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					                                                  The V oice of Holy Trinity

June 2008                “…since the kingdom of God is not just words, it is power.” 1CORINTHIANS 4:20

                                A Spirituality of Non-Defensiveness
Recently, I have been prayerfully meditating on the theme of “non-defensiveness” as a way of
following in the path of Jesus. In some sense, this is a continuation of my previous reflection on joy,
since it seems to me that it is impossible to live defensively and joyfully at the same time; only when we
learn to live non-defensively, only when we are “disarmed,” can we open ourselves up to the
possibility of joy.

I therefore wanted to share with you this poem by Patriarch Athenagoras, which I have read previously
from the pulpit, as a reflection on this theme. I think it says it all better than I ever could.—Fr. Paul

                           I have waged this war against myself for many years.
                                                 It was terrible.
                                             But now I am disarmed.
                                   I am no longer frightened of anything
                                           because love banishes fear.
                                   I am disarmed of the need to be right
                               and to justify myself by disqualifying others.
                                       I am no longer on the defensive,
                                             holding onto my riches,
                                    I just want to welcome and to share.
                                 I don’t hold on to my ideas and projects.
                                 If someone shows me something better–
                                    no, I shouldn’t say better but good–
                                        I accept it without any regrets.
                                          I no longer seek to compare.
                           What is good, true and real is always for me the best.
                                           That is why I have no fear.
                              When we are disarmed and dispossessed of self,
                                   if we open our hearts to the God-Man
                                           who makes all things new,
                                         then He takes away past hurts
                                            and reveals a new world
                                         where everything is possible.
                              Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras (1948-1972)
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral                     Dynamis is the monthly newsletter of the Holy Trinity Greek
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Junior GOYA (ages 11-14)
        Kathy Damiani-Harris               513-4904
        Vic & Mari Tymchenko               639-1882
Senior GOYA (ages 15-18)                                  Our People…….
        Tom and Lori Avgerakis             635-1087
Greek Dance, Katherine Ossey               282-6219       These parishioners were Baptized on Saturday, April
Greek Festival, George Apostolou       360-546-1224       26, 2008:
Greeters Ministry, Ann Mallos              255-0609
        Catherine Lingas                   292-0451
Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum
                                                          Dionysius (Kenneth) Worstell, son of Kenneth and
        Mari-Lou P. Diamond                635-2711       Jane Worstell. The Godparents are George and Kathy
HOPE & JOY (ages 5-11)                                    Molesa.
        Athena Paskill                     768-4410
        Christina Geist                    293-8056       George Semos Karadimos, son of George Semos
Justice & Human Rights, John Lingas        292-0451       Karadimos and Darlene Dube Goff. The Godparent
Maids of Athena                                           is Demetri Lee.
Philo House Thrift Shop                    232-3992
Philoptochos, Stacey Gianopoulos           635-7836       Anna (Nancy) Retsinas, daughter of John Harold
Philoptochos Cookbook, Paula D. Diamond 697-1066          Nellor and Maxine Barbara Barbeau. The Godparent is
St. Nektarios Ministry, Kim Miller         249-0903       Christina Meletis.
St. Photios Fellowship, Dn. David Cole     287-0475
Stewardship Chairman, Don Ossey            282-6219       Maria (Wendi) Goodwin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Sunday School, Kathy Harris                513-4904
                                                          Stephen Green. The Godparent is Theo Nickolas.
                 Mari-Faye Karambelas      524-7063
Vacation Church School, Dina Khoury        224-5524
Young Adult League, Jacob Gorny            449-7720       Ona Molla, daughter of Ilirian and Vladi Molla. The
                                                          Godparent is Vasilige Pjetri.          (cont. page 3)
                                                          Our 2008 Graduates:
May 26, 2008: Liam James Soot, son of Simon Anthony
Soot and Katie Michele O’Malley. The Godparent is         Elena Phoutrides, daughter of Stephen and Kathy
Damian Soot.                                              Phoutrides, graduates from Boston College with a double
                                                          major in Biology and Theology. She plans to pursue a
May 25, 2008: Esme Meropi Courogen, daughter of           Master’s degree in Public Health Studies this fall.
Gregory Thomas Courogen and Wendy Carol Shaw
Courogen. The Godparent is Maria Courogen.                Paul Erlandson, son of Katina Joannides and David
                                                          Erlandson, graduating from Southridge High School in
The fo llo win g peop le we re Chris mate d into t he     Beaverton, will be attending Ohio State University in the
Ort hodo x fait h on Satu rd ay, Apri l 2 6, 20 08 :      fall.

Brendan Charles Kirby Griffin.                            Stephen Ossey, son of Don and Katherine Ossey
        His Godparent is John Panages;                    graduates from Central Catholic High School in Portland.
Chrisoula (Christine) Rouches.                            He plans to attend the University of Oregon this fall with
         Her Godparent is Chrissy Rouches;                a major in Music Production. He also looks forward to
Alice Blakeman. Her Godparent is Janet Deming;            playing baseball for the Ducks.
Jonna Beth Papaefthimiou.
        Her Godparent is Pres. Elizabeth Schroeder.       Arianna Avgerakis, daughter of Tom and Lori Avgerakis,
                                                          graduates from Newberg High School and plans to
WEDDINGS:                                                 attend Oregon State University this fall. She plans to
May 10th, 2008: Paul Nickolas and Wendi Goodwin.          major in Apparel Design.
Paul is the son of Constantine and Theodisia Nickolas
and Wendi is the daughter of Stephen and Sheila Green.    Jonathan Amanatidis, son of Peter and Vana Amanatidis,
The Sponsor was Nick Nickolas.                            graduates from Southridge High School in Beaverton and
                                                          plans to go to the University of British Columbia,
May 17, 2008: George Mollas and Jamie Murry. George       majoring in Psychology.
is the son of George and Tula Mollas from Seattle and
Jamie is the daughter of Jim and Karen Murry, also from   Ariana Rulli, daughter of Nick and Christine Rulli,
Seattle. The Sponsor was Danny (Demetrios) Mollas.        graduates from Lake Oswego High School. She will be
                                                          going to the University of Arizona at Tucson, majoring
FUNERALS:                                                 in Science and Business.
May 1, 2008: Penelope G. Oules, who passed away on
April 24 at the age of 97. She is survived by her         Athan Spathas, son of Thomas and Sarah Spathas,
daughter, Goldie McFadden, son George Oules, 8            graduates from Grant High School in Portland. He
grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and 3 great-great   plans to attend the University of Oregon this fall,
grandchildren.                                            majoring in Business.

May 13, 2008: Mary Dariotis Martin, who passed away       Yuriy Kopitko, son of Vladimir and Maria Kopitko,
on May 7, 2008 at the age of 92. She is survived by her   graduates from Mountain View High School in
family, John and Eugenia Economus, godson Gary J.         Vancouver. This fall he will be attending Washington
Economus, Joyce Economus, John Economus, Georgia          State University-Vancouver with a major in Pre-
Dariotis, George Dariotis, Chris Dariotis, Rhea Brunner   Pharmacy Studies.
and Michael Dariotis, Jr., Pamela Andrews, Peter
Andrews and god daughter Helen Georgaris, Sally Sims      George Souris, son of John and Fotini Souris, graduated
Twyman, Bess B. Twyman and Frederick W. Twyman            from the Michigan State Law School in January 2008.
and Alex Zisimatoes of Greece.                            He has been admitted into the practice of law in Illinois.

May 14, 2008: Dr. Demetrios Anton Rigas, who passed       Christina Stratis, daughter of Antony and Anna Stratis,
away on May 12 at the age of 89. He is survived by his    graduated from the University of Washington Medical
wife, Chrysiis, daughters Anna Stratis and Vasiliki       School as a Doctor or Medicine (M.D.) and will start her
Stoumbos and grandchildren.                               residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Internal Medicine.

May 30, 2008: Gayle Kay Anastasiou, who passed away       Adam Nicholas Barlas, son of Harry and Elayne Barlas,
on May 26 at the age of 62. She is survived by her        graduated from Camas High School and will be studying
husband, Vasilios, daughter Angeliki Anastasiou and son   business at Clark College in the fall.
Nikos Anastasiou.
Thomas Galanopoulos, son of Harilaos and Debbie                  parent education, they work to strengthen families. They
Galanopoulos graduates from Concordia College.                   also assist with basic needs and some employment training
                                                                 and support.
Andrea Danae Leiken, daughter of David Leiken and
                                                                 The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center - $500
Connie George Leiken, graduates from Sunset High
                                                                 This organization primarily serves poverty - level single
School and plans to go to the Univ. of Puget Sound,
                                                                 mothers and their children. They provide counseling and
majoring in Biology.
                                                                 mental health care regardless of ability to pay for these
______ _____ _____ ____ _____ ____ __                            services. The Center also provides some career counseling
                                                                 and financial planning to their clients.

Philoptochos Philanthropy                                                 Providence St. Vincent Hospice Care,
                                                                                      Camp Erin - $500
Awards                                                           Camp Erin is a summer weekend camp for children and
                                                                 teens mourning the loss of a family member. This
  Thank you, Holy Trinity parishioners, who recommended          'bereavement camp’ provides a safe, supportive, and
this year's grant applicants. Also, heartfelt appreciation to    therapeutic retreat for young people as they deal with their
our dedicated cookbook committee led by Paula Diamond.           loss.
The work of the Philanthropy Committee would not be
possible without the sales of the Flavor It Greek! cookbook      ____________________________________________
and related products, as the proceeds provide the funds for
these philanthropic gifts. Finally, a special thank you to all
our parishioners who have helped make these efforts a            Mix, fill, fold, butter.
success by purchasing many Flavor It Greek! cookbooks as
gifts for family, friends, brides and grooms - this really is    Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
one gift that keeps on giving!
__________________________________________                       All ready for the thousands. Spanakopita
                                                                 triangles slide into ovens when the guests arrive for our
Our 2008 grant recipients                                        annual festival. The miracle of many hands in our
                                                                 splendid kitchens makes possible the great treat and the
     Capitol City Medical Teams - $1,000                         great seller. What appears as a daunting and monumental
Each year, this organization conducts several medical            feat, the feeding and welcoming of a tremendous crowd
mission trips to impoverished regions in South America.          every October, is accomplished through the systematic,
This summer they will send a team to Ecuador where they          cooperative and loving labor of Holy Trinity
will conduct orthopedic, urologic and ophthalmologic             parishioners.
surgeries. Most of the patients will be children.
                                                                 This joyful sharing of time and talent represents part of
     Bridge the Gap - $1,000 - Given in behalf of the            the support of our Church. Parishioners ordered the
       Holy Trinity Greek Festival & Philoptochos                ingredients. Parishioners scheduled the work parties.
This local organization is a community outreach program          Parishioners showed up with their aprons. Parishioners
aimed at helping foster children. They provide                   cooked their lunches. Think how each spanakopita is a
opportunities that are not covered by foster families, such      stewardship bundle: Stewards ordered the ingredients.
as, bicycles, team sports participation, music lessons and       Stewards scheduled the work parties. Stewards showed
school supplies.                                                 up with their aprons. Stewards cooked their lunches.
   City of Vernonia Flood Relief - $1,000
These funds were donated for families in need who were           All of us find ways to contribute, to provide an
devastated by the flooding in the fall of 2007.                  ingredient in the bundle of stewardship contributions.
                                                                 While dollar figures on each pledge card are
  Project Mexico & St. Innocent Orphanage - $500                 important, our time and talents impart each person's
Funds will be used for the 'School Buddies Program' and          particular seasoning according to his or her skill and
for other educational costs at St. Innocent Orphanage.           generosity. We have fun with this kind of stewardship.
                                                                 Join us!
        Insights Teen Parent Program - $500
This local organization's 'Roots Program' serves teen
                                                                 Distinctively green among the savory pastries at the
parent families identified as high-risk for child abuse and
                                                                 Festival, Spanakopita later translates to a different and
neglect. Through intensive weekly case management and
                                                                 necessary kind of green on the parish books.
                                                                             “Closely Knit”
Cultural Center &                                                A Multi-Generational Program for the
                                                               Continuation of the Traditional Art of Greek
     Museum                                                              (Hellenic) Embroidery

                in conjunction with                                           Beginning Cross Stitch

Classic Greek Theater                                       When: Saturday, June 21st & June 28th & July 12, 2008
                                                            Time: 10:30 to Noon

      of Oregon                                             Where: Church Library (Upstairs next to Cultural
                                                            Three week class
                                                            Cost $50 Supplies Included
                      Present                               Two to three projects to select from

                                                            Ages 8 to Adult
An Evening of Greek Film                                    Spend Saturday morning learning the art of traditional
                                                            embroidery. The first class in the series will cover
                                                            basic Cross Stitch. You will be able to work on your
       Friday, June 13, 7:00pm                              project in class and complete the project over the
                                                            course of the class.
                                                                 Deadline for registration is June 13th, 2008
Ζαχάρω – Οι Γαµπροί
Sugartown -The Bridegrooms                                  To register for the class, please call Sophia Stamatis,
                                                            503-939-4180. Or, email
Few women eligible for marriage remain in the town
of Zaharo. One by one they have emigrated to Athens
and urban destinations abroad. Faithful to noble
tradition, the men stay and care for their family estates
but have no one to woo. Longing to start their own
                                                            Cook’s Corner
families, they agree to an innovative solution              Brought to you by Philoptochos & all the cookbook contributors
proposed and arranged by the mayor. As a group, the
single men venture to Russia to find love and marriage.     Our summer season, despite its’ periodic indecision, is
Filmed amid the stunning beauty of the Kyparissian          upon us. That means a return to the tasty, light
Gulf, this documentary acquaints the viewers with the       Mediterranean fare so many of us long for. After
sweet and earnest bachelors and their calculating           breezing through the Flavor It Greek! cookbook,
prospective brides.                                         it’s hard to know which delicious mezethes, salad,
                                                            vegetable or seafood recipe to pick. One thing is for
Sadly, Zaharo was one of the towns severely affected        sure, you can’t go wrong with any of them. With the
by the devastating fires of 2007 in the Peloponnesus.       farmer’s markets now open, pick up the freshest
                                                            ingredients to use in any of your favorite Flavor It
Introduction by local Zaharo resident, Chris Rennie         Greek! selections.
$8.00 suggested donation • refreshments served

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral
3131 NE Glisan Street • Portland, Oregon
                                                            Here’s one from Eleni Nicholson that’s a sure winner.
                                                            Her family used this as a main or side dish, served it
                                                            hot or cold and loved it in the summer.
Vegetable Casserole---Briami                              A WORD FROM AGIA SOPHIA
(p.68 in Flavor It Greek!)
Eggplant, cut in slices or chunks
Carrots, cut in slices                                               My, my, how time goes by! By the time
Celery, cut in slices                                     some of you read this, the 2007-2008 school year will
Leek, cut in 1-inch slices                                be history. We have had a wonderful go of it at Agia
Okra, whole                                               Sophia Academy. It is indeed a thrill to know that our
Potatoes, peeled and sliced                               students have learned so much—being educated by the
Fresh green beans halved or whole                         best of teachers in ideal small classroom settings.
Peas, fresh or frozen
Cauliflower florets                                             No less than a few times this school year I have
Yellow zucchini squash, slices                            overheard our Montessori Early Childhood Education
                                                          students singing. How delightful it is to hear the
Sauce:                                                    angelic voices of 3-6 year old children singing along,
1 (15 ounce) can stewed tomatoes                          almost in key, in unison, and with little or no effort.
3 garlic cloves, chopped                                  The joy in their voices and their attention to what is
1 large onion, cut into wedges and thinly sliced          sung tells me that music has become an important part
½ cup tomato sauce                                        of their educational experience.
½ to l cup olive oil
1 teaspoon basil, dried or 3 sprigs fresh                        Besides our high emphasis on proper education
¼ teaspoon thyme, dried or fresh                          in academics, we take pride in bringing the arts to our
¼ teaspoon mint, dried or fresh                           children. Our Greek and Latin teachers, Lia Galani
¼ to ½ cup fresh parsley                                  and Aryn Seiler respectively, are the best. Our music
½ teaspoons oregano, dried or fresh                       teacher, Brigid Powell, is top-notch. Each of them is
Salt and pepper to taste                                  totally committed to giving their best in language and
½ cup white wine (optional)                               music to our students in a way that builds in them a
1 to 2 cups water or chicken stock                        desire to learn. Many are the positive comments from
                                                          students and parents regarding these programs.
A wide choice of vegetables may be used in this dish in
any quantity. For the sauce, vary the amount of                  It would be careless of me not to mention the
ingredients to be proportionate to the amount of          outstanding educational practices of our full-time
vegetables.                                               teachers—Elisha Lubliner, Marina Schor, Delpha
                                                          Powell, and Ed Hillhouse. ASA is blessed to have such
Arrange the vegetables in a baking pan or dish. Pour      caring, experienced, and committed teachers. They are
sauce plus 1 cup water or chicken stock over the          not interested in merely getting the children through
vegetables and stir. Cover and bake in preheated 375      the school year. Instead, they pour their hearts and
degree oven for 35 to 40 minutes. Stir periodically and   lives into the children, giving them the very best
add more water if necessary. Uncover and bake 15          education dollars can offer. This school year has clearly
minutes longer until vegetables are fork tender. Serve    portrayed that. We are so proud of them.
warm with French bread and cheese.
                                                                Where are your children going to school next
Happy Summer from Philoptochos!                           year? We invite you to tour Agia Sophia Academy this
                                                          summer and talk to us about that of which we are
                                                          most proud—our high standard of education. Call us
                                                          at 503-641-4600; e-mail us at
                                                 Visit our webpage
                                                          ( and download an
                                                          application today. We want to play a key role in the
                                                          education of your children. Dn. Dennis Seib,

 3131 N.E. GLISAN STREET                                                      NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
 PORTLAND, OREGON 97232                                                            PAID
                                                                               PERMIT NO. 64
                                                                              PORTLAND, OREG
 Change Service Requested

   Bookstore                                         SAVE THE DATES:

Open Monday thru Friday      Monday-Friday, June 16 – 20     Vacation Church School
                                                             (10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)
10:00 AM – 2:30 PM and for                                   Ages pre-K – 6th grade. Registration
one hour after Liturgy on                                    forms are in the office.
Sundays.                     Sunday, June 29:                AHEC Spring Fling (Camp Angelos)
                             Sunday, July 27:                Limnes Picnic (Camp Angelos)
Come in                      Saturday, August 2- 7           Kids n Cancer Camp Agape
                             Sunday-Friday, August 10-15     Summer Camp (see flier enclosed
                                                             in this issue/extra forms available
browse !                                                     in office or on our website). If you
                                                             are interested in counseling, please
                                                             contact: Ellen Belesiu at 503.639.6464
• Books                                                      or George Psihogios at 503.515.8100.
• Tapes                                                      Counselors must be 16 years of age.
• Candles                                                    We are now taking registration for
• Incense                                                    campers 9-15 years old.
• Jewelry                    Sunday, August 17               Community Picnic at Camp
                                                             Angelos after church
• Items for Baptisms &
                             Sunday, September 7             Parish Fair in St. Katherine Hall
                                                                       after church
• Gifts
       Seniors Ministry
Our trip to St. George Greek                           sponsored jointly by Philoptochos
Orthodox Church on May 4, 2008                                 and Holy Trinity
On Sunday morning, May 4 we were treated to a
bus trip to Eugene to visit Fr. Jerry and St. George
Church. Everyone had a fabulous time. They
treated us to lunch and even baked us a beautiful
cake! Thank you, friends in Eugene, for the
wonderful time!

                                                           The next planned trip is on Saturday,
                                                           July 26, 2008 - We will drive to St.
                                                           John the Forerunner Monastery for
                                                           St. Paraskeve Liturgy and lunch

                                                           The Senior Activities Committee
                                                           would like to encourage and invite
                                                           new members who would enjoy
                                                           planning and working on Senior
                                                           activities and outings. Please contact
                                                           Presvytera Effy Stephanopoulos at