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									2nd Edition: October 29, 2010

                                THE LION’S ROAR

                                        Robbie Sampson, Logan Fitchett, Madi LaSalle, Annabell Sorokas,Jon Mayer, Hillary Gallagher, Alexis
                                        Hickmott, Dru Jordan, Lakin Collins, Danielle Verbeck, Andrew Brady take pictures before the dance.

                                            JUSTo DANCE
                                            By Victoria Carneal
                                        This year's Homecoming               dance made it that much             go to Homecoming with
                                        Dance was a night of                 more fun, I was so excited          her.”
                                        chocolate and music. The             when I finally got my ticket
                                        dance was held on Friday             because I was able to               Others made plans to go
                                        October 1, 2010 in the               finalize all my plans,” said         with friends. “I went with a
                                        Menchville cafeteria at 8:00         junior Bryanna Wilson               group of my closest
                                        pm.                                                                      girlfriends and had a great
                                                                             The day of the dance all            time. We went out to eat
                                        Many people attended the             students could talk about           before and then to the
                                        dance and showed immense             was plans, plans, and more          dance,” commented
                                        school pride. Spirit week            plans. While some students          freshman Kylie Paris.
                                        helped heighten the                  like junior Robbie Depp, “I
                                        excitement of the dance for          went with my girlfriend,            The students were lined up
                                        most students. “ All of the          Brittany, and had a great.          and ready to go well before
                                        spirit days and exciting             Since I’m moving soon it            8. “ I was surprised how
                                        events leading up to the             was really good to be able to       many people were there

                                                                                                       Continued on Pg. 3
                              MONARCHS TAKE A VICTORY
                              By Rebecca Neal & Interviews By Alyssa Crombine

                               On October 3rd, 2010, the Monarchs won            allowed the defensive backs to prevent
                               the homecoming game against Gloucester            any long passes.”
                               with a final score of 31-3. All members of
                               the team played admirably, but stars of the       Senior Clifton Richardson assisted the
                               game proved to be the defensive players,          Monarchs in their victory -- a win that
                               who gave up their fewest points since the         they had all be hoping for. “It was a great
                               34-0 win over Denbigh in 2003.                    game for my senior year,” stated
                                                                                 Richardson, “The crowd was hype! It was
                               “The defense did a great job by shutting          the most points we had scored in a while,
                               down the running game and giving the              and the coaches were very supportive and
                               offense good field positions to score,”           told us not to underestimate Gloucester.”
                               says defensive player Dylan Goodill, “I
                               think the team played really well, despite        The Monarchs worked hard and set their
                               a few injuries, the team came together and        sights high, striving for success. In the
                               accomplished what needed to be done on            end, the team was rewarded for their
                               the field.”                                       efforts with a victory that the seniors on
                                       When asked about how the entire           the team would always remember.
                               defensive line worked together, Goodill
                               responded saying that “we played as one
                               unit. The lineman gave a good push on
                               the line which allowed the linebacker to
                               fill the gaps and forced Gloucester’s
                               quarterback to throw bad balls. This

                               Monarchs go
                               head to head
                               with the
                              -Right, JV
                               number 21
                               makes a catch
                               during practice


                                    All Dressed and                           The Homecoming dance was
                                                                              filled with stylish fashonistas and
                                     Ready to go                              hot, handsome gentlemen. The
                                                                              stylish dresses and tuxes swished
                                    By Nikole Hairiston
                                                                              back and forth with the beat of the
                                    At the beginning of every school          music and gave a great ending to
                                    year the students patiently await         this years Homecoming dance. We
                                    Spirit Week before Homecoming.            can’t wait to see what fashion
                                    The excitement of the costumes,           trends pop up at next year’s
                                    contests, the Homecoming game             Homecoming dance!
                                    and school spirit revs up the
                                    anticipation for the Homecoming

                                    This is the one dance of every
                                    school year where students don’t                                                  Tamara Brown is wearing a strapless
                                    have to go all out with long formal                                                style, Jessica Roll is wearing an A-
                                    dresses and expensive tuxes. It’s                                               Symmetrical dress and Nikole Hairston is
                                                                                                                          wearing a pleated blue dress.
                                    the night where all the girls find
                                    their cutest, tiniest dress and
                                    dance the night away. This year
                                    there were quite a few
                                    Homecoming dress styles. Some
                                    of the most popular were A-
                                    symmetrical styles, strapless
                                    styles, dresses with unique back    Kayleigh Randall and Brooke Wiggins
                                                                        are wearing an A-Symmetrical dress and
                                    designs, pleats, ruffles and lace.  Emily Keen is wearing a strapless dress.
                                    For boys bow ties made a                                                                Jessica Currin is wearing an A-
                                                                                                                         Symmetrical dress, Kiana Shazier and
                                    complete come back. Another                                                           Kathryn Largena have unique back
                                    trend for guys this year was                                                        designs, Cassie Kuykendall is wearing a
                                    wearing all black and just a                                                           halter and Jessica Roll is seen in a
                                                                                                                                     strapless dress.
                                    colored tie ,which looked great.

                                                                                                                        the dance so this year's schedule
                                                                              Continued from Pg. 1                      was really different.
                                                                              before eight I thought it would
                                                                              only be me and my friends who             As the night progressed, students
                                                                              were early,” remarked freshman            agreed it kept getting better. “I was
                                                                              Josh Davis.                               on the Homecoming court so I
                                                                                                                        couldn’t wait to be announced so
                                                                              “I was really thrown off by the           that I could get back to the dance.
                                                                              game being the day after the dance        I had so much with everyone,” said
                                                                              because I like to know who won            senior and Homecoming Queen
                                                                              Homecoming Queen and King                 Maddie Bauer.
                                         Audery Shlickenmyer, Christina       before the dance,” said junior Sara
                                         Pervis, and Emily Keen take          Kazmer when talking about the       Regardless of the schedule, who
                                         pictures before the dance.
                                                                              unique schedule changes this year. you went with, or who you danced
                                                                              In years past the game came before with everyone was able to let loose
                                                                                                                  and have a good time.
By Rebecca Neal
                Let’s Get Fired Up!
Every year, Spirit Week comes to       The presentation of the                  senior homecoming court and Ms.
an end by celebrating the              Homecoming Court of 2010 had            Cook agreed that “it was a lot of
Homecoming dance, parade, and          also changed a little. Normally, we     fun to see the seniors have so
of course, the football game. But      would expect all the members to         much fun planning their acts”. “I
who could forget about most            dress formally, walk in pairs down      was so happy to see so much
interactive way to show your class     a runway of JROTC members to            Monarch spirit in the gym that
spirit? That’s right – pep rallies!    elegant music, and showcase             day” said Cook of the pep rallies;
This year, Menchville really shook     themselves to the classes. This         it was clear that everyone left the
it up and switched out a few things    remained true for all the               assemblies “fired up”!
that had become tradition at the       homecoming court class members
annual homecoming pep                  – except the seniors. Each pair
assemblies.                            danced down the aisle to their own
Instead of the usual bean bag toss     beat and unique tune to celebrate
competition between classes, the       their final year of high school.
SCA demonstrated two new ways          While some components of the
to win money for your class. The       pep rallies changed, others
first way was a relay between the       remained in standing with
freshman, sophomore, junior, and       traditions that had formed over the
senior classes.                        years. Mr. Traner, was once again
Four people served as                  the MC of both pep rallies. Along
representatives from each class,       with his assistant, senior, Alex
                                                                              Above: Senior and
and they raced against the other       LaSalle, he built up the intensity
classes to see who could dress         among each class and kept              Homecoming
themselves in the football jersey      everybody’s spirits up in order to     Court sit and what
and a helmet the quickest. After       create excitement for the              the pep rally.
dressing themselves, they ran to       homecoming game. The                   Left: Mr. Trainer,
the other members of their team,       Menchville Marching Monarchs           the MC of the pep
undressed, and began the race with     greeted everyone entering the pep      rally, observes the
the second person. During the first     rallies with popular, up-beat tunes;   crowd.
                                                                              Below: Maddie
pep rally, the senior class won, and   JROTC began the assemblies with
                                                                              Bauer, Star Phillips,
the sophomore class won during         the presentation of the colors; and    Kristine Racicot,
the second one.                        the ever-talented A Cappella group     Robbie Sampson
The second class competition           sang the national anthem.              pose for a picture.
involved eight representatives         Although there had been rumors
from each class that all stood side    that the traditional class banners
by side, and while holding hands,      would not be showcased at the pep
raced to see which class could get     rallies, those whispers proved to
everyone in their line through a       be false as each class banner was
hoola-hoop the quickest. The           hung proudly above the freshman,
sophomore class won this friendly      sophomore, junior, and senior
competition during the first pep        sections of the bleachers.
rally; during the second pep rally     The 2010 Homecoming Pep
the sophomore and senior classes       Rallies were an enormous success;
both tied. This led to a sudden        according to Ms. Cook, “the
death round between the two            students behaved beautifully and
classes. The senior class              had a lot of school spirit”. The
dominated and won the $50 prize.       staff appreciated the changes to the
THE LION’S ROAR : October 29,2010         Spirit Week                              Menchville                             The junior/senior rivalry is always very
                                             By: Amanda Hicks                     Stops Traffic                           intense during Homecoming week.
                                                                                                                          Most years the seniors win the float
                                                                               By Logan Fitchett                          competition because they have the most
                                    The first month of school is over, and     Most Saturdays, the Menchville parking     experience. Though the juniors still try
                                    as the student body begins to settle       lot is dead. But October 2nd, it was the   to snag first place and this year was no
                                    into their yearly routine of classes and   complete opposite. After a successful      exception. Their float was themed
                                    homework, the halls begin to buzz          Homecoming dance the night before,         around the Homecoming game. But
                                    over one thing: Spirit Week.               students now prepared for the annual       with massive lollipops and candies they
                                                                               Homecoming Parade.                         still tied in the “Golden Ticket” theme.
                                    Students wonder what each day will
                                    be, and if they already know, start        The typical line up for the parade         The seniors definitely “wonkafied” their
                                    thinking of outrageous ideas for their     includes the “Marching Monarchs”, the      float with bright swirls and streamers.
                                    outfits. Spirit Week is a necessity at     Homecoming Court and class floats. As       They also had a boat, like the one in
                                    the beginning of every school year
                                                                               the band tuned up their instruments and    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
                                    because it relieves nearly all of the
                                                                               the court nominees lined up in             which had the quote “We are the
                                    school day monotony and ignites spirit
                                    within each student. Honestly, who         convertibles the class floats began to      dreamers of dreams” written along the
                                    wouldn’t want to be able to dress as       arrive.                                    side.
                                    crazily as they’d like (within dress
                                    code) for a whole week?                    Each float was different but all were       Each class really worked hard to make
                                                                               filled with tons of Monarch spirit. The     an impressive float. Though, in the end,
                                    This year, Spirit Week days were           freshmen float was great, all of the        only one class would win. The
                                    Mustache Monday, Toon Tuesday,             students were dressed in their new         sophomores came in fourth place,
                                    Willy Wonka Wednesday, Futuristic          white t-shirts. A familiar character was   followed by the freshmen in third,
                                    Thursday, and Fantastic Four Friday        on their float as well, the Monarch         juniors stealing second and the seniors
                                    (otherwise known as Spirit Day), with      mascot.                                    claiming first place. The parade was fun
                                    the overall theme of Homecoming
                                                                                                                          for everyone, even fans on the side of
                                    Week being The Golden Ticket. The
                                                                               The sophomores had giant “golden           the street. The weather was fired up for
                                    student with the most spirited costume
                                    in each homeroom class gets to             tickets”, an oompa loompa and even a       the football game. It was the perfect
                                    participate in an informal judging,        Violet Beauregard character, which is a    ending to a “golden” week at
                                    with a five-dollar 7-11 gift card being    human bluberry. They also proudly          Menchville.
                                    the incentive.                             displayed their class banner.
                                                                                                                                         Top: Senior class
                                    Even the teachers participate in the
                                                                                                                                         of 2011 float.
                                    festivities, dressing up as anything
                                    from Waldo to Fred from Scooby Doo.
                                    Kaitlyn Fitzgerald said that Futuristic
                                    Thursday was her favorite day                                                                        Middle Left:
                                    “because I got to wear green body                                                                    Junior class of
                                    paint and wear a crazy headband.”                                                                    2012 float.

                                    Spirit Week is the perfect way to get                                                                Middle Right:
                                    students to really show their “monarch                                                               Freshman class of
                                    pride”, whether you’re a freshman or a                                                               2014 float.
                                    senior. It unifies the students within
                                    each class and the different classes
                                    with each other, providing a joined
                                    front against Gloucester for the
                                                                                                                                         Sophomore class of
                                    Homecoming Game.                                                                                     2013 float.
             LION’S ROAR November 2, 2010
                                                                              StuDent views
                                                                                    By: Amanda Hicks and Rebecca Neal

                                                                              Favorite Halloween Candy
                                                   NUMBER OF PEOPLE




                                                                                Halloween Peeps Candy Corn Gummy Fangs   Kettle Corn

     Are you going trick-or-treating?




                                                                              Yes            No
LION’S ROAR October 29, 2010     spooktacular
                               By Nikole Hairston

                                    Finally! It’s that time of year again
                               when everyone whips out their candy
                               bowls, fake spider webs, plastic pumpkins,
                               fog machines, and most importantly,
                               costumes! Now there are many different
                               categories of costumes. There are scary,
                               humorous, and cutesy ones. Of course
                               there are way more but these are the ones
                               I feel are most important. Don’t know
                               which to choose for this year? I’m here to
                                    Now if you want to scare the living
                               daylights out of someone, of course
                               you’re going for the scary look. You can’t
                               do anything too cliche, though. That
                               most definitely takes away from the effect.
                               Stay away from ghosts and the dreaded
                               Scream mask, those are no no’s. Try and         wouldn’t find a grown man dressed in a
                               aim towards bloody murderers, but only          duck suit hilarious?
                               if you can sell it. Of course the whole              Last but not least, the cutesy
                               rotting, decaying, not really sure what it      costumes! There are too many to choose
                               was before costumes are always in too.          from when it comes to these. They range
                                    The humorous costumes are                  from bumble bees to kitty cats to just
                               probably the easiest. It’s pretty easy to get   about anything. These are also pretty
                               a few chuckles when you’re dressed like a       easy since most of them are animals and
                               giant whoopee cushion, my personal              all you need are some ears or a pair of
                               favorite. But on a serious note, funny          antennae. For example, throw on a
                                                                                                                              All images obtained from Google Images
                               costumes are the easiest because you            striped T-shirt along with some wings
                               don’t have to do much. I mean, who              and antennae and you’ve got a bumble
                                                                               bee costume from scratch.

            Howl-o-scream                                                                          The creatures all have the same intention though to jump out and
                                                                                                   scare you. The monsters come from closed walls, behind bushes,
                 By Alyssa Crombine                                                                or walk straight toward you and look you in the face.
                     I was at Busch Gardens the other night for Hollow                                      Junior Jamaal Smith said “ I went with a couple of my
            Scream and my friend had been texting on his phone and a                               friends and we waited through a 20 minute line and when we
            person dressed up as a bush scared him, it scared him so bad that                      finally went in within the first 10 steps there was a lady hanging
            he actually fell down on the ground. It was the funniest thing I                       from a fence and when we went pasted she screamed, ‘I want to
            have seen in a while” – Senior, Grace Martinez                                         kill your babies!’ I have never seen my friends run that fast and I
                     Out of everyone that I have talked to, all agree that this                    didn’t see them until I came out”
            year has been better than previous years. The Scare is                                          Some people cannot handle haunted houses, so Busch
            Everywhere is the theme for park because every part of the park                        Gardens put together different shows. There are light shows,
            has someone or something scaring you. The effects and the                              musicals, and bands that you can watch. Busch Garden’s fest
            simple fact that the creatures could come out at anytime makes                         house (one of the many places to eat) has a sing a long that
            the park that much better. The suspense keeps people on their                          people of all ages will enjoy.
            toes. Creatures from Goblins to Werewolves are waiting around                                   This is the best time of the year for Busch Gardens,
            every corner to try and catch you at your most vulnerable                              thousands and thousands of people come out to participate in
            moments.                                                                               Hollow Scream. There is always something for people of all
                     There are six different haunted houses at Busch Gardens                       ages. Hollow Scream is over the day after Halloween.
            this year, all which are rated five pumpkins except for one which
            is four pumpkins (the haunted houses are rated by pumpkins,
            five being the scariest and 1 being the least scary). They all have                                           
            different themes like vampires, werewolves and haunted forests.
ENTERTAINMENT                           freaky films
                                          halloween movie reviews
                                                                By: Logan Fitchett
                 Right around October, when pumpkins are carved and children prepare the scariest of Trick or
                Treating costumes, people want to watch a creepy movie, this is a review of some of the best.
                    This is not a slasher and gore movie. The
                Silence of the Lambs gives movie watchers a            A lack of sunlight will cause movie
                glimpse into a psychotic killers mind. You will    watchers to cringe in fear while viewing The
                never look at a leather jacket the same.           Others. With twists and turns which keep you
                                                                   guessing, the outcome of this strange, dark tale
                    “Here’s Johnny!” Jack Nicholson plays a        is unexpected. Starring Nicole Kidman, The
                father driven mad from the circumstances he        Others, is perfect for a chilly October evening.
                and his family face spending a snowy winter
                alone in a haunted hotel. Bring a blanket and          Edward Scissorhands is an eerie film, with
                prepare to be frightened in Stanley Kubrick’s      Tim Burton in his early directing days, this
                The Shining.                                       movie brings fantasy to the generic suburban
                                                                   neighborhood. With a plot as interesting as
                    The Blair Witch Project is a pseudo            Edward’s yard sculptures.
                documentary which follows three young
                people, curious about the legend of the Blair           Saw has been part of America’s pop culture
                Witch in the woods of Maryland. Find out what      since 2004. With seven movies in the series, the
                happens when their journey quickly turns into a    most recent Saw 3D, comes out October 29th.
                desperate attempt to escape when they become       Jigsaw, his twisted mind and disgusting forms
                the prey in their own witch hunt.                  of torture, keep watchers asking themselves
                                                                   “what would you do to live?”
                    The Night of the Living Dead may not be
                the high quality of scary movies today but it          The Strangers is a babysitter’s nightmare.
                will still make watchers “scared to death” as the Most people can relate to being home alone and
                dead wake from the earth and attack.              the thought that something from the night will
                                                                  attack. In this movie, a couple lives out that
                    Prom, pig blood an insane mother, a child’s horror and puts viewers through their living
                worst nightmare come true in the movie Carrie. hell.
                This film will set all bullies straight.

                     Tim Burton creates an artistic wonderland
                in his movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.
                When a town which revolves around Halloween
                decides to takeover Christmas. The fun songs
                and creepy characters will get viewers into the
                Halloween and Christmas spirit.
                             MENCHVILLE SPORTS
LION’SROARNovember 2, 2010

                             Girls field hockey                      By Liz Pruden
                             On Thursday, October 14, the rain greeted the varsity field hockey team
                             on their senior game against the Hampton Crabbers.The game began and
                             the hullabaloo revved the Monarchs to a 3-0 victory.
                             Seniors Maddie Bauer, Shea- la Gatz, and Courtney Whitaker scored each
                             of the goals. “Scoring for my team was surreal, and since it was my senior              Type to enter text
                             game it made it ten times more exciting,” Maddie Bauer exclaimed.
                             After the game, the JV field hockey team and the remaining varsity
                             members made a tunnel of sticks for the ten seniors. Kiana Shazier,
                             Kristine Racicot, Brooke Wiggins, Kathryn Largena, Courtney
                             Whitaker, Maddie Bauer, Emily Keen, Shea-la Gatz, Cassie Kuykendall,
                             and Melissa Haas were escorted by their parents to the middle of the field
                             where they received yellow roses from principal, Bobby Surry. Says
                             Kristine Racicot of the experience, “To be a senior on the varsity field         The Varsity Field Hockey girls pose
                             hockey team was an exciting part of my high school career, I will always         as a team one last time.
                             have the friendships and memories for the rest of my life.”

                                                         Marching monarchs bring it home                                        By Rebecca Neal

                                                                      This year, the Menchville Marching Monarchs celebrated their 21st
                                                                      annual invitational on October 9th at Todd Stadium. A total of
                                                                      twelve bands competed in four divisions: Class A, AA, AAA, and
                                                                      AAAA. Bands in each division compete against each other in the
                                                                      following categories: music performance, visual performance,
                                                                      general effect, drum line, auxiliary, and drum major.
                                                                      In Class A, two bands competed and Warick High School won first
                                                                      place overall. In Class AA, a total of three bands competed and
                                                                      Lafayette High School took home first place. In Class AAA,
                                                                      Tallwood High School won first place over four other bands,
                                   Drum Major Paul Novotny            including Woodside and Kecoughtan High School. In Class AAAA,
                                   conducts the Marching
                                   Monarchs as the last band to       Grassfield High School was named not only first in their division,
                                   perform for the night.             but also the Grand Champions out of all twelve bands.

                             Girls and boys Volleyball                                                 Type to enter text
                             Configured By: Victoria Carneal
                             “This was my first year playing               Girls vs. Warwick: 3-2
                             volleyball and I wasn’t sure if I would       Girls vs. Heritage: 3-0
                             like it but as soon as the season started I
                                                                           Girls vs. Gloucester: 3-1
                             knew I was going to have a great time,”
                                                                           Girls vs. Denbigh: 3-2
                             said junior Abbey Rogers.

                             “I really enjoyed playing volleyball this     Boys vs. Heritage: 3-0
                             season. It’s always really fun and I’m        Boys vs. Gloucester: 3-1
                             gonna miss my team when I go off to
                             college,” said senior Marc Lovell.                                        Senior Bianca Hernandez goes to hit
                                                                                                       the ball.
                                      The CHAMPIoNs
LION’S ROAR October 29,2010

                              HOW THE Menchville Rugby club
                                   mAde it to the top
                                 By: Amanda Hicks and Logan Fitchett                   team does not always get the recognition they
                                                                                       deserve. Heres to you Menchville Rugby Team of
                                  June 5, 2010, the Menchville Rugby Club faced        2010! This is for all the sweat, long practices,
                              West London County to fight for the honor of being        frustration, determination and leadership that it took
                              the Division 2 State Champions. With hard work           to get to the top. Hopefully, the players can officially
                              and confidence amongst the Monarchs they became           represent the school someday because they have
                              the state champions with a 22-19 overtime win.           earned that title.
                                  Rugby is a fairly new team at Menchville, with
                              spring 2011 opening their third season. However,
                              talent and victory are nothing new to this team.
                                  The game of rugby originated in England
                              during the 19th century and it has now made its way
                              to Newport News.
                                  Ruslan Komynarets, a first year member of the
                              2010 team, said, “I wanted to play a sport where I
                              can have fun and compete with my teammates”.
                                  To Komynarets, rugby was the perfect choice.
                              Talking to some of the players and watching a
                              Youtube video of the team smashed together            The MHS Rugby team gather around for a picture with their
                              cheering before the championship game, a strong,                            trophy.
                              unified team can be seen.
                                  Many people say that winning a state
                              championship is something a team never forgets.
                              Graham King said that becoming the champions
                              was, “Amazing. I don’t think anyone expected us to
                              win. I never felt so accomplished”.
                                  The rugby team will never forget that
                              accomplishment. Especially with state championship
                              rings which many of the players now proudly wear
                              after their recent Ring Ceremony, which included
                              the attendance of all administrators.
                                  At Menchville, rugby is still only a club and not
                              an official team. Many, in the school community,
                                                                                      The MHS Rugby team gathers around for a team picture.
                              were not aware that they won the state
                              championship. Since rugby is not a varsity sport the
                               CLASS NEWS
LION’S ROAR October 13, 2010

                               By Rebecca Neal

                                              Freshmen                                           Sophomores
                               Class of 2014, as you make the transition from        For all sophomores that took the PSAT during
                               middle school keep in mind a few things: high        the Smart Moment on Wednesday, October
                               school classes are a tad different from what         13th, your score sheets will arrive through your
                               you’re used to – the homework load is heavier        guidance counselor within the next month.
                               and the classes are faster paced.                    Check out for more practice
                               If you’re struggling in a class, sign up for a       with SAT format questions in order to prepare
                               study hall to attend during the Smart Moments        for the test you will take next year.
                               on Wednesdays during homeroom. Tutoring in            The yearbook staff has created a Facebook
                               a foreign language is available after school on      group that all Menchville students are welcome
                               Mondays and Wednesdays in room 136 as well           to become a member of. The purpose of this
                               as tutoring in math after school in rooms 122        group is to get students more involved by
                               and 123 on Mondays. Do not wait until the            allowing members to post photographs that
                               end of the marking period to seek help; make         they wish to appear in the yearbook. (No
                               plans to stay after school with a teacher or for     photos are guaranteed to be selected to appear)
                               a tutoring session.                                  Weekly surveys will also be posted on the
                               Yearbook photo make-ups will take place on           group’s page to collect information for polls.
                               the 27th of October between 8 am and 2 pm in         To be a part of this group, go to
                               the auditorium. It is important that you attend      and type in “Menchville Yearbook 2010-2011”,
                               the make-up in order for your photograph to          and then click “become a member”.
                               appear in the yearbook and on your school ID.

                                                 Juniors                                              Seniors
                               Although your schedules are busy, don’t forget         Fall is the busiest time of your senior year –
                               to make time and stop by to visit                     most of you are busy filling out college
                      to begin signing up for SAT          applications, applying for scholarships, asking
                               dates this year in order to stay on top of things.    for letters of recommendation, and attempting
                               Attention! If you plan on going to Ring Dance,        to impress admissions offices with carefully
                               you must pay your junior class dues before you        written essays.
                               can pick up a ticket. Checks can be made               To assist you in your quest to college, a list of
                               payable to Menchville High School and can be          available scholarships is posted every month
                               turned into your class sponsors, Ms. Whitten          on the MHS website at http://
                               and Mr. Laske. Ring Dance will take place on
                               the 19th of November at Point Plaza, but don’t         All seniors will be meeting with their
                               let the anticipation for this exciting event          guidance counselors during October and
                               distract you. Focus on your school work and           November to discuss plans after graduation;
                               work hard to bring your interim grades up so          students will be notified of their appointment
                               that you can fully enjoy and relax on your            time by a slip in the mail.
                               special night.                                         Be sure to turn in all senior portraits to
                                                                                     yearbook within the next two weeks. If you
                                                                                     do not meet the deadline, your photo may not
                                                                                     appear in the yearbook.
                                                       Mr. ZOBY
LION’S ROAR November 2, 2010

                                                                                By:The Lion’s Roar Staff
                                                                                     What’s your favorite movie?
                                                                                     	      -The   Princess Bride

                                                                                     What’s your favorite band?
                                                                                     	      -Brother Lucy (of course!)

                                                                                     What’ your favorite food?

                                                                                     What’s your favorite
                                                                                     vacation spot?
                               Mr. Zoby practicing with his band Brother Lucy
                                                                                     	      -South   Florida Beaches

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                                                       information 100 per-
                                                                                     in high school?
              form the public about
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              key issues occurring
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