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					    Saturday, June 11, 2011
                        WELCOMES YOU TO

                Saturday, June 11, 2011

                 SIX O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING

                 A Potent Potion
                 Cocktail reception and silent auction
                     Tented Pavilion, Level Four


                   Fafner’s Feast
        Lavish dinner, live auction, and special entertainment
                  The Gallery Ballroom, Level Two

                 TEN O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING

      Rhine Daughters’ Revelry
                       Richard Olsen Orchestra
Table of Contents
The magic of The Ring of the Nibelung                               4

Win a lucky ring of your own!                                       6
Details of Wishing Ring Raffle

Revelry on The Rhine, Co-Chairmen’s Message                         7

San Francisco Opera Guild President’s Message                       8

Welcome from David Gockley, General Director, San Francisco Opera   9

San Francisco Opera Guild Education Programs                        10

Our Generous Patrons                                                13

Our Generous Sponsors                                               14

Live Auction Donors                                                 15

Silent Auction Donors                                               16

Revelry on The Rhine                                                17
Honorary Committee and Event Committee

San Francisco Opera Guild Executive Committee and Staff             18

Auction Rules & Regulations                                         19

Live Auction Items                                                  22

Premier Silent Auction Items                                        31

Volunteers                                                          36
The Magic of The Ring of the Nibelung
It is the most monumental work of art ever created: epic in scope, towering
in its creative vision, majestic in its imaginative power. Larger than life yet
poignantly human, it engages the mind even as it thrills the senses with pure
visceral excitement.

It is Richard Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung (Der Ring des Nibelungen):
Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, Siegfried and Götterdämmerung—arguably the
pinnacle of operatic art and a theatrical experience like no other.

Former Music Director Donald Runnicles, one of the world’s leading
interpreters of Wagner, returns to conduct an incredible international cast and
the renowned San Francisco Opera Orchestra and Chorus.

The lust for power, the lure of gold, the sacred beauty of nature and the
destructive impulses of man: these timeless themes dominate both the Ring
and American history. Director Francesca Zambello’s production, staged
for the first time in its entirety, “helps the audience feel the undercurrents of
energy and force that go into the making—and eventual destruction—of a
world power” (San Francisco Chronicle on Die Walküre).

Ride a wave of stunning sounds through a mythical land of giants and
dragons, magic fire and mystical waters.

Photo Credits: The valkyries, tree and fire by Cory Weaver; Rhine Maiden by Terrence McCarthy


The dwarf Alberich futilely attempts to seduce the maidens who guard the Rhine River’s gold If forged
into a ring, it would give its wearer universal power, as long as he renounces love Alberich steals the
gold and fashions the ring Meanwhile, Wotan, king of the gods, must find a way to pay the giants Fasolt
and Fafner for the construction of Valhalla, the immortals’ opulent new home Using trickery, he steals
Alberich’s ring to settle his debt The bitter dwarf places a curse on the ring and anyone who possesses it


Wotan has fathered a mortal son, Siegmund, in order to recover the ring Siegmund stumbles upon
the home of Sieglinde, his unrecognized twin sister Although Sieglinde is the wife of Siegmund’s sworn
enemy, the two are mutually attracted and consummate their incestuous relationship Wotan’s outraged
wife Fricka, protector of marriage vows, demands that Wotan order his daughter, the warrior-maiden
Brünnhilde, not to protect Siegmund, but to let him die in battle against Sieglinde’s husband Disobeying
Wotan, Brünnhilde tries in vain to prevent Siegmund’s death but rescues the pregnant Sieglinde To
punish Brünnhilde’s disobedience, Wotan puts her into a deep sleep, surrounded by fire, to await a
mortal husband


A generation has passed Siegmund and Sieglinde’s son Siegfried has been raised by Alberich’s sly
brother Mime Mime hopes to gain the ring from the giant Fasolt, now turned into a dragon, and sends
Siegfried to slay him Now the owner of the ring, Siegfried kills the treacherous Mime and sets out to find
the mysterious sleeping woman described to him by a forest bird As a test of Siegfried’s courage, the
Wanderer (Wotan) tries to bar the way Siegfried breaks the god’s powerful spear and braves the circle
of fire to awaken Brünnhilde The two fall ecstatically in love


Siegfried gives Brünnhilde the ring as a token of their union and sets off for new adventures He meets
the self-serving siblings Gunther and Gutrune and their half-brother Hagen, the son of Alberich Seeking
the ring, Hagen uses a potion to trick Siegfried into abandoning Brünnhilde, who joins him in plotting
revenge Hagen murders Siegfried, and Brünnhilde, understanding too late the deception, orders a
funeral pyre built for Siegfried As she strides into the fire, the flames rise to destroy Valhalla, the Rhine
overflows its banks and the ring is returned to its rightful owners, the Rhinemaidens The era of the gods
is now over

                  The Magic of the Wellendorff Ring
           “ T H E L E G E N D O F T H E R I N G S AY S T H AT T U R N I N G I T W I L L B R I N G L U C K …”

Thank you for celebrating with us at Revelry on The Rhine! This masterpiece of
design and quality is sure to bring the bearer fortune. Join in the chance to win
  this limited edition San Francisco Wishing Ring by purchasing raffle tickets.

                              One Ticket                           Three Tickets
                                        $150.                                    $400.

                             Two Tickets                              Ten Tickets
                                        $275.                                   $1,000.

P R E - E V E N T R A F F L E T I C K E T S C A N B E P U R C H A S E D A T W W W S F O P E R A C O M / S P R I N G G A L A 2 0 11

                                               AT T H E C H E C K- I N TA B L E

Message from the Co-Chair
Rhine Maidens

We are delighted that you could join us to              Revelry on The Rhine is the culmination of months
celebrate San Francisco Opera’s new production          of hard work It has been a joy to be involved
of the Ring of the Nibelung and help us to              with the many individuals who have contributed
support our educational outreach programs               their time and talents to ensure the success of
Whether searching for a magic ring of your own,         this event Of particular note, we would like to
a fabulous European adventure or a behind the           recognize the creative and productive Opera
scenes view of running an opera company, Revelry        Guild Staff: Susan Malott, Caroline Altman,
on the Rhine will afford you the opportunity to         Dianna Cavagnaro, Mark Bonacua, Nicole
experience it all                                       Santamaria, Nicolas Aliaga and Martha Chesley

As you browse and bid on our fabulous selection         We acknowledge the ongoing guidance and
of wines, trips and jewelry, your pledges are           support from the President of the San Francisco
helping us to support musical education in more         Opera Guild, Ann Girard, and Vice- President
than 250 Bay Area Schools Our programs are              of Fundraising, Victoria Kornblum A special
made possible by the funds we raise tonight and         note of appreciation is made to our Gala Event
through the vital contributions of our sponsors         Committee, especially Ursula Apel, Chandra Friese,
We are particularly grateful to the talents of          Katie Jarman, George Lucas and Mary Poland
Duotone, Floramor, Hartmann Studios, Impact
Lighting & Production and LJF Events Our                Finally we offer warm and heartfelt thanks to
thematic menu has been realized by the inspired         all of you for being with us tonight Your loyal
creativity of Executive Chef Romuald Feger of the       support of the San Francisco Opera Guild enables
St Regis Hotel                                          us to continue our award-winning education and
                                                        outreach programs that provide the opportunity
We would like to thank all of our other generous        for so many adults, teens, and children in the Bay
donors who have allowed us to bring together            Area to experience the magic of opera
this wonderful evening of fine wine, food and
travel Many thanks to Nordstrom, United Airlines,       We encourage you to experience San Francisco
William Hill Wineries, Scharffenberger Cellars,         Opera’s thrilling production of The Ring of the
Grey Goose, the Nob Hill Gazette, Bonhams               Nibelung and discover the wonder of the music, the
and Butterfield, Wellendorff, Mr Barry Peterson,        power of the story and the magic that awaits you!
Director of Catering at the St Regis Hotel, the
Consul General of Germany and Mrs Peter                 Sincerely,
Rothen, Precision Parking and Barbara Llewellyn
Catering and Event Planning

                                                        LINLE J. FROEB           STEPHANIE TUTTLE
                                                        CO-CHAIRMAN              CO-CHAIRMAN

Letter From The President

San Francisco Opera Guild is delighted that you have joined us at Revelry on The Rhine This evening
celebrates the 2011 Summer Season and the wonderful new production of Richard Wagner’s The Ring of
the Nibelung.

I would like to thank Linle J Froeb and Stephanie Tuttle, the amazing co-chairs of tonight’s gala
celebration Linle and Stephanie have dedicated themselves to bringing you an unforgettable evening
of entertainment, dining and dancing A special thank you is also extended to our stellar Honorary
Committee members We thank you for your tremendous support

The Opera Guild salutes our annual sponsors, Nordstrom and United Airlines, along with our media
sponsor, the Nob Hill Gazette, our auctioneer sponsor, Bonhams and Butterfield, and our ring raffle
sponsor, Wellendorff The evening would not be a success without the brilliant work of the Executive
Chef of the St Regis Hotel, Romuald Feger, Mr Barry Peterson, Director of Catering at the St Regis
Hotel, Floramor Event Design and Production, Hartmann Studios, Impact Lighting and Production and LJF
Events We want to also extend our gratitude to our wine sponsor, William Hill Wineries, our sparkling
wine sponsor, Scharffenberger Cellars, and our spirit sponsor, Grey Goose In addition, we want to
thank our many live and silent auction donors Their generosity is critical to the Guild’s success

Tonight’s silent and live auctions benefit the Guild’s music education and outreach programs
These programs reach over 58,000 Bay Area children in 200 schools each year, introducing them to
an art form—opera-- which they otherwise might not have the opportunity to experience Hopefully,
they will someday be among our most devoted patrons At a time when funding is a challenge and the
arts are hard to come by in many school settings, it is more important than ever to foster the innovative
and creative hearts and minds of growing students When you support San Francisco Opera Guild, you
support the Bay Area’s school children, teachers, parents, and the extended community You give voice
to potential

Revelry on The Rhine is made possible by the generosity of our Opera Guild board members, San
Francisco Opera Association board members, and many friends These contributors have helped
establish the San Francisco Opera Guild as one of the finest music education organizations available
to Bay Area schools We thank you all for your continued support

Warmest regards,


Letter From The General Director
Dear Friends,

I am pleased to welcome you to San Francisco Opera Guild’s Revelry on The Rhine, a celebration of the
2011 Summer Season and the wonderful new production of Richard Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung

This will be an exciting evening of fine dining, music and spectacular auction items and is a wonderful
opportunity for us to celebrate the tremendous and far-reaching work of the Guild, particularly in the areas
of outreach and education As you enjoy the music and the mood, I hope you will take advantage of the
wonderful items available at the auction There is an outstanding array of exotic trips, award winning
wines, opera packages and many other superb items, showcasing the best that the world has to offer

As you celebrate this evening, you can take pleasure in knowing that the proceeds will benefit the Guild’s
education programs These wonderful programs make it possible for over 58,000 students annually to
learn about and participate in opera in their own classrooms, often their only contact with opera, music
and the performing arts Student Dress Rehearsals and Matinees have also been a tradition since 1939
Many of our San Francisco Opera audiences today owe a great debt of gratitude to the Guild, where
they got their first taste of opera early during their school years

In addition, San Francisco Opera Guild presents the Insight Panel Discussion Series, and Preview Lectures
throughout the greater Bay Area The Guild also coordinates the services of hundreds of volunteers who
donate thousands of hours each year to help our artistic mission For all of those many valuable services,
we salute the Opera Guild and all of you who support it

I wish to extend my personal thanks to Linle J Froeb and Stephanie Tuttle, our Co-Chairs for tonight’s
wonderful event as well as the Honorary and Gala Event committees Thank you all for your generous
support of the marvelous work of the Guild It is a celebratory night indeed!

Kindest Regards,


San Francisco Opera Guild Education
and Outreach Programs
San Francisco Opera Guild believes the life lessons drawn from creative
expression are the foundation of confidence and integrity. Since 1939, we
have acted on our beliefs by developing award-winning programs that
extend the impact of opera, bringing it center stage into the life of the
community. Through San Francisco Opera Guild’s education fund, “A Gift
for All Seasons,” we ensure the continuation of educational programs that
help students find their voice. Annually more than 58,000 students in over
200 schools throughout Northern California receive the benefits of arts
education, as only opera can deliver them.

San Francisco Opera Guild. Giving voice to potential.
G R A D E S K-3

Storytelling through opera! A teaching artist introduces a classic opera story
complete with singing and opera facts, with the aid of musical excerpts from an
opera After the musical storytelling and a brief choral coaching and singing
lesson, the artist magically presents props and costumes and the students
participate in acting out the story and singing excerpts themselves! The whole
class participates actively in this lively program that communicates a classic
story, illustrates opera components and provides a creative drama and music
experience for young students


This engaging school program consists of a forty-five minute adapted presentation of a main-stage
opera Masterfully designed, Opera à la Carte reaches over 120 schools a year This mini-opera, sung
in English, is brought to schools by professional costumed singers, pianists, and docents who tell a classic
operatic story using students in the speaking roles Students receive coaching and rehearsal with the
performers and then join in an assembly presentation for the entire school


This exciting program, offered as either a continuation of the
Opera à la Carte experience, or as a stand-alone program, is a
seasonal residency featuring a team of teaching artists that help
students create an original opera based on a myth or folk tale
rooted in the curriculum of their class Students learn the basics of
performance storytelling, libretto writing, and simple composition
The opera they create is then cast, rehearsed, and performed
for the entire school Students discover how a story becomes an
opera and how a written piece comes alive on stage!


Throughout historical reform and revolution, music has been a steady force and conveyor of ideals,
opinion, rebellion, and affirmation In this course, teaching artists show how song has been an
instrumental element in shaping and encouraging societal change by examining social and political
music from the period students are studying They look at both conventional and non-conventional artists
of the time and how those artists served as products of and contributors to change in their cultures

Students then examine means of expression closer to home to discover how music can be a non-violent
force in conflict resolution in the school, in the neighborhood, and in the city Ultimately, they have an
opportunity to identify social and political conflicts in their own communities and learn how artistic
expression can be a progressive and powerful statement to affect consciousness and change as they
create and perform an original dramatic musical piece

G R A D E S 9 -12

This exciting program is an interactive classroom experience for teens in which a teaching artist
collaborates with a classroom teacher, making curricular connections to an opera that is being offered
as a student dress rehearsal The artist introduces the world of the opera, the history, and the notion
of conflict management and action/consequence in artistic storytelling as a model for life Through
role-playing and connection to modern day instances, students interact with the material and begin to
make more complex connections between art and life

G R A D E S 4 -12

San Francisco Opera Guild has sponsored student dress rehearsals and matinees every season since
1939 Students attend a final dress rehearsal for a selection of main stage productions – a marvelous
opportunity to watch major artists at work Sung in the original language with projected English
translation, and performed with full production values, these rehearsals provide a thrilling glimpse into
the final stage of the rehearsal process

G R A D E S 4 -12

Students get a glimpse of the artistry and function of this world renowned
theatre on this comprehensive tour of the glorious War Memorial Opera House
In addition to the production and technical history, docents cover important
historic events such as the signing of the United Nations Charter and the
memorial service for Harvey Milk – all part of our Opera House History

A G E S 12 -18

                                               Youth Opera Arts Training Program
                                               This total immersion conservatory offers students instruction in
                                               opera, theatre, musical theatre, dance, and all their components
                                               Students have classes in voice, theory, movement, language,
                                               music and theatre history, acting, technical theatre, and much
                                               more The program culminates in the rehearsal and performance
                                               of an original operatic / theatre work!

E D U C A T I O N P R O G R A M S , A T 415 - 5 6 5 - 3 2 3 8 O R E M A I L C A L T M A N @ S F O P E R A C O M

San Francisco Opera Guild Gratefully
acknowledges the generous contributions of
our Supporters.
HEROES                                   Sandra Farris
                                         Mr and Mrs Robert Friese
Mr and Mrs James Corroon                 Ms Olivia Hsu Decker
Linle and James Froeb                    Henry and Valarie Huff
Ann and Daniel Girard                    Guy and Victoria Kornblum
Hiro and Betty Ogawa                     Maggie and Carter Mack
John and Maria Pitcairn                  Ms Monica Mary March and Mr Enrique Rodriguez
Mr and Mrs John S Renard                 Mr Richard J Massey
Ms Diane Rubin                           Anne Marie and Stephen Massocca
Stephanie Tuttle and Ramsey Walker       Kathleen McEligot
                                         Mrs Jane S Mudge
                                         Karen and Adam Murphy
VALKYRIES                                Mr and Mrs Bill Poland
                                         Richard and Pamela Rigg
Ms Delia F Ehrlich                       Sobia and Nadir Shaikh
Ms Marci Flanery and Mr Robert Thesman   Mai Shiver and Charles Githler
Goldman, Sachs & Co *                    Susan Tamagni and Brett Gottlieb
Karen J Kubin                            Barbara Walkowski
Mr Randall Laroche                       Ms Veronica Watson and Mr Michael Petonic
Dr and Mrs John Lavorgna                 Mr S Shariq Yosufzai
LJF Events, LLC *                        Andrea and Mark Zola
Charlot D Malin
Mr Richard Munson
                                         WATER SPIRITS TABLES

GIANTS                                   Ms Lynne Edminster and Mr Brian Atwood*
                                         First Republic *
Carol Benz                               Mr and Mrs George H Hume*
Elizabeth and David Birka-White
Romana and John Bracco                   *Denotes Table Purchase
Mr Michael and Ms Marilyn Cabak
Jean-Pierre Conte *                      PA R T I A L L I S T I N G A S O F M AY 6, 2 010
Mr and Mrs Daniel Cronan
Fati Farmanfarmaian

                           Sponsors & Contributors
                             OPER A GUILD ANNUAL SPONSORS

                                  RING RAFFLE SPONSOR

     WINE SPONSOR              S PA R K L I N G W I N E S P O N S O R       SPIRIT SPONSORS

                                  P R E- PA R T Y S P O N S O R S

 AUCTIONEER SPONSOR                                                          MEDIA SPONSOR


     EN TERTA I N M EN T                                                     SPECIAL THANKS

                                                                             Barry Peterson
                                                                        Director Catering, St. Regis

                       Live Auction Donors
Isha and Asim Abdullah, Mr Larry Baer, Elizabeth and David Birka-White, Olivia Hsu Decker,
   Mr David Gockley, Mr Speight Jenkins, Ms Kate Lindsay, Mme Ariane de Saint-Marcq

                                Silent Auction Donors
              Alex’s Dry Cleaning Valet                 Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco

         Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards                   Milvali Salon & Cosmetics

                     AT&T Park                               Napa Valley Wine Train

            Byington Vineyard & Winery                      Nina McLemore Boutique

                 Cakebread Cellars                                Nob Hill Spa

                 Caymus Vineyards                            Toni and Dick Paterson

                    Chez Panisse                              Peju Province Winery

                Clos Pegase Winery                          Peter Olivetti Photography

                Conn Creek Winery                             Pine Ridge Vineyards

                Dale Meyer Designs                               Planet Granite

                      di Rosa                                 Ravenswood Winery

     First Crush Restaurant, Wine Bar and Lounge   Renaissance Lodge at Sonoma Resort and Spa

                Flora Springs Winery                            Retzlaff Vineyards

             Robert and Chandra Friese                           Rubicon Estate

                   Hanna Winery                                    Saintsbury

            Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris                      San Francisco Giants

             Hilton Checkers Los Angeles                        Shafer Vineyards

                Incredible Adventures                             Shreve & Co

                  Infineon Raceway                             St Regis, New York

              Jacuzzi Family Vineyards                      Sunce Winery & Vineyard

                     Jardinière                                      Telepan

           Joshua Ets-Hokin Photography                       Teton Springs Resort

                    Judith Ripka                                 Tolosa Winery

             Justin Vineyards & Winery                            Tommy Toy’s

                K&L Wine Merchants                                     Tru

                Lake Shasta Caverns                             V Sattui Winery

                   Ledson Winery                               Vintner’s Collective

                Mr Lucas Meachem                             Vittoria d’Aste-Surcouf

            Alba Saba and David Meade                              Wellendorff


                        Linle J Froeb
                       Stephanie Tuttle

                  HONORARY COMMITTEE

                   Roberta and David Elliott
                       Kristina Flanagan
    David Gockley, General Director, San Francisco Opera
                John A and Cynthia Fry Gunn
                   George and Leslie Hume
       Speight Jenkins, General Director, Seattle Opera
                    Hiro and Betty Ogawa
      Consul General of Germany and Mrs Peter Rothen
Donald Runnicles, General Music Director, Deutsche Oper Berlin
  Francesca Zambello, Artistic Advisor, San Francisco Opera


         Ursula Apel                       Charlot Malin
         Carol Benz                    Anne Marie Massocca
   Elizabeth Birka-White                  Kathy McEligot
      Romana Bracco                      Teresa Medearis
       Mary Corroon                         Jane Mudge
      Shannon Cronan                       Maria Pitcairn
     Olivia Hsu Decker                      Mary Poland
      Lynne Edminster                      Judith Renard
        Delia Ehrlich                       Diane Rubin
   Fati Farmanfarmaian                     Sobia Shaikh
        Sandra Farris                        Mai Shiver
       Marci Flanery                      Susan Tamagni
       Chandra Friese                   Barbara Walkowski
        Karen Kubin                         Toni Wolfson
       George Lucas                      Linda Elliott Zider
       Maggie Mack                       Melissa Boxer Zill

                      San Francisco Opera Guild
                                    Executive Committee
                                             ANN GIRARD

               BARBARA WALKOWSKI                                  GINNY ZIEGLER

                  MARSHA MONRO                                    MARCI FLANERY

                   ROBERT BROCK                                 STEPHANIE TUTTLE
           VICE-PRESIDENT CHAPTERS                                  SECRE TA RY

                 LYNNE EDMINSTER                                   KAREN KUBIN

                  MARY CORROON                                   SUSAN TAMAGNI
         VICE-PRESIDENT DEVELOPMENT                      ED U C ATI O N FU N D CH A IR M A N

                    C.J. VAN PELT                               MARILYN TIMONEY
          VI CE-PRESI D ENT ED U C ATI O N                 N OM I N ATI N G CH A IR M A N

                VICTORIA KORNBLUM                                  DIANE RUBIN
         VICE-PRESIDENT FUNDRAISING                              PA S T P R ES I D E N T

                                           DAVID GOCKLEY
                                      HONOR ARY DIRECTOR

                San Francisco Opera Guild Staff
                   SUSAN MALOTT                                  NICOLAS ALIAGA
              M ANAGING DIRECTOR                            ED U C ATI O N ASSO CIATE

                 CAROLINE ALTMAN                                 ELLEN KERRIGAN
              ED U C ATI O N D IREC TO R            O PER A À L A C ARTE CO O RD I N ATO R

               DIANNA CAVAGNARO                                NICOLE SANTAMARIA
           SPECIAL EVENTS M ANAGER                          SPECIAL EVENT INTERN

                  MARK BONACUA
        A N D VO LU NTEER CO O RD I N ATO R                         VOLUNTEER

San Francisco Opera Guild gives voice to potential
through education and outreach programs that bring
opera center stage into the life of the community.

Revelry on the Rhine

1   The silent auction will begin at 6:00 p m and close at 7:45 p m

2   A bid sheet will accompany each item Bids may be entered by placing your name and bid number
    on the first available bid line Bids will be in the incremental amounts indicated on the individual bid
    sheet Once a bid is entered, it may not be removed

3   The highest bid for each item will determine the successful bidder In the case of a tie or dispute, the
    Chairman or their appointees will determine the winning bid

4   All silent auction items will be guaranteed to the first person who bids the full value listed in the
    Guaranteed Bid space

5   Successful bidders will receive a claim form during dinner and should pay for their item at the
    cashier’s table before leaving the premises Sales tax will be added to the auction sale price for all
    appropriate items All items must be removed upon departure, or delivery must be arranged with
    a moving company

We request that all silent auction items remain on the silent auction tables and be picked up by the
winning bidder at the close of the auction evening


1   The live auction will begin at approximately 8:45 p m , and will continue without interruption until
    all items are purchased

2   To enter a bid, the bidder number should be raised with the number facing the auctioneer A bid is
    registered only when formally recognized by the auctioneer All bidding is deemed concluded upon
    the auctioneer’s final “gavel” or “sold to” confirmation of the winning bidder

3   The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer will be deemed the successful bidder In the
    event of any dispute, the auctioneer will determine the successful bidder


1    San Francisco Opera Guild (SFOG), to the best of its knowledge, has revealed all information
     available about all the auction items Therefore, all sales of auction items are FINAL The buyer is
     responsible for complying with any and all restrictions and/or conditions on any purchased item,
     wine or travel packages donated to this event

2    Values for items are determined by the donors Occasionally, a donor declines submission of a value
     In these cases, the Guild Staff assigns an approximate value that is agreed upon as fair

3    Conditions specified by our donors in the catalogue and on the item certificates must be honored
     Dates for service, vacation homes, private dinners, etc , are to be arranged by mutual convenience
     between donor and purchaser Time periods designated for use of homes, restaurants, merchandise
     certificates, services, hotels, and resorts are not subject to change When private homes are included,
     the property must be used as specified and must be returned in the condition in which donated

4    All certificates exclude taxes, gratuities and alcoholic beverages, unless otherwise indicated, and must
     be used at one time Reservations for restaurants, resorts and hotels are required and are subject to
     availability For certain travel items, designated holiday blackout dates when travel is not permitted
     will apply

5    The printed catalogue, as amended by addendum sheets or oral announcements during the sale,
     constitutes the entire statement of SFOG relative to the items listed herein These Conditions of Sale
     and any glossary contained herein are the complete terms and conditions on which all items listed
     herein shall be offered for sale, sold or purchased

6    Each auction item is sold “AS IS” without warranty All wines are sold “AS IS” and SFOG makes no
     warranties or representations of any kind or nature with respect to the wines, and in no event shall
     SFOG be held responsible or liable for the correctness of the catalogue or description, nor deemed
     to have made any representation or warranty with respect to the condition, quality or rarity of the
     wines, and no statement about the wines or other items in the catalogue or made at the sale or in
     the bill of sale or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty or representation or any
     assumption of liability with respect thereto

7    SFOG reserves the right to withdraw any item at any time before the actual sale

8    Unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer at the time of the sale, all bids are per lot as
     numbered in the printed catalogue

9    SFOG reserves the right to reject any bid from any bidder The highest bidder acknowledged by the
     auctioneer shall be the purchaser In the event of any dispute between the bidders, or in the event of
     doubt on the part of the auctioneer as to the validity of any bid, the auctioneer will have the sole and
     final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to re-offer and resell the lot in question
     If any dispute arises after the sale, SFOG’s sale records or invoice shall be conclusive in all respects

10 If the auctioneer determines that any opening bid is not commensurate with the value of the item
   offered, he may reject the bid and withdraw the item from the sale; and if having acknowledged an
   opening bid, he decides that any advance thereafter is not of sufficient magnitude, he may reject the

11 The highest bidder shall be deemed to have purchased the offered lot in accordance with all of the
   conditions set forth herein, and thereupon:
        a assumes full risk and responsibility therefore
        b will sign a confirmation of purchase therefore
        c will pay the full purchase price therefore


1   All items purchased on the night of the auction must be paid for that evening Sales tax will be added
    to the auction sale price for all appropriate items Payment may be made by cash, check, VISA,
    MasterCard or American Express upon presentation of the claim form at the cashier’s table The
    cashier’s table will open at 10:00 p m

2   All checks for items purchased shall be made payable to San Francisco Opera Guild Unless
    exempted by law from payment thereof, and in possession of proper documentation, the purchaser
    will be required to pay California State and local retail sales tax at the rate applicable on the date
    of the purchase


4   All items must be claimed the night of the auction, unless size or quantity prevents their removal

5   Any arrangements and expense for delivery are the sole responsibility of the purchaser, unless
    otherwise indicated in the catalogue

6   The amount that is tax deductible is limited to the positive difference between the amount paid for
    an item less the value of that item stated in the catalogue

Live Auction

This fabulous package for four is the perfect trip for the fashion minded:

     Round-trip Business-Class air transportation for four on United Airlines – San Francisco/Paris
     Four private invitations to the Ungaro Fashion Show on October 3, 2011
     Four private invitations to the Ungaro VIP party
     Luxurious two bedroom Paris apartment offered from September 28 to October 5, 2011
     Chateau de Villette accommodations for the nights of October 5, 2011 and October 6, 2011
     (two Double Rooms)
     $500 certificate for Buddha Bar, Paris
     Half-day Paris tour by “Paris Personalized” on October 5, 2011
     Christian Dior Beauty Basket
     Four tickets to the Louvre Museum

Lights! Camera! Fashion! Paris Fashion Week is the pinnacle of the fashion industry You and your guests
will enjoy a view that usually only the highest in the fashion echelon get to glimpse: a live show
You and your three guests have invitations to the Ungaro Fashion Show on October 3, 2011 In addition,
all four of you are personally invited to a private Ungaro VIP party, a trendy event that only a limited few
have the chance to enjoy There you will get to mingle with models, rub elbows with fashion royalty and
consider which piece from Ungaro you simply can’t live without

Getting there will be easy when you and your three guests fly Business Class on United Airlines from
San Francisco to Paris In Paris, you will stay from September 28, 2011 through October 5, 2011 in
a two-bedroom Paris apartment located in the heart of the City of Love Located in Le Triangle D’Or,
between L’ Etoile, Champs Elysees, and Avenue George V, this newly renovated traditional Parisian two
bedrooms, two bathroom apartment is on Avenue d’Iena Furnished in French antiques and paintings,
this lovely apartment is situated in a late 19th century Haussmannian building in the fashionable 16th
arrondissement Steps from all of the fashion week shows, this luxurious, private apartment redefines
deluxe travel

In preparation for this Parisian extravaganza, pamper yourself with the contents of a Christian Dior
Beauty Basket These sumptuous products, handcrafted with exceptional ingredients, are sure to make
you radiant as Dior skincare creates formulas raised to the level of art, without ever compromising
effectiveness, pleasure or safety Sophistication continues as you enjoy a dinner at the very posh and chic
hot-spot, Buddha Bar Located in the magnificent George V Hotel, dining at Buddha Bar means removing
your self from the frenzy of urban life and plunging into a rejuvenating bath As soon as you’ve entered
this remarkable place with its monumental proportions, you’ll be enthralled by the charm of its soothing,
exotic atmosphere In Buddha Bar wonderland, your taste buds travel to distant lands and inventiveness
nests in your plate

While in Paris, you will also enjoy four tickets to the Louvre Museum and a half-day Paris tour by Paris
Personalized Paris Personalized will take you on a tour of The City of Lights based on your interests to
make your tour a truly unique and personalized experience With their tremendous insider’s knowledge,
the city will come alive for you as you are guided through Paris’ most enchanting neighborhoods,
discovering the city’s many hidden treasures and secrets

Just outside of Paris, your next stop is The Da Vinci Code Chateau (Chateau de Villette) on October
5-October 6, 2011 Here, each couple will stay in a Double Room for two nights The chateau was
featured prominently in the best-seller The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and in the motion picture
directed by Ron Howard Designed in the 17th century by the same team that designed the Palace of
Versailles, famed architects Françoise Mansart and Jules Hardouin Mansart and landscape architect
Andre La Notre, Chateau de Villette is 35-40 minutes northwest of Paris and 20 minutes north of
Versailles Villette is elegant and luxurious with 17 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, a pool, tennis court, grand
salon, music salon, library, three kitchens, and many outbuildings Completely restored in 1999 through
2002, the chateau has all the splendors combined with the high-level comfort demanded by American
luxury travelers The 188-acre garden features two rectangular lakes, a cascading fountain, river, forest,
and endless lawns

Estimated Value: $36,848

Donors: Isha and Asim Abdullah, Elizabeth and David Birka-White, Christian Dior, Olivia Hsu Decker,
Grant Capitol Management, Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris, Mme Ariane de Saint-Marcq, United Airlines

Restrictions: United Airlines: subject to availability and black-out dates may apply, SFO/Atlantic, valid
travel period through March 31, 2012 Ungaro Fashion Show: Ungaro Fashion Show invitations are only
valid on October 3, 2011 and Ungaro VIP Party Invitations are only valid on the final date of the event,
to be determined Paris Apartment: The apartment stay is only valid from September 28, 2011 through
October 5, 2011, dates subject to change if warranted by owner Chateau de Villette: Chateau Villette
accommodations are only valid the nights of October 5, 2011 and October 6, 2011 Value is for room
only, transportations, chef and staff can be provided to take care of their meals, drinks and services at
extra charge Option to stay longer by paying per night fee Buddha Bar: Certificate valid through June
11, 2012 Paris Personalized: Tour valid only on October 5, 2011 Christian Dior: subject to sales tax
Louvre Museum: Tickets allow access to the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions in both the
Louvre and the Musée Eugène Delacroix

Live Auction

This exciting package for two includes Premium tickets to the Opening Night of the Opera

     Two Grand Benefactor tickets to Opera Ball 2011
     Two Premium Orchestra tickets to San Francisco Opera’s 89th Season Opening Performance of
     Giacomo Puccini’s beloved Turandot
     An evening stay for two guests with Deluxe Accommodations at the Mandarin Oriental,
     San Francisco
     $500 certificate to Wilkes Bashford
     Facial services at the Joseph Cozza Salon
     Custom Ball Gown designed by Julia Panciroli Couture
     One-of-a-kind Pearl Necklace from Gigi Kaufman
     Valentino evening bag from Neiman Marcus

On Friday, September 9, 2011, San Francisco Opera will be celebrating the opening of its 89th season
with a performance of Giacomo Puccini’s beloved Turandot and Opera Ball 2011, An Evening in the
Forbidden City. Festivities will begin at five o’clock in the evening with an elegant cocktail reception
Guests will then be summoned to China’s Regal Forbidden City, a majestic tented Opera Ball Pavilion
designed by renowned event architect Robert Fountain A dinner feast fit for the Emperor and Princess
Turandot will be orchestrated by the acclaimed caterer McCall Associates At eight o’clock, the curtain
will rise for the opening night performance of Turandot, brilliantly staged by David Hockney Following
the dramatic conclusion of Puccini’s opera, patrons will return to the Opera Ball Pavilion for cocktails,
dessert and dancing the night away to the Bill Hopkins Rock’n Orchestra

You are sure to be the belle of the ball wearing a stunning gown by the magnificent designer, Julia
Panciroli, who will create a made-to-measure ball gown exclusively for you While wearing this custom
gown, the winner will be adorned with a one-of-a-kind pearl necklace designed by Gigi Kaufman and
a Valentino evening bag from Neiman Marcus Head over to Wilkes Bashford and redeem your $500
gift certificate for a lovely set of cufflinks or the perfect pair of evening shoes In addition, one of San
Francisco’s most venerable salons will help you prepare for the occasion Prior to the gala, the Joseph
Cozza Salon will pamper the winner with its custom facial, sure to bring out the glow from within

As the evening draws to a close, you will enjoy a stay at the exclusive five-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel
San Francisco in deluxe accomodations What a perfect ending to a magical night

Estimated Value: $17,550

Donors: San Francisco Opera Guild, Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco, Wilkes Bashford, Gigi Kaufman,
Julia Panciroli Couture, Joseph Cozza Salon, Neiman Marcus

Restrictions: San Francisco Opera: Opera Ball 2011 and Opening Night performance tickets are only
valid on September 9, 2011 Mandarin Oriental: expires June 11, 2012, complimentary room and taxes
only, incidental expenses are the responsibility of the guests, certificate is not-redeemable for cash, is
non-transferable, reservations are based upon availability and black-out dates may apply Joseph Cozza
Salon: expires June 11, 2012 and is subject to availability Julia Panciroli Couture: certificate expires
December 11, 2011 Gigi Kaufman: subject to sales tax Neiman Marcus: subject to sales tax

Live Auction

This ten-night trip for two guests includes:

     Round-trip Business-Class air transportation for two on United Airlines – San Francisco / Berlin
     Two nights in a Double Room at The Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin
     Two nights in a Double Room at The Sheraton Prague Charles Square
     Three nights in a Double Room at The Intercontinental Vienna
     Two nights in a Double Room at The Ramada Hotel Residenzschloss Bayreuth
     One night in a Double Room at The Sheraton Frankfurt
     Two Orchestra tickets to the Deutsche Oper Berlin
     Two Orchestra tickets to the Berlin Philharmoniker
     Two Orchestra tickets to the Prague State Opera
     Two Orchestra tickets to the Vienna Opera, Wiener Staatsoper

This 10-night adventure for two begins as you and your guest board United Airlines in Business Class to
Berlin Upon arrival, you will head to The Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin where you will stay for two nights
This hotel is perfectly located–situated in the city centre on the banks of the River Spree and boasts the
famous AquaDom, the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium, an attraction all its own This five-star Berlin
hotel also features stunning views of the city and is close to local attractions, including the Berlin Cathedral
and Museum Island While in Berlin, you and your guest will also enjoy the sights and sounds of the
Deutsche Oper Berlin and Berlin Philharmoniker

Next on your journey is “The City of a Thousand Spires” – Prague Here you will enjoy a two night stay
at the Sheraton Prague Charles Square, ideally located on the edge of the Old Town and New Town,
just a few steps from the Charles Square and the central business district Close to all major museums,
galleries, famous theatres and with a rooftop terrace with views of Prague Castle, the Sheraton Prague
Charles Square provides the perfect location from which to explore the architectural treasures and to
experience romantic river views of this distinctive city One night during your stay you will want to make
time to attend a performance at the Prague State Opera

Vienna, a cultural capital of Europe whose art, music, architecture, food, and wine have attracted people
for centuries, is next on your itinerary Here you will stay for three nights at the InterContinental Vienna
in a luxurious double room This hotel is supremely located near St Stephens Cathedral, Schoenbrunn
Palace, Hofburg Imperial Palace, and the revitalized Biedermeier quarter You and your guest will also
attend a performance at acclaimed the Wiener Staatsoper

From Vienna, you will head to the four-star Ramada Hotel Residenzschloss in Bayreuth Located
centrally in Bayreuth, close to such important places of interest as the Margravial Opera House,
Richard’s Wagner’s villa “Haus Wahnfried”, the Hofgarten, piano manufacturer Steingraeber und Söhne,
the Neues Schloss (or New Castle), and the Stadthalle culture and congress centre, you will never be
more than a few steps away to all that this magnificent city has to offer

Finally, you will travel to Frankfurt for a one night stay in a Double Room at the Sheraton Frankfurt
Situated directly at Frankfurt Airport, you will be just minutes from the last leg of your journey – home
to San Francisco

Estimated Value: $15,337

Donors: United Airlines, The Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin, The Sheraton Prague Charles Square,
The Intercontinental Vienna, The Ramada Hotel Residenzschloss Bayreuth, The Sheraton Frankfurt,
Deutsche Oper Berlin, Berlin Symphonica, Prague State Opera, Wiener Staatsoper

Restrictions: United Airlines: subject to availability and black-out dates may apply, SFO/Atlantic,
valid travel period through March 31, 2012 Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin: expires June 30, 2012, based
upon hotel availability, advance reservation, is not valid during fair dates and cash reimbursement
not possible; The Sherton Prague Charles Square: expires November 6, 2012, (excluding 12/27/11 –
1/2/12) based upon hotel availability and advance reservation, non-transferable, and non-refundable,
and all additional taxes and VAT are included; The Intercontinental Vienna: expires June 30, 2012,
based upon hotel availability and advance reservation, non-transferable, non-refundable, and cash
reimbursement not possible; The Ramada Hotel Residenschloss Bayreuth: expires June 2012, based upon
hotel availability and advance reservation, non-transferable and non-refundable The Sheraton Frankfurt:
expires December 31, 2012, based upon hotel availability and advance reservation, non-transferable,
and non-refundable; Deutsche Oper Berlin: tickets expire June 11, 2012 Berliner Philharmoniker: tickets
expire June 11, 2012 Prague State Opera: tickets expire June 11, 2012 Vienna Opera: tickets expire
June 11, 2012

Live Auction

San Francisco Opera Guild was founded in 1939 and gives voice to potential through education and
outreach programs that bring opera center stage into the life of the community Through a variety of
in-school as well as in-theatre education programs, San Francisco Opera Guild is able to introduce
students of all ages to the excitement and fantasy of opera It is with the support of generous patrons
such as you that the Guild is able to provide such wonderful programs to schools whose music programs
have been all but eliminated Please raise your bidder number to help support opera education in Bay
Area schools Your donation to the Guild’s education programs can support the following causes:

     $2,500 would bring Opera à la Carte, the Guild’s program for grades 3-8, to 2 schools
     and 700 children
     $1,000 would bring Sing a Story, the Guild’s program for grades K-3, to 6 classrooms
     and 180 children
     $500 would bring 60 children to the Opera House to see a final mainstage dress rehearsal
     $250 would help bring a live opera performance to one high school classroom

Live Auction

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to be the General Director of one of the premier Opera
Houses in the World? Join Speight Jenkins, General Director of Seattle Opera, on December 6, 2011,
for an operatic day in New York City

     Round-trip Business-Class air transportation for two on United Airlines – San Francisco / New York City
     Private invitation to the Seattle Opera’s Young Artist auditions on December 6, 2011 with Seattle
     Opera General Director, Speight Jenkins
     Exclusive dinner with mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsay and Speight Jenkins
     Two Orchestra seats to Charles Gounod’s Faust at The Metropolitan Opera
     Two-night stay in a room with a city view for two at The Sherry Netherland
     Dinner for four at Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental New York City
     $400 certificate for dinner at Millesime
     Spa certificate for a massage at the St. Regis New York

As you join Speight Jenkins, General Director of Seattle Opera, on December 6, 2011, relish in the fact that
you and your guest are truly experiencing a unique moment in the very busy life of an Opera Company
General Director As Mr Jenkins’ shadow, you will be invited to the finals of Seattle Opera’s Young Artist
auditions where you will hear some of the most promising young American singers striving to be chosen
as Seattle Opera Young Artists in the 2012-2013 season After listening to these incredible talents, you
and your guest will dine with one of the most important young American singers, mezzo-soprano Kate
Lindsay, who will have made her San Francisco Opera debut as Zerlina in next October’s new production
of Mozart’s Don Giovanni Ms Lindsay has often been seen on the Metropolitan Opera’s HD productions
and will at that time, be rehearsing Gretel for the Met’s Christmas season Hansel and Gretel; she has often
appeared at Seattle Opera and enacted the title role in the company’s world premiere of Amelia last
spring Following a delectable and sought after dinner at restaurant Asiate, located on the 35th floor of
the Mandarin Oriental, you and your guest will attend a performance of the Metropolitan Opera’s new
production of Charles Gounod’s Faust with Angela Gheorgiu, Jonas Kaufman, and Rene Pape, conducted
by Yannick Nezet-Seguin At this end of this exciting day, retire to your luxurious suite at the Sherry
Netherland where you can reflect upon the day’s events and perhaps even give yourself a solid “bravo!”

The following morning, reminisce on this whirlwind of a day in the spa of the St Regis hotel With
mind and body at ease thanks to your full body massage, head to the Flat Iron district and enjoy a
mouth-watering meal at Millesime Located near Manhattan’s historic Tin Pan Alley, Millesime pays
homage to the neighborhood’s roots by placing a strong emphasis on a music program that showcases a
wide range of national and international recording artists and rising stars

Estimated Value: Priceless

Donors: Mr Speight Jenkins, Ms Kate Lindsay, The Metropolitan Opera, The Sherry Netherland,
Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental, New York City, Millesime, St Regis New York, Ms Lynne Edminster and
Mr Brian Atwood, Frosch Travel

Restrictions: United Airlines: subject to availability and black-out dates may apply, SFO/Continental US,
valid travel period through May 31, 2012 Day with Speight Jenkins: Valid only on December 6, 2011
Dinner with Speight Jenkins and Kate Lindsay: Valid only on December 6, 2011 The Sherry-Netherland:
Valid only on the nights of Dec 5, 2011 and Dec 6, 2011, incidental charges are the responsibility of the
guest, subject to availability and amenities are subject to change at date of arrival Metropolitan Opera:
Faust tickets are only valid the night of December 6, 2011 Asiate: Certificate expires June 11, 2012,
subject to availability, does not include tax and gratuity, non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for
currency Millesime: Certificate expires June 11, 2012, subject to availability, does not include tax and
gratuity, non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for currency St. Regis Spa: Certificate expires June
11, 2012, subject to availability, does not include tax and gratuity

Live Auction

Join in the revelry and celebration of home town heroes with this festive package that includes:

     Lunch for you and three guests at 25 Lusk with San Francisco Giants President, Larry Baer and San
     Francisco Opera General Director, David Gockley
     Four Field Club Tickets to a San Francisco Giants game, seats located directly behind the dugout
     An invitation for four to the VIP reception and VIP seating area to the San Francisco Opera
     Simulcast of Turandot on September 25 at AT&T Ballpark
     Baseball signed by Orlando Cepeda

To build a World Series championship team and a world-renowned opera company require the
leadership and direction of individuals with a unique perspective and the drive for perfection This
amazing package allows the winner and three guests a chance to spend lunch with Larry Baer, San
Francisco Giants President, and David Gockley, General Director of the San Francisco Opera The lunch
will be hosted at 25 Lusk, a ballpark favorite, where you will learn the similarities between crafting a
winning baseball team and producing an acclaimed opera production

After gaining this insider’s view to the strategy of creating historic teams you will have a chance to see both
perform The first is to witness the magic in action as you head to a San Francisco Giants game Your four
Field Club tickets in seats located directly behind the dugout, allow you to feel just like one of the players

The second will occur on September 25 at AT&T Ballpark, you and three guests will enjoy the joining
of Opera and baseball with private invitations to the VIP reception and VIP seating area of the San
Francisco Opera Simulcast of Turandot This invitation-only event is attended by Opera patrons of the
highest caliber and baseball aficionados of the utmost degree

What better way to cement the creativity and relentless pursuit of perfection in both athletes and artists when
you take home a piece of San Francisco Giants history You will be the proud owner of a baseball signed by
former San Francisco Giants first baseman and author, Orlando Cepeda Mr Cepeda played with the San
Francisco Giants from 1958-1966 and in 1987 and was contracted by the San Francisco Giants to work as
a scout and “goodwill ambassador ” In 1999, he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Estimated Value: Priceless

Donors: AT&T Park, Mr Larry Baer, Mr David Gockley, San Francisco Giants, San Francisco Opera, 25 Lusk

Restrictions: Lunch with Larry Baer and David Gockley: Expires June 11, 2012 Date must be mutually
agreeable Winner to contact Opera Guild to arrange 25 Lusk: Expires June 11, 2012 San Francisco
Giants Game Tickets: Four Field Club tickets to a mutually agreed upon 2011 season home game at
AT&T Park (excluding Los Angeles Dodgers games) VIP Simulcast Reception and Seating: Valid only on
September 25, 2011 Winner to contact Opera Guild to arrange Baseball signed by Orlando Cepeda:
Subject to sales tax

Premium Silent Auction

                                     You and a guest will have the opportunity to have a private dinner
                                     with Opera Star Lucas Meachem and his guest at Tommy Toy’s
                                     Lucas Meachem has appeared at San Francisco Opera in the title
                                     role of Eugene Onegin, Papageno (The Magic Flute for Kids), in the
                                     dual role of Fritz and Frank in Die Tote Stadt, and in productions
                                     of La Forza del Destino, Billy Budd, and Doktor Faust. The former
                                     Adler Fellow and Merola Opera Program alumnus was last seen
                                     as Count Almaviva in 2010’s Le Nozze di Figaro. Recent and
                                     upcoming engagements include Demetrius (A Midsummer Night’s
                                     Dream), Oreste in Madrid, and Mercutio (Roméo et Juliette) at the
                                     Metropolitan Opera Award winning Tommy Toy’s is consistently
                                     voted one of the finest restaurants in the Bay Area

Estimated Value: Priceless

Donors: Lucas Meachem, Tommy Toy’s

Restrictions: Dinner with Lucas Meachem: Expires June 11, 2012 Date must be mutually agreeable
Winner to contact Opera Guild to arrange Tommy Toy’s: Certificate expires June 11, 2012, does not
include tax and gratuity

Premium Silent Auction

     Round-trip Business-Class air transportation for two on United Airlines – San Francisco / Jackson
     Hole, Wyoming
     Three nights in a spacious one bedroom suite at the Teton Springs Resort
     A round of golf for two on the Byron Nelson Headwaters Golf Course or two Lift tickets to Ski
     Grand Targhee Resort
     Two 60-minute Spa treatments at the Stillwaters Spa
     Dinner for two at the Headwaters Grille
     Breakfast for two each morning

You and your guest will fly Business Class on United Airlines from San Francisco to Jackson Hole,
Wyoming From there, you will head to lovely Teton Springs, Idaho, for a three night stay at the
luxurious Teton Springs Resort Nestled in the foothills of Teton Valley, among three mountain ranges
and just 20 minutes west of iconic Jackson Hole, Wyoming, guests of the Teton Springs Resort have a
secret to share Teton Springs Resort is the centerpiece of a 780 acre retreat, highlighted by the Teton
Springs Lodge & Spa, Signature Cabins and Condominiums and the award-winning Headwaters Golf
Club Every morning of your stay, breakfast for you and your guest will be provided Whether you go
in the winter or spring, both you and your guest will have a magical time with a round of golf for two
on the Byron Nelson Headwaters Golf Course or two Lift tickets to Ski Grand Targhee Resort Enjoy a
relaxing 60-minute spa treatment at the Stillwaters Spa and then proceed to a delectable dinner at the
Headwaters Grill Let this amazing package take you away from the stress of the day-to-day and
breathe in all the natural beauty that Teton Springs has to offer

Estimated Value: $5,380

Donors: Teton Springs Resort, United Airlines

Restrictions: United Airlines: subject to availability and black-out dates may apply, SFO/Jackson Hole,
Wyoming, valid travel period through May 31, 2012 Teton Springs Resort: Expires June 30, 2012,
not valid with any other offers and promotions, dinner does not include alcohol or gratuity, based on
availability, blackout dates may include major holidays

Premium Silent Auction

    Two night stay at “The Meux” at Northstar Village
    Certificate for two Mountain Biking packages at NorthStar Resorts

This Northstar Village stay at “The Meux”is a wonderful getaway from the city Located at the top of
Northstar Village’s newest building, the Catamount, “The Meux” is a beautifully furnished, 2-bedroom,
2-1/2 bath condo facing the ski slopes on the quiet side of the Village and right beside the gondola
The master bedroom has a king bed, the second bedroom has two twins and a roll-away cot, and the
living room contains a queen-sized sleeper sofa The Meux also features a fully-equipped kitchen,
wireless access, and three flat screens, along with dvd and cd players

One day of your trip, take the time to enjoy the great outdoors with a Mountain Biking Package for
Two at Northstar Resorts

Estimated Value: $2,660

Donors: Dick & Toni Paterson, NorthStar Resorts

Restrictions: “The Meux at Northstar”: Valid from June 15 - November 15, 2011 Dates subject to
availability, no smoking, no pets, maximum occupancy is 6 Mountain Biking Packages at Northstar
Resort: Valid Monday, Thursday, Friday, Ride 101 Mountain Biking Package for beginners includes a full
access afternoon lift ticket, bike rental, protective equipment rental, and 1 5-hour Ride 101 instruction
from the Northstar Bike Academy at mid-mountain starting at 1:00 p m Subject to availability

Premium Silent Auction

     Two night weekend stay at the Hilton Checkers Los Angeles
     Dinner for two at The Bazaar by Jose Andres

For a quick weekend getaway, head to the land of sunshine, movies and fabulous food Stay at the
Hilton Checkers, Los Angeles located within walking distance of the popular LA Live When you have
explored enough to work up an appetite, get ready for a gastronomical experience like none other
The Bazaar by Jose Andres awaits you A vibrant mix of sophisticated cuisine and playful lounge spaces
where dining transcends into a fête extraordinaire Sample Jose Andres’ pioneering culinary creations,
delicacies from roving carts and delicious libations while being delighted with visual experiences thanks
to the world-renowned designer Philippe Starck At the close of your meal, shop the inspired retail
selections woven throughout the space

Estimated Value: $600

Donors: Hilton Checkers Los Angeles, The Bazaar

Restrictions: Hilton Checkers Los Angelos: Expires December 31, 2012 Excludes gratuities and tax
Present certificate to Front Reception upon arrival Weekend stay based Friday or Saturday arrival
Bazaar: Certificate expires June 11, 2012


                                        One-of-a-kind necklace creation by Dale Meyer Designs,
                                        of Carmel, CA, entitled “Sunlit Serenade ” Featured Stones:
                                        Chrysoprase, Cubes of Green Amethyst, Briolets of Vermeil
                                        over Sterling Silver and a Labradorite Clasp

                                        Value: $3,200

                                        Donor: Dale Meyer Designs

Premium Silent Auction

                                           The Medusa Collection is named after the misunderstood
                                           Gorgon from Greek mythology Once a ravishing
                                           beauty, Medusa provoked the goddess Athena who, in
                                           a jealous rage, turned her into an unfortunate monster

                                           Inspired by the ancient Greek deity, these hand-engraved
                                           Sterling Silver and 14k yellow Gold earrings are set with
                                           London Blue Topaz, aqua Cubic Zirconia and Freshwater
                                           Pearls Length: 2 inches For pierced ears (post back)

                                           Value: $500

                                           Donor: Vittoria d’Aste-Surcouf


                  Sterling silver earrings with two prong set faceted canary crystal stones and
                  pave white sapphires

                  Value: $525

                  Donor: Judith Ripka


                                                            This beautiful and unique 18 carat,
                                                            yellow gold bracelet is encrusted with
                                                            rubies and diamonds

                                                            Value: $13,800

                                                            Donor: Alba Saba and David Meade

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of the volunteers that have contributed their time and energy
to help make this auction a wonderful success Without all of these volunteers, this event would not be
possible Thank you

                   Opera Ball 2011
           F R I D A Y, S E P T E M B E R 9, 2 0 11


                         6:00 p.m. DINNER
                         OPERA BALL PAVILION
Adjacent to War Memorial Opera House 301 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

           8:00 p.m. GIACOMO PUCCINI’S TURANDOT
                   WAR MEMORIAL OPERA HOUSE

                        OPERA BALL PAVILION



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