Class, we are well into the Drama Unit.
about our solar system and the universe, we will discover        Students have all had the opportunity to get up in front of
the laws that govern how things behave in space and how          the class and perform in front of their peers. Students are
scientists believe our solar system was created. It is an        currently working on writing their own plays and are
exciting topic to study and there is a plethora of new           looking forward to performing them before February vacation.
information available to us online that we will be exploring.
                                                                 English Language Arts-Ms. DiPietro
Math-Ms. Corbo
                                                                 During the second term, our language arts class has focused
This semester, Ms. Corbo’s classes are very happy to             on expository writing. Students have completed a literary
welcome Mr. Evan Pepe, a student teacher from ENC.               response and a how-to-essay and are now composing
Mr. Pepe’s strong math background and creative teaching          research papers in conjunction with their science classes.
style have already added so much to the classroom!               For this assignment, we have focused on note-taking skills
We have just finished a Geometry unit on transformations         and using direct quotations, paraphrasing, and summaries.
and discussed their practical applications which can be found    We have also continued studying grammar. We have just
in the graphic design of electronic games and in many works      finished a unit on punctuation that covered end punctuation,
of art. In the next few months, we will be working on            capitalization, apostrophes, and more. Students have
more Geometry as well as preparing for the MCAS                  completed projects on these topics and taken quizzes and
exam through practice tests and learning activities.             a final test. As the term continues, we will be working on
                                                                 getting ready for MCAS, introducing poetry, and continuing
Social Studies-Mr. Griffith                                      to write and study grammar.

In geography class we are currently working on Asia.
We have spent some time on China and will be moving

                               GRADE 6—THE PRESIDENTS TEAM
Science-Mr. Lenane                                               circumference, and volume of 2D and 3D geometric
                                                                 figures. Students are excited to begin half-day
Science students are preparing for the science fair as well as   “Challenge Days,” during which they will engage in
their Friday projects. We have been very hands on this           hands-on activities to help prepare them for the MCAS
semester.                                                        test in May!

Math-Ms. Ioanilli                                                Social Studies-Ms. Monaco

As the midyear approaches, our 6th grade mathematicians          We are finishing up our unit on Asia, studying Japan and
 are wrapping up a unit on fractions and decimals, while         then traveling to North and South Korea. Next, we travel
getting ready to explore graphing and measures of                “back in history” to Egypt, but we will also explore and
central tendency. Keep your eyes peeled for their                discuss recent conflicts happening today. After Egypt,
survey, they will need your help in collecting data to           we head to Africa.
analyze! In March, student swill embrace the challenge
of using algebraic formulas to calculate area, perimeter,        Congratulations to Mrs. Monaco on the birth of her daughter!
                             GRADE 6—THE PRESIDENTS TEAM
 English Language Arts-Ms. Brooks                                finding the main idea, sequencing, using context clues,
                                                                 finding facts, drawing conclusions, and making inferences.
 In English Language Arts, the students have been busy           Finally, students will be presenting their Paper Bag
 writing winter poetry using all of the figurative language      Book Reports this week! In English Language Arts
 they learned working on the Power Point projects. They will     class, we have completed a unit on subjects and verbs
 be writing descriptive essays in early February using all of    (action, helping, and linking verbs), as well as a unit on
 their skills they learned about imagery. All students will be   phrases, clauses, dependent words, conjunctions, and types
 expected to use sentences of varying length with correct use    of sentences (simple, complex, and compound). We also
 of commas. I hope all of the sixth graders will soon know all   explored the four genres of essays: narrative, expository,
 of the correct ways to use a comma in order to improve their    persuasive, and descriptive. The students practiced how to
 writing. It won’t be long before we review Open Response        write a lead, a main idea statement, and a conclusion in a
 Questions for MCAS and be ready to write research papers!       persuasive essay. They did a fabulous job! Next they will
                                                                 tackle a descriptive essay about a special person or place.
 Special Education-Ms. Carew                                     To prepare for the upcoming ELA MCAS test, we will also
                                                                 be practicing how to answer open response questions. In
 In reading class, we are reading nonfiction selections          math class, our focus has been on fractions. We have
 entitled Great Races. While reading about the New York          completed a unit on finding equivalent fractions, comparing
 City Marathon, The Tour de France, and the Iditarod, we         fractions, and converting fractions to decimals and percents.
 are practicing various reading, as well as making               We also have been exploring adding and subtracting fractions
 connections and visualizing during reading. After our           with like and unlike denominators. Finally, we are ready to
 nonfiction unit, we will be reading The Breadwinner, a          wrap up a unit on multiplying and dividing fractions. Next,
 novel set in Afghanistan during the reign of the Taliban.       we will tackle a unit on multiplying an dividing decimals.
 In addition, we are continuing our study of root words.         The students have been working hard in math class!
 We will also be practicing various reading skills, such as

                                 GRADE 7—THE FREEDOM TEAM
Science-Mr. Eldridge                                              Social Studies-Mr. Skowyra

Currently, students are dividing their efforts between            In Ancient Civilizations’ class we have just completed our
learning about projects. They have just turned in their           unit on Ancient Egypt. We have begun our next unit on
science project proposals and after some minor revisions,         Ancient Greece. During the next month we will study
should be ready to begin the experimentation phase of the         Greek mythology, their major city-states and governments,
project. There are a lot of great ideas being presented and       and lasting contributions of one of the most advanced
many should be worthy of making it to Regional's in May.          civilizations of the ancient world.
In class, students are learning about motion and forces,
something they can appreciate in everyday life. We will soon
explore what causes these forces and what puts things into        English Language Arts-Ms. Bailey Dumas
motion, energy.
                                                                  In Language Arts lately, we have been concentrating on
Math-Ms. Rosenbaum                                                writing, writing, and more writing. While we’ve been
                                                                  reading short stories, we’ve been practicing our open
It seems like time speeds up this time of year. The students      response skills. We will be moving onto poetry soon,
are finishing chapter 5, and we will begin to study ratios,       and we’ll continue to practice those open response skills
rates, proportions, cross products, etc. in chapter 6. We are     Right before MCAS, we will be working on writing long
also preparing for MCAS testing by applying reading               compositions. We will end the term the way we began: writing,
comprehension strategies to open response problems. The           writing, writing!
students are excited about the term 2 independent project that
is due at the end of February. I look forward to seeing what
they have learned!
                                  GRADE 7—THE LIBERTY TEAM
Science-Mr. Kane                                                     in a sentence of their own showing the word’s meaning. In
                                                                     addition, they have also replaced each vocabulary word with
Mr. Kane’s science classes have been studying the world of           a synonym, and used it in a complete sentence. We recently
matter. In our chemistry unit, students ask the essential            read “The Gift of the Magi” from a collection of O’Henry
question—What is Matter? The unit includes defining,                 stories. With this unit we will be learning metaphor, simile,
identifying, and describing properties of matter. Students           irony, foreshadowing, conflicts within a story, and reflection.
actively learn how to measure properties of matter such as           We will continue on with other O’Henry stories to improve
length, mass, and volume using the appropriate scientific            these and other reading and comprehension skills. Assessment
instruments. These activities conclude with the property of          is ongoing in the areas of comprehension and open response
density where students make use of their lab skills to explore       writing, through class discussion, writing assignments, quizzes,
density as an important identifying characteristic property of       and reading projects.
matter. Also, in our chemistry unit, there is a BIG FOCUS
on the development of the Particle Model of Matter.
Students are challenged to look at the world around them in          Reading-Ms. McGuiggan
terms of the particles of matter that make it up—atoms and
molecules! To help make these invisible particles more               The students in grade seven reading class finished The
concrete to students , they learn how to draw and build              Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan. Currently, the students
models of different atoms and molecules. Other topics in             are reading short stories by O’Henry. This famous author is
this unit include classifying matter (elements, compounds,           known for his surprise endings. Students are also learning
pure substances, mixtures), demystifying the Periodic Table          a new root word each week. After February vacation, the
of Elements, studying the principal states of matter in terms        students will begin a poetry unit. It has been a pleasure
of particle arrangement and motion, and understanding                working with the students, and I appreciate their hard work
physical and chemical changes at the particle level.                 and enthusiasm.

Math-Mr. Rosenthal                                                   Reading-Ms. McAuley

In 7th grade integrated math, we’ve just finished a unit on          In December a seventh grade reading class was added during
fractions and integers, and will be using algebra, proportions,      period one. We concluded a book they began in term one.
and percents in the next unit. In pre-algebra, we are in a unit      The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. We are now reading the
that focuses on rational numbers and proportions. Students           classic novel, The Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter. All
will be taking practice MCAS tests in the upcoming challenge         classes continue to do work for biweekly tests on Greek and
days to prepare for the math MCAS tests in May.                      Latin roots.

Social Studies-Ms. Williams                                          English Language Arts-Ms. Quinlan

                                                              Ms. Quinlan’s language arts classes just completed a unit
In social studies, the Liberty Team is just finishing up a unit on
Ancient Egypt. We have spent the last few months exploring    that includes lessons to improve a student’s ability to
the culture of Egyptians, including pyramids, mummies and     respond to the test. Students developed skills and strategies
their pharaohs. Over the next few months we will be diving    or answering open response questions and write on task u
into the birthplace of democracy, Ancient Greece. The stu-    sing the novel, A Jar of Dreams. Different methods were
dents will be discovering the roots of many facets of our cul-used to implement lessons and engage all students. Peer
ture in America, from government to architecture to the con-  assessment promoted growth for all learners. A culminating
                                                              project allowed students to make outside connections,
cept of equality. The students will also receive an introduction
to philosophy and how it can relate to their everyday lives.  celebrate their dreams, and share their cultural backgrounds.
                                                              Language arts students will begin their Extreme Writing
                                                              Makeover unit the last week of February. Students will
Reading-Mr. Malvesti                                          spend the upcoming unit immersed in strategies to help
                                                              enhance their ability to write effective essays. They will
In reading skills we just finished the book entitled, The     work together to captivate their audience through dynamic
Lightning Thief. Students have been reading independently,    introductions, structural organization, revealing voices, and
and summarizing each paragraph. We have also been             clear ideas. They will also peer edit conventions to clarify
studying mythology and have learned about the Greek Gods      meaning. Through sharing and comparing students will take
in the process. A final test was given on the book assessing  ownership of their ability to revise, edit , and make necessary
them in the area of comprehension, by utilizing open response changes in their writing. By the end of the Extreme Writing
and multiple choice questions. My students have also created Makeover unit students will have a better understanding
vocabulary lists, defined each vocabulary word and used them of the traits that are needed to be a good writer.
                                 GRADE 7—THE LIBERTY TEAM

Special Education-Ms. Shea                                      all the roots/words that we have covered so far. In
                                                                Language Arts class, we have recently completed a unit
Hello again parents and guardians. Ms. Shea’s classes           on Nonfiction and have just started a novel, A Jar of Dreams.
continue to be energetic and motivated. In our reading          This novel deals with racism and our own self image. In
class, we have been studying the art of irony with              math, our class has just begun the exciting and well loved
O Henry’s twist ending short stories. We have                   unit on fractions. We will be working to get these concepts
recently begun a second novel, which all the students           solidified to build on them in the future. Thanks for your
seem to be enjoying. Our discovery of Latin and Greek           support and please feel free to contact me with any
roots continues and we will be having a big test soon on        questions or concerns.

                                    GRADE 8—THE ADAMS TEAM
Science-Ms. Houghton                                            completing a project based on the novel. In December, the
                                                                entire eighth grade was given the opportunity to take part in
After Christmas break students wrapped up their study of the    two special activities. On December 21, students were
Physical Sciences and have started a new topic in the Life      invited to watch an edited version of “The Patriot” as an
Sciences. Students have been able to look at cells under a      interdisciplinary activity between Mr. Boel’s music classes
microscope and are currently involved in an interactive &       and social studies. All 200 students watched the movie
collaborative cell part project. Groups are in charge of        together in the auditorium and really enjoyed the show. It
studying and presenting a designated cell part to the class.    was great to see students as they watched the material
The culmination of this project will be a completed plant       covered in class “come to life” before them on the big screen.
and animal cell that students can use as a study guide and      The other activity students participated in was one that
for review prior to MCAS. Students have also embarked on        involved community-service. Eighth grade students worked
an independent study in science for either a class project or   to assist the Germantown Neighborhood Center by purchasing
for participation in the Central Science Fair. This has been    holiday gifts for needy Quincy families. In all, the students
one of the most innovative years for science project topics.    were able to help over 100 children and families. The New
The science staff at Central is looking forward to another      Year has been every exciting for my students. We have spent
great Science Fair and beyond, as we attempt to take            the month of January examining the Articles for Confederation,
several students to the Regional and State Science Fairs.       the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We
We hope this will be a great experience for our students        have begun working on thesis writing with a small research
and a great opportunity to showcase the level of science        assignment. Students are now looking forward to our
education we have here at Central.                              upcoming units on the presidents beginning with an
                                                                in-depth look at the lives, presidencies, and importance
Math-Ms. Tomasini                                               of George Washington and John Adams.

The Adams Team math classes are lost in a world of              English Language Arts-Ms. McAuley
inequalities. We have been exploring the solving of
absolute value inequalities as well as graphing linear          The focus of term two writing is on developing skills
inequalities. Next we will move on to the systems of both       needed to write a solid research paper for the science fair.
equations and inequalities where we will learn to solve by      A second purpose is to help students develop the writing
addition, subtraction and later multiplication. The students    skills they will need to thrive in an academic environment
are being challenged every day and they are meeting these       in general, as the research paper is still the most required
challenges with great confidence.                               type of academic writing. Students are also required to read
                                                                one classic book of their choice for their independent reading
Social Studies-Mr. Pavao                                        assignment. In addition we recently read a few
                                                                non-fiction selections including an excerpt from Narrative
The students in Mr. Pavao’s social studies classes have         of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, The
had a very productive beginning of the trimester. The month     United States vs. Susan B. Anthony, I Have a Dream, and
of December was spent completing our unit on the American       Choice: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Revolution. Students were fascinated by our study of the
people and events that created our nation. Students also
completed reading Johnny Tremain and are currently
                                 GRADE 8—THE LINCOLN TEAM
Science-Ms. Proctor                                             out the “Snowman” donation drive for the Germantown
                                                                Neighborhood Center. From wrapping paper to
Our 8th grade science class is starting the 8 week journey      snacks to gifts, the wrapping parties were a great way to
to Central Middle School’s Science Fair. The students           contribute to the community in this time of need.
are preparing their topics and making the decision to enter     Thanks again!
the fair or display a poster. Either way the students are
working hard and learning lessons about cooperative learning    English Language Arts-Ms. McGuiggan
and research based science. Come join us for this years’
Science Fair!                                                   In honor of the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.,
                                                                the eighth grade students read about his heroic life, and
Math-Ms. Malone                                                 his fight for equal rights and justice for all. The class
                                                                also examined King’s “I Have a Dream” speech,
Ms. Malone’s Pre-Algebra students have been hard at             Robert F. Kennedy’s speech after the assassination of
work continuing to work with integers and equations. We         Dr. King, and Sojourner Truth’s famous speech, “Ain’t I
have also completed a study of rational number operations,      a Woman”. Next, the students wrote their own speeches
most of which was a much needed review from last year!          with an emphasis on assonance and different types of
We are now moving into an exploration of ratios, rates,         figurative language. The students’ speech presentations
proportions and everyone’s favorite (and possibly most          were outstanding; I truly appreciate their efforts. February
useful!) - PERCENTS! The Honors group has finished              is Black History Month; therefore, the students have
the pre-algebra section of the course and on February 7th       been learning about famous African-Americans including
we will begin the algebra book—nice job!!                       Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Thurmond Marshall,
                                                                Rosa Parks, and Jackie Robinson. They are currently
Social Studies-Mr. Phelan                                       working on photo essays that depict a famous African-
                                                                American and his/her contributions to society. When
In social studies class we just finished learning about         the students return from vacation, they will begin The
the events leading up to and through the U.S. Revolutionary     Contender, a novel by Robert Lipsyte.
War. By now students should be organized and used to
their schedules. A quick reminder that February is a            Special Education-Ms. Howie
great time to reload on school supplies. Binders start to
deteriorate and pens and pencils seem scarce. Start the         The students are doing a great job in language arts class.
new year off right with a trip to Ocean State Job Lot or        We recently completed a unit on Anne Frank. We began
Staples and reload. Our next unit will cover the events         with reading several short historical stories that explained
leading up to and through the U.S. Constitution. We’ll          the events that lead up to WWII. The students did a
learn about the founding fathers and how they created           wonderful job and enjoyed reading the Anne Frank play.
the document we still use today to govern or country.           We are currently working on a Black History unit. His
After that, we’ll cover the Industrial Revolution, which        began with learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and
will include a field trip to the textile factories in Lowell,   reading his “I Have A Dream” speech. The students were
MA. Chaperones are always welcome. If you are                   asked to create their own speech and present it to the class.
interested in attending a trip with us in mid-March,            We will also learn about the many milestones in black
make sure to stop by the office for a CORI (background)         history. The unit will celebrate the contributions of many
Application Form. All chaperones must have a current            important black figures in American society. Students will
application on file. If you have any questions, my email        continue to work on grammar and writing skills through
is I would like to send a             responding to the literature presented in class.
special thank you to students and parents who helped

ELL-Ms. Newcomb

New beginners are reading short personal stories to learn basic grammar and punctuation to improve their own writing.
Second year students are writing short essays, also using partner review for revising. Advanced students are working on
improved listening and participation in class discussions on a wide range of topics, including famous explorers, and
important historical figures and events.
                               GRADE 8—FOREIGN LANGUAGE
Spanish-Ms.Burns                                              Spanish-Mr. Cordero

Spanish class has been eventful for 8th graders. Students     The students are doing a terrific job in Spanish class.
continue to learn various vocabulary words, conjugating       They have shown great progress with their writing and
verbs and asking and answering Spanish questions.             speaking skills. The classes are currently working on
8th graders were birthday party planners! They designed       multiple topics. They are successfully describing clothing
unbelievable birth fiestas, completely in Spanish. Lists      and shopping in preparation for the Fashion Show that will
of activities, invitees, food and drink were written in       be presented to an audience on March 24th. The readers are
espanol! The parties were very impressive! Perhaps,           doing an amazing job speaking in Spanish as they explain
some students will be future event planners! In class,        what the models are wearing. The classes are also currently
we started conjugating—ar verbs. Students are able to         working on their school schedules and conjugating irregular
identify the personal pronouns and many –ar verbs! We         verbs. They have also been learning about the island of
are looking forward to completing our –ar verb projects!      Puerto Rico and it’s culture and are currently preparing their
Our next goal is learning food vocabulary and telling time.   projects which will be presented in the classroom. The
Be on the lookout for Spanish menus and Spanish               students have to discuss the culture and history of Puerto Rico
food pyramids! Our 10th annual Spanish fashion show will      through different topics that include food, music, holidays
be held in March! Models, readers, tech and film crew are     and traditions, places to see and beaches. Mr. Cordero is
extremely excited to participate! Each week, students have    incredibly proud of all of his students and of their fantastic
been practicing after school. Mr. Cordero and I are proud     attitude throughout the year.
of our students’ hard work and enthusiasm. We cannot wait
for you to attend our special show!

                                                 Central MCAS Dates

        Tuesday, March 22nd, ELA Long Composition, grade 7 (this is a full day for everyone)
         Wednesday, March 23rd through Wednesday, March 30th, grades 6,7,8 ELA MCAS
                                 (specific dates TBA per grade)

                            GRADE 6, 7 & 8—HEALTH CLASS
 Health-Ms. Plaskasovitis

 This month in health, the sixth graders have been learning about their changing bodies and the reproductive system.
 They have learned about the physical, mental and emotional, and social changes that happen during adolescence. We
 discussed the physical changes during puberty and how they are directly related to our reproductive system. The students
 are also learning about fertilization and the science of reproduction. The event grades have been learning about fetal
 development since the beginning of the year with the Baby Joey project. We have been following Baby Joey in utero over
  the past 18 weeks and tracking how are systems form and all of the amazing growth that happens over the 40 week process.
 This month they’re looking deeper into fetal development and have learned about heredity and genetics. DNA, Stem cells,
 gender determination, and twins. Overall, they are fascinated by the process and ask very interesting and appropriate
 questions. The eighth graders are finishing up the relationship aspect of their curriculum and are learning to identify
 healthy and unhealthy relationships. The emphasis is on dating violence and what is appropriate behavior for teens. We
                        are also taking a look at sexual harassment and reviewing their rights and the law.
                        GRADE 6, 7 & 8—PHYSICAL EDUCATION
Gym-Mr. Karalexis, Ms. Reppucci

Central Middle School Physical Education is an essential part of the student’s total educational program, contributing to the
social, mental and physical growth of the individual. The curriculum will provide experiences that will develop cooperation,
accomplish personal goals, develop positive attitudes toward wellness and contribute to lifetime participation in physical
activity. Basketball and volleyball will be our activities for the upcoming months. We begin our units with individual drills
that develop and refine the students’ skills. Students will take part in a variety of individual and small group activities that
will lead up to team games. Through their participation students will gain physical skills, the knowledge of game rules as well
as offensive and defensive strategies. Understanding the importance of communication and teamwork is another focus of this
group effort.

                                         GRADE 6, 7 & 8—ART
Art-Ms. Michaud

Art Happenings! 6th graders have been studying the color wheel and are using their knowledge to create multichromatic
paintings inspired by the colorful art of the modern French artists, Sonia and Robert Delauney. As students explore color
mixing with tempera paints, they are discovering the infinite possibilities and excitement of color! Students in grade 7
explored the principle of symmetrical balance by creating radial designs using the crayon resist technique and watercolor
inspired the images viewed through a kaleidoscope. They are moving on to stick figure designs that explore the concept of
symbols in art and the principles for rhythm, movement, and pattern. Students looked at human symbols in ancient pictoglyphs
and the art for the modern artist, Keith Haring. 8th graders are exploring the art of American Romanticism in preparation for
their trip to the new American wing at the Museum of Fine Arts in March. Students are currently working on scratchboard
engravings for birds and animals inspired by the 19th century artist and naturalist, John James Audubon. Students used thier
skills of observation to draw their original sketches and are now exploring the engraving technique using the elements of line,
pattern and texture. Next, 8th graders will explore the art of the landscape inspired by 19th century American artists such as
Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran and painters of the Hudson River School.

                                           GRADE 6, 7 & 8—MUSIC
Music-Mr. Boel

The music classes at Central are actively engaged this term learning about specific musicians and musical styles. The sixth
grade has just finished a unit on the music of drum corps and its connection to the show “Blast”, a stage version of drum corps.
Students viewed the performance and were able to discuss the musical connections to the main theme of the show. Each class
learned about the history of drum corps and the summer competition, Drum Corps International. The seventh grade has just
completed a study on the early Romantic era. Ludwig van Beethoven was the focus of all musical listening and discussion.
Each class learned about this third symphony, the Eroica (Heroic) as well how it related to a greater understanding in the life
of Beethoven himself. The focus of the next several classes will be on the middle part of the Romantic era. The eighth grade
just finished film music and is now exploring the life and music of American composer, Aaron Copland. Several pieces of his
music will be listened to and discussed as well as how he gave us the Classical American sound we have today. Copland is the
pivotal composer when it comes to a very extensive curriculum on American music from now to the end of the eighth grade
                                            Youth Council

       Students in Youth Council have been very busy this year. Our annual Coats for Kids was
successful. Our annual Pennies for Patients campaign is coming soon. We’ll be raising loose change
    (and cash) donations to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This fundraiser will be held from
  March 1st to March 31st. Our own Central alumnus Abby Ochieng is currently battling Leukemia,
 So we are more motivated than ever to raise money for this great cause. Also ongoing are Box Tops
  for Education. Clip them off participating products and send them in. We are on pace this year to
                          break our previous record of $1,000 in Box Tops.

                                            Running Club

   Running Club is a great way to start the day! The Group begins the session with attendance and
stretching exercises. Then the runners go for a 2 to 3 mile run coming back in time for the athletes to
change and get ready for their school day. Sometimes the activity involves sprinting/speed exercises.
 The students learn the values for running as an excellent option of excises, training and weight loss.
    The program will resume the week of March 25th. Anybody interested in joining should see
                                     Mr. Cordero or Mr. Lenane.


   Athletes and coaches are looking forward to another great season of swimming. The swimming
 program meets once a week for practices that are held at the swimming pool of the Lincoln Hancock
 Elementary School. The athletes take a bus from Central to Lincoln Hancock for practices. The bus
always returns to Central for dismissal. The season culminates with an all city meet that will be held on
  Saturday, April 9 at Lincoln Hancock. The teams are coached by Mr. Griffith and Ms. Houghton.

                                        Intramural Basketball

      Athletes and coaches are getting ready for the upcoming intramural basketball season. The
    intramural program consists of basic skills, drills and games. The program is highlighted by a
     Citywide Championship Tournament at North Quincy High School on March 16th and 17th.
                 See Mr. Kane, Rm. 39 or Ms. McGuiggan, Rm. 41 for more details.

                                      School Health/Ms. McGrath

        The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has completed dental screening including
   sealants and fluoride for all 6th graders who had parental consent. The program has been expanded
                            to 7th graders. They will be screened in the spring.

      To help prevent and stop the spread of the above illnesses some basic simple steps for you and
      your family warrant review. Hand washing can not be stressed enough. Wash hands with soap
        and warm water frequently especially after visiting public places, going to the bathroom or
     being in contact with anyone who had a cold or the flu. Reinforce teaching children (and adults)
      to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing and to not share items that can spread germs
          and viruses such as cups and straws. Eating right, staying well hydrated with water and
                         getting plenty of rest are all also very important to help to
                               stay healthy during these long winter months.

                                             Lake George

   All permission slips and required paperwork for the Lake George trip should have been turned in
   by now. Deposit #2 of $100 is due by the end of January. Raffle tickets are available in room 29.
      Raffle tickets are $5.00 per ticket; each ticket sold brings the cost of the student’s trip down
    by $5.00. The grand prize is two tickets to a Red Sox/Yankees game. Second prize is $100.00.
                                           Third prize is $50.00.

                                              Camp Wing

   Information and permission slips will be handed to all our 7th grade students regarding camp right
  after vacation. Students will be attending Camp Wing on Tuesday, June 7th and returning to Central
  on Friday, June 10th. There was a parent presentation at PTO on Thursday, Feb. 17th and camp staff
    will meet with our students when we return from break. Please do not let finances keep you from
  sending your child as we have scholarships available. We also hope to have a raffle to help alleviate
    costs. If you know of anyone who can donate Red Sox tickets , please contact the school. Please
                             check with your child for further information.

                                            Fashion Show

Eighth grade Spanish students are working extremely hard in preparation for this year’s Spanish Fashion
 Show. The students practice twice a week in Central’s auditorium after school. The show is presented
completely in Spanish by members of Mr. Cordero and Ms. Burns’ classes. The students write their own
paragraphs using vocabulary and grammar that they learn in class. Over 100 students have signed up for
            this year’s show that will be presented the night of March 24 in the auditorium.
                 Mr. Cordero and Ms. Burns are looking forward to this fantastic night!
                                          Guidance Corner

8th Grade: On Thursday, March 10, 2011, Quincy High School and North Quincy High School will hold
  a Course Selection Assistance/Information night. The program will be held from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
   under the direction of each school’s guidance counselors. Please plan on attending this informative
   evening at your child’s district high school. During the week of June 6, 2011, each high school will
   also hold a Student Orientation day for the incoming freshman. Principals, guidance counselors and
          teachers look forward to sharing information about their high school during this visit.

    Private Schools applicants: If you plan on attending a private school next year, please inform the
                                          guidance department.

7th Grade: The 7th grade just finished the DARE program. Special thanks to Officer Grazioso for his
lessons on “Keeping it Real!”

 6th Grade: All 6th grade students will be participating in Central’s Anti-Bullying program. Guidance
Staff along with the Quincy Police Department present four modules of our curriculum. Topics discussed
include bullying, cyberbullying, and internet safety. The modules are presented using multi-media, hands
    on learning, group work, and discussion. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the
                                           guidance department.

                                            Parents Corner:

Social Networking sites are on the rise with students in middle school. Students use Facebook and instant
messaging to communicate with fellow students. While often this is innocent, it can escalate into abusive
  exchanges, threats and bullying. Students also use Facebook to communicate with other students they
have never met. Many students also have a public profile which means anyone can access photographs as
             well as personal information that could be harmful to your child, unknowingly.

Here are a few tips for parents to keep in mind:

1. Keep the computer in a public place. Allowing your child to use the computer in privacy makes
   it difficult for you to monitor their screen time.

2. Know your child’s usernames and passwords and periodically check their usage.

3. If you allow any use of social network sites and instant messaging, know who is on your child's
   friend lists, and monitor usage.

4. Teach your children not type anything they would not say out loud to someone, in person.

                        CENTRAL WORKS
                               SESSION II

              JANUARY 31, 2011—JUNE 10, 2011

         MONDAY                             THURSDAY

Power Hour, 7:30-8:15am             Power Hour, 7:30-8:15am
Sunny Side Up, 7:30-8:15am          Sunny Side, 7:30-8:15am
Academic Adv., 2:30-4:00pm          Academic Adv., 2:30-4:00pm
Breakdancing, 2:30-4:00pm           Lego Robotics, 2:30-4:00pm
Central Cares, 2:30-4:00pm          Yearbook, 2:30-4:00pm
Lego Rebotics, 2:30-4:00pm          Youth Council, 2:30-4:00pm
                                    Strategy Games, 2:30-4:00pm
                                    Handball, 2:30-4:00pm
Power Hour, 7:30-8:15pm
Sunny Side, 7:30-8:15pm
Central Sings, 7:30-8:15pm          Power Hour, 7:30-8:15am
Fantasy Basketball, 2:30-           Sunny Side Up, 7:30-8:15am
                    4:00pm          Central Sings, 7:30-8:15am


Power Hour, 7:30-8:15am
Sunny Side, 7:30-8:15am
Academic Adv., 2:30-4:00pm
Health Kick., 2:30-4:00pm
  (with Camp Fire Counselor)
Art Club, 2:30-4:00pm
Let’s Talk, 2:30-4:00pm

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