2010 Exercise Design by xiuliliaofz


									2010 Exercise Design
  Prepared and Presented by:
        Kristine Sanger
        Completed Exercises
• Regional MRS Functional Exercise
  Hospital D ill E
• H                   i
      it l Drill Exercise
  – Tri-Valley Health System,
       Completed Exercises
• Hospital Tabletop Exercise
  – Memorial Hospital, Seward
  – The Nebraska Medical Center Omaha
  – Creighton Area Medical Center, Creighton
    St.                 Hospital,
  – St Francis Memorial Hospital West Point
            Participated in
• Regional Full Scale Exercise
• Hospital Full Scale Exercise
    Children’s Hospital and M di l C t
  – Child ’ H      it l d Medical Center
  – Fremont Area Medical Center
      Exercise Requirments
• Joint Commission
• State
             Exercise Design Class
• 2011 Class date -
     – August 15,16,17
•   Three-days
•   Hands-on, activity-based training
•   Designed to prepare participants to be the in-house
    disaster exercise design expert for their facility
•   Modeled on the DHS/FEMA 3-week disaster
    exercise design course for emergency management
    and first responders and incorporates components
    of the HSEEP training.
    – Have trained 96 people in Nebraska to date
          How we can help
• Exercise assistance
  – Seminars
  –W k h
  – Tabletops
  – Drills
  – Functional Exercise
  – Full Scale Exercise
       What we need from you
•   Exercise Request Form
•   Rough objectives (at the very least)
•   C i of th plans you want t test
    Copies f the l              t to t t
•   Enough time to plan
•   Enough time to conduct a useful exercise
               It s
               It’s that easy!
• We will provide
  – All exercise materials needed
  – All facilitators for the exercise
  – Evaluators for the exercise (as many as possible)
  – After Action Report (HSEEP Compliant)

    Funding for the     i is      id d through a
  – F di f th exercise i provided th         h
    grant from Nebraska Health & Human Services
    System so there is NO COST TO YOU

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