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Part _A_


									SIBA SAIDI - 080712

TMA02 - B120
                                                                             May 23rd 2009

Part (A)

One day while sitting at my small house, I turned on my TV that I had for a long time
now with its old model but it didn't work. It turned out that it was about time to buy a
new one, and since I had cash at the time I had to make a purchase decision for a new
TV. I looked at local newspaper for new TV's and came a cross two ads, one for
Panasonic 26" for 350JD and the Samsung LCD 32" for 500JD. I looked for Samsung
address showroom and went their. The moment I walked into the store I was
astonished with the wide space, decorations, lightening, the LCD display fashion, and
specially the welcoming staff working their.

While surfing the showroom I noticed the variety and wide collection of LCD's and
TV's soon a sales man greeted me and asked if he can help me, I expressed my wish
of having a new TV with good price and specifications. He started showing me all
kinds of TV and LCD's telling me about the differences in both products, quality of
each ,prices, the availability of the spare parts and the installation possibility after sale
so, I end up buying an LCD 26" of 300JD instead of a regular TV.

Part (B)

Using the Marketing Mix Concept with its four below described elements, you will
be able to know the different approaches to pricing, the distributing channels and at
least two of marketing communication elements.

Product: Companies intent to launch new products that goes with the endless needs
of consumers from big TV's with attractive shapes and colors to LCD's with high
qualifications that consume little space in a room nevertheless its saves energy and
environment friendly product.

Price: Since the salesman provide me with details and the prices were almost
attempting, I compared between TV and LCD prices after I focused on best benefit
and less price (Rational Buyer behavior) I made a reasonable decision of having the

Distribution: Samsung had branches and distributors all over the country and their
choice of having one in down town was successful so, I had no problem going to the
one near my home that saved me time and trouble.

Marketing communication: here I have been introduced for the first time to the
product via the advertisement and second time through their salesman that showed a
great help with my inquiries in details of full information about the company and the
product I was interested in, that it self helped with my purchase decision.
Using the buying behavior process Stages concept for Kotler by steps: Need
recognition→ Information search → Evaluating alternatives → Purchase decision →
Post purchase behavior.

A need was created when my old TV stopped working and I needed a TV, the
motivation was developed for buying a new TV. While collecting information about
the TV's I discovered the LCD's feature and started to pile information them. The next
step was checking my alternatives of the brands collections (Panasonic or Samsung)
holding the same specification and from the prices of the same brand (TV or LCD).

The purchase decision came when I took a rational buying decision (good quality less
price) and made the purchase order and since I have the cash I got my LCD. I asked
about the after sale service and I was given a guarantee for 3 years and the number of
the service centre for any repairs or replacement of defection that might occur in the

Using the Micro Marketing Environment Concept where people and organizations
are in direct contact with the business. These include customers, intermediaries,
stakeholders, competitors, and suppliers.

       the existence of big showroom with its high technology used system inside
        the store and its suitable location and its easy tracked items in the halls of line
        product with these small direction signs, fair prices of product and the
        existence of modern product that goes along with different tastes of
        individuals reflected a strong will established company like Samsung with a
        desire of serving its customers in full aspects plus the after sale service quality
        they told me about and assured me of having the full cooperation in case
        required in the future..

       Then it was the accuracy in information presented from sales representatives
        that closed the deal with me. The purchase order of the LCD in order to pay
        and get my item delivered. The credibility in price and product and
        commitment in delivery time was an advantage also the installation process
        that was quiet fast. Then came the quality of the product that I enjoyed every
        time I used my LCD at home, the clearance of the image and the perfect
        sound system.

Part (C)

Ethical Issues in Customer Relation

Businesses have responsibilities towards their customers which come out to their own
benefit when building a well trusted relationship with customers, being honest when
serving your customer or even when promoting a product that the consumer will
touch is more likely to result a satisfaction element to consumer that will eventually
increase his buying power.

Here, Samsung demonstrated responsibilities and loyalties in service and product as
   1. Knowledge of product's important information: The salesman had experience
      in technical aspects of the product that he didn't hesitate to talk about
      including the defo percent in the device, he also gave me brochures containing
      all kind of information I could use.
   2. Safety standards: the screen is not made of glass but from little Plasma dots
      that reduces the effect of bad radiation. It also has a stand by mode that saves
   3. Warrantee: Honesty in ad reflected in field, they gave me a warrantee for 3

Part (D)

The come outs for Marketers:

   -   Continuous marketing research for customer needs and expectations and fulfill
       these constant demands.
   -   Marketing man and the sales man should be always familiar with the product's
       important information and the market mix.
   -   The importance in recognizing the difference between marketing the service
       and marketing for a product, like in my example, the company intention was
       not only to sell LCD but also focused on public service services starting the
       delivery and installation arrangement to the after sale service and service
   -   Study the consumer buying power in order to pinpoint fair prices to items that
       allows its segment to activate with it.
   -   Must focus on the ethical issues of business and avoid dirty tricks or playing
       with prices or even misleading ads in order to have a healthy marketing
       environment and to give the customer the ultimate satisfaction he desire.

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