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									                                        Table of Contents for Head & Neck Surgery--Otolaryngology, 5th Edition
                                                                                        LWW DEAD LINE 9/2011
Section                                        Editor             Section Editors         E-Mail                             TOC       Reg on EM

I.Basic Science/General Medicine               Jonas T. Johnson   Shawn Newlands Yes        x
                                                                  Karen Pitman                         x

II. Rhinology and Allergy                      Clark A. Rosen     Berrylin Ferguson                Yes       x
                                                                  Matthew Ryan                x

III. General Otolaryngology                    Jonas T. Johnson   David Eibling                 Yes        x
                                                                  Shawn Newlands            x

IV. Laryngology                                Clark A. Rosen     Milan Amin-Swallowing               Yes       x
                                                                  Michael Johns, III                     x

V. Trauma                                      Clark A. Rosen     Grant Gillman                  Yes       x
                                                                  John Sykes                 x
                                                                  Stephen Park                 x

VI. Pediatric Otolaryngology                   Clark A. Rosen     Margaretha Casselbrant              Yes       x
                                                                  Charles Myer, III                        x

VII.Head and Neck Surgery                      Jonas T. Johnson   Christine Gourin                  Yes       x
                                                                  Anna Pou                                    x

VIII. Sleep Medicine                           Jonas T. Johnson   Ryan Soose                       Yes       x
                                                                  Ed Weaver                          x

IX. Otology                                    Clark A. Rosen     Barry Hirsch                    Yes       x
                                                                  Robert Jackler                         x

X. Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery   Clark A. Rosen     Grant Gillman                  Yes       x
                                                                  John Sykes                 x
                                                                  Stephen Park  

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XI. Contemporary Issues in Medical Practice   Jonas T. Johnson   Shawn Newlands Yes      x
                                                                 Karen Pitman                     x

Radiology                                     Jonas T. Johnson   Barton Branstetter           N/A       x

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                                             Section I: Basic Science/General Medicine (Editor: Jonas T. Johnson)
                                                        Section Editors: Shawn Newlands/Karen Pitman
                                                                    (New,                                                               SE
Chp# Chapter Title                                                  Old)     Author(s)                          Comments                RES Invite Sent

                                                                                                                   Author Agreed [NR]
   1   Surgical Anatomy of the Head/Neck                          Old       Michael Maves                          No change in Chp.    KTP No Chg. Chp.
   2   Basic Surgical Principles                                  New       Karen Pitman                           Author Agreed [R]    KTP   10/12/2011
   3   Perioperative Management Issues                            Old       David Barrs                            Author Agreed [R]    KTP   10/12/2011
   4   Operative Technologies                                     New       Paul van der Sloot                     Author Agreed [R]    SN    10/12/2011

   5   Critical Care                                              New       Jon Simmons/Co-A: Kim Donnellan        Author Agreed [R]    KTP    10/12/2011
   6   Dynamics of Wound Healing                                  Old       Gina Jefferson                         Author Agreed [R]    KTP    10/12/2011
   7   Understanding Data/Interpreting Lit.                       Old       Richard Rosenfeld                      Author Agreed [R]    KTP    10/12/2011
   8   Outcomes & Evidence-Based Med.                             Old       Michael Stewart                        Author Agreed [R]    KTP    10/12/2011
   9   Introduction to Otolaryngic Genetics                       Old       Anil Lalwani                           Author Agreed [R]    SN     10/12/2011
  10   Microbiology, Infect., & Antibiotic Ther.                  Old       Murray Rammanathan                     Author Agreed [R]    SN     10/12/2011
  11   Head and Neck Imaging                                      New       Tanya Rath                             Author Agreed [R]    KTP    10/12/2011
  12   Surgical Pathology                                         New       Matt Miller                            Author Agreed [R]    SN     10/12/2011
  13   Neurology                                                  Old       Benjamin Crane                         Author Agreed [R]    SN     10/12/2011
  14   Ophthalmology                                              Old       G. Richard Holt/Co-A: Jean Holt        Author Agreed [R]    KTP    10/12/2011
  15   Anesthesiology                                             Old       Shawn Newlands                         Author Agreed [R]    SN     10/12/2011
  16   Endocrinology                                              Old       Paul van der sloot                     Author Agreed [R]    SN     10/12/2011

  17 Degenerative, Idiopathic, and Connective Tissue Diseases Old           Shawn Newlands                         Author Agreed [R]    SN     10/12/2011
  18 Gerontology                                              Old           David Eibling                          Author Agreed [R]    SN     10/12/2011
  19 Headache and Facial Pain                                 Old           Chase Miller/Co-A: Alfredo Archillia   Author Agreed [R]    SN     10/12/2011

                                                                  Old (from
  20 Alternative Medicine                                         Misc)     Li-Xing Man/Co-A: Nicholas Sorrel      Author Agreed [R]    KTP    10/12/2011

  21 Tobacco Cessation: How-to Guid. & Res. for Practitioners     Old       Grant Hamilton                         Author Agreed [R]    KTP    10/12/2011
  22 Pallative Care and Pain Management                           New       Amit Agrawal/Co-A: Robert Taylor       Author Agreed [R]    SN     10/12/2011
                                          Section II: Rhinology and Allergy (Editor: Clark A. Rosen)
                                                Section Editors: Berrylin Ferguson/Matt Ryan

                                                                 (New,                                                                  SE
Chp# Chapter Title                                               Old)   Author(s)                                 Comments              RES Invite Sent

   23   Sino-nasal Anatomy and Physiology                        Old    Robert C. Kern                            Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011
   24   Olfaction                                                Old    Eric Holbrook                             Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011
   25   Immunology and Allergy                                   Old    Mohamad Chaaban                           Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011
   26   Allergy Testing                                          New    Whit Mims                                 Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
   27   Diagnostic Imaging                                       Old    Jenny Hoang                               Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011
        Diagnostic Tools for Sino-Nasal Disease and Role of
   28   Office Imaging                                           New    Tim Smith/Co-A: Luke Rudmik               Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
   29   Allergic Rhinitis                                        New    Whit Mims                                 Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
   30   Non-Allergic Rhinitis                                    New    Teresa Chan                               Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
   31   Systemic Diseases that Affect the Nose and Sinuses       New    Mark Zacharek                             Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
   32   Epistaxis -- HHT, SPA and Laser                          Old    Rod Schlosser/Co-A: Eric Wang             Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
   33   Acute Rhinosinusitis                                     New    Sarah Wise/Co-A: Elizabeth Hoddeson       Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
        Chronic Hypertrophic Sinusitis and Nasal Polyposis
   34   (excluding treatment)                                    Old    Matthew Ryan                              Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011

   35 Nonpolypoid Rhinosinusitis (excluding treatment)           Old    Peter Hwang            Co-A: Zara Patel   Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011
   36 The Unified Airway                                         New    Richard Orlandi/Co-A: Jeb Justice         Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
   37 Fungal Rhinosinusitis                                      Old    Bradley F. Marple                         Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
   38 Complications of Rhinosinusitis                            Old    Carla M. Giannoni                         Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
   39 Medical Management of Chronic Rhinosinusitis               New    Jeffrey Suh                               Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011
   40 Endoscopic Surgery for Chronic Rhinosinusitis              Old    Barry M. Schaitkin/Co-A: TBA              Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011
   41 External Approaches in Sinus Surgery                       Old    Carl H. Snyderman                         Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011
      Septoplasty, turbinate reduction and correction of nasal
   42 obstruction                                                Old    Neal Gehani                               Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011
   43 Endoscopic Orbital Surgery                                 New    Eric Weitzel/Co-A: Ray Cho                Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011

   44 Complications of Sinus Surgery                             Old    James A. Stankiewicz/Co-A: Kevin Welch    Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011
   45 Endoscopic evaluation and treatment of CSF leak            New    Pete Batra                                Author Agreed [R]     MR    10/12/2011
   46 Frontal Sinus Surgery                                      New    PJ Wormald/Co-A: Yuresh Naidoo            Author Agreed [R]     BJF   10/12/2011

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                                    Section III: General Otolaryngology (Editor: Jonas T. Johnson)
                                           Section Editors: David Eibling/Shawn Newlands

                                                          (New,                                                          SE
Chp# Chapter Title                                        Old)   Author(s)                           Comments            RES Invite Sent

  47 A&Physiology Salivary Glands                         Old    Rohan Walvekar                      Author Agreed [R]   DEE     10/12/2011
  48 Nonneoplastic Diseases of the Salivary Glands        Old    Rohan Walvekar                      Author Agreed [R]   DEE     10/12/2011

  49   QOL & Function Assessment of Otolaryngology Pts.   New    Maureen Hannley                     Author Agreed [R]   DEE     10/12/2011
  50   Taste                                              Old    Natasha Mirza                       Author Agreed [R]   DEE     10/12/2011
  51   Stomatitis                                         Old    Richard Wein/Co-A: Miriam O'Leary   Author Agreed [R]   SN      10/12/2011
  52   Pharyngitis                                        Old    Kay Chang                           Author Agreed [R]   SN      10/12/2011
  53   Odontogenic Infections                             Old    Timothy Doerr                       Author Agreed [R]   SN      10/12/2011
  54   TMJ Disorders and Surgery                          Old    Shawn Newlands                      Author Agreed [R]   SN      10/12/2011
  55   Infections of the Deep Spaces of the Neck          Old    Gady El-Har                         Author Agreed [R]   SN      10/12/2011

                                                                                                                         6/29/20119:55 AM
                                           Section IV: Laryngology (Editor: Clark A. Rosen)
                                  Section Editors: Milan Amin (Swallowing)/Michael Johns, III (Airway)

Chp# Chapter Title                                         Old)  Author(s)                               Comments            SE RES     Invite Sent

  56 Upper Digestive Tract Anatomy and Physiology          Old     Libby Smith/Co-A: Roxann Gross        Author Agreed [R]   MJ          10/12/2011
  57 Functional Assessment of Swallowing Function          New     Peter Belafsky                        Author Agreed [R]   MA          10/12/2011
     -      Instrumental eval (radiographic)                                                                                             10/12/2011
     -      Endoscopic eval                                                                                                              10/12/2011
  58 Management of Swallowing Disorders                    New     Milan Amin                            Author Agreed [R]   MJ          10/12/2011
     -      Medical and behavioral                                                                                                       10/12/2011
     -      Surgical                                                                                                                     10/12/2011
  59 Esophageal Disorders                                  Old     Catherine Rees                        Author Agreed [R]   MA          10/12/2011
  60 Management of Intractable Aspiration                  Old     David Eibling                         Author Agreed [R]   MJ          10/12/2011
  61 Upper Airway Anatomy and Function                     Old     Gayle Woodson                         Author Agreed [R]   MA          10/12/2011

  62 Upper Airway Stenosis: Evaluation & Management          New   Albert Merati/Co-A: Phil Weissbrod    Author Agreed [R]   MJ          10/12/2011
  63 Complex Upper Airway Problems                           Old   Deepak Mehta/Co-A: Jay Tuchman        Author Agreed [R]   MA          10/12/2011
     Advanced airway management - Intubation and
  64 Tracheotomy                                             Old   Karen Kost                            Author Agreed [R]   MJ          10/12/2011
  65 Voice anatomy and physiology                            Old   Lucian Sulica                         Author Agreed [R]   MA          10/12/2011
  66 Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease                        New   Joel Blumin/Co-A: Nikki Johnston      Author Agreed [R]   MJ          10/12/2011
  67 Infection, Infiltration and Benign Neoplasms of the Larynx    Melissa Statham                       Author Agreed [R]   MA          10/12/2011

  68 Benign Vocal Fold Lesions and Phonomicrosurgery       Old     Clark Rosen/Co-A: John Ingle          Author Agreed [R]   MJ          10/12/2011
  69 Treatment of Vocal Fold Paralysis                     Old     VyVy Young/Co-A: Blake Simpson        Author Agreed [R]   MA          10/12/2011
  70 Neurologic Disorders of the Larynx                    Old     Tanya Meyer                           Author Agreed [R]   MJ          10/12/2011

  71 Voice Therapy for the Treatment of Voice Disorders    Old     Jackie Gartner-Schmidt                Author Agreed [R]   MA          10/12/2011
  72 Care of the Professional Voice                        Old     Mark Courey/Co-A: Julina Ongkasuwan   Author Agreed [R]   MJ          10/12/2011
  73 Office-based Procedures in Laryngology                New     Michael Johns III/Co-A: Manish Shah   Author Agreed [R]   MA          10/12/2011

                                                                                                                                  6/29/20119:55 AM
                                                Section V: Trauma (Editor: Clark A. Rosen)
                                       Section Editors: Grant Gillman, Stephen Park and John Sykes
                                                              Status                                                                      Invites
Chp# Chapter Title                                            (New, Old) Author(s)                         Comments            SE RES     Sent

  74 Principles of Trauma                                    Old         James Chan                        Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011

  75 Mgt. of Soft Tissue Trauma of the Face, Head and Neck   Old         William Shockley                  Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011
  76 Penetrating Face and Neck Trauma                        Old         Michael Stewart                   Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011
                                                                         Scott Stringer/Co-A: Randall
  77   Laryngeal Trauma                                      Old         Jordan & Byron Norris             Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011
  78   Facial BOM Fr. Plating                                Old         Robert Kellman                    Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011
  79   Surg. Approaches to Craniofacial Skeleton             New         John Hoffman                      Author Agreed [R]   SP
  80   Mandibular Fractures                                  Old         Jesse Smith                       Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011
  81   Mid Face Fractures                                    Old         Brendan Stack Jr.                 Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011

  82 Orbital Fracture                                        New         Dave Kriet/Co-A: Clint Humphrey   Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011
  83 Nasal Fractures                                         Old         Grant Gillman                     Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011
  84 Fractures of the Frontal Sinus                          Old         E. Bradley Strong                 Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011
                                                                         Paul Krakovitz/Co-A: Peter
  85 Ped. Facial Fracture                                    Old         Revenaugh                         Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/12/2011

                                                                                                                                    6/29/20119:55 AM
                                         Section VI: Pediatric Otolaryngology (Editor: Clark A. Rosen)
                                          Section Editors: Margaretha Casselbrant/Charles Myer, III

                                                              (New,                                                                           Invites
Chp# Chapter Title                                            Old)   Author(s)                                    Comments           SE RES   Sent

Chp# Chapter Title                                            Old)   Author(s)                                    Comments           SE RES   10/13/2010

  86   Pediatric Otolaryngology                               Old    Michael J. Cunningham/Co-A: Stephen Maturo   Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/13/2010
  87   Congenital Anomalies of the Aerodigestive Tract        Old    Christopher T. Wootten                       Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/21/2011
  88   Neonatal Respiratory Distress                          Old    Mark Boston/Charles M. Myer III              Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/13/2010
  89   Stridor, Aspiration, and Cough                         Old    Joseph E. Dohar/Co-A: Samantha Anne          Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/21/2010

  90 Laryngeal Stenosis                                       Old    Michael J. Rutter/Robin T. Cotton            Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/13/2010
  91 Pediatric Voice                                          New    Alessandro de Alarcon                        Author Agreed[R]   MC       10/13/2010
  92 Pediatric Tracheotomy                                    Old    Jeffrey P. Simons                            Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/21/2010
     Caustic Ingestion and Foreign Bodies in the
  93 Aerodigestive Tract                                      Old    Ellen M. Friedman                            Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/13/2010
  94 Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis                     Old    Craig S. Derkay/Co-A: Cristina Baldassari    Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/13/2010
  95 Adentonsillar Disease                                    Old    Ronald B. Mitchell                           Author Agreed[R]   MC       10/13/2010
  96 Congenital Anomalies of the Nose                         Old    John P. Bent/Co-A: David Conrad              Author Agreed[R]   MC       10/13/2010
  97 Pediatric Rhinosinusitus                                 Old    Rodney P. Lusk                               Author Agreed[R]   MC       10/13/2010
  98 Salivary Gland Disease in Children                       Old    Karen B. Zur/Charles M. Myer III             Author Agreed[R]   MC       10/13/2010

  99   Otitis Media in the Age of Anti-Microbial Resistance   Old    Margaretha L. Casselbrant/Ellen M. Mandel    Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/13/2010
 100   Ped. Audiology & Implantable Auditory Devices          Old    David H. Chi/Diane L. Sabo                   Author Agreed[R]   MC       10/13/2010
 101   Non-Genetic Hearing Loss                               Old    Margaret A. Kenna                            Author Agreed[R]   MC       10/13/2010
 102   Genetic Hearing Loss                                   Old    John H. Greinwald                            Author Agreed[R]   MC       10/13/2010
 103   Cleft Lip and Palate: Role of Cranial Face Team        Old    Joseph E. Losee/Todd D. Otteson              Author Agreed[R]   MC
 104   Congenital Vascular Lesions                            Old    Ravindhra G. Elluru                          Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/13/2010
 105   Head & Neck Masses in Children                         New    Cuneyt M. Alper                              Author Agreed[R]   CM       10/13/2010
 106   Congenital Neck Masses and Cysts                       Old    Robert F. Yellon                             Author Agreed[R]   MC
 107   The Syndromal Child                                    Old    Ted L. Tewfik                                Author Agreed[R]   MC

                                                                                                                                       6/29/20119:55 AM
                                      Section VII: Head and Neck Surgery (Editor: Jonas T. Johnson)
                                                Section Edtiors: Christine Gourin/Anna Pou
                                                                 (New,                                                                   Invites
Chp# Chapter Title                                               Old)     Author(s)                       Comments            SE RES.    Sent

  108   Molecular Pathways & the Principles of Targeted Therapy   New   Jennifer Grandis                  Author Agreed [R]   JTJ         10/13/2010
  109   Principles of Patient Care                                Old   Rohan Walvekar                    Author Agreed [R]   JTJ         10/13/2010
  110   Principles of Radiation Oncology                          Old   Uma Duvvuri                       Author Agreed [R]   JTJ         10/13/2010
  111   Chemoradiation                                            Old   Chris Gourin                      Author Agreed [R]   CG          10/13/2010
        Therapeutic Options for Pts. Who Fail Primary Chemo
  112   Therapy                                                   New   Mark Wax                          Author Agreed [R]   JTJ         10/13/2010
  113   Cutaneous Malignancy                                      Old   Cherie-Ann Nathan                 Author Agreed [R]   AP          10/13/2010
  114   Malignant Melanoma                                        Old   Jeff Myers                        Author Agreed [R]   AP          10/13/2010
  115   Salivary Gland Neoplasms                                  Old   David Eisele/Co-A: Young Oh       Author Agreed [R]   CG          10/13/2010
                                                                        Ramon Esclamado/Co-As: Liana
  116 Lip Cancer                                                  Old   Puscas, Michael Fritz             Author Agreed [R]   CG          10/13/2010

  117 Neck Dissection                                             Old   Jesus Medina/Co-A: Nilesh Vasan   Author Agreed [R]   CG          10/13/2010

  118 Controversies Mgt. Cervical Lymphphatics Pts. wSCC H/N      Old   Karen Pitman                      Author Agreed [R]   CG          10/13/2010
                                                                        Daniel Deschler/Co-A: Audrey
  119   Cancer of the Oral Cavity                                 Old   Erman                             Author Agreed [R]   CG          10/13/2010
  120   Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma                                  Old   William Wei                       Author Agreed [R]   JTJ         10/13/2010
  121   Oropharyngeal Carcinoma                                   Old   Guy J. Petruzzelli                Author Agreed [R]   AP          10/13/2010
  122   Hypopharyngeal and Cervical Esophageal Cancer             Old   Randal Weber                      Author Agreed [R]   AP          10/13/2010
  123   Early Laryngeal Carcinoma                                 Old   Bruce Haughey                     Author Agreed [R]   AP          10/13/2010
  124   Advanced Laryngeal Cancer                                 Old   Andrew McWhorter                  Author Agreed [R]   AP          10/13/2010
  125   Voice Rehabilitation after Laryngectomy                   Old   Anna Pou                          Author Agreed [R]   AP          10/13/2010
  126   Tracheal Tumors                                           Old   Jeff Bumpous/Co-A: Kevin Potts    Author Agreed [R]   AP          10/13/2010
  127   Vascular Tumors of the Head and Neck                      Old   Mark Persky/Co-A: S. Manolidis    Author Agreed [R]   AP          10/13/2010
  128   Lymphoma                                                  Old   Steve Kim                         Author Agreed [R]   AP          10/13/2010
  129   Neoplasms of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses               Old   Lee Zimmer                        Author Agreed [R]   JTJ         10/13/2010
  130   Orbital Tumors                                            Old   Adam Zanation                     Author Agreed [R]   CG          10/13/2010
  131   Skull-Base Surgery                                        Old   Carl Snyderman                    Author Agreed [R]   JTJ         10/13/2010
  132   Odontogenic Cysts, Tumors and Related Jaw Lesions         Old   William Chung                     Author Agreed [R]   JTJ         10/13/2010
  133   Treatment of Thyroid Cancer                               Old   Robert Ferris                     Author Agreed [R]   JTJ         10/13/2010
  134   Parathyroid Disease and Surgery                           New   Maisie Shindo                     Author Agreed [R]   CG          10/13/2010

                                                                                                                                   6/29/20119:55 AM
                                      Section VIII: Sleep Medicine (Jonas T. Johnson)
                                          Section Editors: Ryan Soose/Ed Weaver
                                                       (New,                                                              Invites
Chp#   Chapter Title                                   Old)   Author(s)                      Comments            SE RES   Sent
 135   Sleep Medicine for the Otolaryngologist         New    Pell Wardrop                   Author Agreed [R]   RS        10/13/2010
 136   Medical Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea     New    Ryan Soose                     Author Agreed [R]   RS        10/13/2010
 137   Nasal and Palatal Surgery for OSA               New    Peter O'Connor                 Author Agreed [R]   RS        10/13/2010

 138 Hypopharyngeal and Skeletal Surgery for OSA     New     Eric Kezirian/Co-A: Ed Weaver   Author Agreed [R] EW         10/13/2010
 139 Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing            New     Stacey Ishman                   Author Agreed [R] EW         10/13/2010

                                                                                                                                        6/29/20119:55 AM
                                                  Section IX: Otology (Editor: Clark A. Rosen)
                                                  Section Editors: Barry Hirsch/Robert Jackler
                                                                    (New,                                                                  Invites
Chp#   Chapter Title                                                Old)   Author(s)                          Comments            SE RES   Sent
 140   Development of the Ear                                       Old    Anil Lalwani                       Author Agreed [R]   RJ        10/13/2010
 141   Anatomy and Physiology of Hearing                            Old    Peter C. Weber                     Author Agreed [R]   RJ        10/13/2010
 142   Assessment of Peripheral and Central Auditory Function       Old    Patrick I. Antonelli               Author Agreed [R]   RJ        10/13/2010
 143   Vestibular Function and Anatomy                              Old    Shawn D. Newlands                  Author Agreed [R]   RJ        10/13/2010
 144   Balance Function Tests                                       Old    Neil Shepard                       Author Agreed [R]   RJ        10/13/2010
 145   Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring                   Old    David S. Haynes                    Author Agreed [R]   RJ        10/13/2010
 146   Diseases of the External Ear                                 Old    Christopher J. Linstrom            Author Agreed [R]   RJ        10/13/2010
 147   Neoplasms of the Ear and Lateral Skull Base                  Old    Bradley P. Pickett                 Author Agreed [R]   RJ        10/13/2010
 148   Congenital Aural Atresia                                     Old    Paul R. Lambert                    Author Agreed [R]   RJ        10/13/2010
                                                                           H. Alexander Arts/Co-A: Meredith
 149   Intratemporal and Intracranial Complications of Otitis Media Old    Adams                              Author Agreed [R]   RJ       10/13/2010
 150   Middle Ear and Temporal Bone Trauma                          Old    Hilary A. Brodie                   Author Agreed [R]   RJ       10/13/2010
 151   Chronic Otitis Media and Cholesteatoma                       Old    Ted Meyer                          Author Agreed [R]   RJ       10/13/2010
 152   Surgery of the Mastoid and Petrosa                           Old    Richard A. Chole                   Author Agreed [R]   RJ       10/13/2010
       Reconstruction of the Tympanic Membrane & Ossicular
 153   Chain                                                        Old    John Dornhoffer                    Author Agreed [R]   RJ       10/13/2010
 154   Otosclerosis                                                 Old    Peter S. Roland                    Author Agreed [R]   RJ       10/13/2010
 155   Acute Paralysis of the Facial Nerve                          Old    Jeffrey T. Vrabec                  Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
       Otologic Manifestations of Systemic Disease Includes
 156   Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease                                 Old    Michael Ruckenstein                Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 157   Noise-Induced Hearing Loss                                   Old    Robert A. Dobie                    Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 158   Ototoxicity                                                  Old    Kay Chang                          Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010

 159   Cerebellopontine Angle Tumors                              Old     Brad Welling/Co-A: Matthew Bush     Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 160   Sudden Sensory Hearing Loss                                Old     George T. Hashisaki                 Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 161   Tinnitus and Hyperacusis                                   Old     Pamela Roehm                        Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 162   Aging and the Auditory and Vestibular Systems              Old     Peter S. Roland                     Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
       Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Auditory
 163   Prostheses                                                 Old     Craig Buchman                       Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 164   Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices               Old     Catherine Palmer/Hirsch             Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 165   Clinical Evaluation of the Patient with Vertigo            New     Joel Goebel                         Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 166   Peripheral Vestibular Disorders                            Old     John Carey                          Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 167   Central Vestibular Disorders                               Old     Akira Ishiyama                      Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 168   Vestibular Rehabilitation                                  Old     Sue Whitney                         Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010
 169   Regenerative Strategies for Overcoming Deafness            New     Alan Cheng                          Author Agreed [R]   BH       10/13/2010

                                                                                                                                   6/29/20119:55 AM
                               Section X: Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Editor: Clark A. Rosen)
                                       Section Editors: Grant Gillman, Stephen Park and John Sykes

Chp# Chapter Title                                         (New, Old) Author(s)                            Comments            SE RES     Invites Sent

 170 Facial Analysis & Preoperative Eval.                  Old        Andrew Winkler                       Author Agreed [R]   SP          10/13/2010
 171 Pictorial Do.: Traditional Photo. & Digital Imaging   Old        Samuel Lam/Co-A: Amir Karam          Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
                                                                      G. Richard Holt/Co-A: Christian
 172 Implants in Facial, Head, and Neck Surgery            Old        Stallworth                           Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
     Local Skin Flaps & Skin Graphs: AP & and Gen.
 173 Types                                                 Old        Brian Jewett                         Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
 174 Microvascular Free Flaps in H/N Reconstruction        Old        Douglas Chepeha                      Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
 175 Tissue Expansion                                      Old        John Sykes                           Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
 176 Scar Camouflage                                       Old        Krishna Patel                        Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
 177 Nasal Restoration with Flaps and Grafts               Old        Stephen Park                         Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
 178 Facial Reanimation                                    Old        Tessa Hadlock                        Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
 179 Surgical Anatomy of the Nose                          Old        David Kim/Co-A: Ted Mau              Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
 180 Intro. Rhinoplasty-Analysis, Approach, Incisions      Old        Grant Gillman                        Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010

 181   Management of the Upper Two Thirds of the Nose      Old        Ira Papel                            Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
 182   Nasal Tip Surgery                                   Old        Dean Toriumi                         Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
 183   Management of the Crooked Nose                      Old        Craig Murakami                       Author Agreed [R]   GG
 184   Secondary Rhinoplasty                               Old        Richard Davis                        Author Agreed [R]   GG          10/13/2010
 185   The Aging Forehead                                  Old        Peter Adamson                        Author Agreed [R]   JS          10/13/2010
 186   Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty                         Old        John Sykes                           Author Agreed [R]   JS          10/13/2010
 187   Lower eyelid Blepharoplasty                         Old        Stephen Perkins                      Author Agreed [R]   JS          10/13/2010
 188   The Aging Face (Rhytidectomy)                       Old        Russell Kridel/Co-A: Samir Undavia   Author Agreed [R]   JS          10/13/2010
 189   The Aging Neck                                      Old        Ed Williams                          Author Agreed [R]   JS          10/13/2010
 190   Otoplasty-Anatomy, Embryology & Technique           Old        Steve Mobley                         Author Agreed [R]   JS          10/13/2010
 191   Congenital Auricular Deformities                    Old        Eugenio Aguilar                      Author Agreed [R]   JS
 192   Chin and Malar Augmentation                         Old        John Sykes                           Author Agreed [R]   JS          10/13/2010
 193   Chemical Peeling                                    Old        Devinder Mangat                      Author Agreed [R]   JS          10/13/2010
 194   Lasers in Facial Plastic Surgery                    Old        Russell Ries                         Author Agreed [R]   JS
 195   Management of Benign Facial Lesions                 Old        Karen Johnson                        Author Agreed [R]   JS          10/13/2010
 196   Management of Alopecia                              Old        Raymond Konior                       Author Agreed [R]   JS

 197 Cosmetic Uses of neurotoxins and Injectable Fillers Old          Grant Gillman                        Author Agreed [R]   JS          10/13/2010

                                                                                                                                    6/29/20119:55 AM
                        Section XI: Contemporary Issues in Medical Practice (Editor Jonas T. Johnson)
                                      Section Editors: Shawn Newlands/Karen Pitman
Chp# Chapter Title                                Old)     Author(s)                           Comments           SE RES   Invites Sent

 198   Patient Safety                             New     David Eibling                       Author Agreed [R]   KTP           10/13/2010
 199   Medical Legal Issues                       New     Reginald Baugh/Co-A: Robert Iwrey   Author Agreed [R]   SN            10/13/2010
 200   Medical Coding and Billing                 New     Stephen Levinson                    Author Agreed [R]   SN            10/13/2010
 201   Clinic Management                          New     Scott Stringer/Co-A: Dana Habers    Author Agreed [R]   KTP           10/13/2010
 202   Comparative Medical Systems                New     William Wood                        Author Agreed [R]   KTP           10/13/2010
 203   Effective Education in Medical Practice    New     John Schweinfurth                   Author Agreed [R]   KTP           10/13/2010
 204   Medical Informatics                        New     Johnny Sok                          Author Agreed [R]   SN            10/13/2010
 205   Telemedicine                               New     John Kokesh                         Author Agreed [R]   SN            10/13/2010

 206 Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement    New     David Roberson                      Author Agreed [R]   SN            10/13/2010
 207 Conflict of Interest                         New     Andy Murr/Co-A: Susan Murr          Author Agreed [R]   KTP           10/13/2010

                                                                                                                                    6/29/20119:55 AM

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