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Guide to Senior Living 2008 Guide to Senior Living 2008


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									     Guide to Senior

  The Hudson Valley Business Journal
86 E. Main St., Wappingers Fall, NY 12590
          Special Publication
                                                                                       GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008   3

Rethinking retirement
BY Debbie Kwiatoski            maybe a total retirement        growing numbers of seniors        phrase “Generation Next”
  Forget long country          just isn’t in the cards any-    are rethinking just what          might have a whole new
walks, stamp collecting and                                                                      meaning!
baby-sitting for your grand-                                                                       According to a survey
children! When it comes to                                                                       conducted by Merrill
retirement, Baby Boomers                                                                         Lynch, 76 percent of all
aren’t buying it. For many,                                                                      boomers expect to continue
“retirement” is coming to                                                                        working after retirement.
mean a new job – not “no                                                                         The catch, is that they often
job.” And that’s not just                                                                        see themselves doing some-
because the stock market is                                                                      thing completely different –
in the toilet, IRAs and                                                                          as Monty Python used to
401ks are sinking in value                                                                       say…
or you still have more                                                                             Here’s where a joint ini-
monthly bills to pay than                                                                        tiative between          The
retirement income to pay                                                                         MetLife Foundation and
them with – although with                                                                        Civic Ventures ( a San
everything from gasoline       way, like it or not. But,       they really want to do,           Francisco-based nonprofit
and heating fuel to gro-       rather than settling for that   career wise. In fact, give it a   educational think-tank), and
ceries at all time highs,      job at McDonalds, ever          few more years, and the                     continued on page 17

                                              Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
4    GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

A fool and his money…watch out for internet scams
BY Dana Sagona                           Although falling for com-     home ventures and dummy            “accounts payable” from
   Jorge Montalvo, director            mon internet scams ranging      charities.                         AOL. These are often
of strategic and virtual con-          from fake lottery winnings         According to Montalvo,          attempts to get at an indi-
sumer programming at the               or free products to dodgey      the first thing a scammer          vidual’s personal informa-
New York State Consumer                investments,       insurance    will use is the tool of per-       tion, like social security
Protection Board , was at              policies and all sorts of       suasion. Scammers may act          number or bank account
SUNY New Paltz last                    products to cheat aging,        like an individual with a lot      information.
week, talking about how                Montalvo noted that sen-        of authority from an agency          On the other hand, said
not to get scammed online.             iors, especially, are vulner-   a senior knows and trusts.         Montalvo, scammers also
   Consumers        reported           able to the pitches. Last       For example, the email             sometimes use a familiarity
fraud loss of about $1.2 bil-          week, he discussed eight of     might purport to be coming         tactic and act like “the guy
lion in 2007, an increase of           the most common scams           from the “Vice President of        down the block,” in order
$100 million from 2006.                that are especially focused     Account Services” from a           to try to build a trusting
The average amount lost                on senior marks. The eight      well-known bank – or the           relationship.
during a scam is about                 scams discussed dealt with      “Chief Counsel” to the               “I made $1.5 million
$350. In New York State,               telemarketing, health insur-    president of the U.K.              investing in no-risk real
46,000 fraud and identity              ance, anti-aging products,      Lottery…or the head of                          continued on page 9
theft complaints were made             investment fraud, door to
to government agencies in              door sales fraud, sweep-                                    Hudson Valley
2007.                                  stakes and lottery, work at                         Business Journal
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                                                                                      GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008       5

Rigorous home care training at Always There
   Always      There      in   Health Aide employed by
Kingston offers a continu-     Always There completes
um of care that enables        rigorous certification class-
clients to live fulfilling,    es taught by a Registered
independent lives in their     Nurse under the supervision
own homes and communi-         of Santa Ana.
ties.    Among the most           Personal Care Aides train
sought-after services pro-     for forty hours, usually over
vided by Always There are      a two-week period, on skills
Compassionate Personal         needed for homecare visits.
Care and Skilled In Home       They receive instruction on
Health Services delivered      a variety of services includ-
by dedicated, well-trained     ing meal preparation,
staff. And that doesn’t hap-   housekeeping,        running
pen by accident.               errands, bathing, patient
   A great deal of time and    safety, positioning and
energy goes into training      turning of the patient, and
the aides who provide care     ambulation       procedures.
to clients in their homes.     They are also taught how to      about nutritional require-    monitor and maintain the
Junice      Santa      Ana,    relate effectively to elderly    ments, including how to                     continued on page 9
Supervisor of Education        patients and their children,
and Continuous Quality         a key ingredient to making
Improvement for Always         them feel comfortable with
There, makes sure that         the     service    provider.
every Personal Care Aide       Throughout this training
and every Home Health          period, Personal Care Aides
Aide has the comprehen-        are observed and super-
sive training and certifica-   vised by registered nurses
tion needed to provide the     during their patient visits to
top-quality care on which      ensure that they are follow-
our clients depend. For        ing prescribed methods. At                         Q U A L IT Y O F L IF E
many consumers, these          the completion of the train-
services can mean the dif-     ing, these aides possess the       OUR CONTINUUM OF CARE ENABLES OUR
ference between remaining      skills and the commitment          PATIENTS TO LIVE FULFILLING, INDEPENDENT
in their homes and hospital-   necessary to provide opti-         LIVES IN THEIR OWN HOMES AND COMMUNITIES.
ization or nursing home        mal service to their patients.
placement.                        In addition to the              Our goal is to improve your quality of life. Whether
                                                                  you’re taking care of an elderly parent, are home-bound
   Toward that end, Always     Personal Care Aide train-          or need health care at home, Always There is with you
There offers a New York        ing, Home Health Aides             or your loved one at home and in the community.
State approved Personal        receive an additional 35
                                                                  ASK YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER FOR A REFERRAL!
Care      Aide     Training    hours of intensive training.
Program and a New York         This instruction prepares          COMPASSIONATE      SKILLED IN-HOME         INNOVATIVE ADULT
                                                                  PERSONAL CARE      HEALTH SERVICES         DAY PROGRAM
State approved Home            them to take vital signs,
                                                                                           FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL US AT
Health Aide Training           apply ace bandages, and do                                  845.339.6683 OR VISIT
Program. Every Personal        simple dressing changes.          Always           There    www.alwaystherehomecare.org
                                                                                           Medicare, Medicaid and most
Care Aide and Home             What’s more, they learn                                     major insurances accepted.

                                              Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL

Know the symptoms of stroke
    When it comes to a               stroke, every second counts.     it kills brain cells in the     Center, Orange Regional
                                              The          medical    immediate area. Doctors         has an expert Stroke Team
                                              experts at Orange       call this area of dead cells    made up of highly trained
                                              Regional Medical        an infarct. These cells usu-    physicians, nurses and tech-
                                              Center’s designated     ally die within minutes to a    nicians that can treat stroke
                                              Stroke Center are       few hours after the stroke      quickly and effectively,
                                              urging the commu-       starts.                         using the latest medicines
                                              nity to know the          Call 911 immediately if       and techniques, to mini-
                                              symptoms         and    you experience sudden           mize brain damage. Having
                                              signs of a stroke.      onset of the following:         quick access to these types
                                                A stroke, or brain      • numbness or weakness        of services within the first
                                              attack, occurs when     of the face,
                                              a blood clot blocks     arm or leg
                                              a blood vessel or       (especially
                                              artery, or when a       on one side
                                              blood vessel breaks,    of the body)
  Every second counts when you have a
                                              interrupting blood        •     confu-
stroke. In the tick of a clock, 32,000 brain flow to an area of       sion, trouble
     cells die when a stroke strikes...      the brain. When a        speaking or
 1.9 million for every minute you wait to
                  get help...                brain attack occurs,     understand-
                                                                        • trouble
    ReliableHomeHealthServices                                        seeing in one
          [Wherever you call home.]                                   of both eyes
                                                                        • trouble
                                    Short-Term Skilled Services       walking,
                                    including:                        dizziness,
                                    • In-Home Nursing
                                    • Rehabilitation Therapies
                                                                      loss of bal-
                                    • Home Health Aide                ance or coor-
                                    • Disease Management Programs     dination
                                    • Care Management
                                                                        • severe headache (with       three hours of showing
                                                  Homemaker and       no known cause)                 symptoms of a stroke is
                                                  Companion Service
                                                                        In recognition of expert-     essential to preventing
                                    Medicare / Medicaid / HMO         ise in treating stroke,         long-term   neurological
                                    Insurance / Self Pay
                                                                      Orange Regional Medical         damage.
                                           CHAP Accredited            Center’s Horton Campus is
                                                                      a designated Stroke Center        For information about
                                    Medicare Certified Agencies
                                    • Orange County 845-561-3655      as determined by the New        Orange Regional Medical
                                    • Ulster County 845-331-5064      York State Department of        Center’s Stroke Support
                                    Licensed Private Duty Agency:     Health. A state protocol        Group or to schedule a
                                        845-342-1661                  dictates emergency respon-      stroke educator for a free
                                                                      ders transport certain stroke   group presentation for your
                                                                      patients to designated          organization     call   the
                                           We care for people.        stroke centers even if other    Orange Regional Health
     Call for more information or go online at willcare.com           hospitals are closer.           Connection at 1-888-321-
            Serving Hudson Valley for more than 20 years                As a designated Stroke        ORMC (6762).
                                                      Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                        GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008   7

Estate planning for non-traditional couples
BY Robin Vaccai-Yess            mentation and clear instruc-      (JTWROS - having equal         common and you want your
   The 2000 U.S. Census         tion, at the death of the first   shares of ownership) or ten-   partner to inherit your
indicates that 5.4 million      partner the surviving part-       ants-in-common (having         share, you need to specifi-
unmarried couples were liv-     ner can find themselves           unequal shares). If the        cally state this in your will.
ing in the United States.       having to defend their rights     property title and your will   This is of extreme impor-
Unmarried couples include       to receive their share of         say the same thing, it will    tance when the title to your
heterosexual couples that       their partner’s assets, even      minimize the chances of        joint residence is held this
live together choosing not      those that have been              being challenged by dis-       way. Otherwise, your part-
to marry and gay and les-       acquired together. Some           gruntled family members.       ner is at risk of having to
bian couples who cannot         strategies can be used to         While property held jointly    sell the house if your fami-
legally marry in most states.   ensure the appropriate            with rights of survivorship    ly members expect their
Marriage in this country        transfer of assets at death to    will pass to the surviving     share and force a sale.
offers more than one thou-      protect the surviving part-       owner regardless of marital      To completely protect
sand tax benefits and pro-      ner. These include:               status, it’s a good idea for   your partner, it has been
tections that are not avail-       Unmarried couples need         your will to also state this   recommended that you
able to unmarried couples.      to fully document joint pur-      (primarily for unmarried       draft     specific     letters
If you’re one of the 5.4 mil-   chases of and contributions       couples), as this serves as    addressed to relatives stat-
lion unmarried couples, you     to property (i.e., houses,        extra protection in a will     ing that you are disinherit-
need to do some additional      land, investments) because,       contest. If you own proper-    ing them from a particular
planning to avoid future        unlike married couples, the       ty together as tenants in                 continued on page 27
financial problems for your     Federal          Government
partner.                        assumes that whoever dies
   Most people don’t like to    first wholly owned the
talk or think about what will   property so the entire value
happen when they’re not         is included in their estate –
here anymore, but it is         unless a clear paper trail can
important for everyone –        show otherwise. Careful
especially unmarried cou-       record keeping of joint pur-
ples – to talk about it and     chases and contributions to
make some advance prepa-        acquire assets will avoid
rations. Having an open         this potential tax problem.
dialogue about the future of       Draft a Partnership
both partners and how you       Agreement or Domestic
will protect each other’s       Partnership      Agreement.
financial interests is impor-   These documents can offer
tant and should take place      many of the protection and
any time you’re committed       responsibility benefits that
to each other, involved in a    are automatically provided
long-term relationship or       to married couples. You
own assets together.            should consult experienced
   One of the most impor-       legal counsel to properly
tant things in any relation-    draft these agreements.
ship – married or not – is         See an attorney and draw
ensuring the long-term wel-     up your last will and testa-
fare and financial well         ment to back up property
being of the surviving part-    titles that are held jointly
ner. Without proper docu-       with rights of survivorship
                                                Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL

                       IF IT’S A STROKE,
                       KNOW WHERE TO GO.
                       Orange Regional’s Horton Campus                                            Every Second Counts –
                                                                                                  Know the Symptoms of a Stroke
                       Designated Stroke Center
                                                                                                  Call 911 immediately if you experience sudden
                       In recognition of expertise in treating stroke, Orange Regional            onset of the following:
                       Medical Center’s Horton Campus is a designated Stroke Center                 • Numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg
                       as determined by the New York State Department of Health.                      (especially on one side of the body)
                       Our specialized Stroke Team is comprised of highly trained                   • Confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
                       physicians, nurses and technicians who use the latest                        • Trouble seeing in one or both eyes
                       medicines and techniques to treat stroke quickly and                         • Trouble walking, dizziness, loss of
                       effectively – minimizing brain damage. Having quick access                     balance or coordination
                       to these types of services within the first three hours can                  • Severe headache (with no known cause)
                       make all the difference in the world.
                                                                                                  There are treatments that can reduce the risk of
                       It’s just further proof why Orange Regional is the area’s                  damage from the most common types of stroke –
                       healthcare leader, and why no one does more for your health.               if you act quickly.

                       Call the Orange Regional Health Connection:
                       1-888-321-ORMC (6762)
                       for information about our Stroke Support Group or to schedule a
                       stroke educator for a free group presentation for your organization.



                                                                      Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                                                        GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008          9
Internet scams                                                                                                                                   continued from page 4

estate…and you can, too!”                         in return for a product, find-            check them out with your                Business Bureau. Even
  The third tool, Montalvo                        ing out refund policies and               county’s consumer fraud                 safer, stick to known chari-
noted, is something he                            never disclosing personal                 department or the Better                               continued on page 21

called “contrast.”                                information by mail or fax.               The home care option                                  continued from page 5
  That’s the tactic that’s                          In light of recent natural              patient’s diet; i.e., if a              the care provider that
used when an individual is                        disasters across the world,               patient is diabetic, the aide           ensures that every Home
pressured to “buy this prod-                      Americans may also be                     needs to know how to pre-               Health Aide and every
uct now and it will cost you                      quick to donate to a charity              pare an appropriate diet.               Personal Care Aide has the
this much, but if you wait,                       – and, true to form, there                Both Personal Care Aides                tools necessary to uphold
the cost will go up. …”                           has been an upsurge in such               and Home Health Aides are               the high standards of care
  “We’re all looking for a                        scams online.                             required to complete 6 and              for which Always There is
deal, especially in these                           “When something hap-                    12 hours respectively of                known.
tough economic times,”                            pens we want to help… and                 additional training annually.             For more information on
Montavlo said. And when a                         con artists know that,”                     This rigorous training                Always             There’s
deal comes in the form a                          Montavlo said, suggesting                 program          exemplifies            Compassionate Personal
free vacation, it could affect                    that seniors – or anyone –                Always There’s commit-                  Care, Skilled In-Home
one’s judgement. “All                             know exactly who is on the                ment to providing compas-               Health    Services     and
expensive paid trips come                         receiving end of that check               sionate, quality home care              Innovative Adult Day
at a price.” Montavlo                             or credit card transaction.               for the mid-Hudson Valley               Programs, please call 845-
advised reading the fine                          When in doubt, he                         community. It is an invest-             339-6683     or   go    to
print to make sure you’re                         explained, contact the                    ment of time and energy by              www.alwaystherehome-
not committing to a contract                      group offline – and also                  both the organization and               care.org.

                 Revitalize ‘ Rejuvenate ‘ Flourish
                                                                                                       THE CARRIAGE HOMES
                                                                                                         AT GLEN ARDEN
                                                                                                                   MODELS NOW OPEN!
                                                                                                   Now accepting priority reservation deposits. Call today!
                                                                                                  Enjoy independent, maintenance-free, single-story living in
                                                                                                  well-appointed homes with all the luxuries of private home
                                                                                                  living. Maintenance-free living means every Glen Arden
                                                                                                  resident has the freedom to enjoy a gracious, worry-free
                                                                                                  lifestyle and the good things in life. Residents also enjoy the
                                                                                                  peace of mind provided by our Life Care Benefit Program.
                                                                                                  Tour three beautiful models – designed for easy living, each
                                                                                                  one includes an attached garage and patio. Discover a whole
                                                                                                  new way to live at Glen Arden, Orange County’s only
                                                                                                  Continuing Care Retirement Community.

 FIRST TWELVE TO CLOSE WILL RECEIVE $10,000 IN UPGRADES.                                                        Glen Arden is an eco-friendly community.

                                                                                                             46 Harriman Drive ‘ Goshen, NY 10924
                                        Health and Housing Solutions                                            (800) 914-4051 ‘ www.elant.org

                                                                            Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
10   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

Never too old to try something new
World's oldest blogger dies at 108
  SYDNEY, Australia (AP)         Web site said. No cause of   blogged about having a bad       by several nurses, who sang
- A 108-year-old Australian                                                                     along too. It was quite a
woman who was promoted                                                                          concert!” she posted.
as the world’s oldest blog-                                                                       Great-grandson Darren
ger has died two weeks                                                                          Stone said Riley loved
after making her last post                                                                      being able to stay in touch
about “singing a happy                                                                          with correspondents all
song,” her great-grand son                                                                      over the world and said
and her online forum said.                                                                      she believed it kept her
  Olive Riley, billed as the                                                                    mind active.
world's oldest blogger, died                                                                      “It was mind blowing to
at age 108. In the last of her                                                                  her,” Stone said. “She had
74 entries at worldsoldest-                                                                     people communicating
blogger.blogspot.com,                                                                           with her from as far away
Riley wrote about singing a                                                                     as Russia and America on
song with her nursing home
  Olive Riley wrote 74
entries in her blogs, firstly    death was given. “She
www.allaboutolive.com.au         will be mourned by
and later http://worldsol-       thousands of Internet
destblogger.blogspot.com.        friends and hundreds
A friend introduced Riley        of descendants and
to blogging early in 2007,       other relatives.”
and was hooked.                    She entered a nurs-
  Riley “passed away             ing home in Woy Woy,

                                                              cough and feeling weak.          a continual basis, not just
                                                                 In her last entry, on June    once in a while.”
                                                              26, Riley thanked support-          Born in the remote min-
                                                              ers for ” whole swag of e-       ing town of Broken Hill in
                                                              mails and comments from          1899, Riley blogged regu-
                                                              my Internet friends” and         larly in the last year of her
                                                              described meeting a new          life about growing up in the
                                                              friend in the bed next to her.   Outback, raising three chil-
                                                                 “She and I sang a happy       dren and working as a farm
peacefully on Saturday,          50 miles north of Sydney,    song, as I do every day, and     cook and bartender earlier
July 12,” a posting on her       last month, from where she   before long we were joined       in her life.
                                              Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                        GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008   11

State Office for the Aging grant provides end of life care
   New York State has           Broome, Suffolk and             people to recognize that          the program, with the sup-
awarded several county          Chautauqua counties. The        healing can take place even       port of strong formal or
Offices for the Aging grants    programs are as follows:        in the face of life threaten-     informal        partnerships
to provide end of life care        • New York City - Jewish     ing illness; and improve the      between all local parties
to seniors. Michael J.          Board of Family and             quality of the life for indi-     involved.
Burgess, Director of the        Children’s Services             viduals, even though they           Burgess said, “Providing
New York State Office for          • Broome County -            may be at the end of life.        emotional support and
the Aging, announced the        Action for Older Persons,         Formally known as the           counseling for the client
release of funds to be used     Inc.                            “End of Life Care -               and/or their caregiver, com-
by community organiza-             • Suffolk County -           Community            Support      panionship for the client
tions to help persons 60 and    Federation Employment &         Demonstration Program”            and respite and aid for the
older who are functionally      Guidance Service, Inc.          the NYSOFA grant funded           caregiver are critically
impaired and have been             • Chautauqua County -        programs will provide free,       important to help maintain
diagnosed with a serious ill-   Chautauqua           County     non-medical services to ter-      one’s independence and
ness that has reached a ter-    Hospice                         minally ill persons, regard-      improve the quality of life
minal or end-stage point.          According to Burgess, the    less of life expectancy or        for a frail elder. Equally
   The four programs will       goals of the program are        treatment options. Social         important are developing
each receive $50,000. The       simple: help people stay in     service and/or healthcare         partnerships among various
programs will be adminis-       their homes; support the        organizations will work           providers, training and
tered by the offices for the    individual and their fami-      collaboratively to carry out      retaining volunteers and
aging in New York City,         lies at the end of life; help   the formal care aspects of                  continued on page 12

     The Wartburg Adult Care Community has over a century                       •   Adult Day Health Services
     of experience providing services that help seniors live                    •   Social Adult Day Services
     safely and independently at home for as long as possible,                  •   At-Home Nursing Care
     and residential care options for when their needs change.                  •   Home Care Aides & Companions
                                                                                •   Assisted & Independent Living
     Come meet our warm and caring professionals who will                       •   Memory Support Assisted Living
     treat you like family. Visit our uniquely beautiful 36-acre                •   24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care
     gated campus and see the difference a community of                         •   Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care
     healing and hope can make in your life.                                    •   Sub-Acute Rehabilitation
                                                                                •   Hospice Care
                                                                                •   Respite Care
                                                                                •   Pastoral Care
                                                                                •   Caregiver Support Groups

     Wartburg Place, Mount Vernon, NY 10552 • www.thewartburg.org • 914.699.0800
                                               Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
12   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

Catskill Regional Medical Center’s skilled nursing unit is tops
   Catskill           Regional   complex and time-consum-        approach to clinical care             “We are proud to be rec-
Medical Center’s Skilled         ing process, and we thank       processes and decision             ognized for the quality
Nursing Unit is one of the       Catskill Regional Medical       making. They attained a rel-       healthcare that our experts
recipients of “IPRO’s 2008       Center for their commit-        ative improvement of               provide for our residents.
Quality Awards.” The                                                                                The employees, the med-
Quality Awards, given                                                                               ical staff and the Board are
annually by IPRO, New                                                                               working to provide superi-
York State’s Medicare                                                                               or medical care for Sullivan
Quality         Improvement                                                                         County for many years to
Organization, recognize                                                                             come,” said Steve Ruwoldt,
health care providers that                                                                          Catskill Regional Medical
demonstrate a commitment                                                                            Center CEO.
to improving health care                                                                               With more than 20 years
services in the state. The                                                                          of experience in health care
Skilled Nursing Unit (SNU)                                                                          quality improvement and
at     Catskill       Regional                                                                      evaluation, IPRO holds
Medical Center is a 64-bed                                                                          major contracts with state
live-in facility for long-term                                                                      and federal governments to
nursing home care and                                                                               review the cost and quality
short-term rehabilitation.                                                                          of services provided to
Opened in 1980, SNU is            (L-R) - Staff members from Catskill Regional Medical Center’s     Medicaid          recipients,
                                     Skilled Nursing Unit, Deb DeJesus, Administrator; Terry
dedicated to promoting the         Whitebook, Director of Nursing; Anna Meyers, RN; Theodore        Medicare beneficiaries, and
highest quality of life and                             Will, CEO, IPRO                             patients enrolled in man-
best medical care in a                                                                              aged care organizations and
homelike setting.                ment to the health of New       greater than 50% in reduc-         to support the health care
   “Catskill          Regional   Yorkers.”                       ing both high-risk pressure        community in improving
Medical Center has shown           In conferring the award at    ulcers and the use of physi-       those services.
that a collaborative, focused    IPRO’s       24th    Annual     cal restraints.” Dr. Bradley          Licensed for 164 acute
effort can lead to tangible      Membership Meeting in           added, “The continuous             beds, CRMC is the sole
improvements in the quality      June, Dr. Bradley noted that    quality improvement activi-        hospital      provider     in
of care delivered to New         Catskill Regional Medical       ties throughout the organi-        Sullivan County and plays
York’s Medicare benefici-        Center’s SNU received the       zation were instrumental in        a critical role in caring for
aries,” says Clare B.            award because of “their         driving the rates of               the residents of the region.
Bradley MD, MPH, Senior          dedication      to    quality   improvement for the quality        CRMC provides services at
Vice President and Chief         improvement as demon-           measures and in enhancing          its campuses in Harris and
Medical Officer, IPRO.           strated by their implementa-    the quality of life of the res-    Callicoon and at its family
“Quality improvement is a        tion of a team-wide             idents they serve.”                health centers in Harris,
                                                                                                    Ferndale, Monticello and
Offices for the Aging get end of life support grants                       continued from page 11   Wurtsboro. Focused on
providing individual and         will ensure the dignity of      and healing can take place         providing the highest quali-
community information,           those in the program and        even in the face of a serious,     ty care, CRMC has recently
advocacy and assistance for      will help them to live fully    life threatening illness.          added a new MRI and a
the client and or their care-    until the end of life.”            For more information            dedicated         emergency
givers with accessing local        A fundamental aspect of       about the program in your          response          helicopter;
programs and resources           the End of Life Care -          area, contact the county           remodeled its CCU, and
available to sustain them in     Community             Support   office for the aging, or in        renovated its state-of-the-
the community. I am confi-       Demonstration Program is        New York City, the NYC             art Birthing Center to offer
dent that these programs         to recognize that support       Department for the Aging.                    continued on page 21
                                                Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                              GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008          13

MedWise helps make sense of medical billing and paperwork
BY Adria Gross, President of     Keeping on top of the             tional folder method of han-           MedWise Billing, Inc. are
MedWise Billing, Inc             mountain of billing and           dling medical expenses                 medical claims experts that
   Anyone who’s had even         paperwork can be mind-            soon       breaks     down.            can take care of all your
the simplest medical proce-      boggling and confusing for        Most clients are retirees              medical bills; from organiz-
dure done has witnessed          anyone, whatever their age.       who are recovering from                ing your claims and pay-
first hand one of the most         Do you need assistance          major illnesses or injuries            ments to handling appeals
annoying, time-consuming         with your perplexing med-         and they simply don’t want             when claims are denied or
and, yes, inefficient, aspects   ical bills or rejected insur-     to deal with billing hassles.                        continued on page 14
of healthcare in America         ance claims? Are you hav-
today: the endless paper-        ing a difficult time keeping
work. You get bills for          up with minor medical bills
things you didn’t even real-     and      health    insurance
ize you had done, from peo-      claims?
ple you don’t think you ever       It can be an exercise in
even met. You get reams of       frustration. It always seems
paper from your health           to take several phone calls                • Phone: 845-238-2532
insurer…and sometime one         and letters to repair the                  • Mobile: 845-978-9493
statement contradicts the        smallest crisis.                           • e-mail: medwisebilling@optonline.net
statement on the statement         These problems are mag-
you received only a few                                             Please Visit Our Website at www.medwisebilling.com
                                 nified when a serious illness
days (or weeks) ago.             or injury occurs. The tradi-              BE WISE! CHOOSE MEDWISE!

   Life’s Golden Moments...                      ■ Unlimited     Regular Checking with Free Checks
                 We think you deserve                ■ Free Photocopies
               some GOLDEN privileges:                ■ Better Interest Yield on CDs
                                                       ■ Free On-Line Banking & Bill Pay
                                                        ■ First Notification of Trips & Defensive Driving Classes
                                                          ■ Safe Deposit Box Discount
                                                           ■ Free Notary & Signature Guarantee
                                                            ■ Free Check Certification

                                                              Stop by one of our ten convenient locations to
                                                               become a member of The Golden Account Club.*
                                                 *               The First National Bank of Jeffersonville

                                                                  845-482-4000                   www.jeffbank.com
                                                                    * Must be 55 years of age and maintain aggregate balance of $15,000.

                                                Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
14   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

Nintendo Wii, is a big hit at FountainView at College Road
   Wii tournaments are the       alley or tennis court”, says   eager to break their last       record keepers.”
latest        craze         at   Mrs. Rokeach. “It is won-      weeks score. Our teams            FountainView at College
FountainView at College          derful that our residents      consist of very serious play-   Road, Rockland County’s
Road in Monsey, NY the                                                                               premier      retirement
premier retirement com-                                                                              community is a 155
munity affiliated with                                                                               unit residence housing,
Northern         Services                                                                            approximately        170
Group. The Nintendo                                                                                  people, aged 60 and
Wii has become a signif-                                                                             up. Nestled on ten
icant part to the already                                                                            beautifully landscaped
packed activities calen-                                                                             acres makes the perfect
dar for the more than 170                                                                            setting for socializing
residents     who      call                                                                          and living an active,
FountainView          their                                                                          vital lifestyle. The
home.                                                                                                community offers a
   The Wii, is a video                                                                               full range of exciting
game system that uses                                                                                daily activities which
motion sensitive con-                                                                                include cultural, spiri-
trollers to mimic the nat-                                                                           tual, intellectual, edu-
ural movements of the                                                                                cational, vocational
arms, which are turned into      have resumed sporting          ers, and of course score and    and physical programs.
movements on a television.       activities they once thought
Wii competitions include a       impossible.”                   MedWise                                 continued from page 13
variety of sport and educa-        “I haven’t bowled in         billed incorrectly.             give your insurance infor-
tional games. The Wii was        years,” remarks H.G.             MedWise Billing, Inc.         mation to MedWise Billing,
donated by a friend of           Another resident, G.R., an     can assist you in interpret-    Inc. and we handle the rest.
FountainView        a     few    avid tennis player said, “I    ing your bills so you’re not
                                                                                                  Free Consultation
months ago and introduced        use to play tennis when I      paying for services not
                                                                                                  Adria Gross, President of
into the wellness and fit-       was younger and this feels     received and we work with
                                                                                                MedWise Billing, Inc., is a
ness program.            The     great.” Both of these resi-    your insurance company to
                                                                                                Licensed Insurance Broker,
response has been over-          dents have been able to pick   ensure they are indemnify-
                                                                                                Certified    in     Medical
whelmingly positive.             up a bowling ball and a ten-   ing everything they are
                                                                                                Billing, and available for a
   FountainView’s Director       nis racket as players of the   legally required to.
                                                                                                FREE Consultation.
and Vice President of            Nintendo Wii Program.            MedWise Billing, Inc.
                                                                                                  Our main concern is
Corporate Services, Marian         Tournaments are held         understands medical billing
                                                                                                doing right for the practice
Rokeach is always initiat-       each Thursday after ample      and we are trained to identi-
                                                                                                and patient, while respect-
ing new ideas to benefit the     opportunity to practice in     fy billing errors. We can
                                                                                                ing business ethics, satis-
residents. The Wii has           prior Wii activity sessions.   support you in understand-
                                                                                                faction guaranteed!
been such a great addition,      Healthy competition is fun     ing a complex and costly
                                                                                                  Please call or e-mail to
nationwide, to many senior       and exciting.                  bill and make sure you are
                                                                                                schedule an appointment.
programs and communities,            “Every time I stop into    not overcharged.
including all Northern           FountainView, I have one         MedWise Billing, Inc.           Phone: 845-238-2532
Services Groups rehabilita-      of the residents telling me    handles the crucial details       Mobile: 845-978-9493
tion and nursing homes,          what their new high score      of your claims. We file all       e-mail: medwisebilling@
and assisted living resi-        is,” said Mike Forzano,        the necessary paperwork         optonline.net
dences.                          Corporate Director of          and make sure you receive         Please Visit Our Website
   “Our multipurpose room        Rehabilitation,        “Each   all the benefits that you’re    at www.medwisebilling.
now sounds like a bowling        Thursday residents are         entitled to. Typically, you     com
                                               Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                              GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008               15
Business succession planning and wealth diversification with an ESOP plan
BY Arthur W. Tuttle CFP          to tackle. Identifying poten-    thought and deliberation—                 strategies to execute a tran-
Senior Vice President,           tial successors and imple-       and in many cases, a will-                sition plan, from transfer-
Smith Barney
                                                                                                            ring ownership interests to
   As a business owner, you                                                                                 family members to selling
spend a lot of time thinking                                                                                stock to outside buyers. But
about your customers, your                                                                                  for business owners who
employees and maybe even                                                                                    wish to diversify their own-
your suppliers. Your busi-                                                                                  ership while maintaining
ness, after all, is a labor of                                                                              continuity and deferring
love. But it’s also likely to                                                                               taxes, employee stock own-
be your most important                                                                                      ership plans (ESOPs) are an
asset and a substantial                                                                                     increasingly       attractive
source of wealth. Which                                                                                     option. Although ESOPs
raises three questions: How                                                                                 are not appropriate in every
much time do you spend                                                                                      case, their growing popu-
thinking about your transi-                                                                                 larity among business own-
tion plan? What is my tran-       Succession planning can pave the way for the next generation….            ers is evidence of their util-
sition plan? How can I                                                                                      ity: the National Center for
diversify a portion of my        menting strategies to ensure     ingness to give up control                Employee        Ownership,
wealth?                          a smooth transition of own-      of your company.                          based       in     Oakland,
   This is not an easy subject   ership    require      much        There is no shortage of                               continued on page 18

                                                                                                                                 near the

            "Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence!"                    Situated in picturesque Monsey, NY, FountainView at College Road
                                                                     is Rockland County’s premier independent retirement community.
                                                                     FountainView is filled with a wide variety of amenities and activities for
                                                                     energetic seniors with hospitality that rivals a 5-star hotel. The community
                                                                     has a feel of old world luxury in a stunning upscale setting.
                                                                                           FEATURES INCLUDE:
                                                                     • Spacious one and two bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and washer/dryer
                                                                     • Restaurant style kosher dining (no dietary restrictions apply to
                                                                       residents of individual apartments)
                                                                     • Housekeeping and maintenance services
                                                                     • Scheduled transportation
                                                                     • Library, Media/computer center with webcam
                                                                     • Fitness center with wellness program and personal trainer
                                                                     • Beauty Parlor/Barber Shop
                                                                     • Putting Green, exercise paths with fitness stations
                                                                     • Exceptional activities including Wii tournaments
                                                                     • Entertainment… and more
                                                                        2000 FountainView Drive • Monsey, NY 10952
                                                Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
16   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008
Marketing scams on the elderly prompt Helpline response from Offices for the Aging
  Prompted by recent            issues like these and also to   range of programs and serv-     Burgess anticipates an
media reports, a US Senate      obtain information and          ices available to New           increase in calls in the
Special Committee on            referral assistance. The        Yorkers age 60 and over         months ahead.
Aging hearing, and calls        Helpline number is 1-800-       through a statewide net-          The toll-free access is
from older individuals from     342-9871.                       work of 59 local Offices for    available        nationwide
throughout the State about        “Our Senior Citizens’         Aging. The Helpline han-        enabling family members
deceptive sales practices in    Helpline is often the first     dled more than 1,200 calls      and others from outside the
marketing health insurance      place older New Yorkers         in the last month resulting     state who may be involved
products to elderly, Michael    and others call to get infor-   in almost 1,300 referrals for   with helping an older per-
J. Burgess, Director of the     mation about services and       services, assistance or addi-   son obtain needed services
New York State Office for       benefits, and I want to make    tional information, with the    or benefits. It supplements
the Aging today launched a      sure everyone knows how         majority of callers request-    and complements the infor-
campaign to remind all          to access this important        ing information about long      mation and referral services
New York State residents        service.”                       term care services, housing     provided by the 59 local
that the Office for the           The Helpline offers infor-    options available to the eld-   Offices for the Aging
Aging operates a toll-free      mation and referral assis-      erly, and prescription drug     administered by the State
Helpline to assist them with    tance regarding the full        benefits and plans. Director              continued on page 17

                                               Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                  GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008   17

Senior safety for the home
BY Margaret MacDowell            age alike. Some will have                                   caused by falls. Falls are
President, BERMAC                vision and/or hearing losses                                the leading cause of injury
   We all begin to notice        while others might suffer                                   deaths among older adults.
over time that after our         decreased physical abilities.                                  Other situations that may
youth and active adulthood       Many of these losses make                                   cause falls can be:
each of us experience a          it more likely to increase                                     The senior that takes
gradual decline in physical      our fall risk as we age.                                    many different medica-
strength, flexibility, dexter-   Falling is a very serious                                   tions.
ity, and endurance.              health risk as we age. One                                     Seniors using a cane or
   A variety of conditions       out of three Americans over                                 walker.
contribute to this natural       65 falls each year and at                                      Ice or snow, spills, and
aging and no two persons         least half will fall again.                                 wet surfaces.
Marketing scams                          continued from page 16                                 Seniors having urinary
Office for the Aging.            ices or any other help they                                 urgency or incontinence.
                                                              More than 8 out of 10 frac-       Poor lighting or obstruct-
  The Helpline is staffed by     need.”
                                                              tures among seniors are                  continued on page 21
older workers and may be           The New York State
reached Monday through           Office for the Aging serves
Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4         as an advocate for over 3.2      Rethinking retirement
p.m. On holidays, week-          million New Yorkers age continued from page 3
ends and after 4 p.m.,           60 and older. The Office community              colleges    social services, which are
callers can leave a message      advocates for older persons throughout the U.S. come        facing a critical worker
that Helpline staff will         at all levels of government in.                             shortage. The Encore
return the next working          and the private sector with    Career-switching        in   Career Grants will help
day. A full-time Spanish-        the cooperation of con- retirement is often about           workers ages 50 and over
speaking staff person is         cerned organizations and taking your passion for            seamlessly move from their
available to assist callers.     older New Yorkers. The what used to be a hobby –            current career into one that
  In announcing the cam-         Office for the Aging admin- and rethinking and re-pack-     makes a social impact.
paign to alert New Yorkers       isters several federally aging them into viable new           And it’s a good thing for
about the Helpline, Director     funded programs under the career goals.                     the rest of the nation, too.
Burgess said, “Educating         Older Americans Act and a      Community Colleges in        According to the Bureau of
older New Yorkers and the        variety of state-funded pro- the project are now            Labor Statistics’ reports, by
public in general on the         grams which serve the eld- involved in creating pro-        the year 2014, an estimated
myriad of services and sup-      erly.                        grams into one-stop shops      78 million boomers will
ports available to them in         There are 59 local offices for career-switching seniors   gradually make their way
their communities is vitally     which serve each county, to assist in that endeavor.        out of the workforce with
important.” He said, “Our        the City of New York as        The Encore Careers Grant     only 75.6 million workers
Helpline fielded almost          well as the St. Regis will provide ten $25,000              entering to replace them. To
23,000 calls since January       Mohawk                Indian grants to select community     prevent a critical labor
2006 and while that repre-       Reservation, and the Seneca and junior colleges through-    shortage and to stay com-
sents a substantial amount       Nation of Indians which out the nation to create edu-       petitive in the global mar-
of calls for information, we     includes the Cattaraugus cational          opportunities    ketplace,          programs
can and will do a better job     and Allegany Reservations. designed to help the baby        designed to update, re-skill,
of ensuring that people in       These are the only Indian boomer population transi-         and transition boomers into
every county of the state are    Reservations with offices tion from their primary job       new careers will play a cru-
aware of the Helpline and        for the aging east of the into a second, “encore            cial role in keeping the U.S.
our desire to assist them in     Mississippi.                 career” in sectors like        economy afloat.
securing information, serv-                                   health care, education and
                                                Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
18   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

Business succession planning and wealth diversification with an ESOP plan                                    continued from page 15

California., estimates that        the plan.                        financing. The funds can         privately held company to
more than 8.5 million peo-           You probably have a            come from Treasury stock,        an ESOP to defer paying
ple in the U.S. currently          rough estimate of your           the company’s contribu-          taxes on any capital gain
participates in about 11,500       company’s value, but an          tions, employee contribu-        from the sale of those shares
ESOPs.                             ESOP requires a formal val-      tions or other profit sharing    if the following require-
   What is an ESOP Plan?           uation that considers prof-      plans the business has           ments are met:
                                                                        established. Once the          You (or any other seller)
                                                                        plan is operational, a       must have owned the shares
                                                                        trustee assumes respon-      for at least three years and
                                                                        sibility for overseeing      cannot have received the
                                                                        the plan. You are            shares as a form of compen-
                                                                        allowed to serve as          sation.
                                                                        trustee, but an outside        The ESOP must own at
                                                                        professional individual      least 30% of the company
                                                                        or corporate trustee can     after the sale.
                                                                        be hired for that role.        You (and other sellers)

     …but getting there can require a lot of thoughtful guidance.

  Employee            Stock        its, cash flow, market con-
Ownership Plans facilitate         ditions and outlook, assets
the transfer of some or all        and any other relevant fac-
ownership from business            tors. After determining the
owners to their employees.         company’s value, you must
When you sell your shares          decide how to fund the
to the ESOP, the employee-         ESOP.
participants receive propor-          A leveraged ESOP bor-
tional ownership of the            rows funds to buy company
company.                           stock. The ESOP can bor-
  An ESOP can be tailored          row the funds directly,
to your needs, but it is           using the purchased stock           Selling Stock to the          must reinvest the sales pro-
important to note that it is       as collateral. More fre-         ESOP                             ceeds in “qualified replace-
an employee benefit plan           quently, funds are borrowed         For business owners, one      ment securities” within 12
that must meet the applica-        at the corporate level then      of the most important bene-      months of the sale to the
ble rules for employee eligi-      re-lent to the ESOP. This        fits of an ESOP is the abili-    ESOP.
bility, participation and          helps make some of the           ty to diversify tax-efficient-      Importantly,           the
vesting. As a result, you          debt repayment a deductible      ly. The mechanics are            investor’s private company
should carefully evaluate          expense item; or an alterna-     straightforward: You sell        tax cost basis is transferred
factors such as the compa-         tive arrangement is for the      stock to the ESOP, and the       to the qualified replacement
ny’s financial condition,          business to borrow the           ESOP buys your shares for        portfolio.      Appropriate
employees’ eligibility for         funds and lend them to the       cash at the valuation price.     management of this poten-
plan participation, and            ESOP.                            Internal Revenue Code            tial tax exposure should be
stock allocation and vesting          Unleveraged ESOPs buy         Section 1042 permits a tax-      discussed thoroughly as you
schedules before you set up        stock without using debt         payer who sells shares in a                continued on page 19

                                                    Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                                                                     GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008                   19
Business succession planning and wealth diversification with an ESOP plan                                                                                      continued from page 18

develop this portfolio in                           Qualified replacement                                 erally issued by highly
concert with your advisors.                       securities are generally                                rated corporations, have                 IRS       Circular      230
Note: There is a step-up in                       defined as stock and bonds                              long      maturities        and       Disclosure: Citigroup, Inc.,
                                                                                                                                                its affiliates, and its employ-
basis to the estate There is a                    issued by a U.S. domestic                               adjustable interest rates.
                                                                                                                                                ees are not in the business of
drawback, however: Ifif                           operating          company.                             Many financial institutions           providing tax or legal
you subsequently sell a                           However, several widely                                 allow you to use these notes          advice. These materials and
qualified replacement secu-                       held types of investments—                              as collateral for margin              any tax-related statements
rity; the deferred gain on                        including mutual funds,                                 loans, typically lending              are not intended or written to
the sold security becomes                         certificates of deposit, gov-                           75% or more of the notes’             be used, and cannot be used
                                                                                                                                                or relied upon, by any such
due.                                              ernment securities and real                             value. You can invest the
                                                                                                                                                taxpayer for the purpose of
   Investing ESOP Proceeds                        estate—do not qualify.                                  borrowed funds in nonqual-            avoiding tax penalties. Tax-
   By reinvesting the pro-                          One strategy is to invest                             ified securities, if that strat-      related statements, if any,
ceeds in qualified replace-                       all or part of your ESOP                                egy is appropriate for your           may have been written in
ment securities within 12                         sales proceeds in floating-                             investment goals.                     connection with the “promo-
months of selling your                            rate notes. There are multi-                                                                  tion or marketing” of the
                                                                                                            Arthur Tuttle is a                  transaction(s) or matters(s)
shares to an Employee                             ple strategies for reinvest-
                                                                                                          Financial Consultant with             addressed by these materi-
Stock Ownership Plan, you                         ing ESOP-related proceeds.                                                                    als, to the extent allowed by
                                                                                                          Smith Barney located in
receive cash for your other-                      A thorough discussion of                                                                      applicable law. Any such
                                                                                                          Purchase, New York and
wise illiquid shares. You                         these approaches with your                              may be reached at 800-399-            taxpayer should seek advice
can then use the proceeds to                      advisors, including related                             0756, 914-701-7641.                   based on the taxpayer’s par-
diversify your investment                         pros and cons, is very                                    E-mail: arthur.w.tuttle@            ticular circumstances from
                                                                                                          smithbarney.com                       an independent tax advisor.
portfolio.                                        important.These notes, gen-

      Dedicated                       to five-star service from all-star providers.

      It takes an all-star team to deliver the kind of five-star services you deserve. And at Northern Dutchess Hospital’s                   For a complete physician directory and to
      Bone & Joint Center, that’s the standard we’re dedicated to providing you. It’s a commitment you’ll find at every                      learn more about our nationally recognized
      level—and it’s nice to know that the leading healthcare ratings organization is noticing our tremendous ongoing                        services, please call the Bone & Joint
      efforts. Congratulations to every member of our talented staff for helping to make this year’s HealthGrades® five-star                 Center at (845) 871-3838.
      achievements possible:

      • Best in Region* for Joint Replacement Surgeries 2008
      • Five-Star Rated for Joint Replacement 2008
      • Five-Star Rated for Total Knee Replacement 2008
       *Region as defined on HealthGrades.com

      From Left to Right: Michael Moses, MD, Cross River Anesthesiology; Richard Perkins, MD, Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess
      County (OADC); Carolyn Mayor, NDH Physical Therapist; Michael Schweppe, OADC; Lori Armstrong, RN, NDH Med/Surg Unit; Russell
      Tigges, MD, OADC; Larry O’Connell, RN, CNOR, NDH Surgical Services                                                                          w w w. h e a l t h - q u e s t . o r g

                                                                              Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
20   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

A little activity goes a long way for health
BY Tim Church, M.D., Ph. D.     utterly simple and nonchal-      Americans. She went from         and laboratory research at
  Everybody has excuses         lenging: the two-minute          being busy and inactive to       the Cooper Clinic in
for not exercising and one      walk.                            being busy and active.           Dallas, Texas.
of our patients, who we will      At any age, people can            We know unequivocally,
refer to as Tina, was no        see a significant benefit        beyond any shadow of a           Respite – there is
exception. As a hospital                                           doubt, that a sedentary        rest for the weary
food and nutrition direc-                                          lifestyle directly causes      BY Leiah Bowden
tor, she should have                                               chronic disease and a             “I told my father I would-
known better. It was her                                           shorter lifespan regardless    n’t put him in a nursing
job to teach people how                                            of whether you are thin,       home, and I don’t want to.
to eat better and live                                             overweight or obese. Yet       But I need a break, and I
healthier.                                                         this simple fact of life is    don’t know what to do.”
  Nevertheless she had                                             commonly ignored, over-           “I love my mother but I
let herself go. But while                                          looked or underestimated,      can’t cope with her needs. I
Tina was working and                                                                              can’t sleep through the
                                                                   even by doctors.
raising four kids, the                                                                            night, I don’t have an hour
                                                                      There is a healing mira-
                                                                                                  to call my own. I am at my
struggles and challenges                                           cle of movement that goes      wits’ end.”
of life overcame her good                                          beyond losing weight.             The scenario will be
intentions. She did not                                            Research has shown that        familiar to anyone who is a
have the willpower to go                                           people can significantly       primary caregiver. You love
to a gym after a full day at           Dr. Tim Church
                                                                   reduce their mortality rate    your mother or father, your
work. After turning 45,         from moving more. Just by        through exercise. People         spouse, your sister, brother,
she began a slow decline        playing with your grand-         who do not change their          cousin, or friend. If the per-
where she did not take          children or walking during       activity levels are twice as     son for whom you care is
proper care of herself.         commercials on television,       likely to die prematurely as     your parent, you feel good
  As others often do when                                                                         that you can give back for
                                you can build up your fit-       people who become fit and
                                                                                                  all those years they cared
they reach a milestone age      ness level. Using our            are at a higher risk of cer-     for you, did without for you,
in life, Tina did a reality     research from the renowned       tain cancers, heart disease      and let you lean on them.
check in her 60s and real-      Cooper Clinic in Dallas we       and stroke.                      You’re the only one upon
ized that her energy had        found that about 8,500 steps        Remember to always con-       whom they can rely. You
been sputtering for about       a day can lead to better         sult your doctor before          live with them – or they live
five years. Her weight had      health.                          starting any type of fitness     with you – and there’s no
ballooned from 135 to 170         After about four months        program. In the meantime, a      rest.
pounds. She had chronic         of this strategy, Tina lost 10   good self prescription is just      Your     muscles      ache
lower back pain and a touch     pounds and noticed that her      to move more.                    because you’re helping
of arthritis in her knees for                                                                     them get up out of a chair or
                                energy level was back to
which she took pain med-                                                                          bed all the time. They can’t
                                where it had been when she         Tim Church, M.D., Ph.D.,
                                                                                                  go to the toilet without your
ication on and off.             was much younger. After          the co-author of “Move           help. You need to sleep
  Tina began looking for a      six months, she realized         Yourself” (Wiley, 2008). He      when they sleep because
program that could help her     that she had no need for         is currently a Professor of      when they’re awake they
reach her goal and found        pain medication.                 Preventative Medicine at         will call you. It’s like hav-
one that inspired her: a pro-     It was nothing dramatic        Pennington      Biomedical       ing a baby – but this baby
gram that teaches adults        but it was enough to remove      Research      Center      at     will not gradually become
how to convert daily rou-       Tina from the ranks of the       Louisiana State University.      more able. You don’t do the
tines into exercise. She        sedentary, unhealthy and         Dr. Church is the former         things you love to do. Even
started off with something      habitually tired majority of     vice president for medical                 continued on page 26

                                               Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                      GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008   21
Senior safety                                                                                            continued from page 17

ed vision.                      sure faucets and towels are     even housework.                  falling don’t try to stop the
   Wearing only socks or        easy to reach and install          If you do feel yourself       fall yourself. Ease the per-
smooth, soled shoes.            non-skid surfaces in tubs       falling, roll and make every     son gently to the ground
   Climbing or reaching for     and floors.                     effort to land on your but-      and get the necessary help.
something in an unsafe            Turn down your hot water      tocks. You want to absorb        Always look for injuries
manner.                         heater indicator to prevent     as much energy as possible       before moving the person.
   Some changes we’ll want      scalding in the tub or show-    over the largest part of your      Hopefully we will all be
to make in our homes            er.                             body. You want to avoid a        fall free in our senior years
include:                          Liquid soap is always         blow to the head or extrem-      and perhaps some of these
   Arranging furniture with     easier to handle than bar       ities.                           helpful hints will make that
plenty of space if someone      soap.                              If you’re near someone        happen.
has a walker or wheelchair,
clutter should be avoided.         In the Kitchen:              Internet scams                             continued from page 9
   Check on loose rugs, toi-       Make sure items are          ties, like the Red Cross or      revictimized, and the police
let seats, and stairs. Loose    placed close to waist level,    United Way – and contact         are required to take and
flooring on carpeting           clean up spills when they       them directly. Often, a char-    give a report to victims.
should be tacked down or        happen. Be careful of hot       ity will use a third party to    This report can be used to
removed.                        liquids or solids (coming       solicit donations. Montavlo      fight credit reporting agen-
   Doorway        thresholds    from a microwave). Have         suggested it is best to          cies or a credit issuer.
could pose a risk for falls;    an (ABC) fire Extinguisher      donate to the charity direct-    However, according to
check on the height differ-     handy. Learn and use prop-      ly and always by check.          Bockstein, only 15 percent
ence of thresholds.             er food handling prepara-          Senior citizens are also at   of victims file a police
   Rooms need to be light       tion and storage techniques.    risk for sweepstake and lot-     report, something she
and bright. Automatic night        Of course, the best way to   tery scams, which often ask      attributes to embarrassment
lights and clap-on lights are   stay safe is with prevention:   for money, bank or person-       and a fear of losing ones
great. Consider extra light-                                    al information up front to       independence.
ing outdoors. Have a light        We all must exercise to:      claim a prize. “If you won          Senior citizens and dis-
switch on the top and bot-        • Maintain muscle and         something, there’s no rea-       abled people who are vic-
tom of stairs.                  bone strength                   son for you to be paying,”       tims of identity theft or eco-
   All stairs should have         • Keep joints, tendons,       Montavlo said. “Never wire       nomic scams can be eligible
durable railings and reflec-    and ligaments more flexible     or transfer money into any       for crime victim compensa-
tive tape or paint on the         • Increase energy and         account. Once it’s trans-        tion,      according        to
stair edges.                    strengthen heart and lungs,     ferred, it’s gone.”              Bockstein. “You don’t have
   For bathrooms you may        and to                             Seniors must also beware      to be physically injured and
want elevated toilet seats or     • Promote a sense of well     of insurance scams that          there are some limitations,
grab bars for the bathtub.      being.                          could take benefits away         but it’s one of the first laws
Invest in a hand held show-       We don’t need a gym –         from them. “Give your            in the U.S. that recognizes
erhead that you can use         we can do simple chair          insurance and Medicaid ID        the impact economic crime
with a shower chair. Make       exercises, walk, garden, and    number only to those that        can have on people.”
                                                                are actually providing you          In closing, Deborah
Catskill Regional’s nursing staff is tops                       medical service,” he said.       Sturm Rausch, director of
continued from page 12                                             Mindy Bockstein, chair-       public information and
the best possible environ-      the Commission on Cancer        person and executive direc-      media strategy, left the
ment to welcome a new life      of the American College of      tor, offered advice on what      audience with vital advice.
into the world. Catskill        Surgeons. For more visit        to do if one is a victim of         “If you get an offer that
Regional’s Cancer Program       www.crmcny.org.                 fraud. Going to the police is    seems too good to be true, it
holds the highest rating of                                     the best way to avoid being      is too good to be true.”
                                               Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
22   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

Letting your home pay you
BY Chris Miller                  the U.S. Department of           home,” said Shaughnessy.         of the home, and any exist-
   Since 1985, reverse mort-     Housing       and      Urban     “Someone who has a mort-         ing liens or mortgages on
gages – loans that enables       Development (HUD), pri-          gage that is 90 percent of       the home.
seniors to withdraw money        vately insured loans from        the value is not going to           The older the applicant is,
from the principle they’ve       non-government lenders           qualify for a reverse mort-      the larger a percentage of
paid off on their home –         and uninsured private loans      gage.”                           the home’s value they can
have been the perfect finan-     are the three types of              According to Denise           borrow. A government-
cial solution for those that     reverse mortgage loans.          Panza,       Senior     Loan     insured reverse mortgage
own their own home and           Federally insured loans are      Consultant       for    Ladd     has a capped amount by the
are in need of money.            subject to stricter require-     Financial,      homeowners       Federal              Housing
   Under a reverse mort-         ments and tend to have           could be in the foreclosure      Administration’s (FHA)
gage, the homeowner con-         lower lending limits than        process and it would not         mortgage limit for the area,
verts the equity into cash in    private reverse mortgages,       affect their application for a   which tops out at $169,950.
the form of a lump sum, a        but they offer the security      reverse loan. She said the          Payment on the loan is
monthly payment to the           of government backing.           only main requirements the       made to the lender when the
owner or a line of credit.       Privately backed reverse         homeowners must meet are         borrower passes away, sells
Unlike the traditional home      mortgages may give seniors       age and having enough            the home, fails to reside in
loan, a reverse mortgage         more options but may             equity in the house.             the house for 12 consecu-
has no monthly payments.         involve higher costs than           “We’re not going to hold      tive months (which includes
No payment is required on        government-insured loans.        it against them that they’re     time spent in a nursing
the reverse mortgage until         Uninsured loans usually        in foreclosure. They’re not      home or facility), fails to
the owner sells the home or      provide monthly payments         going to get a different pay-    pay property taxes or insur-
is no longer using it as a       for a fixed term. Unlike         ment than someone who            ance, or lets the property
principal residence.             insured reverse mortgages,       isn’t in foreclosure,” said      fall into disrepair beyond
   “An obvious benefit is        which are due only if the        Panza. “It’s a perfect way to    normal wear and tear. When
that you no longer need to       borrower sells their house       save elder people from los-      the loan is due, the mort-
make a mortgage payment,”        or if other strictly qualified   ing their home.”                 gage principle, interest
explained            Michael     circumstances are met,              Before borrowing, appli-      charges and closing costs
Shaughnessy,            Ulster   uninsured reverse mort-          cants must seek third party      are repaid from the pro-
Savings Bank Executive           gages are usually due in full    financial counseling from a      ceeds of the house sale or
Vice President and Chief         at the end of the term.          source that is approved by       from estate assets if the
Lending Officer. “You’re         According to Shaughnessy,        HUD. Counseling is a safe-       home isn’t sold.
guaranteed that you could        New York State has strong        guard for the borrower for          Panza said that reverse
stay in your house for the       regulatory requirements.         understanding of the mort-       mortgages can be a good
rest of your life and the only     There are no minimum           gage and how it’s obtained.      financial solution for people
payments that you’ll ever        income or credit require-           “In New York State, there     over 62 that have paid off
be responsible for are prop-     ments for reverse mort-          are very stringent require-      their mortgages or have sig-
erty taxes and insurance.”       gages, but the borrower          ments people have to go          nificant home equity and
   The lender recovers the       must have paid off all or        through which is given pri-      want to spend the rest of
principal plus interest on       most of their mortgage. For      vately, not by the institu-      their lives in their home.
the loan. Interest rates are     most reverse mortgages, the      tion, on what the upside and     The loans can provide tax-
tied to U.S. Treasury bond       money can be used for any        downside of reverse mort-        free income that shouldn’t
rates and over the duration      purpose; however, the bor-       gages are,” Shaughnessy          affect     the    borrower’s
of the loan could range          rower must pay off any           expressed.                       Medicare or Social Security
from 2 to 10 percent,            existing mortgages with the         Reverse mortgages don’t       benefits, in most cases.
depending on the type of         proceeds from the reverse        contain most of the FICO            “You work all your life
reverse mortgage chosen.         mortgage.                        scores, earnings verification    and pay the bills and now a
Any remaining equity goes          “The only two qualifica-       or payment history require-      reverse mortgage allows
to the homeowner or their        tions needed to make a           ments of standard mort-          people to enjoy life and live
heirs once the home is sold.     reverse mortgage is being        gages. The loan is based         again, rather than just scrap-
   Federally insured loans       over 62 years old and hav-       purely on the age of the
that follow rules set up by                                                                                  continued on page 23
                                 ing sufficient equity in your    youngest owner, the value
                                                Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                       GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008   23
Letting your home pay you                                                                                 continued from page 22

ing by,” expressed Panza.        than the amount of the          coverage. In addition to the     use the loan money to make
   Medicaid is based upon        reverse mortgage the gov-       insurance fee, most reverse      mortgage payments and
income level and recipients      ernment will pay the differ-    mortgages have an applica-       save their home. He said
need to make sure the addi-      ence, not the borrower.         tion fee, an origination fee,    borrowers could defer the
tional income they receive          The borrower’s home          closing costs and monthly        amount they’re getting but
from the reverse mortgage        equity and the amount of        service     charges.       The   an up-front allocation is
doesn’t disqualify them          home equity they can pass       charges are added to the         required.
from those government            to their heirs are reduced by   amount of the total loan but       “Above that, you can take
benefits. Because reverse        the amount of the reverse       do not add to the total          a significantly larger lump
loans are considered loan        mortgage and the estate will    repayment costs.                 sum or you could choose to
advances and not income,         get whatever equity is left-       “The fees on a reverse        get an actuarially stream
the IRS doesn’t consider         over. The heirs are not         loan are significantly higher    over the course of the rest
money from reverse mort-         required to sell the house to   than regular mortgages,”         of    your     life,”   said
gages as taxable income          pay off the reverse mort-       explained Shaughnessy.           Shaughnessy.
and the payments shouldn’t       gage – they could also pay      “One of the things you have        The Ulster Savings Bank
affect the borrower’s Social     back the loan with a tradi-     to look at is that it is some-   Executive Vice President
Security or Medicare benefits.   tional mortgage.                thing you intend to keep in      said there are a couple
   The borrower of a reverse        With government-guar-        place for a substantial peri-    downsides to reverse mort-
mortgage      retains     the    anteed reverse mortgages,       od of time.”                     gages. Every month the
home’s title, not the lender.    HUD collects an insurance          Shaughnessy noted that        amount owed on the home-
The government insures           premium of 2 percent of the     many borrowers use the           owner’s mortgage is getting
HUD reverse mortgages. If        home’s value up-front from      reverse loan to purchase         larger. The interest and the
the home is sold for less        all borrowers to provide the    another home, while others                 continued on page 27

                                                Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
24   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

Making connections to fitness and health – at any age
Consistency is the key
BY Jo Yanow-Schwartz             machine that we can pro-       ordered to weeks of bed rest   around, then start stretching
   The lyrics from the popu-     tect, nurture and improve      – standard thinking in those   exercises and some walk-
lar childhood song some-         upon.                          days. Today, we know bet-      ing. A stress test on a tread-
times drifts into my                                                                           mill or a bicycle with a
head…the one about the                                                                         heart monitor will be fol-
thighbone “being connected                                                                     lowed by a recommenda-
to the hip bone.”                                                                              tion for an exercise program
   Little ones immediately                                                                     done within limits.
get this cool concept. But                                                                        With age, our VO2 max
adults have forgotten the                                                                      (means maximum oxygen
simplicity of the idea. Our                                                                    uptake) naturally deceases
whole body is a connected                                                                      and our bodies cannot uti-
system, and we are a holis-                                                                    lize oxygen as efficiently as
tic entity.                                                                                    we once did. But exercise
   It’s pretty exciting stuff,                                                                 increases the body’s ability
actually, about the body and                                                                   to transport and utilize oxy-
its beautiful workings. And                                                                    gen so there is less stress on
no matter your age, it             After my father’s heart      ter. Now your doctor will      the heart. The trick question
remains       a   wonderful      attack in the 1950’s, he was   soon have you moving                     continued on page 25


     Short-Term Rehabilitation • Skilled Nursing Care
     Celebrating 30 Years of Caring and Commitment
       121 DUNNING ROAD • MIDDLETOWN, NY 10940
      845-343-0801 • www.parkmanorrehab.com
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                                                                                      GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008   25
Fitness and health – at any age                                                                          continued from page 24

that usually is answered        fitness is increasing.          every body part, including       not that strong, have been
incorrectly about exercise is      The doctor might suggest     your immune system.              sedentary for a long time…
– “What is the target of aer-   you enroll in a gym where       General endurance increas-       Stick with me as I have
obic training?” The answer      your fitness professional,      es. Oh, did I not mention        more fodder that might con-
is skeletal muscle – not the    hopefully, is knowledge-        that the chance of stroke,       vince you.
heart although the heart is a   able about the large body of    hypertension, atherosclero-        Studies show that women
beneficiary.                    information now available.      sis and heart attack are less-   over 60 who exercise for at
  Exercise helps decrease       (Most trainers today are up-    ened and that respiration        least 30 minutes three times
the systolic BP (during the     to-snuff on medications you     improves along with vital        per week have the heart,
heart’s contraction) associ-    may be taking, their posi-      capacity? (The latter is how     lungs, and muscles of
ated with high blood pres-      tive values and counter         much air we expel with one       women ten years younger.
sure as it increases blood      indications.) Classes help,     forced breath after inhaling     Does a woman need anoth-
supply to the heart itself      too, anything from Tai-Chi      deeply.) With age, the lungs     er reason to start to exer-
because it pumps through        to the plethora of New Age      and connective tissues have      cise? Volumes of statistics
the body with less exertion.    modalities. Dancing can be      become less elastic; elastic-    and anecdotal material
So… after engaging in an        good aerobic exercise. Your     ity is, however, partially       demonstrate results in
exercise program of consis-     personal enjoyment is           restored when capacity for       increased energy, weight
tent training, you discover     important in the equation.      air uptake increases.            loss, muscle tone, and
your heart isn’t beating as        A body that works —            In sum, fitness is going to    decreased risk of age-relat-
fast; resting pulse rate        which it wants intuitively to   be a win-win situation. But      ed diseases. And if another
decreases, indicating that      do – brings better health to    you still say you are tired,               continued on page 26

                                               Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
26   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

Fitness and health – at any age                                                                                       continued from page 25

heart attack were to occur,           you feel better about your-           Association, and there are       taining a household. In
you will repair more quick-           self because of your aerobic          many studies recording           Europe, as well as in parts
ly.                                   exercise (activity using              improved muscle strength         of Asia, adult bicycle riders
  My doctor says that                 oxygen) and weight train-             in 90-year olds.                 traditionally filled the
patients with weak knees or           ing.                                     You can be that senior        streets. Without cars, peo-
a fractured wrist often give            So while aging is a natu-           who seems to defy the laws       ple walked. In China today,
that as a reason for not exer-        ral part of the progression           of aging and gravity, who        tourists delight in seeing the
cising. Anything can be               of things — and we defi-              appears to have superior         group collective exercises
their excuse.                         nitely will have to work              genetic wiring, through fit-     in city parks. In America,
  A fitness professional              harder to become fit —                ness training.                   however, a soft lifestyle,
will show you exercises for           many of the declines attrib-             In many cultures, until       prepared foods, and the fast
large and small muscle                uted to growing older come            recently, such issues didn’t     pace of life have made most
groups that avoid the                 from the fact that we don’t           arise because people uti-        of us forget that we can
wounded part. Again,                  use our bodies enough or              lized their bodies in some       shape the future of our bod-
miraculously, you usually             properly. Lean muscle mass            form of physical work            ies – regardless of age.
help the injury heal because          diminishes wit25h age but,            throughout their lifetimes         Also of considerable con-
you are bringing more                 actually, inactivity accounts         just to survive — in farm-       cern to women (to a lesser
blood to your muscles and             for more muscular dys-                ing, fishing, or just in main-              continued on page 30
feeding your whole system.            function than the aging
Meanwhile, your emotional             process does, according to            Respite – there is rest for the weary
well being gets a boost, and          the      Senior       Fitness         continued from page 20
                                                                            a leisurely stroll through the   needs always seem to come
                                                                            supermarket would seem           before anyone else’s.
                                                                            like a vacation.                   And for wanting this, you
                                                                               You have promised your-       may feel guilty, maybe
                                                                            self and your loved one that     even ashamed. Don’t, says
                                                                            you wouldn’t put them in a       Joan Healey, Administrator
                                                                            nursing home – that per-         of Daughters of Sarah
                                                                            ceived place of last resort.     Nursing Center and COO
Home healthcare with dignity                                                But that was before you          of Daughters of Sarah
 Are You Caring For An Aging                                                walked your talk, before         Senior Community in
 Parent Or Loved One?                                                       your days and nights as a        Albany, NY.
                                                                            caregiver. You still want to       “No one wants to feel
 Pediatrics Through Geriatrics
                                                                            care for them, but you need      that they are abandoning
 Free Pre Nursing Assessment • Owned & Operated by Nurses                   help.                            someone they love,” says
  Serving the Hudson Valley Area for 25 years                                  Even with outside profes-     Healey. “It’s normal to
 • Nurse always on-call 24 Hours 7 Days
 • Specializing in Certified Live-Ins / Home Health Aides, Hi-Tech          sional help, such as Visiting    want to keep your loved
   RN's & LPNs                                                              Nurses, or home health           one at home, and the evi-
 • Hospital, Nursing Home & Assisted Living sitting, Hospital,              aides, you still may feel that   dence points to the greater
    Nursing & Private Duty Staffing, EOE
 • Lic by the Dept. of Health & Accredited by JCAHO                         you can’t leave for a couple     benefit of home care, if the
 • Medicaid, CDPAP and Most Insurance Accepted, TBI                         of days at a time to take a      care meets the need. But
 • Long Term Care, Case Management Available
                                                     ywe                    little vacation. Or maybe        remember what the airline
  Rockland - 845-638-4342             Orange - 845-561-7900                 you’re just not comfortable      stewardess always says:
  Kingston - 845-331-7868             Westchester - 914-709-0926            with others in the house         ‘Put your own oxygen
  NYC - 212-683-2250                  New Jersey - 201-796-4663             overnight while you’re not       mask on before you help
             HELP IS A PHONE CALL AWAY                                      there. You may simply            the person next to you.’ It’s
 Area Serviced In New York:   Rockland • Westchester • Orange • Ulster      want your home to yourself,      important to take care of
                              Putnam • Dutchess • Sullivan • Greene         some peace and quiet, some       yourself, or you won’t be
                              New York City • Bronx • Kings • Queens
                              Richmond • Nassau • Suffolk • Staten Island   family time without the one      much good to the person
 Area Serviced In New Jersey: Bergen • Hudson • Passaic • Essex             family member whose                         continued on page 27
                                                          Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                           GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008   27
                                                                                                             continued from page 26
Respite – there is rest for the weary
you love.”                       elderly person who needs         Sarah Nursing center and its       456-7831   or    go    to
   Healey continues, “Many       some supervision or care         respite options, call (518)        www.daughtersofsarah.org.
nursing homes, including         during the day is brought to
Daughters of Sarah Nursing       an adult day care program,
Center, offer Respite Care.      such as Daughters of
                                                                  Letting your home pay you
A lot of people don’t under-     Sarah’s Greatdays Adult          continued from page 23
stand the concept or func-       Medical Day Program.As a         cash payment are added             You are eating up the equi-
tion of respite care. The        medical model adult day          onto the principal balance         ty in your house,” said
word, ‘respite,’ can accu-       program — as opposed to          of the home. He said bor-          Shaughnessy. “We have
rately be used to describe       the social model —               rowers of the reverse mort-        loan officers available that
two services we and others       Greatdays offers all of our      gage also would suffer loses       would be happy to sit down
offer. The first, which we       nursing home services to         on the sale of their home          and talk about all the
call Respite Care, is time       Greatdays registrants on a       two to three years down the        options. If it looks to them
spent for brief periods of       day-to-day basis.”               road because of the substan-       that a reverse mortgage is
time (up to 30 days) as a          You can find out which         tial up-front fees.                the best option or an option
nursing home resident, in        nearby nursing centers offer        “When you think in terms        they want to consider, we
which the informal caregiv-      respite care, and you can        of a traditional mortgage,         have a reverse mortgage
er does, in fact, receive a      visit the facility to make       you’re paying that off over        specialist by the name of
much needed respite from         sure it meets your standards     time. When you do a                Michael Muldoon who does
her or his duties.               for the care you want your       reverse mortgage, it’s the         nothing other than reverse
   The second kind of            loved one to have. To learn      reverse – the mortgage is          mortgages.”
respite is found when an         more about Daughters of          getting larger over time.

Estate planning                                                                                                continued from page 7
asset (or specific assets) and   death. Putting these desig-      you find yourself away             these things can help avoid
clearly state the reasons        nations on bank or invest-       from home and something            a slew of problems down
why. There will be far           ment accounts does not           happens, without the docu-         the road. The trick is – plan
fewer problems down the          confer joint account rights      mentation in hand as an            ahead so you and your part-
road if documentation is         while you’re alive – in other    unmarried partner, you will        ner are prepared and pro-
available showing that the       words, POD and TOD only          not be able to make decisions      tected.
disinheritance is intentional.   apply after your death – it      on behalf of your partner.           Robin Vaccai-Yess is a
  Use Transfer on Death          does not turn your account          A simple asset transfer         CERTIFIED FINANCIAL
(TOD) and Payable on             into a joint account.            strategy is to name your           PLANNER™           and      a
Death (POD) designations           If you and your partner        partner as beneficiary on          Certified Divorce Financial
on bank and investment           are like minded when it          IRA accounts, Roth IRA             Analyst. She is an inde-
accounts. Banks allow for        comes to medical care and        accounts, annuity contracts        pendent, fee-only financial
Payable on Death (POD)           you want your partner to be      and life insurance policies.       consultant who helps clients
designations also known as       able to make necessary           These assets transfer direct-      achieve lifelong financial
Totten Trusts and firms          medical decisions for you        ly to the named beneficiary        independence, grow and
offering brokerage, invest-      should become unable to do       and avoid probate. You             preserve wealth and enjoy a
ment and mutual fund             so for yourself, see an attor-   should check with your             fulfilling retirement. She is
accounts in New York pro-        ney to draft a Health Care       employer if you can name a         a frequent lecturer and
vide for Transfer on Death       Proxy and Durable Power          non-spouse beneficiary for         writer on personal financial
designations and both are a      of Attorney for Healthcare       your pension or other              topics. Visit www.robin
simple, no cost and legal        to protect medical decision      employer-funded retire-            yess.com for a list of
means of ensuring that           making ability. It is espe-      ment plan. If not, other tac-      upcoming seminars or to
money or investments pass        cially important to carry        tics utilizing life insurance      schedule       a    speaking
directly to named benefici-      these documents with you         can be employed.                   engagement for your group
aries at the time of your        when traveling because if           Although it’s a small list,     or organization.
                                                Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
28   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

Saving your home for life
BY Sanford R. Altman, Esq.       put a lien on your home if all    years, the “look back” period      estate interest in your child’s
Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP         you own is a life interest.       is over, the gift will not count   home. This may be accom-
   The question I am asked          This has changed some-         as far as Medicaid is con-         plished by selling your own
most by my elder law clients     what with the enactment of        cerned and your home will          home and utilizing the pro-
is, “How can we protect our      the Deficit Reduction Act of      be safe from the liens.            ceeds to buy the life estate
home if we need to go into a     2005 (DRA). The most dra-            If you are married, the five    from your child. The pur-
nursing home in the future?”     matic change is the com-          year gamble may be elimi-          chase must be for fair market
   One of the most effective     mencement of the penalty          nated by transferring the          value. The life estate is pro-
ways of protecting your          period during which you           home from the “ill” spouse to      tected from Medicaid liens
home is by utilizing a deed      must wait to receive              the healthy spouse. This is an     only if you actually live there
with a retained life estate.     Medicaid as a result of the       exempt transfer with no            for one year. This is also a
Typically, this means trans-     gift of your home to your         penalty period. Once the ill       method of transferring cash
ferring your home to one or      children. Now, it does not        spouse is accepted by              to your children, especially
more of your children while      begin to run until you are        Medicaid, the home may be          useful if you do not already
providing in the deed that       otherwise      eligible     for   transferred to the children        own your own home.
you are retaining the right to   Medicaid and ready to go          with a retained life estate by        The second strategy is sell-
remain there for your life-      into a nursing home. From a       the healthy spouse.                ing your home to one of your
time. In other words, you are    practical standpoint, this           Two other techniques have       children and buying back a
not quite transferring all of    generally means that the          emerged since the passage of       life estate interest for fair
your property rights- you are    transfer with life estate is      the DRA. Both involve the          market value. This means
holding back the right to live   best done when there is a         active participation of one of     that instead of your living
there. As it stands now in       good chance that it will be at    your children or another con-      together in a child’s house,
New York State, if you           least five years before you       senting adult with whom you        you are living together in
obtain Medicaid to pay for       might need Medicaid for a         might like to live. The first      your house.
nursing home, they will not      nursing home. After five          technique is purchasing a life                continued on page 30

                                                 Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                        GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008        29
Working with the elderly is a privilege, says geriatric care manager Linda Goldsmith
BY Jo Yanow-Schwartz             Columbia, Rockland and          she explains, should be a          as different as people are,
  Age does not diminish the      Westchester counties. The       bridge, a link, to all the         says Goldsmith, whose
extreme disappointment of        Geriatric Care Manager          other people in a senior’s         practice is also focused on
having a scoop of ice cream      comments that her clients       life – and to all the services     the caregiver as a critical
fall from your cone, quips       have shown her that those       the individual needs. She          component of the relation-
Linda Goldsmith. The area                                        monitors medication man-           ship — an aspect often
Geriatric Care Manager’s                                         agement, researches living         overlooked. The caregiver
pithy truisms on the subject                                     facilities, ensures the safety     is the “sandwich genera-
of aging, mined from the                                         of the home environment,           tion” in between parents
writings of philosophers                                         accompanies patients to            and their own children and
and satirists, hit a respon-                                     doctors and dentists, hires        caregiving can take an enor-
sive chord when she                                              and supervises health care         mous emotional toll on the
addresses groups on the                                          aides, works with elder care       individual, their families,
subject of care for the elder-                                   attorneys, accountants and         their own work life and
ly.                                                              long-term care providers,          their ability to earn a living.
  “Do not regret growing                                         even banks. She recently           (Caregivers are just begin-
older. It is a privilege                                         found a vet and arranged for       ning to get their due atten-
                                       Linda Goldsmith
denied to many.” … usually                                       shots for a client’s cat and       tion and were the subject of
elicits a warm murmur of         who live longer usually         accompanied one client to a        a U.S. News & World
agreement for Goldsmith,         have not only a wisdom that     knitting class and drove           Report cover story, October
who brings a background of       runs deep — but often the       another to a poker game.           23, 2007.)
37 years of Social Work in       capacity to love and live          The cases and clients are                   continued on page 30
private practice, in clinics     more richly than younger
and hospitals, to a critically   people.
important profession in a
                                                                  The parent, grandparent,
                                    That is the bright side of
culture with a growing           the equation. The other side
                                                                  aunt or uncle who took
aging population. She also       is equally real – the corri-     such loving care of you
says working with the eld-       dors of loneliness, illness      now needs your care.
erly is a privilege.             and fear, she says.                                               Linda Goldsmith, L.C.S.W.,
  Especially important at             Goldsmith’s motivation                                      Geriatric Care Manager, owner,
this holiday season for                                                                                     GeriOptions
                                 for starting her practice
Goldsmith is bringing a
sense of family, of brother-
                                 seven years ago in New                       Take This Mini Quiz
                                 York before relocating to         Do you?
hood (and sisterhood) to         Highland in 2004 came, in         • Worry about the safety and care of your loved one?
those who are geographical-      part, from the fact many of       • Live in one place and your loved one is far away?
ly apart from their loved                                          • Find it difficult to make contact with your loved one's
                                 her patients found them-            physician or lawyer?
ones. She has asked a            selves faced with the dilem-      • Feel stressed as a caregiver?
Protestant friend to take a                                        • Need local resources that can solve some of these problems?
                                 ma of dealing with their          • Want to maintain your parent's dignity and independence?
Protestant client to church      loved ones — parents,
                                                                     If you answered yes to any of these questions, call or
with him on Christmas Eve;       aunts, grandmothers.                  email Linda Goldsmith at GeriOptions for a free
for a Jewish client, she            Geriatric Care Managing                  20-minute consultation. (646) 251-1790
brought home-made latkes         is still what could be termed           caring2@optonline.net www.gerioptions.com
on the first night of            a ‘new’ professional health                      2 Park Place, suite C1E
Chanukah.                        care field and one of her                         Newburgh, NY 12550
  Goldsmith’s GeriOptions        self-appointed tasks is to       Linda Goldsmith is a health care and human services
serves the elderly and their     tell people about what the       professional trained to focus on issues related to aging
families in Dutchess,            profession      does.     The    and elder care, offering in-depth, compassionate and
Putnam, Sullivan, Orange,        Geriatric Care Manager,          customized services for the elderly and their families.
                                                Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
30   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

Fitness and health – at any age                                                                               continued from page 26

degree to men) is osteo-          not at the same pace as           on an eight-year follow-up          “You need to exercise
porosis, when BMD (bone           when you were young or at         study by Blair and col-          three times a week – consis-
mineral density) lessens.         the same rate by everyone,        leagues at Dallas’ Aerobic       tently. Start at the gym and
This starts in women after        nor will you be able to do        Research Institute showing       then go outside. Those who
menopause with losses in          leg splits — but you will get     that inactive men were two       see the best results in a gym
height, perhaps a dowager’s       better. As we age, our bod-       and a half times more likely     aren’t necessarily those
hump and a greater likeli-        ies gradually dehydrate and       to die during that period        who work out the hardest
hood of fractures. Weight         it is believed that stretching    than men who were only           but those who work out
bearing exercise not only         and exercises encouraging         moderately active. Other         with the most consistency.”
discourages the onset of          flexibility stimulate the pro-    studies have come up with           As said at the start of this
osteoporosis but helps            duction or retention of           similar conclusions regard-      article – no matter your age
rebuild bone tissue that has      lubricants between those          ing women. Again, how            and in spite of physical lim-
been getting thin.                connective tissue fibers.         much to exercise? This is        itations – by making the
  Range of motion (ROM)              Now, how much exercise         advice from one expert,          connections between body
or joint flexibility is another   is right? Seniors should try      Anthony Covello, owner of        and starting a program of
happy by-product of work-         to devote 30 minutes a day        Breathe        Fitness      in   exercise you become a
ing out. You will be better       to it, at least, or an hour       Woodstock and The Ridge          healthier and happier person.
able to reach higher into the     every other day. Then             gym in Stone Ridge: “I              Jo      Yanow-Schwartz,
kitchen cabinet if you            increase activity with your       think seniors need to sepa-      Certified Personal Fitness
improve your ROM at the           greater strength, enhanced        rate enjoyment of the out-       Trainer, CPR & AED
shoulder      and      scapula    quality of life and greater       doors      from     exercise.    Certified. (845) 679-4024;
(shoulder blade). And you         assurance. Whether to             Because we live upstate and      email, jo@woodstocker-
will be more flexible.            move from moderate activi-        like the outdoors, we may        books.com.
Flexibility is not something      ty to an intense program is       think that a walk outside        Saving your home
that applies to the body in       not the subject of this article   every other week with            continued from page 28
general but, again, is specif-    but even being moderately         friends is sufficient. I don’t      It is very important to
ic to an action performed at      active is sufficient to actual-   think it is. If you garden a     remember that, when you
a joint. With appropriate         ly save lives. The Senior         little, well, that’s not         place another individual’s
training, flexibility occurs –    Fitness Association reports       enough.                          name on your deed, he or she
                                                                                                     now has certain rights to
Linda Goldsmith                                                             continued from page 29   your home. I just received a
                                                                                                     call from one of my clients
  “The pressures put on this      where there have been             encourages this and search-
                                                                                                     for whom I had prepared a
population are varied and         fewer services available in       es out appropriate activities    retained life estate deed to all
can be intense. Unlike 75,        the past but be a critical link   in each community. Not too       of her children several years
even 25 years ago, adults of      between that caregiver(s)         long ago she helped a sen-       ago. Now, she would like her
every age and persuasion          who resides elsewhere and         ior who had been in an           home to go only to her son
now live apart from their         the area senior.                  assisted living facility to      who is taking care of her. I
                                                                                                     had to remind her that,
parents – in another city or        She adds that today’s eld-      return to the town where
                                                                                                     unfortunately, all of her
another country. Ours is a        erly, too, are a diverse lot.     she had lived and where all      other children would have to
fluid, technological society.     Many more than ever               her friends and activities       consent to this change in the
People earn more and trav-        before want to live life to       were.                            deed - she could not do it on
el, might have several jobs       the fullest in a way that           To find out more about         her own. She told me that
or occupations and popula-        would have been unimagin-         Goldsmith’s work, the            she is unlikely to obtain their
                                                                                                     consent. So please remem-
tions     have     shifted,”      able a few generations ago.       GeriOptions         website
                                                                                                     ber: planning to save your
explains Goldsmith. She           Some attend yoga and              address is: www.geritop-         assets for your children is
saw not only an opportunity       dance classes. They volun-        tions.com. Email: car-           important but it must be bal-
to serve people living in         teer. They drive. They            ing2@optonline.net. Phone        anced with how you wish to
rural and semi-rural places       work. Goldsmith actively          and fax: (845) 255-4771.         live your life today.
                                                  Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008   31

      Coordinated Care For Seniors

     Senior Whole Health provides individualized health care and
     support services to low-income seniors who wish to maintain
     their freedom of choice and independence. Now available
     in Albany, Dutchess, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady
     and Ulster counties.
     For more information,call 1-866-211-1777.

       Simple. Secure. Independent.

              200 South Pearl Street
             Albany, New York 12202

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32   GUIDE TO SENIOR LIVING, Summer 2008

                                    Embrace the Esplanade Lifestyle…
                                           Where our residents maintain the level of
                                           independence they desire while receiving
                                                     the care they need.

                        When you
                   the Esplanade Lifestyle,
             you can take comfort in knowing you
         and your family will receive the warmth and
     caring that comes from a family-owned community.

      We Embrace a commitment to exceptional
      care and value:
        Spacious, fully furnished apartments

        Daily Lifestyle Activities to enrich mind,
        body & spirit
        Three delicious Restaurant Style meals
        served daily
        Registered Nurse supervision of
        wellness program
        Respite Program available
        Licensed by New York State Department of Health
        Approved by Long-Term Care Insurance Plans
        Conveniently located on the NY/NJ border

      Esplanade at Chestnut Ridge
      168 Red Schoolhouse Rd.
      Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977

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