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					     Aerobic Exercise
• “With Oxygen”
• Activity that requires the body to
  supply oxygen to support
  performance over a period of time
   – Walking, running, swimming, biking,
     cardiokickboxing, rowing, jump roping
   – Rate of energy expenditure varies
     depending on the individual’s skill level
     and intensity of exercise

• Working too hard (anerobically)
  means you are not using oxygen
  efficiently, you will fatigue faster,
  quit sooner and probably not burn
  as many kcals.
  How to know if you’re

• Use the FITT forumla to
  determine if you are working
  aerobically or anaerobically
• The FITT formula also helps to
  determine if your exercise
  routine is helping you achieve
  your goals
• What are your goals?????
Exercise Prescription
 for Cardiovascular

    FITT Formula
    FITT Formula –

• Number of exercise sessions
  per week
• Recommendations according
  to the ACSM:
  – To improve fitness, 3-5 times per
  – To maintain fitness, 2 times per
  – To lose weight, 5-6 times per
     FITT Formula –

• How hard one is working
• Measured by
  – Exercising heart rate
  – RPE
  – Talk test
 Exercising Heart Rate

Target Heart Rate (THR):
  intensity of training necessary to
  achieve cardiovascular
 Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)
    MHR = 220 - age
 THR zone
    55-90% of MHR
    50-85% of HRR

*Karvonan Formula is the more accurate way to determine
your target HR
     Karvonan Formula
220-Age = Max Heart Rate = (MHR)
MHR – Resting Heart Rate (RHR) = HRR
(Heart Rate Reserve)

HRR X .55 + RHR = Target Heart Rate #1
HRR X .65 + RHR + Target Heart Rate #2

 Exercise at 55-65% of MHR targeting
  between THR #1 and THR #2 BPM
     FITT Formula –
• Length or duration of the
  exercise session
• 20 minutes of continuous
  activity in the THR range is
  needed to achieve minor
• 45-60 minutes of continuous
  activity in the THR range is
  needed (5-6X per week) to
  achieve weight loss
• Intensity and Time are
      FITT Formula –

• Mode of exercise
• It must fulfill the requirements
  for intensity and duration
• Examples: running, walking,
  swimming, biking, step aerobics,
  some sports, rollerblading
• WHAT ever gets your HR in the
  zone and keeps it there for the
  length of time you need (at least 20
  minutes 3X week)