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									Source: Train in snow. 12 Feb. 2005 <http://www.rockymountaineer.com/media_center/standards_images/gallary/winter_train.jpg>.
      Source: Agatha Christie. 13 Feb. 2005
    • In this mystery novel, there are twelve suspects – all the passengers of the train that were in
    the same compartment as the dead man, Cassetti (alias M. Ratchett), was the night he was
    murdered. During the time the train is stuck in a snowdrift and must be delayed, a well-known
    detective traveling on the train, Hercule Poirot, is asked to lead the investigation, and find the
    murderer. With a twisted ending, and many revelations throughout the novel, The Murder on the
    Orient Express is a suspenseful, yet enjoyable murder mystery for all.

Source: Detective. 13 Feb. 2005 <http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/images/38673000/jpg/_38673687_sherlockholmes300.jpg>.
        •     The novel takes place on the Orient Express,
              an elegant train moving through obstacles of
              snow and whatnot to reach its destination –
              Paris. During the winter, there are a lot of
              snowdrifts, and the train stops for a period of
              time while it must get repaired, for it is stuck
              in the snow with no way to continue its

        •     When he awoke the train was still at
              standstill. He raised a blind and looked out.
              Heavy banks of snow surrounded the train.

Source: Winter Road. 12 Feb. 2005 <http://www.bigfoto.com/themes/nature/winter/snow_road-winter-xs.jpg >.
                                                Hercule Poirot
       •     Belgian detective who uses several
             techniques in order to figure out who the
             murderer is. Interviews each passenger, pays
             close attention to all the evidence, and ends
             up “cracking the case” with his diligence and
             carefully-taken notes.
       •     He seemed to be thinking about something
             else. His brow was furrowed as though in
             perplexity. (p. 208)

Source: Man On Train. 11 Feb. 2005 <http://home.earthlink.net/~gregston/images/jungfrau_self_portrait_on_train.jpg >..
                                          Mrs. Hubbard
•           American lady who is quite gregarious and
            sometimes obnoxious, often mentioning
            her daughter and telling many stories to the
            rest of the passengers abroad the
            international express. Very hysterical and
            dramatic at times, she has a role in the
            murder, yet very carefully covered it up by
            making herself a victim, making her no
            longer a suspect – for the time being.
•           The elderly American lady’s voice rode
            shrill and plaintive (p. 31)

    Source: Women On Train. 12 Feb. 2005 <http://www.thechestnut.com/green/women-train.jpg>.
                                   Guilt vs. Innocence
      •      Throughout the story, we see how each
             suspect has a secret to reveal, just as we see
             how, many times, the suspects lie to Poirot, in
             hopes of escaping the truth. Yet Poirot, being
             the clever man he is, always on the lookout,
             discovers the roles all the suspects partook in
             the murder – leading us to wonder who is
             innocent… and who is guilty?

Source: Women On Train. 12 Feb. 2005 <http://www.silotheater.nl/karlo%20gallery/pages/detective%20eye.html>.

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