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Eyes Glasses


									The Evolution of Eye Glasses
by Charles Cheow

A few hundred years later, production methods for glass made it possible to eliminate bubbles
and other imperfections lending glass as a viable option for lenses.

Although Benjamin Franklin obviously didn't invent eyeglasses, in the mid 1870's he invented
the first bi-focal, which corrected both vision problems he suffered from with one lens.
Quality of life has certainly been changed in dramatic ways by the invention of eye glasses and
even further by contact lenses and corrective surgeries. Contacts are more efficient in correcting
vision defects and laser surgery can correct defective vision completely and permanently. When
contact lenses were invented, glasses lost some of their popularity. Some think wearing glasses
makes them automatically look smarter. Considered an even bigger fashion statement in eyewear
are sunglasses. In 1752 James Ayscough developed glasses with green lenses and strongly
believed they relived eye fatigue. In 1929, Sam Grant marketed his version of sunglasses called
Foster Grants. The success of sunglasses was further guaranteed when Edwin H. Land developed
polarized sheeting material that could be used in sunglasses.

Eye Glasses over Lenses: The new trend

by Igor Slony

Eye glasses today are seen as a fashion accessory and people are increasingly choosing to
express themselves through their eye glass frames.

Eye Glass frames trend through the 1950's
Expression of one's personality through eye glass frames is not something that is completely
new. Comedian Drew Carey also continued to wear his metal eye glasses for the same reason
after getting corrective laser eye surgery. Famous Celebrities sporting eye glasses in recent times
In recent times, celebrities like Johnny Depp, Britney Spears and Bryan Fuller have been seen
sporting Horn rimmed eyeglass frames.
Other celebrities sporting eyeglass frames include members of the rock band Weezer who wear
eccentric designs and patterns of sporty eyeglass frames, singer Anastacia with her odd coloures
frames and Actor Kate Winslet with her retro metal eyeglass frames.

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