Rochester Fire Protection District by zhangyun


									                                Rochester Fire Protection District
                                           700 West Main Street, Rochester, Illinois

                                                  Meeting Minutes
                                                       February 14, 2011

 I. Call to order
          President Patterson called to order the regular meeting of the Rochester Fire Protection
          District at 7:00 p.m. on February 14, 2011 at the Rochester Firehouse, Rochester, Illinois.

II. Roll call
          Trustee Wulf conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: President
          Patterson, Trustee Wulf, Trustee Keafer, Trustee Cravens, and Trustee Day. Also present
          were Chief Mark Poffenberger, Captain John Fox, and Administrative Assistant Linn
          Downey. Twenty-five members of the public were present.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
         Meeting minutes from December 13, 2010 were presented. Motion to approve by
         Trustee Cravens, second by Trustee Day. Unanimously approved.

            Meeting minutes from January 10, 2011 were presented. Motion to approve by Trustee
            Day, second by President Patterson. Unanimously approved

            Meeting minutes from January 18, 2011 were presented. Motion to approve by Trustee
            Keafer, second by Trustee Day. Unanimously approved

IV. Approval of Treasurer’s Report
        Treasurer’s report was presented. Motion to approve by Trustee Wulf, second by
        President Patterson. Unanimously approved.

 V. Committee Reports
       A) Building & Grounds presented by Trustee Keafer.
           1. Glenn Brothers Garage Door Company will begin the repair work approved last
              meeting on Friday.
       B) Personnel presented by Trustee Wulf
           1. Nothing at this time.
       C) Policy & Procedure presented by Trustee Day
           1. Nothing at this time.

VI. Chief’s Report

       1.        A Cornerstone program, Basic Company Officer Class was held on February 12th at
                 the firehouse. Mike Hamilton, Mike Weaver, Keith Spurgeon, Sam Sexton, Rob

              Young, Cindy Cannon, John Fox, Joey Fidler, and Mark Poffenberger were in
    2.        The EMT-B class is still continuing with 4 of our members (Zach Marshall, Eric
              Nielsen, Kelsie Kincaid and Keith Spurgeon).
    3.        During the Snow Emergency, we had a crew standing by at the firehouse if and when
              an emergency arose. Those in attendance were: Mike Hamilton, Terry Fair, Joey
              Fidler, Rob Young, James Backstein, Cindy Cannon, Zach Marshall, and Eric
    4.        The following grants have been applied for:
              a. King’s Daughters – File of Life
              b. FEMA Fire Protection &Safety – Fire Extinguisher Training
              c. Illinois Public Risk Fund – Safety and Educational Grant
              d. Rad-57 Grant
    5.        FEMA grant money for a cardiac simulator and a mannequin that can provide training
              on Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support has been received.
    6.        Calls from last month (None of the calls utilized Berry Engine 3)
            STRUCTURE                          0
            BRUSH                              0
            ALARM-Still                        2
            VEHICLE                            0
            MISC                               3
            FIRE TOTALS                        5
            10-50 PI
            (Wreck)                              5
            CALL                                22
            MED TOTALS                          27

            TOTALS                              32

            TRAINING                             1
            TRAINING                             1
            TOTALS                               2

            MANDATORY                            2
            SRV/DETAIL                           3

         2010 Calls for year: 512
                        Fire - 114

                                        17 – structure
                                        20 – brush
                                        23 – alarm (still)
                                        3 – vehicle
                                        51 – miscellaneous (good intent call)
                                 Medical – 294
                                        29 – 10-50 (wreck)
                                        265 – medical
                                 408 responses for the year

                                 Training – 49
                                        34 – fire training
                                        15 – medical training
                                        5 – mandatory

                                 Public Service – 50

             3628 members at all events with 7 members per event
                   2 – over 300 events (Mark Poffenberger and John Fox)
                   5 – 200-300 (Randy Romadka, Rob Young, Mike Weaver, Sam Sexton and Cindy
                   6 – 100-200 (Mike Hamilton, Joey Fidler, Keith Spurgeon, Jamie Harrison, David
                   Jostes, and Eric Nielsen)
                   1 – 90-100 (Neil Passfield)

      Motion to go forward on the Pre-Plan by Trustee Wulf, second by President Patterson.
      Unanimously approved.

      Radio Channel for Narrow Band Radio-Siren, this cost will be kept in mind for next year’s
      budget. Chief Poffenberger to ask the Village about sharing a channel.

VII. Member or Public Comments


VIII. New Business

      The injuries from the prior year have been posted.

 IX. Old Business

  X. Closed Session
     Motion made by Trustee Keafer, second by Trustee Wulf to enter Closed Session in regards to
     Personnel Matters, 5 ILCS 120/2 at 7:17 p.m. Patterson-yes, Wulf-yes, Cravens-yes, Day-yes,
     Keafer-yes. Unanimously approved. Regular session resumed at 7:25 p.m.

XI. Action, if any, in connection with discussion conducted during Closed Session
    John Caudle is introduced as a new probationary member of the Rochester Fire Protection

X.     Next Meeting
        The next regularly scheduled meeting of the board is March 14, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

XIII. Adjournment
      Motion by Trustee Wulf to adjourn the meeting, second by Trustee Cravens. Unanimously
      approved. Meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

     Minutes submitted by: Linn Downey, Administrative Assistant
     Minutes approved by: Don Wulf, Secretary


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