CEO LETTER OF SUPPORT
                                    COMPANY LETTERHEAD

(Today’s date)

Dr. David Hunnicutt, President
Wellness Councils of America
c/o Wellness Council of Wisconsin
1243 N. 10th Street, Ste 200
Milwaukee, WI 53205

Dear Dr. Hunnicutt:

This letter serves as my formal endorsement and support of my company’s effort to attain
national Well Workplace designation from the Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA), and
support the business community’s effort to secure “Well City- Milwaukee” designation by the
end of 2009. As a member of the Milwaukee business community, I understand that to have a
healthier bottom line, we must all work towards a healthier workforce.

I pledge to support this effort through the following five commitments by the end of 2013:

    1. A “Wellness Champion” or wellness team member(s) from my company will attend Well
       Workplace University training to secure the tools needed to develop a results oriented
       workplace wellness program.
    2. My company will become a member of the Wellness Councils of America by joining the
       Wellness Council of Wisconsin (
    3. I will assure the development and support of a wellness program in my company using
       the WELCOA Well Workplace accreditation award process as our guide.
    4. Our company will engage and participate in Well City Milwaukee sponsored learning
       opportunities and annual celebration events.
    5. My company will submit an application for national Well Workplace recognition by the
       end of 2013.
    6. Once our company has achieved Well Workplace designation, we agree to serve as a
       mentor company to at least one other company working through the application

Please consider me “on-board” for this effort to implement results drive employee wellness
programs, and to sustain national recognition for Milwaukee’s world-class wellness efforts.


CEO/Top Local Executive

Cc: Well City Milwaukee, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave. Ste 4000, Milwaukee WI 53203

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