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									                      Request for Bids Specifications For
   Development and Presentation of an Interoperable Communications Training
             for Region I Homeland Security Oversight Committee

              Bids are due to MRPC by June 8, 2010, 12 Noon Deadline

Meramec Regional Planning Commission is soliciting bids for the development and
presentation of an Interoperable Communications Training for Region I emergency
responders on Thursday, July 29, 2010. This training should be in two modules. The first
module will be an in-depth six to seven hour class designed for communications
technicians and leadership level emergency responders. The second module should be a
three hour basics class for any emergency responder who uses interoperable
communications equipment. The training should comply with the following specs:

Bidder must provide:

      Develop and present an in-depth training on interoperable communications (six to
       seven hours in length), including the following topics:
           o Discussion of Interoperable Communications at the State level
           o Communications Concepts
           o ICS – Operational Planning
                   Creating your own IOC plans
                   Practicing and drilling IOC plans/equipment
           o Interoperable System Concepts
                   Radio System Basics (VHF Simplex, VHF Repeater, 800 Mhz
                      Trunked Systems – P25, Bandwidth, analog and P25, Mutual
                      Aid/Interoperability channels
           o Interoperability Solutions
           o Communications Planning
           o NIMS/ICS
           o Region Specific IOC plans/channels/procedures
                   Sample plans
           o Bridging
                   Planning examples
      Develop and present an ‘Awareness’ level IOC class (three hours in length),
       including the following topics:
           o Equipment Basics
           o Bandwidth
           o P-25
           o Mutual Aid – tying in with NIMS procedures
           o Demonstration on how to use interoperable radios

      Presentation must be in Powerpoint format with handouts and back-up material
       and MRPC staff must be provided a draft copy or summary of all training
       materials and presentations with the proposal.
      Contractor must provide an electronic version of a promotional color flier for the
       event by June 17th that must be approved by MRPC in a format that MRPC can
       print for distribution.
      Must provide IOC equipment (including, but not limited to: portable P25/analog
       radios, compatible repeater, interconnect device, etc.) for participants as well as
       be able to work with and train on equipment provided by participants
      Must provide IOC demonstration, including both basic radio equipment as well as
       equipment in regional mobile command units to be utilized during training.
      Training must focus on basic interoperable communications principles – not be
       brand or company specific.
      Cost of each module should be listed individually in the event that the evening
       module is canceled due to low registration.

Location: The training will be held at the Eugene E. Northern Community Hall, located
at 400 W Fourth Street, Rolla, MO.

Include the following:
     Payment will be made after the training has been completed.
     List of references that can provide feedback on your level of expertise and ability
       to provide this type of training.

Information to Bidder:
     MRPC reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all bids.
     All bids should meet or exceed specifications outlined on spec sheets.
     Examine bid spec sheet for each item you are bidding on before submitting a bid.
     Bids are due to MRPC by June 8, 2010, 12 Noon deadline.
     Bids must be good for 90 days.
     The bidder is responsible for receipt and maintained confidentiality of faxed bids.
     MRPC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and invites the submission of bids
       from minority and women-owned firms.

Send Bids To:
Meramec Regional Planning Commission
Attn: Amy McMillen
4 Industrial Drive
St. James, MO 65559
Phone: 573-265-2993 • Fax: 573-265-3550

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