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									Giulia Paolinelli, Cristina Rossetti, Luca Sanchioni
History   Since the store first opened its doors in 1849, Harrods has always
          prided itself on a reputation for excellence, that nothing is too
          much trouble to their customer and finding the finest-quality
           The Harrods„s story started in 1834 in London‟s East End, when
          founder Charles Henry Harrods set up as a whole sale grocer in
          Stepney, with a special tea. In 1849 Harrods took over a small
          shop in the new district of Knightsbridge on the site of the
          current store just near Hyde Park.
          In 1889 the store become a public company.
          The 1890s were boom time and the new departments were added:
          including the “Harrods Bank” and “Estate Agency”. The new
          managing Director Richard Burbidge was well ahead of his time
          introducing the World‟s first escalator in 1898. Harrods has
          constantly evolved over the years to keep up with trends.
          In 1959 the “House of Fraser” group acquired the store and began
          to upgrade what was seen has an old-fashioned institution.
          It was only when the Fayed family acquired the House of Fraser
          for £615 million that Harrods become a family - owned firm once
          again the store‟s fortune began to turn.
          The energy of the story, today, comes across in the unexpected
          that comes from attention to every detail in every department.
Brands and Quality
 Harrods remained London‟s premier retail outlet for ever 155 years,
 yet the fundamental ethic of selling quality merchandise and giving
 customer exemplary service has never been questioned or
 At Harrods truly anything is possible.
 The famous Harrods‟s motto:” EVERYTHING FOR
 EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE!!” has more than lived up to its
 meaning over the years.
 The store is an example of how a brand steeped in tradition and
 legend become a kind of museum exhibit: Harrods is a brand that
 people desperately want to remain the same.
 While having one traditional, unchanging brand does make things
 fairly simple for the corporate design department. it does mean that
 the image of the brand becomes locked in a certain epoch.
 The label “Harrods” is the distinguishing trade mark of a brand but,
 also become a famous symbol of England, it is a classic brand that
 belongs in the past to tradition for 155 years.
 Visit Harrods and discover seven floors full to bursting with the
 most luxurious products from the world‟s very finest brands.
Floor Plans
    Lower Ground Floor
Men‟s most fashionable
destination for designer gear and
good grooming, as well as superb
souvenirs and gifts, fine wines
and spirits, and a host of handy
services including optician, walk-
in doctor, Harrods Bank, theatre
and holiday booking centre.
             Ground Floor
Tear yourself away from
London‟s finest Food Halls
and you‟ll find cutting-edge
tailoring, shoes and classic
suiting for men, four superb
Beauty rooms, as well as
gorgeous ladies‟ leather
accessories and jewellery.
               First Floor

If fashion is your passion,
this floor blends the latest
designer couture with more
classic silhouettes, lingerie, a
stunning selection of shoes
and London‟s best selection
of wedding dresses.
            Second Floor

Make your pad a palace with
everything for the home from
tableware to towels – and the
world‟s most famous pet shop.
               Third Floor

From traditional and antique
to cutting-edge designer, find
the whole spectrum of
furniture here, along with an
unbeatable selection of home
entertainment courtesy of
HMV and Waterstone‟s.
            Fourth Floor

Children are the focus on four,
which caters for every aspect of
life for youngsters up to 16 with
toys, books, nursery furniture
and young fashion – as well as
the ageless funky fashion of
denim heaven Way In.
              Fifth Floor

Get sporty with an entire
floor devoted to working
your body and looking great
while you‟re doing it. And
when you finish, unwind in
London‟s premier health and
beauty spa, Urban Retreat.
… Harrods wants to keep its prestige and finest quality offering the major brands
in the world as Gucci, Burberry, Armani...and offering very expensive goods so
that there are security men that control these merchandises.
The quality can be defined in many ways:
   reliability: Harrods‟s history guarantees finest service and long–lasting goods;
  traditional: Harrods bases its prestige and its label on the English old-
   fashioned tradition;
  expensive: in the store you can find a lot of luxurious brands that contributes
   to give the high image of the label;
  well designed: is refer to the structure, it is located on antique, majestic,
    English building in London.
The quality is also comes from attention to every detail in every department and
from to customer service, to improve the customer loyalty.
  Advertising is an attempt to get
  the right message to the right
  people at the right time. It is a
  form of the marketing mix. The
  mission is to represent the image
  of quality and tradition of the
  store and to give the highest
  service building loyal consumer
  relationship. The base of its
  advertising is the customer
 To sell, companies must know what their customer need, however customers are often
 reluctant to give this information. Companies must overcome this reluctance through
 careful observation, the key-word are: behavior and customer feedback, the reaction of
 the customer (cloosed-loop marketing)
 The importance of marketing consists of achieving loyal customers, Harrods want that
 customers return to buy in its store.
 The traditional advertising is still effective but a combined approach with cloosed-loop
 marketing, is more successful.
 The techniques of cloosed-loop marketing are:
   monitoring traffic and static websites but this system does not give individual
   monitoring dynamic websites gives information on links visited by the customers
      and on the products they purchase;
   customer profile through e mail links (what the customer is like from a business
      point of view);
   Multi channel marketing using more than means of communication.
  Through postal service in addiction to e mail service, also the cold
  calling that is a new form of communication and consists in a
  phone call to advertise products or services.
  In a cloosed-loop marketing program the direct mail performs the
  initial groundwork, it helps to promote your brand provides the
  tiles on your offer and directs prospects to your website for more
  information or to plays an order.
Customer Services
 Harrods offer a lot of kind of services that improve its
   Harrods cards: as a Harrods cardholder you will have
      access to Cardholder days, Sale Previews, invitation to
      Harrods events...The Harrods card puts a piece of
      luxury in your hand!
   Shopping online: customer can buy on the net. On the
      website you can find a whole area is reserved to
      shopping online. Products are displayed on the website
      and you can choose one or more of them.
   Privacy and Security Policy: Harrods created a privacy
      and security policy to demonstrate their firm
      commitment to protection your information and to
      providing a safe site for electronic commerce
      transactions. All material information and featured
      provided on the website are protected by copyright,
      trademark and are owned by or licensed to Harrods
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