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									Safe & Engaged Online Learning

               Collaborative Technology
for K-12 Educators, Parents and Students
                          by Jeff Cooper
Sustained Online Support

   Technology may:
    – Inspire students to become engaged
      self-motivated learners
    – Lay dormant without sustained support
      for educators, students and parents
Practice into Theory

 This presentation offers links to sites
  useful for K-16 educators, parents
  and students.
 Titles are hyperlinked to actual site.
 Although these sites were chosen for
  pragmatic reasons, the theory behind
  their choice is to facilitate learning for
  both students and educators.
Safe Environments
 No one wants their child or student to be
  online where it isn’t safe.
 Many districts ban any use of synchronous
  chat because they fear predators, and end up
  filtering many safe sites as a precaution
 IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Habbo Hotel (a
  purported kid friendly graphic site) and
  various instant messengers have few
  safeguards against “outsiders”
 Without safe alternatives and guidance,
  students may find themselves making poor
Multi-User Virtual Environments

   Tapped In: Educational Collaborative Community
   Both Real Time and Asynchronous
   Safe Student Environment
   Web Page Projection, File Sharing, Threaded
    Discussion, Logged Text Chat, Many other tools
Moodle: Opensource Classroom
Free Online Portfolios, Webquests,
Conference Directory, Student Assessment System
Open Source Portfolio Initiative
Email Systems and Projects

 For the same reason many sites are
  banned by districts, many disallow their
  students having or using email.
 Email is the most useful and important
  collaborative tool on the Internet.
 Email systems and project sites that
  provide safe access should be
  encouraged and not banned.
                         Related links: IECC, I*EARN
 K-12 Email
  Collaborative Tool
 182 Countries
  65,000 Classrooms
  2.2 million students
 Start online
  friendships and
  projects, break down
  classroom walls
T-Mail T-Sail T-Time

  T-Mail: Email
  T-Sail:
  T-Time: Web
   Page Creation
   (coming soon)
IECC Intercultural E-Mail
Classroom Connections
 International
 Archived Projects
 Email-based
   Projects Registry
   CyberFair
   News Lists
   GeoGame
   Make a Difference    Global SchoolNet is an excellent collaborative
                         learning site.

   Online Expeditions   GHS facilitates opportunities for teachers to
                         collaborate, communicate, and celebrate shared
   Newsday              learning experiences.

                         This website is free to all educators.
 Online Science
  and Math
 Multidisciplinary
  projects to join
                     student run
                     projects and
 Online email
  listserv manager
 Archives messages
 Public/private option
 Database manager
 Calendar and Chat
 Moderate or not
 Online File Storage
  (20meg per group)
 Online File Sharing

 Allow easy webpage creation
 RSS links blogs together
 Weblog or “blogger”
 Online journal, either
  for individual or group
 Free and ad free
Bloglines: Weblog Organizer
Useful Tools

 A workman is only as good as his tools
 Professional development
 Public bookmarks for collaboration
 Easy to use webpage creation
 Online lesson plans
 Online quizzes
 Online rubrics
   Social Studies
   Resources: Gov’t.,
    Law, Geography,
    History, Social
    Lesson Plans
   Grade Level (and
    other) Chatboards
Edutopia: Professional Development
from George Lucas Educational Foundation
 N.Y. Times Learning
  Network: Portal Site
 Archived Lesson Plans
 Highly Articulated
 Includes Standards
                        Enactz: Lessons
                        Pedera: Staff Development

 Over 500 K-12
 Interactive with
  MS Office Suite
 Allows teachers
  flexibility in both
  content and
  approach to
  lessons and tech
Professional Collaborative
 Online Bookmarks
 Accessible from any
  online computer
 File sharing

    Related Sites: backflip
         clickmarks myhq
•URL Redirector
•Make long addresses short
•Free account creation allows
you to save and create alias
links (example:
http://snipurl.com/cooperebay )
•Add toolbar to your computer
•Important tool for getting
students, teachers etc. quickly to
the right webpage
 Online virtual tour
  or webquest
 Allows teachers
  to create up to 15
  links for student
 Searchable
  database for
  K-12 tracks
 Online rubric
 Editable
 Data analysis
•Free Web Based Quizzes
•Include Multiple Choice,
True/False, and Short Answer
•Group Your Students by
Class Name
•Activate, deactivate and
archive quizzes
•Search Quiz Database for
Ideas, Quizzes by Colleagues
Useful Links: Safe Online Communities
The following sites have hundreds of links for kids and teens to
  get online and play, learn, and communicate with their peers.
 Building Safe Online Communities for Kids
 Computers in Education: Online Communities for Kids
 Over 10,00 Reviewed Sites for Kids and Teens
 Kids and Teens Online Communities
 Online Communities
 Online Communities
 Google Search: Online Communities
 DirectoryKids.com: Online Communities

 Technology best practice requires tools
  and support
 Collaboration with peers and student-
  centered learning leads to more
  fulfilling education for teachers,
  students, and parents
 Additional support is available from Jeff

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