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Audio Video Technologies Group
National Sales & Service

 Largest Video Wall installation in the USA by USCommunications. 36 Samsung 62” Plasma monitors, Hawaiian Tropic Las

                      Sports Bar Audio/Video Installation Package…
Now just one low monthly fee Includes Brand Name Equipment, Touchscreen Control &
Free Installation Nationwide!

                                                                    Save your CASH
                                                                              Pay by the Month


        SPORTSBAR System 1650: 16/ 50” TV Sets & 18 Speakers only                                   $ 1639.00
     SPORTSBAR System 2450: 24 /50” TV Sets & 26 Speakers only              $ 2015.00

     SPORTSBAR System 4850: 48/ 50” TV Sets & 52 Speakers only            $ 3449.00

      Premium A/V Package available with: Telecom, POS-Network, and CCTV Security

                       Call 800-769-0731 x 801

Your Business Benefits

     Monthly Installments & Stabilized fixed Pricing

     Elimination of multiple vendor confusion & frustration

     36 Month on site service Guarantee

     36 Month Preventative Maintenance

     Advanced Unified Technology Integration: Touchscreen Control

     Technology with Matrix Switching

     1081P HD Video and Custom integrated Digital Sound

     Experienced Restaurants A/V Specialists Since 1981

     Pre-Engineered Systems that are guaranteed to work!
         System and Equipment Standardization for easy service & management

         Predictable and Standardized National Deployment Protocol (NDP)

         Installation and Maintenance service

         Brand Name equipment with advanced Technology Designs

         Systems are customized for your project size

TV Purchase Advantage

         12 TVs Samsung 50” 600 HTZ 1080p                       Total $ 12,800.00
         16 TVs Samsung 50” 600 HTZ 1080p                       Total $ 17,200.00
         24 TVs Samsung 50” 600 HTZ 1080p                       Total $ 26,000.00
         36 TVs Samsung 50” 600 HTZ 1080p                       Total $ 39,000.00
         48 TVs Samsung 50” 600 HTZ 1080p                       Total $ 51,500.00

TV Set Purchase Advantage for Sports Bars
         Low price
         No Tax
         Free TV mounting Brackets
         On Site coordinated delivery with construction phase
         36 Month on site guarantee instead of one year
         Competitive pricing
         Equipment Standardization for easy service
         Technical Support
         One company to call for all store(s) purchases.
         One company to call for all TV service nationally

USCommunications installation Marlton NJ

Systems Include

Lowest equipment price GUARANTEE, discounts up to 50% off.
     All equipment is name Brand/commercial grade.
     System planning and pre-engineering with your Architect & Electrical Engineer included.
     National Installation & Service
     All projects include hands on user training and backup video instruction.
     Touchscreen Control (System Controller) this allows a user to control the TVs & Audio
      programs from a simple touchscreen. Choose any TV program and send it to any TV or all the
      TVs with one touch.
      Video Matrix Switch (System Control): This allows you to switch between the program sources
      and the TVs). Switches vary according to the number of TV monitors and sources. (Inputs &
      Outputs) Example: 8(inputs/Tuners) x 8( outputs-TVs), 8x16, 16x16, 16 x 32 and 16 x 48. So if
      you have 8 TV tuners you can show the chosen TV channel(s) on any of 48 TV sets for example.
     All TV displays are flat screen types and are 50 “ in diagonal. 1080P/600 MHZ NOT 720
     Provided suppliers: Samsung, Sharp, LG and Panasonic. (Larger & smaller TVs sizes can be
     TV Mounting brackets: Peerless Industries or USC/Mustang. Wall mounted type. (Ceiling hung
      type can be specified)
     Satellite TV supplies TV Network programming: USC coordinates and terminates the TV
      receivers supplied by the Sat Company or Cable Corp.
     Blueray or Internet backup System for emergencies via the Internet included.
     Network Cabling system: We always look to deliver the highest signal quality and
                                                  transmission. Your system will be installed using the
                                                  best commercial broadcast network design and
                                                 Audio: You will be able to have audio from any TV
                                                  channel into any chosen isolated zone. Usually most
                                                  Sports bars run only one channel of audio over all the
                                                  speakers or none. Music is usually run over the
                                                  speakers at all times. We also supply electronic
                                                  processing make enhance your systems fidelity.
                                                 We take pride in reproducing outstanding sound for
                                                  your sports bar.
                                                 Music Programming: We supply an iPod interface
                                                  dock and a connection from your
                                                 Sat-Music channel: The Dock will have a remote
                                                  control, allowing music channel changing.
                                                 Speakers: All speakers can be either surface mounted
                                                  or wall mounted. JBL/commercial 2-way, Klipsch or
                                                  USC/Spec. We do not use background quality speakers
                                                  in sports bars. We include a microphone interface for
                                                  the hostess or telephone system.
     Amplifiers are Crown or QSC and Signal processing is DBX, BBE or Wave, all top quality products.
     Equipment storage and Safety: We install all the equipment in an equipment rack made of
      steel by Lowell manufacturing: Typically 6 Ft in size. Large systems may require two racks. All
      audio and video equipment is installed on shelves or rack mounted as needed.
     All racks have power raceways in them. All racks have Power Panels with circuit breaker in
      them. All racks have Audio & Video monitoring that lets your pre-review the music and video that
      will be played over the speakers & TVs and acts also as a diagnostic tool for maintenance
      services. Rack shelves, active ventilation, blank, and security & ventilation panels with labels.
     Cable/wire: We use quality cable for all systems Belden or equal.
     Local control for audio: All system have volume zone controls for the: Bar, Dining Rooms, Rest
      Rooms, Vestibules and Patios. Installations are based on new construction and average ceiling
      heights. The GC to provide penetrations and mounting support for equipment as needed. The EC
      to supply power, gang boxes and sub-ups if needed. Final pricing will be determined on contract.

Available options

     Optional: CCTV Security Package
      This allows you to watch and record your restaurant via the Internet and can
      reduce your insurance costs.
    All systems come with: 8 Cameras or 16 Cameras (are included in systems
    3,4,5,) wall or ceiling mounted with a DVR one or two-terabit-drive storage and a
    19” LCD Flat screen monitor with remote Internet access. Speco Security
    Products and other quality manufactures are used.
   Optional: Telephone System package:
    Advance IP Telecommunications will save you
    communications cost by using the Internet.
    IP phone system: with voice mail, Wi-Fi connectivity, Web & Email server and
    security software and redundant disc-drives. Each system comes with 6 Phones.
    More phones can be ordered. The telephones are full-featured Polycom, Fax
    jack included. Sutus or Toshiba systems.
   Optional: IT POS Network:
    We install the IP network which includes the Wall Rack; Patch Panel; CAT-5-6e
    cables, USP protection, patch cables, data jacks and server connectivity.   All
    systems come with up to 8 Stations. Additional stations can be added. Your
    POS vendor requires this.
    We also include a wireless Cisco system wireless hotpot system, so you will
    have Wi-Fi access for your business.
   Optional: POS System: We can add POS Terminals to the USC package. Tell
    us which manufacture you like for POS.
    All systems include: Pre system planning, project management, installed/Non-
    Union, Local service vendors are located within 25-35 mile radius of your
    restaurant in most cases; system training, monthly general maintenance, certified
    technicians and a 36 month guarantee on all equipment.

                                                                       6 Landmark Square
                                                                       Stamford, CT 06901
                                                                        Fax 203-359-5600

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