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									Beijing and Tsinghua

 Chen Zhou
 25 June, 2008
 Evening in IE
    This is Olympic year!
   Good
       Cleaner air
       Attractions are ready
       More activities are going on
   Challenges and precautions
       High security
       Be extremely careful with your actions
       Any bad behavior can lead to severe relations such as
        expulsion, custody, etc.
       Watch your drinking
       No fighting, jay walking, and any other unacceptable
   Internet connection in Tsinghua
   Locations of interest
   Dorm and check in
   Initial schedule
   Activities
   Transportation
   Food
   Shopping
   Money
   Power
   Phone
        Internet access
   Download access software before departure
       http://netsupport.tsinghua.edu.cn/
       Click this symbol near left top corner
       Click this symbol on the bottom
       Click OK to download, a new icon will appear on your
       To log in, click the new icon on your desk top
       Enter your user ID and password, check the box for “open
        log-in” (go outside Tsinghua network)…
   To change your password, go to
       https://usereg.tsinghua.edu.cn/
   GT students will be given 2 internet access cards.
    Be sure to log-off after use, or you will run out of
    your quota very quickly.
           Where is what in the city?

Yuan Ming Yuan
Summer Pallace

                                             Bar District

                 W Train

                                                   Train Stn
If you go on your own

   Take a taxi from airport, be sure to wait in the
    queue, you’ll get a ride if you go with a solicitor
   Tell the driver for Tsinghua University Northeast
    gate or 清华大学紫荆东北门
   The cost last year was about 100 RMB, might be a
    little higher this year
   Insist to use the meter
   There is a toll charge used to be 10 RMB


         Yuan Ming                               IC 6
         group tour             Market
         on June 25           Food court


          Zhong Guan Cun                                          Market
         Electronics market                                       Bike,…
                                             IE Dept

                            Market                      Dorm Canteens
                  Convenience, food, phone, …           Qing Qing Pizza
          Northern campus                                                 Dorm



                                                IC #6
                          Wen Nan 206
        Southern campus                         IC #6




IE building and computer room

   舜德楼 Shun De Lou room 512, near IE office
   IE contact: Nan Jie
   This year, we will use a larger classroom in Wen
    Nan Lou (文南楼) 206 (former business school)
Dorm check in
   Dorm management is in Zijing building 19, 2nd floor
   You need passport, and 200 RMB deposit (refundable)
   Your room will be in one of the buildings nearby

   Cost
       140 RMB/day for 1st to 30th day
       120RMB/day thereafter
       Refund will be given to early check out
   NUS students
       Those did not stay in the dorm regret last year!
       You need to pay for your stay at check in
Dorm at Tsinghua University
• Single or double (shown in drawing last slide), AC
• Mattress, sheets
• Shower, toilet
• Hot water 7-9 AM, 3-5 PM, 8PM-12AM
• Ethernet socket
• TV
• 201 phone (need a phone card to dial out, but
  can receive calls)
• Electric kettle (do not cook in it), sink
• Laundry: service available in building 18
• Many floors has self-serve machines, you need to
  buy a transponder

              Sun    Mon     Tue       Wed    Thur       Fri    Sat
              6/22    23     24         25     26        27     28
9:00-11:00                  Beijing    YMY    Hyundai    TAM
2:00 – 4:00                                   Brewery
              29     30        1        2        3        4      5
9:00-11:00           C3 2    C3 2      C3 2    C3 2
2:00 – 4:00           2       2         2       2
               6      7        8        9       10       11     12
9:00-11:00           C3 2    C3 2      C3 2    C3 2
2:00 – 4:00           2       2         2       2
              13     14       15       16       17       18     19
9:00-11:00           C3 2    C3 2              C4 2
2:00 – 4:00           2     C3 Final   C4 2     2
              20     21       22       23       24       25     26
9:00-11:00           C4 2    C4 2      C4 2    C4 2
2:00 – 4:00           2       2        C4 2    C4 3
              27     28       29       30       31        1      2
9:00-11:00           C4 2    C4 2      C4 2   C4 Final         Return
2:00 – 4:00           2       2        C4 2   Wrap up
Tuesday, 24 June

   Group flight
       CX710 Singapore to HK 820A -1215P
       KA992 HK to Beijing 140P - 510P
   Check in, dinner nearby, sleep
Wed. 25 June (busy day but important)
   Gather on sidewalk near the dorm buildings at 8:30 AM
   Walk to the classroom in IE building(Room 512)
   Information session 9:00 – 10:00
   10:00 departure for Yuan Ming Yuan, required for those in
    HTS 2602, suggested for others
   12:00 Lunch (on your own)
   2:00 PM buying bicycles on the way back to campus
Thursday, 26 June

   Plant tour, being arranged. There should be two
Friday 27 June

   Gather at Wu Dao Kou 五道口 (5th railroad
    crossing) subway station at 9:00 AM
   Take subway line 13, then line 2 to Qian Men
    station 前门 (front gate)
   Walk around Tianam Men Square, pictures
   Visit Mao memorial, required for those taking HTS
    2602 (this should end around 11)
   Self organized tours. In the past, people visited
    forbidden city (it is right there), Wangfu Jing
    market, or flea market
Sat - Sunday

   Self organized activities
   In the past, people organized tours to Great walls,
   You can also consider other places, temple of
    heaven, silk market, etc.
   Check out the travel agent
       In Beijing (or Singapore), the use of travel agent often
        leads to savings
       Ticket can run out, so plan your trip early
   Taxi: stay in queue and use meters: 10 RMB start, and
    about 50 to city center
   “Cabs” at the dorm are unofficial, fix price before you go
   Subway: convenient and no traffic jam
   Bus lines are many. It take studying
   Bike

   Weekend to Great Wall: your group is large, it is
    possible to rent your own bus
   Plan your out of town trips early, e.g.
       Train ticket may not be available closer to departure
       In Shanghai tour, many go to Hanzhou and Suzhou,
        you may not find the ticket when you get there!
       Visa extension or multiple entry
       …
Some culture suggestions
   Cultural minutes,
    before 2nd part of PM
   Activities
       Bowling
       Basketball
       Soccer (foot) ball
       Ping pang after the
       Beijing Acrobat (Chao
        Yang theater)
   Karaoke
What story does this picture tell
Other recreations
   Tennis
   Basketball
   Swimming, 1.5 hour
    intervals, a small charge
   Ping-Pong
   Clubbing
   Canteen at the
   Qing Qing Pizza in
    the basement of
    the canteen
   Get cash cards,
    normally at drink
    stand, a 10%
Better canteen at food square

   Food square: a better
    liked canteen
   Food court at the
   Qing Qing (similar to
   Qing Qing Pizza, basement
    of the dorm canteen

   Campus restaurants near two of the dorm
   Many have food there often
   Cost no more than GT cafeteria

   Out of Main gate: Two Italians,
   We could not find Indian, Mexican nearby last
    year (one Mexican moved away)

   Wu Dao Kou: hot pot, Korean BBQ (several), Pizza
    hut, KFC,
   Travel agent
Farewell at Peking Duck near Tsinghua

   Peking duck out of main gate where we had
    farewell receptions
   Market near dorm: convenience store,
    phones, SIM card, …
   Market in Zhao Lan Yuan, near classroom:
    fruit, miscellaneous,
   Electronics and others from Main gate to
    Wu Dao Kou
   Wal-Mart on Zhi Chun Lu, 15 min bike
    ride (1 stop from Wu Dao Kou) from Main
    gate (cheese, peanut butter, etc.)
   Silk Market, Wang Fu Jing, Qianmen,
   Chao Yang Embassy district

   Exchange rate basically identical anywhere,
    and normally good, about 6.9 now
   ATMs on campus or tourist locations in
    Beijing normally support one of the systems
    with logos on the right. Check on your ATM
       Zhao Lan Yuan, outside banks
   Travelers cheques may have better exchange
    rate, but there is a fee
Power in China
   220 Volts. Check your device
    before you plug it in since US
    uses 110 V
   Power plug
       Type A, similar shape that used in
        US with slightly smaller gap
   If your plug has 2 prongs of the
    same size, there is no problem
   If one is bigger, or you have 3
    prong, you need a adapter. The
    simplest way is to buy a power
    strip with universal sockets,
    available in the market near
Phone landlines

   Beijing
       Special prepaid card operated phone in dorm
       Free for incoming calls
       Get Beijing 201 card from newstand near canteen or
        along street
       Broad band connection in dorm
   Phone cards, available in many convenience
       A little more expensive than US
       You do not pay face value, 50% or more discount is
Cell phone in China
   Mostly GSM although CDMA networks becomes available
   You can get SIM cards
       In market near dorm
       Small general store in Zhao Lan Yuan
       Post office on campus
       Small electronics shops near main and south gate
   The cost depends on
       Number: 8s are good, 4s are bad.
       Minutes included
       How long has it been retired
       You normally can pick from a list of numbers
       I have seen from RMB 50 – 130 ($7 – $18), some has more air
        time than others.

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