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					JOB DESCRIPTION v1.0 - 4 Sept 2009

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
Job Description

Title:               Chief Executive

Department:          The Office of the Chief Executive

Responsible to:      Through the Chairman to the Council

Responsible for:     Direct reports are Corporate Team & other posts as designated.

Principal Roles
    1. To advise the Council on issues concerning the Association’s mission and aims.

    2. To implement policy as agreed by the Council to forward the charitable objects of
       the organisation.

    3. To lead the corporate management team and through them to be responsible for
       the management of the staff and volunteers of Guide Dogs, within an agreed
       budget and framework of delegated authority, to deliver services and achieve its
       strategic aims.

    4. To ensure that appropriate, effective quality systems and controls and risk
       management are in place to safeguard the assets and integrity of the organisation
       and to meet its statutory obligations.

    5. To strive for best practice/excellence across the Association.

    6. To promote the image and reputation of Guide Dogs, and represent it externally at
       the highest level, nationally and internationally.

    7. To be an effective diversity champion for the organisation.

Job Dimensions:
Financial: The charity’s annual revenue is circa £70 million
Resources: Circa 1,000 staff and over 10,000 volunteers

Main Duties and Responsibilities

    1. To ensure all company secretarial, regulatory and statutory obligations are met on
       behalf of the Council.

    2. To assist Council in defining its long-term strategy and ensuring that it is routinely

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JOB DESCRIPTION v1.0 - 4 Sept 2009

     3. To ensure that the Association‘s corporate and business plans and budgets are
        prepared annually for approval and kept under regular review.

     4. To keep the Council appropriately informed of the conduct of the business and
        affairs of the organisation and alert the Council on any material issue as the need
        may require.

     5. Together with the Chair, enable the Council to fulfil its role and ensure the Council
        and its committees receive appropriate and timely information and advice on all
        relevant matters.

     6. To be the senior employee responsible for the implementation of, and compliance
        with, the Council’s health and safety policy.

Corporate Management

     1. To ensure and coordinate the development of strategies for the consideration and
        approval of the Council, and direct effective management processes for their

     2. To lead the corporate management team, ensuring that Guide Dogs’ goals and
        values are effectively communicated to them, and, through them, to all staff and

     3. To develop, implement and monitor performance in respect of strategic and
        business plans and budgets, taking appropriate action and reporting as required.

     4. To support, develop and empower staff and volunteers to reach their full potential
        through integrated human resource systems, training and development, equipping
        them to deliver the best possible services.

     5. To develop and maintain systems of management which facilitate open, effective
        and timely communication.

     6. To review management systems, structures and performance to ensure the
        continuing development of an effective organisation responding to changing

External Relations

1.      To represent the Association (or ensure appropriate representation) with
        government and relevant bodies at national and international level.

2.      To build constructive partnerships and strategic alliances with appropriate
        organisations, to address matters of joint concern and grow the reputation of, and
        respect for, the charity’s work, encouraging further endorsement and support.

General Management

     1. To lead, enthuse and direct staff to achieve agreed objectives within available
        resources, ensuring compliance with the organisation’s policies, procedures and
        statutory obligations.
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JOB DESCRIPTION v1.0 - 4 Sept 2009

    2. To build and maintain a professional and motivated staff team with clearly defined
       roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and objectives within the framework provided
       by the strategic and business plan.

    3. To ensure that all staff directly managed are provided with clear targets and
       objectives, appropriate systems, effective delegation, supervision, training,
       development opportunities and guidance to enable them to fulfill their role and
       enhance their contribution to Guide Dogs over time.

    4. To champion diversity, promoting a culture in which people feel valued for their
       unique contribution and talents, and ensuring that the services and way the
       organisation is managed supports openness and inclusion, developing a workforce
       which reflects the community it serves.

    5. To establish and maintain relevant, timely and accurate management information to
       facilitate decision making, monitoring and reporting.

    6. To review regularly the level of achievement against plans, budgets, objectives,
       procedures and values.

    7. To do all that is reasonably practicable to maintain a safe and healthy work
       environment, ensuring that appropriate risk management and compliance with local
       and statutory requirements is in place.

Key Relationships & Contacts (internal)

Key internal contacts are the Chairman and Trustees of the charity, directors and senior

For external relations, see section above.

This job description may be subject to review in the light of the developing
organisation and in consultation with the post holder.

August 2009

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