A newsletter written by and for employees of St. Louis County Government
                                         Charlie A. Dooley, County Executive
                                                             Spring 2005
       Rectenwald                                      DIRECTOR OF REVENUE RETIRES
                                                                                                                   by Bob Bourisaw
        Hidden Items
           Winner                                               For more than 45          That day merged into several days and then
                                                                years, he was             a week.
                                                                known in the halls
                                                                of Saint Louis            “I just kept showing up and learned a little
                                                                C o u n t y               bit more every day.”
                                          Government simply as “Pete.”                    The week turned into a month and several
                                          Director of Revenue Robert H. “Pete”            more months formed a year.
                                          Peterson retired on February 1, 2005.           “At sometime, you have to decide what you
                                          The year was 1959. Alaska and Hawaii were       want to do with your life – what you have
                                          admitted as new states. President Dwight        that you can contribute to others. Then, it
                                          D. Eisenhower and Vice President Richard        really becomes a lifetime project,” he said.
                                          M. Nixon occupied the White House. The          Pete decided that he had something to
                                          Barbie doll debuted and Ford Motor              contribute to the Department of Revenue and
Miranda (P&R) was happy to hear           Company discontinued the Edsel. Four-           to the citizens of Saint Louis County.
she’d won the Winter Issue’s              year-old Bill Gates watched the first episode
Puzzler. “It’s the first puzzler I        of Bonanza on a black-and-white television
entered,” she explained. “It looked       and Pete Peterson began working in the
like fun, but I had no idea it would      Department of Revenue.
result in all this hoopla!”               “The operation of the Department of Revenue
Miranda sends her best wishes             was completely different then. Everything
from Faust Park to employees              was done manually on ledger cards. We
who regularly send in puzzler             used a lot of pencils and a lot of erasers,”
entries. “I hope they’re not upset        Pete said.
with me!”
                                          Those first hours on a morning in 1959
Miranda wouldn’t normally buy             became a day.
Tweety Bird and Miss Kitty
balloons and laughed to see               “Of course, I was a young guy and I didn’t
them. She was pleased with her            know anything then. Some of the old-timers,
AMC Movie gift card. She is               people in their thirties, showed me how to
newly married and plans to enjoy          do things and really treated me nice – that
them with her husband.                    is what I remember the most,” he said.
                                                                                                  Robert “Pete” Peterson
          See HIDDEN ITEMS, Pg. 7                                                                        See PETERSON RETIRES, Pg. 3

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The County Connection - Spring 2005

                                                    This issue’s feature takes a look at the
                                                            County Auditor’s Office
                                                                                                                    By Mark Burchyett

Most people are familiar with the work                                                              improved the level of control awareness
and responsibilities of the State of                                                                within County Government. Though the
Missouri Auditor’s Office. Missouri                                                                 County Auditor’s Office has a long way
Statutes provide for First Class Charter                                                            to go before it attains the level of service
counties to appoint a County Auditor. In                                                            that is needed for an entity the size of
First Class counties, the County Auditor                                                            St. Louis County Government, steps are
is responsible for the auditing role that                                                           being made in the right direction through
the State Auditor’s Office has for State                                                            the support of the County Council and
of Missouri Departments and Non-First                                                               County Executive’s Office. By the end
Class Missouri Counties.                                                                            of 2005, the County Auditor’s Office will
                                                                                                    have conducted at least one audit in
The County Auditor’s Office serves as                                                               every County Department.
an internal auditor for the County’s
operations. The term “internal auditor”                                                           The County Auditor’s Office
basically means that the County Auditor                                                           implemented a confidential hotline in
performs the function of reviewing the                                                            2003. The hotline provides an avenue
internal operations of St. Louis County                                                           for citizens, including county employees,
Government. These reviews involve                                                                 to report suspected financial
evaluating financial information for
                                             The Auditor’s Office staff:, from the left, Ally     improprieties, waste of public funds or
appropriateness and accuracy, verifying     Coad and Mark Burchyett. Karen Cooper will resources, and / or constructive
compliance with regulatory and statute       join the County on April 1st as the Manager,         suggestions for improving County
requirements and assisting in identifying                          Audit.                         Government. The hotline is operated
operational improvements in County                                                                by the County Auditor’s Office, and
operations. The Office seeks to provide                                                           access to the messages is limited to
an independent and objective analysis and relationships with County Government individuals specifically authorized by the
appraisal of County operations.                 necessary to perform quality reviews.         County Auditor. Calls to the hotline are
                                                                                              anonymous; caller ID is not used. The hotline
The County Auditor’s Office reports to the From the feedback the CountyAuditor’s Office number is 314-615-7000. Visit the County
County Council. This reporting structure is has received from the County Council, County Auditor’s Intranet web site for information on
for the purpose of providing a high level of Executive’s Office, County management and the hotline.
independence from County management, personnel, it appears that the restructuring
which fosters objective analysis.               process has been a success and has

In 2002, the County Council leadership made
the decision to refocus the efforts of the                            Genuine Caring on the Job
County Auditor’s Office. The current County                                      When County Police and JOHN THRO (PW)
Auditor, MARK BURCHYETT, was appointed                                           discovered the county resident who had barricaded
in March 2002 with the directive to restructure                                  himself in his home was a veteran, ERICA WAY (HS),
the County Auditor’s Office operations to                                        Veteran’s Services Case Worker, was contacted and
function as a professional internal audit office,                                immediately stepped into action. She accompanied
mirroring internal audit functions found in most                                 the mentally and physically ill man and his parents
public/private corporations and large local                                      to the hospital and provided guidance and genuine
governments. Over the past two years, the                                        caring to the stressed family. After working with
County Auditor’s Office has implemented                                          Erica, John said the man’s parents “felt comforted
professionally-based audit work standards                                        and supported by Ms. Way. No other social worker
and reporting mechanisms, staffed the office                                     was as thoughtful and encouraging as Erica.” He
with personnel focused solely on conducting                                      went on to say, “In this and other cases I have seen
internal audits, worked to educate County                                        Ms. Way as an example of gentle and dedicated
personnel and management on the new                                              care for these wounded men. I commend her as an
internal audit approaches, and build                                             excellent employee and a credit to County
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                                                                                    The County Connection - Spring 2005

continued from Page 1

Prior to being appointed the Director of Revenue in February of      remember doing some of the things that people say that I did
2004, Pete served as the Acting Director since October of 2002.      for them. It just seemed like the right thing to do. It must have
Pete’s more than 45 years of service with the Department                     meant a lot to them at the time for them to remember
of Revenue included 11 years as a Draftsman, 18                                   years later.”
years as a Map & Automation Supervisor, 14
years as the Collector of Revenue and more                                           It wasn’t just the people he worked with, but it
than two years during two separate                                                      was the people that he worked for that were
appointments as Acting Director of                     “My goal                          important to Pete. “My goal was to let every
                                                                                           customer know: ‘I work for you.’ No one
Pete’s accomplishments included                        was to let                           is happy about paying taxes, but they
                                                                                             should know that we are here to serve
designing a new school sub code (tax                                                          them.”
rate) system – the forerunner to the
Master Address Directory; designing
                                                         every                                During a retirement celebration on
                                                                                               January 26 to honor Pete, County
and implementing the first online
personal property system; coordinating
                                                       customer                                Executive CHARLIE A. DOOLEY
the development of the reassessment                                                            presented a proclamation to him which
plan for Saint Louis County; developing                 know:                                 read in part:
a new online mapping graphic system;                                                        “Whereas, while his accomplishments
and assisting in migrating to a new
Integrated Assessment System. As
Director, Pete managed the more than 260
                                                       I work for                           will be difficult to equal, his legacy will
                                                                                          inspire us all for many years to come.
                                                                                         Now, therefore I, Charlie A. Dooley, County
employees in the Department of Revenue.
With all of the changes during the last 45 years,
                                                          you.”                         Executive, Saint Louis County, Missouri, do
                                                                                      hereby proclaim, the years of 1959 until 2005
Pete said that one part of the job remained the same.                               as the Robert H. “Pete” Peterson Era in Saint
“Through the years my co-workers have always meant                                Louis County.”
more to me than just a resource to be trained to do a job. You       That first year of employment back in 1959 became another
work so close together that the workplace becomes like a             and then another. After working for Saint Louis County for more
home. The little things make a big difference. You have to develop   than 45 years, Pete has no doubt what he will miss the most
the simple comforts to make people feel at home. When you            during his retirement. “Leaving a group of such good co-workers
do that, your co-workers appreciate it and you don’t have to         and friends after 45 years fills me with a mixture of nostalgia
ask them to work – they want to contribute,” he said.                and appreciation. I am going to miss them,” he said. There will
Through the years, many co-workers have told Pete that they          be many people in the halls of Saint Louis County Government
remember the little things that he did for them. “I don’t even       that will miss him too.

 County Employees Asked About their Health                           residents.
                                                                     Examples include
County employees are encouraged to participate in an exciting        demographic
project administered by the Department of Health (DOH).              changes and the
The DOH is preparing to conduct its first-ever countywide health     g r o w i n g
needs assessment. Through a grant from the Missouri                  incidence of
Foundation for Health, DOH will solicit input from thousands of      c h r o n i c
county residents concerning their health status and preventative     disease. By
health behaviors that are related to leading causes of morbidity     surveying the
and mortality. The assessment will be distributed by phone,          c o m m u n i t y,
mail and the Internet through the end of June.                       individuals will have an
                                                                     opportunity to personally impact
“This assessment is fundamental in determining the specific          the types of health services and programs
needs of the county and will assist the DOH in program planning      that are offered to county residents
and intervention to improve health outcomes in our community,”
said Director of Research, LAURA PUZNIAK, PhD, MPH.                  Employees can access the survey by going to: http://
                                                            or by calling 314-
The project began after an annual review of health indicators        615-1671 for a hard copy. The survey results will be available at
revealed several possible changes in the health needs of county      the same site later this year.
                                                                                             St. Louis County Government - Page 3
The County Connection - Spring 2005

Highways & Traffic                            Parks & Recreation
NEW DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR - With                ROZIER AWARD - The Missouri Alliance           Innovator Award
his appointment late last year to the         for Historic Preservation, the statewide       Julia Norton
Acting Directorship of Highways and           advocacy group, honored St. Louis              Jim Worton
Traffic, GARRY EARLS is now leading           County’s long-time commitment to the           2004 Volunteer of the Year
two key County departments. A retired         preservation of historic buildings by giving   Bob Herbert
United States Air Force colonel, Earls,       their Elizabeth and George Rozier Award        Betsy Asadorian
an engineer, has been the Director of the     to the County’s preservation historian,
Department of Public Works since April        ESLEY HAMILTON. This award                     Team Achievement Award
1999 – a post he continues to hold as he      recognizes lifetime achievement and is         Dan Bromeier      Dan Knichel
oversees Highways and Traffic.                considered the top preservation award in       Butch Buffa       Doreen Kreutz
LARRY BOLLINGER, Survey Office                the state. Governor Matt Blunt presented       Lindsay Caldwell  Sue Kuhnert
Manager for the Department’s                  the framed certificate at a ceremony in        Andrea Carlile    Lindsay Lambert
Construction Division, received a lifetime    the rotunda of the State Capitol in            Les Cassady       Jon Lawrence
achievement award from St. Louis’s            Jefferson City on February 23.                 Ginger Forbes     Joe Lucido
chapter of the Missouri Society of                                                           Eric Franzen      Lauren McLaughlin
Professional Surveyors. Bollinger was         YEAR IN REVIEW - In 2004, Parks staff          Samantha Freshley John Meyer
recognized for his nearly 40-year career      continued our tradition of honoring notable    Lenny Gilbers     Becky Moore
in surveying, during which he mentored        accomplishments through awards that are        Keith Goldacker   Brandi Rodgers
many practicing land surveyors and            nominated and selected by the                  Brian Greeves     John Stanger
distinguished himself as a scholar and        employees themselves. On December              Andrea Hughes     Steve Tiemann
educator in the field.                        3, County Executive CHARLIE A.                 Tom Hughes        Amanda Tringl
                                              DOOLEY joined the department-wide              Tim Jackson       Tim Uhrig
By early March, the Department’s Snow         “Year in Review” meeting at the                Jessie Kassil     John Willems
Operations team had responded to nine         Greensfelder Recreation Complex in
major winter storms – a fairly typical
                                                                                             Board of Elections
                                              Queeny Park and helped to honor the
number. In the process of keeping the         following staff:
Department’s 3,000-plus lane miles of
                                              Outstanding Service Award                      THE RUSSIANS HAVE COME, THE
driving pavement clear of snow and ice,
                                              Jennifer Alexander                             RUSSIANS HAVE COME!!! The St. Louis
workers have used 6,920 tons of salt,
                                              Steve Hendrickson                              County Board of Elections assisted in
43,000 gallons of calcium and 25,500
                                                                                             promoting international goodwill on Jan.
gallons of brine.                             Volunteer Management Award
                                                                                             17th when it welcomed a visiting
                                              Mary Cranor
Public Works                                  Shaun Dulz
                                                                                             delegation of Russians from the Caspian
                                                                                             seaport city of Astrakhan. During their
In late January, at the direction of County   Steve Tiemann
Executive CHARLIE A. DOOLEY, a multi-         Susan Tornetto
phase reorganization was implemented          Jim Worton
to greatly streamline the process of
                                              Outstanding                             Another Perfect Game
obtaining a residential or commercial
                                              New                                            CURLEY HINES (Sheriff’s Office)
permit from Saint Louis County. The
                                              Professional                                   recently bowled his third perfect game.
reorganization includes: 1) Merging the
                                              Award                                          A member of the American Bowling
Plan Review & Permit Sections of
                                              Maggie Kenny                                   Congress (ABC), Curley has been
Highways & Traffic and Public Works into
one physical location, 2) Utilizing a new     Customer                                       bowling “a long time.” For each perfect
computer tracking system to monitor plan      Service Award                                  game, the ABC presents him with a ring
review responsiveness, 3) Expanding the       Sharron Sanders                                and bowling jacket. An anonymous
functions of the County’s Permit              Mentor Award                                   tipster called in his latest
Application Center (PAC) and 4)               Rick Bailey                                    accomplishment to The Connection and
Expanding the functions of County             Kyra                                           said “that cat is smoking!” Curley has
Government’s Business Assistance              Kaltenbronn                                    been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1963
Center (BAC) to encompass both                                                               and, when asked if he liked his work,
commercial and residential projects.                                                         said “got to.” Congratulations, Curley!

Page 4 - St. Louis County Government
                                                                                     The County Connection - Spring 2005

                                                                                                           Town Red” at the annual
   Dear St. Louis County Employees:
                                                                                                           Heart Ball held February 19
    On behalf of the Dooley Family, I would like to thank all my fellow St. Louis County employees,        at the Ritz Carlton. Labovitz
    who, in so many ways, expressed their sincere sympathy to me and my family during our                  is the primary community
    time of sorrow. The generous expressions of concern, and the comfort offered by you all                outreach person for the
    was a tremendous support to me and my family as we mourned the loss of my father,                      County Older Resident
    Reverend Charlie Dooley.                                                                               Programs. Estimates
    We will always remember your kindness.                                                                 suggest the fundraising goal
                                                                                                           of $425,000 will be reached.
    Thank you,
                                                                                                           She will also help plan the
                                                                                                           Epworth Pillar Award event
                                                                                                           on May 7 where St. Louis
                                                                                                           Cardinal General Manager
month-long State Dept. sponsored visit,
they met with a federal judge and local
                                              Health                                         Walt Jocketty will be honored. Many
                                                                                             County employees are active in our
                                               EXERCISE - The Department is gearing
political leaders, toured Missouri and                                                       community when they are not “on the job.”
                                               up for a major exercise of its plan to
Illinois correctional facilities, and a                                                      Terese Labovitz is certainly one of those
                                               dispense medicine to the entire county if
women’s home dealing with substance                                                          employees of whom we can all be proud.
                                               there is a bioterrorism event. DOH will
abuse. The seven Russians included a
                                               test its distribution plan during an exercise
court administrator and federal judge,
prosecuting attorneys, a representative
                                               June 15 at Ritenour High School in North       Final Wellness Wednesday
                                               St. Louis County. Similar exercises will
of the state Duma and Russian Ministry                                                        The last Wellness Wednesday of the
                                               be held on the same day in the City of
of Justice. At the conclusion of the                                                          season, presented by the St. Louis
                                               St. Louis and St. Charles, Franklin, and
election office tour, each of the seven                                                       County Employee Wellness Council,
                                               Jefferson counties. During the exercise,
visitors was invited to vote a ballot from                                                    will be held on Wednesday, April 6.
                                               DOH staff will practice dispensing
November’s presidential election, after                                                       This coincides with National Public
                                               medicine to employees who act out roles
which the ballots were tabulated.                                                             Health Week.               Wellness
                                               covering different aspects of the imaginary
Results of the voting are a closely                                                           Wednesday will be held in the
                                               event. The Department’s Emergency
guarded Election Board secret.                                                                Concourse         of     the     Roos
                                               Preparedness team is planning the drill.
                                                                                              Administration Building, 41 S.
                                               JOHN ANTHONY, laboratory services              Central, from 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM.
Prosecuting Attorney                           coordinator, earned his certification in       Please stop by and check out all the
Farewell to CLEVELAND TYSON and                infection control (CIC) from the               displays. This is an excellent
ETHAN CORLIJA.                                 Association for Professionals in Infection     opportunity to gather more
                                               Control and Epidemiology (APIC) in             information on the most important
                                               January.                                       asset you have, YOUR HEALTH!!
Family Court
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Family Court              Human Services
is looking for victims of juvenile crime to
                                              2004 HOLIDAY PROJECT - On Tuesday,
                                                                                            Justice Services
serve on Victim Impact Panels. The
                                              February 15, County Executive CHARLIE         Officer DARRYL TANTYPE, featured in
Panels are part of the County’s Resorative
                                              A. DOOLEY hosted a reception honoring         The Connection’s Summer 2003 “In the
Justice programming that helps juvenile
                                              the participants in the 2004 St. Louis        Spotlight,” received his Bachelor’s degree
offenders learn firsthand how their
                                              County Employees’ Adopt A Family              with a major in Social Work on January
offenses have harmed others. The Panels
                                              Holiday Project and celebrating the           11, 2003 and then proceedED to acquire
meet every 2-3 months for 2-3 hour
                                              project’s 10th anniversary. Lead by project   his Masters in Social Work in December
sessions. Participation in a Panel offers
                                              coordinator DONIA DYMEK, CORP                 2004. He generously stated that “without
volunteers an opportunity to share with
                                              secretary, 16 county departments and 14       the support of his co-workers, friends, and
juvenile offenders their personal
                                              private employers adopted 120 families        family I don’t believe that I would have
experience of how crime has impacted
                                              nominated by the Department of Health         been successful.” Congratulations to
them. Panel members also help young
                                              and the Department of Human Services.         Darryl!
people understand the far-reaching
consequences to individuals and the           Thanks to all County employees who            Captain JAMES KRAMER congratulates
community when they commit an offense.        participated in this annual heartwarming      Officer TIM ISHMON who has been with
Interested persons can contact BONNIE         effort.                                       Justice Services for almost 11 years
MILLER at 615-8463. Make a difference         CORP EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEERS –                    without using a sick day.
in a juvenile’s life - volunteer!             After work hours, CORP Coordinator            Officer JACKIE NEWSOM’s son Jared’s
                                              TERESE LABOVITZ helped “Paint the             picture was in Time Magazine.
                                                                                              St. Louis County Government - Page 5
The County Connection - Spring 2005

                                         40 Years                 Robert Kinzie (H&T)        Jim Koch (PW)
  Congratulations     to    AMY          Joe Heenan (H&T)         Steven Leach (H&T)         Pete Konradi (PW)
  CENDROSKI (Rev) upon the birth         Tom Newport, Sr. (H&T)   Pam Lightfoot (H&T)        Joseph Kuenz (H&T)
  of Lucas Joseph on 3/1/05. The                                  Ronald Livingston (H&T)    Gary Leahy (H&T)
  happy grandmother is LINDA             35 Years                 Beverly Loeffelman (P&R)   Lora Mather (PW)
  CENDROSKI (Rev).                       Joseph Strasser (P&R)    Christopher Ludwig (P&R)   James McKeon (P&R)
                                                                  Kyle Martens (H&T)         Matthew Meiners (P&R)
  In December 2004, JULIA                30 Years                 Daniel Naunheim (H&T)      Kwame Mensah (JS)
  CHILDREY (JS) and her husband,         Steve Camp (PW)          Carolyn Nolan (Plng)       John Meyer, Jr. (P&R)
  Ken, adopted Cassandra “Cassie”        Mark Darmsteadter (P&R) Katherine Ogan (P&R)        Mike Ochonicky (PW)
  Marie, a beautiful, bright             Larry Gangwes (P&R)      David Peters (H&T)         Liane Sargent (H&T)
  and vivacious two and a half year      Mark Jaeger (H&T)        James Reis (H&T)           Don Scheffing (PW)
  old.                                   James Jones, Jr. (H&T)   Yvette Saggio (P&R)        Wiley Sherman (H&T)
                                         Joe Kruchowski (H&T)     Richard Salas (P&R)        Eric “The Dutchman” Van
  Congratulations to MICHELLE            Tom McCarthy (H&T)       Dan Schaefer (PW)          Deven (H&T)
  EVANS (Rev) and husband upon           Terry Mitchell (H&T)     Robert Schlueter (H&T)     Diane White (P&R)
  the birth of their son, Bryce, born    William Riley (H&T)      Wayne Schulz (H&T)
  on 8/13/04.                            Karen Sensabaugh (P&R) Kevin Sharpe (H&T)           5 Years
                                         Eddie Southards (P&R)    Michael Shelton (P&R)      Pat Aitken (BOE)
  Ranger Dispatcher AMBER                                         Clifford Siemon (P&R)      Lonnie Burnham (BOE)
  JAMES (P&R) and her husband            25 Years                 Carl Souders (P&R)         Harold Chapman (P&R)
  Jeff became the proud parents of       Stephen Adams (P&R)      John Stanger (P&R)         Gilbert Denormandie (P&R)
  William Martin James on 12/30/04.      Janice Blassie (P&R)     Michael Sullins (H&T)      Shaun Dulz (P&R)
                                         Steven Brown (P&R)       Wesley Tippit (H&T)        Teresa Gibb (P&R)
  Congratulations to TERESA              James Emery (P&R)        Michael Zeltmann (H&T)     Leonard Gilbers (P&R)
  STOECKEL (PA) and husband,             J.D. Evans (PA)                                     Cedric Halbert (P&R)
  Dan, on the birth of Catherine         Debra Faerber (P&R)      15 Years                   John Hanewinkel, Jr. (P&R)
  Patricia, 12/1/04.                     Donald Hutson, Jr. (P&R) Todd Alexander (JS)        Chad Hill (P&R)
                                         Lawrence Inabnit (P&R)   Larry Buck (JS)            Tim Jackson (P&R)
                                         Judith Lingle (P&R)      Bob Gipson (Plng)          Susan Johnson (P&R)
                          Terri Conner   Danny McKeever (P&R)     Lori Hicks-Marr (JS)       Frederick Johnson (P&R)
                          (Rev) - 20     Michael Mills (P&R)      Marc Kollbaum (P&R)        Susan Kuhnert (P&R)
                          plus years     Susan Poling (P&R)       Judy LaChance (PA)         Theodore Link (P&R)
                          Dave Cotner    Charles Prather (P&R)    Jim Maier (PA)             Billy Marshall (P&R)
                          (PW)           Donald Richter (P&R)     Michael McGinnity (P&R)    Michael McCauley (P&R)
                          Dick Daley     Fred Statler III (P&R)   Ernest O’Connor (P&R)      Gregary McDaniel (P&R)
                          (P&R) - 30     Dennis Struckhoff (P&R) Charles Trokey II (P&R)     Michael Montgomery
                          years                                                              (P&R)
                          Bill Diehl     20 Years                 10 Years                   Karen Mullen (P&R)
                          (H&T)          Dan Ahlvers (H&T)        Anne Agne (P&R)            Ronald Neal (P&R)
John Dunard (H&T)                        Fred Akers (H&T)         Garrett Anderson (JS)      Susan Nelson (P&R)
Larry Eilbott (DOH) - 32 years           Mike Bardot (H&T)        Deborah Bohnert (P&R)      Patrick Richmond (PA)
Wayne Gromadzki (H&T)                    Daniel Beatty (H&T)      William Briggs (P&R)       Thomas Robertson (P&R)
Gary Ilseman (H&T)                       Barbara Bernsen (P&R)    Monica Brown (PW)          Brandon Salter (P&R)
Ben Knox (P&R) - 32 years                Edward Billo (H&T)       Jamie Carver (P&R)         Steven Sindel (P&R)
Martin ‘Mike’ Maddox (PW)                Nancy Birtley (H&T)      Larry Cash (JS)            Paul Steffens (P&R)
Terry McKean (H&T)                       Doug Brewer (H&T)        Alfred Dees (JS)           Willie Sumo (P&R)
Valinda McPhee (P&R) - 32 years          Denis Cage, Jr. (H&T)    Timothy Emmons (P&R) Randall Roberts (JS)
Bob Peterson (Rev) - 45 plus years       Vernon Casimere (PW)     Paula Fisher (P&R)         Rich Wall (BOE)
William Randle (DOH) - 35 years          Bob Foster (H&T)         Douglas Hammond (H&T) John Watts (P&R)
Frank Renna (H&T)                        Tim Gaines (PW)          Tracy Hill-Fondren (Admin) Lori Wrobel (BOE)
Dan Senters (P&R) - 22 years             Sandi Gittemeier (PA)    Eric Johnson (P&R)
Michael Shelton (P&R) - 21 years         Jeff Heine (H&T)
Craig Whyman (Rev) - 24 plus years

Page 6 - St. Louis County Government
                                                                              The County Connection - Spring 2005

                              What New Year’s resolution did you already break?

        Here’s what the Community Older Resident Program staff had to say at their February 23rd all-staff meeting:

  I resolved to be more    I resolved to not   I resolved to eat     I resolved to be          I resolved to     I resolved to
  positive about our       go shopping for     less Italian food     more humble.              not make a        not      buy
  political leaders, but   clothes, shoes      ... pasta, bread      But I don’t feel          resolution -      anything
  I took a negative        or men for at       & wine ... but I      guilty about              and I haven’t     unnecessary,
  slant when the           least 6 months,     broke it on New       breaking it - you         broken it yet!    but I broke it
  P r e s i d e n t        but I already       Year ’s      Day      have no idea                 KATHY          by January
  suggested cutting        broke all three.    when I made           how difficult it is        STURGEON         4th.
  social programs and       LINDA WILLIS       fettuccine.           when you are as                                SUSAN
  spent millions on his                        ROSEMARY              darn near perfect                           SCHAFERS
  inauguration.                                TERRANOVA             as I am!
     JIM LAUGHLIN                                                     VICTOR KALK

continued from Page 1                                                                               If you could be
                                                            There were 11 other puzzler
                                                            winners from among the 65
                                                                                                     someone else
                                                            entries.                                    for a day,
                                                                                                       who would
                                                            Jill Allen (DOH)
                                                            Paris Carter (Rev)
                                                                                                         that be,
                                                            Alberta Estes (PW)                         and why?
                                                            Linda Griffie (Pub Admin)
                                                            Debbie Harbian (DOH)                     Submit your answer
                                                            Moya Jones (PW)                            to the Division of
                                                                                                         Personnel by
                                                            Yolanda Knox (DOH)
                                                                                                        April 8th to be
                                                            Susan Lukwago (DOH)                           included in
                                                            Gregory Marshall (H&T)                    the Summer Issue.
                                                            Carmen White (Jud Admin)
                                                            Leslie Whittington (Police)
                                                                                           St. Louis County Government - Page 7
                                                         Correctly draw a line matching the director’s info like the example shown and submit to the Division of Personnel by April 8th.
                                                                                                                           DEPARTMENT: ___________________________________
                                      Director Matchup


                                                                                                                                                                                            FACTS     My dog is           I married my         I have a degree       I lived in seven                        I won a skate-      I formerly owned
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        My high school
                                                                                                                                                                                                      named “Beavis.”     high school          in chemistry.         different states                        dance contest       a Chinese food
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        graduating class
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          sweetheart 22                              before college.                         at the Hodges       home delivery
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        was a total of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          years ago.                                                                         Skating Rink        restaurant.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             when I was 6
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             years old.
                                                         NAME: _________________________________________

                                                                                                                                                                                                      I played in the     My first job was     I’m a life-long St.   In college, I      I grew up in a       I graduated from    I graduated from
                                                                                                                                                                                               Bio                        as a little league   Louisan and a                            small town of                            Stanford
                                                                                                                                                                                                      1970 College                                                   worked as a                             Riverview
                                                                                                                                                                                                      World Series        baseball umpire.     graduate of           data processor     325 people in        Gardens High        University.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      and placed 3rd in   The first            McCluer High          with a large IBM   Southern Illinois.   School with Paul
The County Connection - Spring 2005

                                                                                                                                                                                                      the nation.         prosecuting          School where I        mainframe.I        I worked as a        Fox. I managed
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Since 1998, I’ve    attorney I had       played football       managed St         convenience          a Peaches
                                                                                                                                                                                                      coached a           cases against        and sang in the       Louis              store clerk,         records store. I

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Page 8 - St. Louis County Government
                                                                                                                                                                                                      basketball and      was Jim Baker.       school choir. I       University’s       carpet layer and     passed the bar on
                                                                                                                                                                                                      softball team for   The very first       played in a           Griesedieck,       factory worker.      my first try.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      the Special         jury trial I had     number of             Walsh, &
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Olympics.           was against Bob      softball leagues      Clemons
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          McCulloch.           five nights a         residence halls.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Favorite   The Natural         To Kill a            To Kill a                                Braveheart           Forest Gump         Groundhog Day
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Meet Joe Black
                                                                                                                                                                                             Movie                        Mockingbird          Mockingbird

                                                                                                                                                                                             NAME     Kip Seely           Mark Burchyett       Roy Mueller           Paul Fox           Jim Baker            Tom Arras           Lindsey Swanick
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Director of         County Auditor       Director of           Director of        Director of          Public              Director of Parks
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Family Court                             Justice Services      Judicial           Administration       Administrator       & Recreation

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