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Ben IS


									Independent Study

  Ben Enten

I made a power point of Hawaii for my
  independent study. I have lots of questions and
  facts about Hawaii.
                   QUESTION 1

    Why does Hawaii have volcanic

Answer Hawaii is made up of islands. It was made by earthquakes & volcanoes.
That’s why Hawaii as volcainic islands. Hawaii’s volcanoes are still active today. The
island of Maui has the active volcano.
                    QUESTION 2
     Why do people visit Hawaii?

Answer People visit Hawaii to relax, have fun, and enjoy themselves. The
climate in Hawaii is good for vacations, honey moons, and more. There are a lot of
exotic plants and beans and nuts to eat.
                       QUESTION 3
Why are pineapples plentiful on Hawaii

  Answer Pineapples are plentiful on Hawaii because there are more pineapples
  in Hawaii then any other plant.
                   QUESTION 4
How does Hawaii contrast and compare to Florida?

      Hawaii is made up of      Florida is a
      islands unlike            peninsula.
      Florida. Hawaii has       Florida is warm
      volcanoes Florida         like Hawaii.
                           QUESTION 5
How is Hawaii’s climate favorable to pineapples
               growing in Hawaii?

     Answer The climate in Hawaii is good for growing pineapples because the
     climate is warm, sunny, and very humid.
                           QUESTION 6
How has Hawaii’s population changed in the last
                 five decades?

      Answer it has changed from 499,794 in 1950 to 1,290,000 in 2010.These are the
      populations from five decades ago to 2010.
                            QUESTION 7
Why are pineapples the main export of Hawaii?

     Answer Pineapples are the main export of Hawaii. The are the main exports of
     Hawaii because they are sweet, juicy, healthy, and lip smacking goodness. Pineapples are
     shipped everywhere in the world. That makes pineapples the main export of Hawaii.
                         QUESTION 8
Was President Obama born in Hawaii?

Answer He claims that he was born in Hawaii. He was born in Hawaii. He was
born in Honolulu. The biggest island on Hawaii.
                                                       Survey about Hawaii







     Have you    Haw aii has    Haw aii has     Haw aii is   Haw aii is    Haw aii has a    Would you      Is Haw aii the   Is Haw aii's
      been to     an active    five islands? located south know n for it's good climate?   like to go to    50th state in      capital
      haw aii?    volcano?                     w est of the pineapples                        Haw aii?       the U.S.?       Honolulu?
                                                  U.S.?      and sugar

• What I learned from my research is pineapples
  are the most grown plants on Hawaii, Hawaii has
  an active volcano, President Obama was born in
  Hawaii, Hawaii’s population has changed by
  500,000 or half 1 million people, and how Hawaii
  is different and the same compared to Florida.
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