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					                                                        NICOLE HADDAD
                                                                   SAG * AFTRA
                                                                height: 5’7’’     hair: brown
                                                                weight: 130lbs    eyes: brown

A Dangerous Place                             Gracie (Supporting)                             Dir. Greg Corrado
Detour                                           Kendal (Lead)                          Dir. Patricia Richardson
Tunnel Vision                                     Jamie (Lead)                                Dir. Andrew Grier
7 Girlfriends                                    Sunday (Lead)                               Dir. Koji Hayakawa
The Art of Losing                                 Emily (Lead)                                Dir. Erica Tachoir
If Loving You is Wrong…                           Alicia (Lead)                            Dir. Jacqueline Soller
Jihad Suicide Hotline (Funny or Die)          Sexy Woman (Lead)                         Dir. Adam Morganstern
Masks                                            Nicole (Lead)                                 Dir. Mark Dalton
Two Please                                    Ashley (Supporting)                        Dir. Charles Patterson
If My Dream is Dead…                          Bartender (Principal)                             Dir. John Bianco
The Bourne Ultimatum                          Passenger (Featured)                         Dir. Paul Greengrass

As the World Turns                           Nurse (Recurring)                   CBS, Dir. Christopher Goutman
Mayor of New York                          Muslim Wife (Featured)                           NBC, Dir. Spike Lee
Flight of the Conchords                   Moroccan Model (Featured)                    HBO, Dir. Taika Waititi
30 Rock                                      Waitress (Featured)                        NBC, Dir. Don Scardino
Six Degrees                                  Student (Featured)                            ABC, Dir. Dave Semel
LXNY                                           Segment Model                                            WNBC
"Say Hi To Your Mom” Music Video           Casting Director (Lead)                            Dir. Will McCord
BCAT Nightly News                          Anchor, Field Reporter                                        BCAT

Madness and Joy                                   Celia (Lead)                 National Comedy Theatre, NYC
Happy Hour                                 French Seductress (Lead)                   Big Little Theatre, NYC
The Man in a Case                               Varinka (Lead)                 Albany Performing Arts Center
Measure for Measure                           Juliet (Supporting)                 Main Stage Theatre, Albany
Hippolytus                                         Ensemble                          The Lab Theatre, Albany
Laundry and Bourbon                            Elizabeth (Lead)                        The Red Room, Albany
Five in the Bush                                Marilyn (Lead)                 Albany Performing Arts Center
Anything Goes                                     Improviser                         78th Street Theatre, NYC
Comedy Olympics                                   Improviser                   Albany Performing Arts Center
A Charlie Brown Christmas                      Lucy, puppeteer         Old World Puppet Productions, Brooklyn

    COMMERCIALS / PRINT / MODELING – Conflicts available upon request

Dual Bachelors of Arts: Theatre, Communication (University at Albany)
Acting: Carol Fox Prescott (Barrow Street Theatre)
Improv: Gary Austin (Founder of The Groundlings), Michael Gellman (Second City)
Coaching: Brette Goldstein (Casting Director), Nancy Mayans (Bill Esper Studio)
On Camera/On Set Training: Bob Krakower, Ellen Parks, Suzy Watkins

Conversational French, Hebrew and Arabic, Same Accents as well as Brooklyn, Southern and Russian,
Dance (5 yrs. modern, jazz, tap) Belly Dancing, Yoga, Improv, Bartending, Swimming, Boxing, Print Model,
Ice/Roller Skating/Blading, Make-Up Artist, Valid U.S. Passport, D.L., Teleprompter & Broadcasting Experience,
I own a large variety of Middle Eastern garments and I’ve got freakishly flexible hands!

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