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                                                                     Martial Arts

                                                                     Somali Immigrant

                                                   In the 1980’s when ZEDDEK was 14 years,

                                                   He joined the al shabaab militia due to the

                                                   Increasing level of insecurity. It was a game of

                                                   Kill or be killed and this gave rise to the

                                                   Necessity of self defence for any young

                                                   brooding boy in Somalia. Once ZEDDEK

                                                   Acquired complete and perfect training, he

                                                   Became one of the mightiest soldiers in

                                                   This Islamic insurgency, the al shabaab!

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                    Naturalized Kenyan

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              A retired lecturer from Massachusetts
              Institute, a professor of Numerology,
              Engineer, astronomer and an
              Mr. Ojwang’s best Friend and ally.
              Dr. Abugaba designed a Number
              that can be used to predict the future!

The word genius has been misinterpreted by the
media and for that reasons my definition is a
person who is sensitive to stimuli and nature and
by all means is always dedicated to finding out
the truth through research. A genius asks himself
questions like where, why, what, how and when
in the event of any misunderstanding of an
occurrence or circumstance and that kind of
person is a man after my own heart, a man like
Mr ojwang!
Fibonacci Numbers1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144....
Fibonacci numbers and the Fibonacci sequence are prime examples of
"how mathematics is connected to seemingly unrelated things." Even
though these numbers were introduced in 1202 in Fibonacci's book Liber
abaci, they remain fascinating and mysterious to people today.
Fibonacci, who was born Leonardo da Pisa "son of Bonaccio", gave a
problem in his book whose solution was the Fibonacci sequence as we
know it today. The now famous problem appeared in Liber abaci which
was one of the first works on equations to be published by a European.
One of the most fascinating things about the Fibonacci numbers is their
connection to nature. Some items in nature that are connected to the
Fibonacci numbers are:
- the growth of buds on trees
- the pinecone's rows
- the sandollar
- the starfish
- the petals on various flowers such as the Cosmo, iris, buttercup,
daisy, and the sunflower
-the appendages and chambers on many fruits and vegetables
such as the lemon, apple, Chile, and the artichoke
-And more baffling indeed,...the human body!

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Description: set in mid 1980’s in modern day Kenya, it opens when Mr. Ojwang, the creator of the path to the secret is assassinated and leaves behind a message to his nephew Zeddy to rescue his son, he is the key to The Secret. Sir Juma a long time colonialist ally wants to cash in on The Secret and his agents are set on the trail of Zeddy, enters Dr Abugaba, a retired Astrophysics lecturer to help Zeddy decipher the message and the puzzles begin. “Is there a magic equation to the universe? A series of numbers capable of unraveling the most complicated organic properties”. - a super computer reveals that the meaning of life is the number 42