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					                                           JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:                          Head of Human Resources

Salary Grade:                       £52,902 - £63,168

Location:                           St Bede’s House, Darlington

Reports to:                         Chief Executive

Line Management Structure:



                                        Human Resources

      HR Officer              HR Officer                    HR Officer          HR Officer

    Northern Region          Central Region               Southern Region    Religious Services

Issued by: Chief Executive                                                  Date of Issue: April 2009
Job Purpose

To develop, implement and maintain a strategic approach to Human Resources (HR) and related matters
and to ensure the effective operation of the day-to-day HR functions in Saint John of God Hospitaller
Services. To provide sound and appropriate HR advice to the Directors/Trustees, Chief Executive and
other senior management colleagues and to support them when required. To ensure that HR objectives
and legislative requirements are met. To oversee the strategic development and management of the HR
function, ensuring that the full potential of its people is realised in helping the Charity fulfil its mission.

1.   Main Duties of the Job
     1.1 Develop and implement, in close co-operation with the Chief Executive an appropriate and
          effective HR strategy in line with the values of the Saint John of God Hospitaller Services.

     1.2    Participate fully, as a member of the Province Strategy Team, in developing the charity’s
            overall HR Strategy, ensuring the HR strategic/business objectives are met.

     1.3    Provide input to the Chief Executive on HR issues and give direct advice to the Board where

     1.4    Liaise with relevant departments to ensure all regulatory/legal HR requirements are met and
            foreseeable risks quantified ensuring that all compliance matters are appropriately attended to
            and on time.

     1.5    Liaise regularly with the Chief Executive and with other relevant individuals/ departments to
            keep them fully informed as to all significant HR matters and to help ensure the appropriate
            level of awareness, care, interest and attention to HR matters is maintained.

     1.6    Develop and proactively manage appropriate relationships with external contacts and other
            professionals to ensure effective and efficient communication and delivery of services to the

     1.7    Review and monitor systems, staff and practices on an ongoing basis to ensure they are kept
            up to date and are delivering a high quality HR service, ensuring staff have access to
            appropriate professional development and guidance.

     1.8    Continuously monitor the effectiveness of HR in the charity, identifying priorities for
            improvement and developing / championing sustainable solutions.

     1.9    Ensure consistency       of   HR     standards/policies/procedures/systems      across   Regions/

     1.10 Maintain and disseminate up to date knowledge of new developments and regulatory changes
          (in the general employment context and care sector specifically).

2.   Day to Day Oversight & Management
     2.1 Provision of full range of HR services to Darlington office staff.

     2.2    Plan and review HR team staffing levels and appropriate skills mix to ensure effective
            organisational HR support.

     2.3    Proactively review the Charity’s policies, practices and procedures in resourcing, recruitment,
            reward, employee relations, learning, development and equal opportunities.

Issued by: Chief Executive                                                         Date of Issue: April 2009
     2.4   Manage systems for internal and external ‘intelligence’ such as the value chain, labour
           markets and benchmarking.

     2.5   Ensure effective recruitment and induction of staff.

     2.6   Ensure staff records and administration are kept up to date.

     2.7   Provide support, advice and professional development for the HROs.

     2.8   Promote a consultative and participative work environment.

     2.9   Ensure effective staff working relationships, particularly ensuring the provision of an
           effective line management system for all staff.

     2.10 Ensure staff engage in relevant on-going professional development.

     2.11 Manage unsatisfactory conduct and performance of staff in line with the disciplinary

3.   General
     3.1 Be familiar with and adhere to the charities’ policies and procedures in relation to your work
          (to ensure high standards of quality and good practice are maintained, developed and

     3.2   Ensure all people are treated with respect, compassion, hospitality, justice and trust in the
           course of your work, thereby promoting the charities’ core values.

     3.3   Promote equal opportunities through anti-discriminatory practice.

     3.4   Ensure you maintain your continuing professional development and keep abreast of HR and
           other relevant developments across the charity sector.

     3.5   Maintain confidentiality at all times.

     3.6   Undertake any other duties and/or responsibilities in connection with the leadership and
           management of the charities’ HR function as the Chief Executive may from time to time

     3.7   Be aware of your responsibilities under the Health and Safety policy and procedures and take
           all possible steps to ensure a safe working environment, reporting all incidents or potential

This job description is not necessarily an exhaustive list of duties but is intended to reflect a range of
duties the post-holder will perform. The job description will be reviewed regularly and may be changed
in the light of experience and in consultation with the post-holder.

Level of Disclosure: Enhanced

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Issued by: Chief Executive                                                     Date of Issue: April 2009