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									Wholesale Reading Glass
ByCandis Reade

Wholesale reading glasses are cheaper and a more practical choice.

Wholesale reading glasses have collections to choose from. They carry all types of
glasses in all types of brands. They are many types of glasses, there is the bifocal, no
lines, sun readers, semi frames, full frames, rimless and the folding glasses. Glasses
are used by lots of people, though you may not realized it because most people use
contact lenses when they are out, but it is a fact that two out of three people wears
glasses. There are glasses for the farsighted and the nearsighted. These two are very
different and needs different glasses. And the reading glasses, usually worn by oldies
are also different from the two. All these in different color and design are available in
wholesale reading glasses. When buying wholesale reading glasses, be sure to try it
on first before purchasing. Ask your friend for opinions on what glasses fit you
perfectly. But whatever your choice may be, it is best to buy your glasses from
wholesale reading glasses outlet.

Prescription Reading Glasses

By Brad Wynne

Even if you've always enjoyed perfect eyesight, there will probably come a time
(around the age of 40) when you'll need prescription reading glasses. What about
"off the rack" no-prescription reading glasses?

Although you can get drugstore "reading glasses" without a prescription, it's best for
the health of your eyes, in general, to go to your doctor, get an eye exam, and get
glasses specifically fit for you. Getting "reading glasses" if you already wear
glasses because of nearsightedness

If you already wear glasses because you're nearsighted, you'll need to switch from
single vision lenses to bifocals. Which type of glasses will you choose?

With full lenses, the bottom half of the lens is set with a prescription that will allow
you to read things up close, and then the top half of the lens is simply glass or plastic,
with no prescription.

There are also "half lens" prescription reading glasses, similar to those you might
have seen Benjamin Franklin wearing in portraits or depictions. These glasses are
very small, literally a "half lens" in size.

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