Double glazing Your Questions Answer by ARIFURROHIM


									Double glazing: Your Questions Answered

Concerned about the expense, the installation time and what the final
result will look like? Deciding to invest in double~ glazing can be a big
decision, but the short and long-term benefits will make it all worth it.


The beauty of double glazing is that the technology will pay for itself,
since double-glazed windows reduce the cost of heating bills while adding
significant value to your home.All properties lose heat through their
windows and, according to the government-backed Energy Saving Trust, up
to £135 per year could be saved on a household's heating bills with
energy efficient replacement windows.Given the soaring costs of fuel,
that figure could increase still further, while any rise in property
prices will also offset the initial cost for double glazed replacement

Quality of life

Another crucial consideration is your family's quality of life. As well
as conserving your home's heat, double_glazing also provides a protective
buffer against noise pollution. Such a barrier can make a huge difference
to your peace of mind, particularly if you live near a busy road or in a
particularly noisy area. Make sure that you ask the company that provides
your double^ glazing about the soundproofing qualities of the glass they
use. Some companies can offer glass that is specially designed to reduce
noise. To muffle outside racket that bit further, sound absorbing tiles
can be placed in between the two panes of glass.


The extra strength provided by double' glazing also makes your windows
more difficult to smash, and many double glazing companies are able to
install windows made from toughened safety glass. This means that if the
glass does break for any reason, the glass will shatter into tiny,
virtually harmless fragments rather than potentially dangerous larger
shards. Make sure that your new windows are supplied by a company that is
fully accredited by the British Standards Institute. For additional
security, look out for extras such as multi-point locking mechanisms,
lockable window handles and glazing beads. A good double" glazing company
should be able to offer these. If yours doesn't, consider looking


One problem many homeowners face with their windows,particularly during
the winter months, is condensation.This extra moisture can peel paint
from the sash of wood windows and damage both the windows and their
frames. Double *glazing doesn't give rise to humidity levels in the home,
a primary cause of domestic condensation,meaning dampness and moisture
will be much reduced on your windows.
As society moves in a more environmentally-conscious direction, double
glazing is an energy-efficient choice that can help to significantly
reduce your carbon footprint while also saving you money,enhancing the
quality of life in your home as well as adding value to the property.

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