; 10 causes blog on blogspot banned
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10 causes blog on blogspot banned


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									There are several causes of blogs on blogspot deleted. This is due to violations of policies or
regulations of the bloggers. 10 causes that may lead to your blog is deleted is as follows.

   1. Adult Content
       Adult content porn smelly indeed allowed by bloggers, but you must mark your blog as
       adult content on the setting/adjustment blog
   2. Child Safety
       Don't makes the content of child pornography or pedophilia. If you do that, bloggers will
       terminate your account.
   3. Sara Statement
       Write good content. Don't containing the elements of hatred or violence against any race,
       ethnicity, religion, disability, etc...
   4. Crude Content
       The content in question here, namely the content that only make a scene without text or
       explanation at all.
   5. Violence
       Don’t make threats against others through your blog, also writes content that encourages
       readers to violence.
   6. Copyright
       You should not make careless copy-paste content. If copying and pasting other people's
       content, you should create the source. Read more about copyright bloggers.
   7. Personal Information
       Don't publishes personal or confidential information to others, such as credit card
       numbers, driver's license numbers, and others.
   8. Illegal Activity
       Use a blogger with appropriately. Do not use blogger in illegal activities.
   9. Spam
       Spam is like giving comments to the blogs of others for promotional purposes without
       any connection with the article.
   10. Virus
       Don't make your blog to spread viruses or malicious code to the reader.

Be careful with any such matters. For those who blog have been deleted may be able to consider
10 the cause and fix it earlier deleted blog for bloggers want to restore your blog.
And for those who blog are not removed must also be careful that your blog is not banned or
deleted by the blogger.
Hopefully helpful!

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