Geriatric Care

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					   Geriatric Care

Health Science Technology
    Mrs. J. Hodge, RN
       Baby Boomers Facts

• In 1900s, most people died age 60.
• Today, can expect them to live into
  their 70s with some living to 80-90
  yrs old.
• Use healthcare services frequently.
           Aging Facts

• Aging begins @ birth and ends
  with death.
• Normal process with normal
  changes in body structure and
        Terms R/T Aging

• Gerontology-study of aging and
  the problems of the old.
• Geriatric care-provided to elderly
          Myths on Aging

• What is a Myth?
• Myths are false beliefs
• Healthcare providers MUST be
  able to distinguish myths vs. facts.
              Myth #1

• Most elderly individuals are cared
  for in institutions or long term care
• FACT: only approx. 5% of elderly
  live in LTC facilities.
             Myth #1

• Live in their own homes or apt.
• Live in retirement homes-assisted
           Myth #2

• Anyone over 65 yrs is old.
• Senior Citizen
• FACT: OLD determined more by
  how a person thinks, feels,
            Myth #2

• Consider how productive and
  active a person is.
• ?Experienced
• ?Mature
             Myth #3

• Elderly are incompetent of making
  decisions or handling their own
• FACT: Majority of elderly are
  mentally competent until they die.
              Myth #3

• Older adults can still learn new
  skills, are able to concentrate, and
  evaluate new information.
• Go back to college
              Myth #4

•   All elderly live in poverty.
•   FACT: May have limited incomes.
•   Most have low expenses.
•   Most own their homes.
             Myth #4

• Other financial means: SS, savings,
  retirement pensions, and other
  sources of income.
• Many are financially secure and
  enjoy comfortable lifestyles.
              Myth #5

• Older people are unhappy and
• FACT: Most live with someone
  and/or associate frequently with
               Myth #5

• Many are active in civic groups,
  charities, social activities, church,
  and volunteer programs.
• Others care for grandchildren.
• Remain active as heads of
  extended families.
             Myth #6

• Older adults do not want to work
  and lose interest in work.
• FACT: Many remain employed
  into 70s-80s.
             Myth #6

• Older adults have good attendance,
  performs efficiently, learns new
  skills, shows job satisfaction.
• Many do part time jobs, serve as
  consultants, or volunteer.
             Myth #7

• Retired people are bored and have
  nothing to do with their lives.
• FACT: Many enjoy full and active
             Myth #7

• Many older adults travel, engage in
  hobbies, sports, social activities,
  family events, and church or
  community activities.
            More Myths

• Many others exist.
• FACT: Over 2 million people will
  be in these facilities by 2008! That
  is NOW!
• Need: healthcare providers to
  provide needed services.