Phone Script for Selling Christmas Gift Sets to Men

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					            Phone Script for Selling Christmas Gift Sets to Men

"Hello Joe. This is your wife's friend Amy, and I'm actually calling to make your day! I
just have a minute but wanted to offer you something I'm doing this year that you'll be
so grateful for! I do BeautiControl which is a company that specializes in women and
pampering women. We have amazing spa products! This year, we have spa baskets
and I know how you guys hate the mall and hate to shop so I'm taking care of all your
wives this year by doing the shopping and wrapping for you! What’s better is that you
won't have to guess at what she wants! I have 3 sets. Tell me which one best
describes her. I have a Manicure/Pedicure set which is 6 months worth of manicures
and pedicures for the price of one…it’s 49. I also have a Pamper Me set which has spa
products in it and it’s 69. The last set I have is the most popular and it’s called the 12
days of Christmas! It’s actually 12 gifts, all wrapped and ready to hide for your sweetie
to find beginning the 12 days before Christmas. She gets one a day and this is a really
fun way to show her how special she is. On each of the 12 gifts you'll find a tag that
tells her what it’s for and on the other side, it tells you where to put it! This set is 99.
Which one of those best describes her?"

You can simplify this further by not describing the sets, because they really don’t care,
most of them will just say, "just pick one for her"!!!! This really is easy! The men you
know will love you for taking care of them!!

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