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                      Auto Auction Of Utah Policies and Contract
                     A $250.00 BUYERS FEE WILL BE CHARGED ON ALL SALES
                              (DON’T FORGET TO ADD THIS TO YOUR BID AMOUNT)
I am responsible for checking out the condition of any vehicle/property I bid on prior to the auction. (PLEASE look vehicle
over prior to the auction. Auto Auction of Utah cares about you and prefers you know what you are buying.)
All property or vehicles are sold AS IS WHERE IS. No warranties. Condition is unknown unless otherwise declared. I am
solely responsible for any repairs needed to any vehicle I purchase. (a) All Taxes and fees due to the State Tax Commission (b)
State emissions and inspection tests and related repairs.
$200.00 deposit is required in the form of cash or cashiers check which must accompany high bid on any property. Auto
Auction of Utah will hold your property upon award of bid for 48 hours. Payoff may be paid by cash or cashiers check. I
agree to have financing available prior to bidding and pay promptly as agreed or I will forfeit my deposit and be responsible for
any deficiency, including all collection, recovery, attorneys costs and damages. In the event that a consignor has a minimum and
the bid does not reach this amount, Auto Auction of Utah will sell vehicle on a “WILL CALL” basis and negotiate my bid with
the consignor. (Please understand that we represent hundreds of financial institutions and consignors and they are not all quick to
answer will calls). I will not hold Auto Auction of Utah responsible for any delay (please be patient with us as we try very hard to
expedite this). Earnest money is refundable only if consignor rejects will call. If titles are coming from an out of area consignor
there could be delays. Auto Auction of Utah retains the right to license the vehicle for e at their cost. All vehicles are subject to
being pulled prior to the auction by the consignor (usually because of debtors right to redeem or debtor bankruptcy). List is subject
to change.
Auto Auction of Utah is not responsible for loss, theft or damages to my vehicle after my bid is signed. I will have insurance in
effect at the time of signing of my bid. I will have the vehicle picked up before Friday following the auction or without further
notice, I well be charged $12.00 daily storage after Friday and be subject to towing and impound fees.
I have been given an opportunity to check out all vehicles and have any questions answered prior to auction.
Auto Auction of Utah reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, anytime for any reason they feel is necessary.
I will be courteous in my conduct during the auction.
All vehicles 10 years or older may be sold as miles exempt as allowed by law. On these vehicles do not assume that miles are
I must be 18 or older to bid and or purchase any vehicle.
Most titles will be in on Tuesday following the auction. If there is any delay on the arrival of the title Auto Auction of Utah
reserves the right to temporarily permit and/or license the vehicle. There is a small charge for this service so please ask an
Auction representative for details.
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