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Student Leaders Provide Mariachi Osorio
     A publication by the students for the Ramapo College community                                                    THURSDAY, November 12, 2009                         XL No. 9

New Perspective on       Serenades J. Leeʼs
African History, Culture                                                                         By AMY FEZZA                                     Osorio said. “For example, any time any-
                                                                                                 Staff Writer                                     one breaks up in Mexico or South America,
                                                                                                                                                  men will send out Mariachi’s to their ex-
                                                                                                     An authentic Mariachi singer came to
                                                                                                                                                  girlfriends in order to get them back, the
                                                                                                 Ramapo to teach the history and culture of
                                                                                                                                                  songs and the performer of the Mariachi
                                                                                                 his profession, but due to an error on the
                                                                                                                                                  tend to fix a broken heart and make every-
                                                                                                 advertisement, hardly anyone was there to
                                                                                                                                                  thing better.”
                                                                                                 watch. Fortunately, the students who did
                                                                                                                                                    Osorio explained that three centuries ago
                                                                                                 show up enjoyed the extra-intimate mood
                                                                                                                                                  a priest came to teach Catholicism to the
                                                                                                 in J. Lee’s last week.
                                                                                                                                                  Indians through music in Mexico. This is
                                                                                                   “I definitely felt more connected with the
                                                                                                                                                  how the Mariachi came about; Indians
                                                                                                 speaker since there wasn’t that many peo-
                                                                                                                                                  mixed their music with the Spanish, he
                                                                                                 ple in the audience, it was a very relaxed
                                                                                                 atmosphere,” sophomore Colleen Steel
                                                                                                                                                    Most of the instruments were made out of
                                                                                                    Just because he’s from Colombia, Juan
                                                                                                                                                    “The instruments were made out of some
                                                                                                 Carlos Osorio said that doesn’t mean he
                                                                                                                                                  wild things, for example an armadillo’s top
                                                                                                 doesn’t love Mexican music.
                                                                                                                                                  and intestines were used to make a bass.”
                                                                                                       “Colombian people listen to more
                                                                                                                                                    Osorio also passed around clothing worn
                                                                                                 Mexican music than their own, that’s just
                                                                                                                                                  by a Mariachi singer.
                                                                                                 the way it is.”
                                                                                                                                                     “The hat was much more heavy than I
                                                                                                   Osorio came to Ramapo to talk about the
                                                                                                                                                  expected,” Steel said.
                                                                                                 history of how Mariachi came about and
                                                                                                                                                    The clothing was all black with a couple
                                                                                                 why he believes it is so beautiful.
                                                                                                                                                  embellishments and a majestic black hat to
                                                                                                    “I’m a Spanish major and I thought it
                                                                                                                                                  complete the outfit.
                                                                                                 would be interesting to learn more about
                                                                                                                                                    “The wardrobe, the style of singing, and
                                                                                                 the culture outside of a classroom,” sopho-
                                                                                                                                                  the presentation are all very key to how a
                                                                                                 more, Melanie Orinski said.
                                                                                                                                                  Mariachi truly comes to life,” Osorio said.
                                                                                                   Osorio started his presentation by singing
                                                                                                                                                     Throughout Osorio’s lecture, he used a
                                                                                                 a Mariachi love song, which quickly got
                                                                                                                                                  PowerPoint presentation to accompany
                                                                                                 the audience’s attention.
                                                                                                                                                  him with each historical Mariachi figure he
                                                                                                   “Mariachi is about telling stories and fill-
                                                                                                 ing yourself with happiness and joy,”                             see TELLING on page 6

                                                                  photo by Keri Ann Flaccomio
Members of BMAD and Omega Phi Chi at Going Back to Africa.

By KERI ANN FLACCOMIO                          past the common misunderstandings in
Staff Writer                                   order to appreciate their own ancestries and
                                               societal traditions.
   Brothers Making a Difference sponsored
                                                    “The oldest fossil link that was found
Going Back to Africa on the evening of
                                               came from Africa, so somehow, we are all,
Nov. 5, in an effort to provide a fresh per-
                                               in a sense, linked to this continent,” Harris
spective on the continent’s history and its
                                               said. “I think it’s important to start decon-
influences on the modern-day culture of the
                                               structing those myths, those stereotypes that
United States.
                                               in a sense kind of scare people away. I think
   Going Back to Africa, co-sponsored by
                                               it’s very sensationalized over there—people
Omega Phi Chi, Inc., was one of many
                                               say everyone’s sick and that there’s so much
events held as a part of Black Solidarity
                                               poverty, and while certain factors of what
Week, which gave African American stu-
                                               people say may be true, in its entirety, Africa
dents the opportunity to come together and
                                               is just as industrialized, just as functional,
reflect upon the contributions made by their
                                               just as politically, economically, socially
ancestors, and to see how the past and pres-
                                               and culturally strong as any other conti-
ent have correlated to carry them to where
they are today.
                                                     The night began with refreshments,
     Anthony Harris, senior advisor for
                                               including ethnic selections of chicken,
BMAD, believes that it is essential for peo-                                                                                                                              photo by Amy Fezza
ple to understand African history and move                         see GOING on page 6           Juan Carlos Osorio talks about the history and traditions of Mariachi.
Students Unhappy with Weekend Dining Hours
Page 2 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                Thursday, November 12, 2009

By SAMANTHA ULLRICH                                                                                                                           more expansive hours on the weekends,
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                  we cannot do so without adding signifi-
                                                                                                                                              cant cost,” Cammarata said.
  The limited weekend cafeteria hours on                                                                                                         Studies have shown that campus dining
campus are forcing students to eat out,                                                                                                       halls are open during the busiest eating
students complain.                                                                                                                            times for students.
  Of the two main dining halls on campus,                                                                                                       The hours of operation are well thought
the Atrium is open 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on                                                                                                          out, Cammarata said, and are based on
Saturday and closed Sunday, and the                                                                                                           counts done to accommodate the most
Birch Tree is open from 11 a.m.-3 p.m., 5                                                                                                     popular eating times throughout the day.
p.m.-7 p.m. and 9 p.m.-1 a.m. on                                                                                                                  Dining services and SGA representa-
Saturdays and Sundays. The Convenience                                                                                                        tives declined comment on this issue.
Store is only open from 4 p.m.-11 p.m. on                                                                                                        Chang, who has lived on campus with
Saturdays and Sundays. As a result, stu-                                                                                                      his wife for 25 years, agrees more cafete-
dents who reside on campus are forced to                                                                                                      ria hours would be convenient for stu-
accommodate their eating schedules                                                                                                            dents.
around the hours that the cafeterias are                                                                                                         “When they introduced Late Night, we
open for business.                                                                                                                            all thought that was great. But I do agree
  “I try to have a good college experience                                                                             photo by Kim Ciocon
                                                                                                                                              with the students that there should be a
                                                 Students enjoying Late Night dining Wednesday night in the Birch.
even though I live close. I have the                                                                                                          place to eat on campus with more hours
Sensible 6 plan, so I’m pretty limited to                                                                                                     during weekends,” Chang said.
                                                    School officials say that it has always   thing and want to grab a sandwich or
eating at the cafeterias. I try to go at least                                                                                                  There are about 3,000 residents on cam-
                                                 been a commitment to keep students on        salad. But if we want food during the time
once a day,” student Amy Fezza said.                                                                                                          pus and over 2,300 have a meal plan, but
                                                 campus on the weekends, in order to dis-     gap that Birch isn’t open, we have to wait
                                                                                                                                              Cammarata said Ramapo needs to look at
                                                 pel the notion that Ramapo is a “suitcase”   until it reopens or go off campus to get a
                                                                                                                                              how to meet student needs and stay on
                                                 school - where students go home on           real meal,” student Colleen Steel said.
                                                 weekends.                                       According to Miki Cammarata, associ-
                                                                                                                                                 Students without cars also find it diffi-
                                                    Pat Chang, associate vice president for   ate vice president for student affairs, there
                                                                                                                                              cult to accommodate rides to go off cam-
                                                 student affairs stated in an email,          will be no increase in dining hours as long
                                                                                                                                              pus to eat when dining services are
                                                 “Previous dean Nancy Mackin had Public       as there are enough seats during the cur-
                                                                                                                                              unavailable. Even those with means of
                                                 Safety conduct occasional car counts in      rent hours.
                                                                                                                                              transportation are unhappy with gaps
                                                 the residence halls to determine how            Cammarata said there is actually a fair
                                                                                                                                              between cafeteria openings throughout
                                                 many residents stayed over the weekends      amount of assessment that goes into
                                                                                                                                              the weekends.
                                                 and found out that actually a majority       determining dining hours. The current
                                                                                                                                                  “They didn’t give us a say whether it
                                                 stayed.”                                     hours for the Birth Tree Inn and Pavilion,
                                                                                                                                              would be okay for us to have limited
                                                   Ramapo students who do choose to stick     in effect for the past few years, were
                                                                                                                                              time,” Fezza said. “I don’t want to have to
                                                 around on the weekends argue that they       determined based on the academic sched-
                                                                                                                                              go home every weekend to get a good
                                                 don’t have flexibility to eat when they      ule and consultation with students.
                                                                                                                                              meal. I mean, I’m paying for it, so I feel
                                                 want.                                           “Existing volume and traffic patterns
                                                                                                                                              like I should get it here.”
                          photo by Kim Ciocon      “There are times when my friends and I     are also taken into consideration. While it
The Birch Tree Inn dining hours,                 are walking back from the gym or some-       is unlikely that students would object to
which some students want changed.

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        AROU N D THE

Learning That Can’t Occur in a Classroom
                                                                                                                                                               Thursday, November 12, 2009

By COURTNEY CERRETA                              government is similar to that of the United                                                           spoke about France and its liberty, equality
Staff Writer                                     States’, Africa is known as “The Dark                                                                 and diversity. She said France is very diver-
                                                 Continent.” They talked about the Islamic                                                             sified, from the landscapes to the food and
   The School of American and International      Democracy and how there are very few coun-                                                            music. The landscape consists of seas,
Studies (AIS) presented “An International        tries that are both Islamic and democratic.                                                           mountains and plains covered in different
Evening” on Nov. 9 in Friends Hall. This         The main religion in Africa is Muslim,                                                                monuments. France is the largest country in
presentation involved Fulbright Scholars         which makes up about 90 percent of the                                                                Europe. The French are well known for their
coming from all over the world to talk to the    population, while the rest is 5 percent                                                               different types of wines, cheese and bread.
students at Ramapo College about the coun-       Christian and 5 percent other.                                                                           Zhu Yige, a visiting scholar from China,
tries they came from and their native cul-          Gabriela Serrano spoke about Brazil. She                                                           gave the final presentation. China has 5,000
tures and languages. The countries discussed     is from the city of Rio de Janeiro, which she                                                         years of history and has the largest popula-
included Mali, Brazil, Croatia, France and       referred to as “a marvelous city,” compared                                                           tion of any country in the world - 1.4 billion
China.                                           to California because of all the famous peo-                                                          people.
     Dr. Hassan Nejad, the dean of AIS,          ple and beaches. Sugar Loaf Mountain, one                                                                Yige spoke about the Chinese flag and its
explained his thoughts on our country, say-      of the Seven Wonders of the World, is locat-                                                          meaning. The red background of the flag
ing that we have “a wonderful group of peo-      ed in Rio. Brazil is known for its music,                                                             symbolizes the blood of the heroes who died
ple in this country.” This presentation, he      dancing and legendary carnival. They created                                                          during the revolution and the yellow color
thinks, we cannot learn about in a class-        the Samba, an upbeat and famous Latin                                                                 symbolizes the glorious history and culture.
room. They come to us so we can learn            dance.                                                                                                   The night was concluded with a sampling
about their contributions and customs.               Martin Ivankovic spoke of his homeland                                 photo by Stefanie Mauro    of the different ethnic foods brought by the
     Rosetta D’Angelo, coordinator of this       Croatia, a country in southeastern Europe.          An “International Evening” featured               presenters. The presenters mingled with the
event and Italian professor at Ramapo            He grew up in a historic coastal city named        speakers of different countries, food              crowd, giving the guests an opportunity to
College, said, “We should do it as many          Dubrovnik. Ivankovic compared Dubrovnik                             and music.                        ask them questions about their countries and
times as we can. Hopefully, twice a semes-       to Greece, pointing out that Croatia has             Cait Burns, junior at Ramapo, said it was        cultures. “An International Evening” was a
ter. We want to have a symposium on world        1,100 islands. Some of the ethnic cuisine          exciting to learn about Croatia. She said she      huge success, giving those in attendance a
languages next semester.”                        includes dishes such as stuffed peppers,           would be interested in learning more, adding,      reason to look forward to future cultural pre-
    Aissata and Oumou Diawara are sisters        shrimp scampi, seafood, and peppers and            “That’s not a place I really know much             sentations.
who come from Mali, Africa. They gave a          onions, which he served to guests after the        about.”

Peterson Delivers UN: the Good, the Bad and the Future
presentation about Africa; even though their     presentation.                                           Laura Nicolas, a Fulbright professor,

By MEGAN ANDERLE                                 the UN? Is the UN doing an excellent, fair, or     they are doing enough. Also, there is not          which ranged from global culture in transi-
Staff Writer                                     poor job in its work? What kind of a budget        enough news on the UN in the United States.”       tion, to global ethic, to there being a clash of
                                                 does the UN have?”                                   A major success of the UN Peterson recalled      cultures, as a reaction to globalizing trends
  Though there are many facets of the UN and        The two former questions elicited positive      was when the organization eradicated and elim-     perceived to be threats, causing conflicts.
what it accomplishes, Peterson’s lecture,        reactions from the audience as a whole, with       inated small pox during the 1970s.                     The theory he most aligns himself with
“Diversity and Similarity: The United            many audience members raising their hands             “Using a modest budget, the UN assembled        deals with the global marketplace.
Nations’ Culture,” focused specifically on       for the “excellent” option. Audience members       doctors from various countries, who cooperat-        “We’re moving into a global culture, but it’s
“how the UN deals with culture and values in     failed to come up with an answer to the last       ed to find a cure,” Peterson said.                 a very slow process, and we’ll see more inter-
the context of controversies today, concerning   question, however. One woman thought the                On the flip side, a major frustration of      cultural influences going on. I think there will
globalization and civilization.”                 budget was $50 million.                            Peterson’s regarding the UN is the organiza-       be a hybrid of several major cultures emerging
  A mouthful.                                       In reality, the UN’s budget is a sizable $1.9   tion’s failure to respond to genocide in Darfur.   in the years to come. This will be a prelimi-
  Peterson began his presentation with a pop     billion, though only 4 percent of New York             In the future, he hopes the UN to accom-       nary step before global culture. We can see
quiz, to assess the audience’s general opinion   City’s budget, to put the number in perspec-       plish its millennium development, which            basic principles in common now as a result of
of the UN.                                       tive. Peterson explained to the audience a real-   strives to reduce global poverty by 50 percent     modernization,” Peterson said.
  “How many of you have a positive view of       ity of UN’s goals; they can only be accom-         by 2015, and to reduce infant mortality rates.        Overall, the feedback from the presentation
                                                 plished through adequate funding.                  As of right now, however, the budget to            was positive.
                                                    “Look at the organization’s goals, and com-     accomplish the millennium development is               “Peterson conveys a positive and progres-
                                                 pare them to the resources. One must evaluate      limited.                                           sive viewpoint of the UN,” said Walter
                                                 the UN’s successes and failures in that con-           “Is there enough money pledged? No, but        Popiel, vice president of the Culture Club.
                                                 text.”                                             we’re moving towards these goals, and we’re        “I’m happy about the way he expresses the
                                                    Another limitation the organization faces is    moving in the right direction,” Peterson said.     importance of the UN on modern culture.”
                                                 sovereign Nation States pursuing their own               Peterson also spoke about the United              There will be another presentation on
                                                 national interests.                                Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural        Monday, Nov. 16, in Friends Hall at 1:00
                                                     “It’s impressive that they’ve accomplished     Organization (UNESCO). As its name sug-            p.m., featuring Dr. Gerardo Pina-Rosales, a
                                                 as much as they have,” Peterson said.              gests, UNESCO is a body of the UN devoted          professor at the Graduate School and Lehman
                                                     Though general consensus of the UN was         to the international collaboration of education,   College, C.U.N.Y who is the president of
                                                 positive, there were some disparities.             science and culture, all while fostering coop-     North American Academy of the Spanish
                                                    Senior Marie Murray agrees that the UN is       eration and peace between nations, according       Language.
                                                 doing a good job.                                  to Peterson.                                            His lecture, “Culture and Society: The
                                                     “I think they’re doing a good job in terms          “The ultimate goal of UNESCO is to            English Influence in the Spanish Language,”
                                                 of all the fields they’re trying to reach.”        increase dialogue between cultures,” Peterson      is presented by the Culture Club. Food and
                photo courtesy of Ramapo.edu             In contrast, Ramapo student Bryan          said.                                              refreshments will be served.
Professor Clifford Peterson firmly               Edgecomb feels the UN is doing a fair job.            His lecture provided the audience with sev-
believes in the UNʼs effectiveness.                “They’re doing a fair job because I don’t feel   eral different theories about globalization,
Page 4 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                        Thursday, November 12, 2009

                                          Roving                                                    Reporter
           “If you could only live with the Internet, a cell phone or TV, which would you pick?”
                                                            Question and Photographs by Erica Buchman

                                                   “Internet”                                                                  “Cell Phone”
                                             -Jonathan Saitzyk                                                              -Robert Bolejszo
                                                  Junior                                                                      Sophomore

           “Internet”                                                                   “Cell Phone”                                                                   “Cell Phone”
     -Kristen Oblosky                                                               -Mohammad Bidas                                                                -Keble McDermoth
       Sophomore                                                                                                                                                         Junior

Financial Planner Helps Create Budgets, Manage Expenses
By KERI ANN FLACCOMIO                                                                                                                               suggestions for cutting back on everyday
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                        expenses, such as: cut out one restaurant meal
                                                                                                                                                    per week, make your daily coffee at home, use
  The Department of Human Resources host-
                                                                                                                                                    coupons at the grocery store and rent a DVD
ed a financial workshop with ING Financial
                                                                                                                                                    rather than going out. One participant also
Advisers on Nov. 6 to counsel employees on
                                                                                                                                                    mentioned that going to the library can be an
budgeting and managing expenses.
                                                                                                                                                    effective way to cut costs.
  Jeanne Weaver, a certified financial planner
                                                                                                                                                       Weaver concluded the presentation by pro-
since 1984, led the workshop roundtable style,
                                                                                                                                                    viding useful Web sites such as
using a PowerPoint presentation and working
                                                                                                                                                    www.debtfree.org for information on credit
off the feedback from the participants—six
                                                                                                                                                    counseling and annualcreditreport.com for a
members of the Ramapo faculty.
                                                                                                                                                    free credit report each year.
   Weaver said that the function of the work-
                                                                                                                                                       All six faculty members who were present
shop was mainly to develop skills that are use-
                                                                                                                                                    declined to comment on their reasons for
ful in the current economy, specifically for
                                                                                                                                                    attending the workshop and what they gained
managing expenses.
                                                                                                                                                    from the presentation, due to the sensitivity
  “I’ve seen every form of a budget,” she said,
                                                                                                                                                    associated with financial circumstances.
beginning the presentation, “or lack thereof.”
                                                                                                                                                      After the workshop had formally ended, the
  Walking the participants through the steps of
                                                                                                                                                    participants were entitled to meet individually
planning out a successful personal or family                                                                          photo by Keri Ann Flaccomio   with a financial planner for a complimentary
budget, Weaver explained that the most             Jeanne Weaver lectures faculty on managing budgets during her workshop.                          consultation.
important factor is exercising control, and
                                                                                                                                                       In these difficult economic times, Weaver
being able to find the “black holes.”
                                                   erenced the post-Depression era, during which    closely at them, even though there are mis-     says the most important thing that people can
   “We speak in big terms,” she said, “but I
                                                   many families budgeted by separating money       takes.                                          do to secure their finances is to manage out-of-
think it’s the little things that kill us.”
                                                   for food, gas and other necessities into             One participant agreed, describing how      control debt, especially through credit cards.
   The first step in planning a budget is figur-
                                                   envelopes stored in their kitchen drawers.       wireless telephone companies often put addi-      For those trying to plan a budget for the first
ing out what one’s expenses are, the second
                                                       “You need to know where the money is         tional charges on their monthly bills, which    time, she recommends conducting a three-
step is comparing those expenses against
                                                   going before you can plug any holes,” Weaver     can lead a consumer to pay extra unless he or   month analysis of one’s check book, credit
income, and the final step is creating a plan to
                                                   said.                                            she makes a call to dispute the fluctuating     cards and cash usage.
cut back on the expenses in order to have a
                                                     She also cautioned against automatic deduc-    costs.                                            “It’s a way to prepare yourself,” Weaver said,
decent sum of money remaining.
                                                   tions, saying that people tend to stop looking     Throughout the presentation, Weaver offered   “so you don’t get stuck.”
  To provide a realistic example, Weaver ref-
Obama Mourns Those Lost in Fort Hood Shooting
Page 5 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                              Thursday, November 12, 2009

By ANN GERHART                                      president noted, "were killed here, on           Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison. From the          lives ahead of them. They were randomly
The Washington Post                                 American soil. ... This is the fact that makes   Pentagon came Defense Secretary Robert             gunned down," Fleming, 45, said as he wait-
                                                    the tragedy even more painful, even more         Gates; Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the           ed in the parking lot of the Ghost Warrior
   Each blow against America has seemed             incomprehensible."                               Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Casey.                  Lanes bowling alley. "That hurts."
unimaginable: When 220 soldiers died in the            What made it unimaginable, Obama left           The service was open to the public, and the         Heather Guerra, 22, drove an hour from
shattered Beirut barracks. When the fertilizer      unsaid: The man accused is one of the Army's     mourners began coming several hours early.         Moffat, Tex., and sat on a curb in the bright
bombs blew apart a federal building and its         own, a major, a psychiatrist, scheduled to          Companies marched in formation to the           sun with her infant son Jeremiah on her
workforce in Oklahoma City. When the                deploy to Afghanistan and to help those buck-    large grassy field, carrying their flags. Army     knees. She saw the attack as a "mini-9/11"
hijackers brought down shining twin towers          ling under the brutality of war. That, said      wives lowered babies off their hips to go          and said her presence was "the least I can do."
and more than 3,000 lives.                          Gen. George W. Casey Jr., the Army's chief of    through metal detectors, then swooped them           The picnic atmosphere ended abruptly when
   Each time, the president has stepped from        staff, was "a kick in the gut." Obama did not    up again. The ones whose husbands are              a bagpiper began his keening.
the wings to face a sea of his citizens,            mention Nidal Hasan by name.                     deployed came together, in twos and threes,          The Army has perfected a traditional cere-
shocked, angry and suffused with grief.               Many of the dead and wounded also were         passing around communal bags of animal             mony, piercing in its simplicity — a single
  On Tuesday, that heavy task fell to President     warrior therapists, called to treat emotional    crackers. The ones whose husbands were still       bugler, a three-gun salute, the final roll call, a
Obama. At a memorial service five days after        wounds. Obama eulogized each fallen soldier      in garrison came glued to their sides. The         powerful and painful finish. Its intention is to
the largest mass killing on a U.S. military         individually.                                    couples dotted the field, arms wrapped tight-      end the period of shock and denial and to
base, he reached for words of sorrow and sol-         He spoke of the Eagle Scout who decided to     ly around each other's waists.                     summon the troops back to their mission.
ace, then summoned determination.                   defuse bombs, and the guitar player who            There were flashes of sardonic wit. An offi-       The president was delivering his first eulogy
  "Neither this country, nor the values that we     could make up songs on the spot, the retired     cer told some staff sergeants guarding a visi-     after the tragedy. Two weeks earlier, at Dover
were founded upon, could exist without men          veteran who returned as a physician's assis-     tor entrance, "If anybody comes to you and         Air Force Base in Delaware, he had stood
and women like these 13 Americans" who              tant and came back to work right after a heart   says he's a Killeen VIP," referencing the          silently in the middle of a cold night to salute
died in a hail of bullets, Obama said. "Their       attack, and the immigrants, a Mexican, a         Texas town that sprawls around the post, "No.      the return home of soldiers killed in a bloody
life's work is our security and the freedom         Thai, one middle-aged, one young, who saw        1, he's probably not, and No. 2, he's certainly    week in Afghanistan.
that we too often take for granted. Every           opportunity in volunteer military service.       not."                                                 "So we say goodbye to those who now
evening that the sun sets on a tranquil town;         Casey noted they were "newlyweds, single         Everywhere were signs of what Casey calls        belong to eternity," Obama said Tuesday. "We
every dawn that a flag is unfurled; every           moms, immigrants, teenagers and 50-some-         resilience, the Army's sturdy ability to ignore    press ahead in pursuit of the peace that guid-
moment that an American enjoys life, liberty        things — all bound together" by the common       the surreal and just hup two. A little boy wan-    ed their service. May God bless the memory
and the pursuit of happiness — that is their        desire to serve the country. Among them, they    dered over and banged away on the insta-           of those we lost. And may God bless the
legacy."                                            had 19 children, and one on the way.             walls of the open-air memorial ground. The         United States of America."
  He faced a crowd of several thousand sol-           Their family members sat in the front rows,    same steel canisters that create military            As the final notes of taps faded away, the
diers dressed in desert camouflage fatigues         their faces a tableau of the most personal       fortresses against insurgents overseas now         president, joined by his wife, Michelle, stood
and dusty combat boots. Their black berets          grief, hands twisting hands, heads bowed or      hastily served as a fortress for a president and   and walked along the 13 memorials at the
formed a rippling acre of funereal bunting          rigidly straight. Near them were the soldiers    a shattered community. But they did make a         stage, pausing to take in the photographs, the
under a blue sky. The soldiers are practiced at     who had survived, some on crutches, some in      snappy percussive sound in the hands of a          dog tags, the empty boots and the M-16s
this ritual; 545 from Fort Hood have died in        wheelchairs. Several remain hospitalized         kid.                                               topped by helmets. Obama placed a com-
the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, so many           around the region.                                 Samuel Fleming Jr., who lives in Killeen,        mander-in-chief coin at each. They then left
that new granite tablets keep being added at           Farther back were Sen. John McCain, R-        said he showed up "to reflect, to mourn with       to meet the wounded, and the family, friends
                                                    Ariz., Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry and      them a little bit today."                          and fellow soldiers began the long, sad pro-

Always Greener: Green Facts Challenge Underway
each company's memorial.
   Yet those being mourned Tuesday, as the          the state's two Republican senators, John          "You're losing people who had their whole        cession.

By BRYAN KAMINSKY                                                                                                                                           The Overlook with 295 residents, con-
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                            served electricity usage of 180 values per
                                                                                                                                                        student and a natural gas use of six values
                                                                                                                                                        per student, as well has having a 51 percent
   The Green Facts Competition urges stu-
                                                                                                                                                        recycling compliance.
dents to compete to see which residence hall
                                                                                                                                                           In seventh place was Pine Hall with 500
can conserve the most energy. It has had
                                                                                                                                                        residents. Pine Hall conserved electricity
noticeable results in the past and saved the
                                                                                                                                                        usage of 107 values per student and a natu-
college over $50,000 to date.
                                                                                                                                                        ral gas use of 7.1 values per student, as well
    The competition is judged in four cate-
                                                                                                                                                        has having a 15 percent recycling compli-
gories: electricity use, natural gas use, recy-
cling compliance and sustainable attitude.
                                                                                                                                                          In eighth place was Linden Hall with 240
   Electricity and natural gas use are moni-
                                                                                                                                                        residents. Laurel Hall conserved electricity
tored by looking at data and using formulas
                                                                                                                                                        usage of 228 values per student and a natu-
to calculate the amount of energy saved.
                                                                                                                                                        ral gas use of 28 values per student, as well
  Recycling compliance involves calculating
                                                                                                                                                        has having a 14 percent recycling compli-
the percentage of rooms in a residence hall
which put their recycling out each week.
                                                                                                                                                          The anticipated prize this year for the res-
  The competition started in April 2008, and
                                                                                                                                                        idence hall with the highest overall score is
has continued successfully in November
                                                                                                                                                        a Green Facts Party. This will offer organic
2008 and April 2009.
                                                                                                                                                        pizza, beverages, music and some raffled
   The following are the statistics from the                                                                            photo courtesy of Bruce Trail
                                                                                                                                                        prizes. The residence hall with the highest
competition last November. By showing the
                                                                                                                                                        score also gains the pride of being the Green
results, the goal is to do better than last year.   electricity usage of 239 values per student      usage of 485 values per student and a natu-
                                                                                                                                                        Facts winner for the semester.
   The winner of the November 2008 Green            and a natural gas use of 25 values per stu-      ral gas use of 18 values per student, as well
                                                                                                                                                             Participating in the Green Facts
Facts Competition was Oak Hall with 250             dent, as well has having a 53 percent recy-      has having a 52 percent recycling compli-
                                                                                                                                                        Competition is a great way to be green and
residents.                                          cling compliance.                                ance.
                                                                                                                                                        more sustainable while setting a good exam-
    Oak Hall conserved electricity usage of            The CPAs, with 500 residents, conserved          In fifth place there was a tie between the
                                                                                                                                                        ple for the rest of the campus community.
258 values per student and a natural gas use        electricity usage of 159 values per student      Maple Hall and the Overlook.
of 11 values per student, as well has having        and a natural gas use of 18 values per stu-         Maple Hall with 360 residents, conserved
a 33 percent recycling compliance.                  dent, as well has having a 37 percent recy-      electricity usage of 186 values per student
                                                                                                                                                            Green Fact of the Week: Keep your tires
  In second place there was a tie between the       cling compliance.                                and a natural gas use of 11 values per stu-
                                                                                                                                                            inflated to their desired pressure to maxi-
Village and the CPAs.                                  In fourth place was Laurel Hall with 432      dent, as well has having a 22 percent recy-
                                                                                                                                                            mize your car’s fuel economy
  The Village, with 528 residents, conserved        residents. Laurel Hall conserved electricity     cling compliance.
Going Back to Africa Dispells Myths, Enhances Knowledge
Page 6 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                 Thursday, November 12, 2009

Continued from page 1                                                                                                                             “People should take away respect for
                                                                                                                                               the diversity of the African people and
beans and couscous, as well as cookies                                                                                                         cultures,” said Alecia Phillips, secretary
and assorted drinks.                                                                                                                           of Omega Phi Chi.
     Professor Karl Johnson, the faculty                                                                                                         Following the presentation, participants
advisor for BMAD, shared a PowerPoint                                                                                                          were directed to different stations set up
presentation entitled: “Africa in the                                                                                                          around the room for the African countries
Ancient World,” along with pictures of                                                                                                         of Egypt, Sierra Leone, Kenya and
African architecture and modern-day                                                                                                            Nigeria. Each station had an information-
Ethiopia.                                                                                                                                      al poster providing background informa-
   Encouraging everyone to keep an open                                                                                                        tion on its country, and a cultural activity
mind, Johnson said, “You have many per-                                                                                                        set up for people to take part in.
ceptions of current Africa, but not many                                                                                                           The most popular activities included
people know about the past.”                                                                                                                   writing hieroglyphics at the table for
   He went on to point out that Africa is                                                                                                      Egypt and face painting at the table for
four times the size of the United States—                                                                                                      Kenya.
not including Alaska—and that Sudan                                                                                                              Those running the event hoped that peo-
alone is larger than Spain, France and                                                                                                         ple would leave the presentation being
Germany put together.                                                                                                                          able to analyze African culture from a
   “When you look at Africa, you have to                                                                                                       more informed, objective standpoint.
start with geography to develop an under-
                                                                                                                 photo by Keri Ann Flaccomio
                                                 Professor Karl Johnson presents a PowerPoint on the history of Africa.                            “I think that, so much of the time, we
standing.”                                                                                                                                     tend to assume that we are disconnected
   Showing examples of exquisite works                                                                                                         from the continent, but I think when peo-
                                                    While displaying images of African         excuse for slavery by making people
of art produced on a consistent basis, such                                                                                                    ple come here and they see the different
                                                architecture from over 1,200 years ago to      believe that Africans were primitive peo-
as the Nubian Queen Malakaye, Johnson                                                                                                          countries, I think they realize how much
                                                counter the myth that all Africans lived in    ple who were at least being provided with
explained that these are representations of                                                                                                    of modern society is so heavily influ-
                                                huts, he said, “Come on, I’d live there        better housing and living conditions in
a high-end, well-ordered civilization,                                                                                                         enced by Africa,” Harris said. “It’s in
                                                1,200 years ago—in fact, I’d live there        America, which was completely false.
where people are sufficiently fed and                                                                                                          knowing more about these countries that
                                                now! I’m old enough to remember that             Julissa Candelario, president of Omega
have a reasonable amount of leisure time.                                                                                                      we can know more about ourselves and
                                                people in America still had outhouses in       Phi Chi, explained that it is important for
    Throughout the presentation, Johnson                                                                                                       our futures.”
                                                the 60s.”                                      people to understand the variations of the
plugged humor to keep the audience inter-
                                                  Another point that Johnson stressed was      different countries and cultures, because
                                                how the misconceptions created an              each one is so different.

Telling Stories and Filling
Yourself With Joy: Osorio
Continued from page 1                           with passion regarding the history of the

                                                                                                    Interested in filling this space?
                                                Mariachi and how much it meant to him.
wanted to cover.                                   “When coming to America, I began lis-
   “First off, I want to say that the word      tening to all the different genres of music
‘Mariachi’ means ‘festival’ and that’s what     that it has to offer. I was able to see that
we’re going to do tonight, we’re going to

                                                                                                     Write for The Ramapo News.
                                                country music is much like the Mariachi
celebrate.”                                     because it tells stories and is very expres-
  Osorio sang, conversed, made key points       sive.”
and even joked around. Osorio wanted the           Students who previously never dreamed
atmosphere to feel very light and wanted        they would be interested in Mariachi music,
the audience to learn all that he knew

                                                                                                        Mondays and Wednesdays
                                                left much more open to the idea.
through having fun.                               “I love music and I have a wide variety of
  Osorio went on to talk about all the men      a music in my collection. I thought it would

                                                                                                               7:15 p.m.
who were the “founding fathers” of the          be good for me to go and see what the
Mariachi and said he would try to be as         Mariachi was all about and maybe find
descriptive as possible on their many tal-      something new to add,” sophomore Ken
ents as both, singers and performers.           Rodenheiser said.
  “My English isn’t that good, so I want to

                                                                                                                                SC - 218
show clips of the actual performers so you
know exactly what I am talking about.”
     Osorio covered all the greats: Jorge
Negrete, Pedro Infante, Javier Solis, Antoni
Aguilar, Vincente Fernandez, Alejandro
Fernandez and Pepe Aguilar.
   All were very unique singers and were
well-known for the different characteristics
of which they held.
     Through each person, Osorio would
describe their strengths and weakness, as
well as how they helped form the Mariachi.
  “The Mariachi singer that I love and look
up to the most is Pepe Aguilar,” Osorio
said. “He was my hero because we are the
same age and when I saw him perform at                                  photo by Amy Fezza
age 8, I thought to myself ‘this is something   Juan Osorio shows the crowd at J.
that I could do too!’”                          Leeʼs traditional Mariachi
  Through Osorio’s presentation, he spoke       wardrobe.
              VIEWPOINTS                                                                                                                                      Thursday, November 12, 2009

           A Good Education                                                                               Turning Forty Never
       Campus views are the sole opinion of their respective authors, submitted to The Ramapo News and in no way reflect the views of either The Ramapo News or Ramapo College of New Jersey.

           vs. a Good Image                                                                                Looked So Good
                                                by the people who have been charged                                                                  its humble roots to become a respected
                                                with educating me. At every turn, I’m                                                                and a premier college in Northern Jersey.
                                                told to contact public relations for                                                                 As much as Founders’ Day is a celebra-
                                                answers to my questions.                                                                             tion of how far our college has come, it
                                                  The reason for this was revealed to me                                                             is a celebration of all those that helped
                                                in a recent meeting with marketing.                                                                  to make Ramapo the place it is today
                                                Apparently Ramapo is looking to culti-                                                               and keep it relevant despite an ever-
                                                vate its brand image. Meaning, they want                                                             changing world.
                                                to have a positive public reputation.                                                                    One of these major influences on
                                                They want to provide cohesive brand mes-                                                             Ramapo was our Founding President,
                                                saging. While that is an important goal -                                                            George T. Potter, who passed away just
                                                especially in this economic climate - it                                                             last week. President Potter was best
                                                shouldn’t come at the expense of students                                                            known for his efforts to establish
                                                seeking information about their college.                                                             Ramapo College, as well as create the
Editor-in-Chief                                   As a student, I don’t want the answer              By TOM NG                                       academic structure of the institution.
                                                that makes Ramapo look good; I want the              SGA President                                   His efforts were recognized when the
  With Founder’s Day approaching, I want        truth.                                                                                               library was named in his honor.
to commend Ramapo College on the                  I didn’t choose Ramapo because of the             Once a year, students gather in the stu-            One of the biggest complaints I hear
great job they have been doing educating        way they were perceived in by the public.           dent center to cut a big cake with a pic-        from students regularly is that there is
students for the last 40 years. I might         I came to Ramapo because I liked the                ture of the arch on it and get free cotton       not enough spirit or pride on our cam-
complain about the school a lot, but I can      campus and I knew I would get a quality             candy. Year after year students eagerly          pus. Founder’s Day provides a perfect
never complain about the quality of the         education.                                          await these free gifts, often never know-        opportunity to come to a daylong event
education I’m receiving here.                     However, in their desire to brand them-           ing the historical significance behind the       and experience “Ramapride” at its finest.
   And while I’m still receiving a great        selves as New Jersey’s Public Liberal               celebrations.                                    Festivities     will     commence       on
education, Ramapo’s latest public rela-         Arts School, Ramapo may have forgotten                  These festivities are inspired by            Wednesday, Nov. 18 from 11 a.m.-3:30
tions policies are interfering with that        that their number one priority shouldn’t            Founders’ Day, a Ramapo-specific holi-           p.m. in the Student Center, with the
education more than they should.                just be public perception, but providing            day celebrating the anniversary of the           cake cutting ceremony occurring at 1:30
  As a journalism student, my homework          top tier education.                                 founding of our school. This year marks          p.m. The celebration will move to the
assignments often entail writing articles                                                           the school’s fortieth birthday and I hope        Birch Tree Inn at 9 p.m.
about events on campus. I usually seek                                                              students come out to celebrate this                If celebrating our college’s past is not
out faculty, staff and administrators for                                                           momentous occasion.                              enough for you to come out for the
interviews. Lately, I’ve been stonewalled                                                             There are several reasons to participate       Founders’ Day festivities, there are other
                                                                                                    in this college-wide Rama-party.                 incentives to show your Ramapo pride.
                                                                                                      For starters, it is a wonderful way of         Namely, free commerative t-shirts,
                                                                                                    commemorating how far our campus has             goodie bags, prizes, tie-dye shirts, photo
                                                                                                    come over the years. Ramapo started as           booths, balloon artists, magicians and
                                                                                                    a response to the state’s demands for            (as always) cotton candy.
                                                                                                    more open seats in higher education                   Whether you come to celebrate
                                                                                                    institutions in order to support growing         Ramapo’s past, recognize those that

                       Got an opinion?
                                                                                                    graduating high school classes. It also          spent their careers transforming Ramapo
                                                                                                    served to meet the needs of students             into what it is today, or simply to line
                                                                                                    looking for a nontraditional college             your pockets with tons of free stuff,
                                                                                                    experience focused heavily on individual         don’t forget to take part in Ramapo’s
                                                                                                    student growth.                                  fortieth anniversary next Wednesday.

                 Come and be heard.
                                                                                                      These founders established Ramapo on
                                                                                                    scenic land in the heart of the Ramapo
                                                                                                    mountains, with only the CPA’s to
                                                                                                    house students, an academic building (A,
                                                                                                    B, C, D and E wings), a smaller version

              Monday and Wednesday nights
                                                                                                    of the student center than we have today
                                                                                                    and a large parking lot. There were also
                       in SC 218                                                                    a lot of trees.
                                                                                                      Clearly Ramapo has transformed from
  ARTS                                                   &
                                               E N T E RTA I N M E N T
WRPR’s Dark Room Series Lights Up Friends Hall
                                                                                                                                                          Thursday, November 12, 2009

BY JON LINDENAUER                                                                                                                                  Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” (best known as
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                       the “True Blood” theme song) after asking
   Aptly named for its dimmed setting, the                                                                                                         the crowd if they like vampires.
WRPR concert event “The Dark Room                                                                                                                     The band also featured a song with the
Series” boasted a significant turnout that                                                                                                         event’s organizer, Tina Bock, on guest
treated Ramapo students and alumni to a                                                                                                            vocals.
night of diversified rock performances and                                                                                                           Afterwards, the final band of the night - Big
song covers on Friday, Nov. 6.                                                                                                                     Wilson River - did not take the stage, but
  Leading up to WRPR’s 30th anniversary,                                                                                                           rather the center of the room, where they
the concert has been a staple in the WRPR                                                                                                          performed in near-total darkness, capping off
event line-up for over a decade, according to                                                                                                      four hours of musical entertainment.
Brian Reilly, general manager for WRPR.                                                                                                              Despite the event’s considerable length, it
However, Reilly acknowledged Tina Bock -                                                                                                           came at no charge for anyone who wished to
WRPR disc jockey and future assistant mar-                                                                                                         attend. Bock noted the free-admission, a sit-
keting manager - as the chief organizer of the                                                                                                     uation that is infrequent with many music-
concert. She began planning the pre-anniver-                                                                                                       based events on-campus.
sary-week musical celebration back in                                                                                                                “Most of the concerts - like Rama-shows -
September.                                                                                                                                         they all charge $5 for other people,” said
  “I think it’s really important, it’ll definite-                                                                                                  Bock. “We’re doing it totally free: we have
ly help people know about the [WRPR]                                                                                                               free food [and] free music.”
radio [station], and hopefully tune into the
                                                                                                                          photo by Brian Shinsec      Cuisine and revenue were far from the
                                                     Orchestra Green opened the event which included several bands that had                        point of the event, which is only the first
radio [station] and hopefully come to more           Ramapo students as members.
events on campus,” said Bock. “We have a                                                                                                           installment in what WRPR hopes to be a
bunch of really talented bands and I don’t          at the event, each bringing its own brand of the rap segment of Usher’s “Love in this          several event series according to Bock.
think enough people come to these sort of           style.                                          Club”. They were followed by Congress,           “The goal is to get people to hear the tal-
things.”                                              Nonetheless, each band was decidedly sim- whose exuberant shoeless dancing lead              ent we have here at Ramapo, for everyone to
  A steady stream of people did appear at the       ilar in one regard.                             singer wailed out a segment from Outkast’s     recognize the radio and to celebrate our 30th
intentionally dim lit venue, where bands              “I think it’s different because all the bands “So Fresh, So Clean” during their unrelent-    anniversary as a radio station,” said Bock.
performed and cleared the stage area on a           have at least one member from Ramapo,” ingly climactic finale song.                               The weekend of Nov. 14 is the WRPR
roughly 45 minute rotation.                         said Bock. “So it’s all student bands, which       Sunchild and the Moonlight Flux was         30th Anniversary Radio-thon, courtesy of
   During those rotations, instruments uti-         I think is important because I think we have third, leading into the popular Ramapo indie      the Ramapo Broadcasting and Alumni
lized by the musicians ranged from guitars          a lot of talent here, and there are a lot of band The Front Bottoms who played the             Association. The event begins Saturday at 4
and drums to synthesized keyboards and              bands that are really talented.”                musical accompaniment to their own music       p.m. in Friends Hall.
pianos. Yet despite the broad assortment of            The night of Ramapo-related bands was video “Not Yet” as it played on a projector
instruments used, no band was out-of-place          kicked off by Orchestra Green, which had its screen above the stage.
                                                    keyboardist come into the crowd to perform       West the Defender’s set included a cover of

                                                                                             photo by Brian Shinsec                                                         photo by Brian Shinsec
West the Defenderʼs set included an on-stage appearance from concert organizer Tina                                    Justin Posyton kept the audience interested during West
Bock.                                                                                                                  the Defenderʼs set.
Clooney’s Latest Wages War on Terror ... and Goats
Page 9 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                       Thursday, November 12, 2009

By FRANCES CA BARATTA                             tor, so Wilton feels that the logical thing to
Staff Writer                                      do is run off to Iraq to show his ex-wife that
                                                  he is a tough and important journalist so that
 “The Men Who Stare at Goats” begins with
                                                  she will get back together with him.
a man trying to faze himself through a wall
                                                    While waiting to cross over the border to
and failing. Then a black screen comes up
                                                  Iraq, he meets Lyn Cassady, played by
saying, “More of this is true than you would
                                                  George Clooney. This meeting sparks a new
believe.” This one sentence made the audi-
                                                  adventure for Wilton.
ence pay much more attention to a story that
                                                    Cassady tells him that the military in 1980
seems way too crazy to ever occur.
                                                  at Fort Bragg put a lot of money into a mis-
  A journalist named Bob Wilton, played by
                                                  sion called Project Jedi. Bill Django (Jeff
Ewan McGregor, is living a normal life,
                                                  Bridges) created this program after seeing
writing for a paper in Ann Arbor, Michigan
                                                  that rookies in the military do not shoot to
when his life is turned upside down by the
                                                  kill. After he was shot, he saw a vision of a
death of a co-worker and a divorce from his
                                                  woman saying, “Their weakness is their
wife. She leaves him for his one-armed edi-
                                                     There is always a man to mess things up
                                                  though. This man comes in the form of
                                                  Kevin Spacey who plays Larry Hooper, a           audience and Wilton are kept on edge, not        small detail to focus on and ignoring the big
                                                  failed science fiction writer turned psychic.    knowing if Cassady is really telling the truth   picture of the news. Despite the director
                                                  In a tragic turn of events, Hooper destroys      about the military’s psychic spies. Although     Grant Heslov and the original author Jon
                                                  the program and makes Cassady use his            the characters were cast well, none were quite   Ronson’s good intentions, the whole story
                                                  powers to kill a goat by staring at it.          as funny as audiences expect them to be.         seems too insane to be real, so unfortunate-
                                                    This film is split into the past history of    However, there are various parts, including      ly, that part of the film is also not taken seri-
                                                  Project Jedi and the present trials of a         the training montages and a scene where a        ously.
                                                  reporter trying to find the ultimate story. In   whole army is tripping on drugs that are           Overall, it is an entertaining movie with
                                                  both times, Clooney is a very funny actor,       hilarious.                                       some very funny moments and a somewhat
                                                  whose comedic ways are, for the most part,         “The Men Who Stare at Goats” may not be        slow moving plot.
                                                  underappreciated.                                as funny as the trailers suggested it would
                                                    McGregor is also a very versatile character    be, but it did show realistically how America
                                                  throughout the film, fully showing the emo-      took advantage of the Iraqis in the beginning
                                                  tions of a man who has gone through a            parts of the War on Terror and the ways that                    OVERALL
                                                  divorce and then found himself on a crazy        some troops tortured them for information.                       RATING:
                                                  adventure through the Iraqi desert.

Lady Gaga Schools Us All
                                                                                                     The film also showed how the media deals                     8 OUT OF 10
                                                    Another great part of the film is how the      with stories such as these, picking only a

By CORTNEY COLLINS                                Relationship advice? Don’t deal with
Staff Writer                                    the jealous boys or those with no ambi-
                                                tion (refer to “Summer Boys” and “Paper
  Call her what you want: crazy, over the       Gangsters”). And boys, she even admits
top, a hermaphrodite – say anything you         that girls are just naturally crazy and like
want.                                           to start drama – we plain just “Like it
  She doesn’t care. In fact, she encourages     Rough.”
it. Which is only part of the reason she         Essentially, her debut album “The
is so cool.                                     Fame” is a survival guide to college.
  Lady Gaga is the epitome of cool. And         Interested in a one night stand? Leave
not only that, but everything you need to       some lipstick in the ashtray for later.
know in life can be gleaned from her fab-       Thanks for the tip Gaga – it really helped
ulous words.                                    me out. Also, if you want a repeat per-
  Need a new euphemism for penis? Try           formance, buy the girl some eggs the
disco stick.                                    next morning. It’s really not so hard
                                                boys; and the infamous Walk of Shame
                                                is so much less embarrassing if you got
                                                some decent food out of it.
                                                  Also, if you’re gonna get sloppy (and I
                                                know you are), be sure to look your best
                                                while doing it. I took that directly from
                                                “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” which is also
                                                fabulous for another reason. It has a built
                                                in apology for when you fail out of col-
                                                lege as a direct result of your hard paaar-
                                                tying: “Daddy, I’m so sorry…We just
                                                like to party.”
                                                  If nothing else, let her carefree attitude
                                                and intense creativity inspire you. She
                                                may be the one of the most innovative
                                                performers today, constantly straddling
                                                the line between reality and fantasy – but
                                                that’s what makes her so good.
                                                  And if you really can’t appreciate her
                                                music or creativity, take a small piece of
                                                advice from her and JUST DANCE.

                     photo courtesy of Flickr
Punk Rockers Faber Rock Out Underground, Literally
Page 10 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                        Thursday, November 12, 2009

By JOHN FRAZE                                                                                                                                         at the end. Although a short song, and one
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                          with simple lyrics, it really brings out the
                                                                                                                                                      best in the crowd.
  Faber is a punk rock band from somewhere                                                                                                              The second to last song the band played is
between Carteret and South Amboy, N.J.                                                                                                                called “No Void To Fill.”
These guys are not your average “punk” band                                                                                                             This is a solid, ska/punk rock song any-
though; their music has some intense con-                                                                                                             body could enjoy; with Fritz and Heyer, a
solidation of punk, ska, metal and a touch of                                                                                                         real solid rhythm section, providing a sweet,
“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”                                                                                                                  skankable groove, with Porta belting out
   The band consists of Alex Heyer on the                                                                                                             lyrics with Heyer on backup and Rager com-
bass and backing vocals, Mike Fritz on the                                                                                                            ing through on the breakdown with a sweet
drums, Joe Porta playing rhythm guitar and                                                                                                            lead riff. Who could not like it?
lead vocals and Tim Rager on lead guitar.                                                                                                               The final song in Faber’s set was “Carteret
Travis Novack is also a part of the band, and                                                                                                         City Limits/South Amboy Rock City,” or
is currently rockin’ it from the Middle East                                                                                                          “C-Town” for short. Essentially, the song is
with the Marines.                                                                                                                                     about why Carteret sucks as opposed to
  On Saturday, Nov. 7, Faber played an inti-                                                                                                          South Amboy, which rocks.
mate, invite only, basement show in South                                                                                                               Faber played a fantastic show. These guys
Amboy, N.J. The set consisted of seven of                                                                                                             really push it to the limit and put a lot of
the band’s finest songs. To start, the band                                                                                                           love into their craft.
rocked out “J+H(Jekyll and Hyde).” This is a
                                                                                                                               photo by John Fraze      For more info on them, and to hear some
                                                  Porta and Heyer helped to impress the invite-only audience.                                         songs including “No Void to Fill” and “Day
fantastic song, and a perfect way to start a
set.                                                                                                                                                  man” you can visit their MySpace at
                                                  fantastic bar in all of New Jersey, possibly        “Dismemberment” poked its head out after
   It started off with Porta and Rager both                                                                                                           www.myspace.com/faber. Also, supporting
                                                  the entire universe. It is located in South       “Living Tragedy.” The intro of this song dis-
hammering on and pulling off notes on the                                                                                                             Faber is supporting the Marines, since one
                                                  Amboy, home (kind of) of Faber.                   played an obvious metal/hard punk influ-
high and low E strings on their guitars. Fritz                                                                                                        of their band members is over in the Middle
                                                    After “Lagoda’s,” the band started up with      ence, but flowed into a more ska/hard punk
slowly increased the tempo with quicker and                                                                                                           East. Check these guys out!
                                                  the masterful ska/hard punk fusion song,          feel.
quicker drums hits and then Heyer brought         “Living Tragedy.”                                   The next song Faber broke out was a cover
us into the song with a slide up his guitar’s        The song started up with some ska style        and a crowd favorite, and it’s where the band
neck. The lyrics of the song are also quite       up-strumming on the guitar, a solid drum          gets that little touch of “Always Sunny”;
entertaining, as inverse as Dr. Jekyll and Mr.    beat and a fancy bass line to get everyone        ladies and gentlemen, Faber then performed                      OVERALL
Hyde themselves.                                  moving, then switched into distortion to get      the epic tale that is “Day Man.”                                 RATING:
   Next, the band rocked one of their most        everyone’s heads banging. By the end of the         Faber has taken this song and created a slow
                                                                                                                                                                  10 OUT OF 10

Fall Ball Tour Attracts Sell Out Crowd for Local Stop
intense love ballads of all time: “Lagoda’s.”     song nobody was quite sure how to dance to        starting version that speeds up verse after
A little background: Lagoda’s is the most         it, but they know they enjoyed it.                verse and eventually explodes into awesome

By JENNA MOONJIAN                                 annual “Alternative Press Tour,” which            get the crowd going, they just weren’t hav-       still bring back high school memories,
Staff Writer                                      occurs every spring and features some of the      ing it. Until they covered Miley Cyrus’           Alternative Press Magazine is doing their
                                                  most popular up and coming bands.                 “Party in the USA,” few people were even          best to change that. Their “Fall Ball” tour
  Chances are the words “fall ball” evoke           The magazine makes it their point to appeal     singing along.                                    was a hit with fans across the country.
images of high heels, dresses, suits and danc-    to an array of fans. “Fall Ball” featured You       The “Fall Ball” took a different route when
ing, not thousands of adoring music fans.         Me At Six, The Secret Handshake, Set Your         Set Your Goals took over. A significantly
Alternative Press Magazine has put a new          Goals and co-headliners The Academy Is…           less poppy addition to the tour, they were
twist on the high school tradition with their     and Mayday Parade.                                sure to attract a whole other set of fans, a                    OVERALL
“Fall Ball” tour.                                    The “Fall Ball” made its rounds to New         higher male population the other bands neg-
                                                  Jersey’s own Starland Ballroom on Saturday.       lected. It was hard to not be consumed by
 “Fall Ball,” a cross-country tour, follows in                                                                                                                     9 OUT OF 10
the fashion of Alternative Press Magazine’s       The largest stop on the tour thus far, over       them, with the amount of energy and excite-
                                                  2,500 fans packed into the venue for a sold-      ment surrounding them.
                                                  out show.                                           Since “Fall Ball” alternates who plays last
                                                     You Me At Six was the first to take the        between its two headliners, The Academy
                                                  stage. As a popular British pop-punk band         Is… was next on the lineup. Singer William
                                                  making their first attempt at translating their   Beckett engaged the entire crowd, darting
                                                  popularity in the States, it was almost           back and forth between sides and acknowl-
                                                  impossible to tell that there was ever an         edging any fan within sight. The Academy
                                                  ocean between us. You Me At Six seemed to         Is… ended their set with Beckett joining the
                                                  fit almost perfectly within the show, as if       crowd and jumping off of the bass drum,
                                                  they were seasoned veterans in the American       knocking it off of the riser and the band exit-
                                                  music scene.                                      ing the stage.
                                                    Their music was more indicative, in a pos-         With a little re-working of the stage,
                                                  itive way, of a band from the United States –     Mayday Parade was ready to close the “Fall
                                                  outright catchy but not to a fault. They were     Ball.” A newer band than their co-headliners,
                                                  excellent at filling their job as openers in      the pop-punk band gained their popularity by
                                                  getting the crowd hyped. Demanding move-          supporting the likes of Metro Station and
                                                  ment, the band was energetic and highly           All Time Low.
                                                  interactive with the crowd. They even               Mayday Parade managed to play a perfect
                                                  engaged the American crowd during an              mix of songs from their older albums and
                                                  impressive rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Poker        their recent release. They even made sure to
                                                  Face.” Mayday Parade vocalist Derek Sanders       play “Jersey,” an appropriate tribute to the
                                                  joined them on stage for “Save It For The         show’s state. After an extremely short break
                                                  Bedroom.”                                         and hundreds of fans screaming for it, the
                         photo by Kristen Melfi    The Secret Handshake appeared to have less       band came out for an encore and ended the                                  photo by Kristen Melfi
Beckett kept the crowd engaged                    fans in comparison to the other bands. While      “Fall Ball” with a bang.                          Bassist Adam Siska of The Academy
with his on stage antics.                         the singer made the best attempt he could to        While for most people “Fall Ball” might         Is... helped keep the energy level up.
A Christmas Carol Hits a Few High Notes With Fans
Page 11 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                 Thursday, November 12, 2009

By JON LINDENAUER                             of all ages. It has been made and remade       Ebenezer Scrooge role exceptionally well -
Staff Writer                                  countless times in various incarnations        capturing the sympathetic and sinister
                                              (including an earlier animated version in      nature of the character - with his portrayal
Every person who celebrates the holiday       which Scrooge is played by Donald Duck).       of the jolly-but-ultimately-chilling “Ghost
knows that Christmas begins and ends on       Thus, one might be tempted to scoff at yet     of Christmas Present,” also worthy of
Dec. 25. However, in the film industry,       another revival of the Charles Dickens         recognition.
Christmas begins the first weekend in         classic. However, the latest retelling has        Additionally, Gary Oldman delivers his
November, to cash in on the full breadth of   the added draw of Jim Carrey, on whose         typical intense performance in the role of
the November-December holiday season.         performance the film almost entirely relies.   Jacob Marley, though the majority of his
This was the case with the past two entries     Fortunately, Carrey does an outstanding      performance is spent as Bob Cratchit,
in “The Santa Clause” series, as well as      job with the material afforded him, which      which calls for a more reserved enactment.
“Elf.” This year, the Christmas season is     plays greatly to his strengths as a tremen-    Bob Hoskins and Robin Wright fill out the
kicked off with latest 3-D motion-capture-    dously physical actor with proven skill        main cast - both being severely underuti-
animation epic by director Robert             when it comes to over-the-top character act-   lized, with only one major scene each
Zemeckis “A Christmas Carol.”                 ing.                                           along with other minor appearances.
   “A Christmas Carol” is certainly a           Playing Scrooge and all three Christmas        Despite the talent of its key players, it is
Christmas fable that is familiar to people    Ghosts, Carrey plays both sides of the         unquestionable that the primary realm of
                                                                                             focus for Zemeckis was the visuals, and he
                                                                                             does not disappoint in that area. Much of
                                                                                             the film’s runtime is delegated to sweeping
                                                                                             aerial views of towns, fast-paced journeys
                                                                                             or pursuits, and enchanting - if sometimes
                                                                                             disturbing - imagery.
                                                                                                Keeping with the family angle of the          ent involved in the production is given sec-
                                                                                             movie, also weighing out of the film’s           ond-billing in favor of the catchy visuals.
                                                                                             favor is its tone. “A Christmas Carol” has         It seems almost paradoxical that a film’s
                                                                                             always been a family-oriented tale, thus its     main message to be wary of reliance on
                                                                                             many adaptations have always to some             superficial things relies very heavily on
                                                                                             extent kept this idea in mind. Zemeckis’ “A      superficial elements in its execution.
                                                                                             Christmas Carol” is an exceedingly dark          Nonetheless, there is little reason to grum-
                                                                                             journey. In particular, there are scenes         ble “Humbug” on the way out of the the-
                                                                                             including grotesque depictions of the living     ater.
                                                                                             dead that many young children might find
                                                                                             troubling, especially when the experience
                                                                                             is being offered in three dimensions.
                                                                                               Overall, the Zemeckis-Carrey portrayal of                    OVERALL
                                                                                             the beloved Dickens classic “A Christmas                        RATING:
                                                                                             Carol” does not bring anything new to the
                                                                                             table; though the visuals are indeed out-
                                                                                                                                                           7 OUT OF 10

Dark Runner by Ryan Mallory
                                                                                             standing. Furthermore, the much of the tal-
Page 12 The Ramapo News   Thursday, November 12, 2009
          RAMAPO SPORTS                                                                                                                                       Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ramapo College Dance Team Takes Another Shot at Victory
                                                                    Now with the ultimate victory in reach, the dance team             it wasn't performed by the majority of the team. It was
By BRITTANY TEMPLE                                                is taking their routine to a new level in order to wow               done in groups to give a more visual effect. Our routine
Staff Writer                                                      judges at this year’s competition.                                   for this year definitely has more team difficulty in it
                                                                                                                                       along with the visuals that are required to deliver an
  We see their sleek, shimmering red and black uniforms,                                                                               entertaining performance.”
bright smiles and killer routines at the half time of bas-                                                                               The team is aware that they have hills to climb before
ketball games and the annual Midnight Madness celebra-                                                                                 they can secure their victory. As of this year, the team has
tion.                                                                                                                                  taken on ten new girls who were not there to experience
  They are not cheerleaders.                                                                                                           the competitive nature of last year’s nationals.
   Most students are unaware of the fire and spunk, let
alone the existence, of Ramapo’s own dance team.
   Once only a club team, there were no tryouts and no
competing. But the dance team has kicked it up several
notches since its club days and has now visited Daytona,
Fla., for the NDA National Championship three years in
a row. This past year marked a great accomplishment for
the ladies as they soared all the way to second place.                                                                                                                      photo by Brittany Temple
  “We went down there with the goal in mind to just place                                                                              Ramapoʼs dance team rehearsing their dance
in the top five highest ranking teams,” said Michelle                                                                                  moves at a practice.
Fernandez, who has coached the team for the past five
years. “As a young team, we felt that was a pretty ambi-                                         photo courtesy of Chelsea Goldstein
                                                                                                                                         “Half the team is new this year which means it's going
                                                                   The dance team is led by (from left) captains
tious goal but definitely attainable. Not only did we reach                                                                            to be more work to get everyone on the same page as far
                                                                   Chelsea Goldstein, Alyssa Perri and Tina Bock.
our goal but came extremely close to taking the champi-                                                                                as understanding the intensity level the nationals routine
onship title for the very first time in our three years down         “We’re including a lot of lifts, more intense turning             needs to be at to get that championship title,” Fernandez
there.”                                                           sequences and movements that are really going to show                said. “The good thing is that the new blood on the team is
  Despite the achievement, the team still strives to one-up       off our flexibility,” Goldstein said.                                really eager and determined not to let their upper class-
last year’s rank – and they have a solid grasp on how they         Fernandez has been working the girls hard to polish their           men down and want to pull through for everyone.”
plan to do so.                                                    routine. After seeing what it takes to get to first place and         Fernandez remains optimistic in spite of the team’s new-
   “This year we’re building new technique and motions            coming incredibly close, she thinks they are ready for the           comers.
that include more team movement in order to deliver a             challenge.                                                            “I definitely think we have what it takes to take that No.
fierce performance,” said captain Chelsea Golstein, who             “I think what kept us from first place last year was that          1 spot this year,” she said. “I'm really excited to see what
leads the team along with fellow captains Alyssa Perri            the team that beat us had a bit more team difficulty as far          the final outcome is this year at nationals, but regardless
and Tina Bock. “This differs from last year when the team         as technical skills are concerned,” Fernandez said. “Our             of where they place, I couldn't be happier with talented
would break into smaller groups throughout the routine.”          routine last year was jam-packed with technical skills but           team I've been given this year.”

    Yankees Recap: A Season of Firsts... and a Twenty-Seventh
   By NATASHA ARENA                                 Alex Rodriguez out, Mark Teixeira slump-          Angels in the ALCS. The team got out-          helped give the Yankees an 8-5 victory.
   Staff Writer                                     ing throughout April and the Red Sox              standing starting pitching from series           In Game Four, the Yankees defeated the
                                                    sweeping the Yankees in Fenway, the sea-          MVP Sabathia (who had two wins), A.J.          Phillies again 7-4. The Phillies tied the
     It was the first snow fall New York City       son did not look very promising.                  Burnett and Andy Pettitte. Mariano Rivera      game in the bottom of the eighth after
   has seen this year. Well, sort of.                Then came May and the return of A-Rod.           was lights out for the Yankees, which          Pedro Feliz homered off Yankees’ reliever
      The New York Yankees took the trip            In his first at-bat (his first pitch, even), he   helped lead to a 4-2 series victory.           Joba Chamberlain. But it was Johnny
   down the Canyon of Heroes on Friday for          launched a three-run home run. Mark                   In the World Series against the            Damon’s night when he fought hard
   the people of New York to pay tribute to         Teixeira’s bat finally woke up and inspired       Philadelphia Phillies, fans saw a combina-     against Lidge in the ninth inning and had a
   the newly-crowned World Champions. But           the rest of the sleeping Yankees.                 tion of the two most powerful teams in         two-out, single into left field. Damon then
   before the trip down the streets of New            The Bronx Bombers exploded in August            baseball, two big hitters in A-Rod and         stole second and third base on one play.
   York, before the men in pinstripes were          with a sweep over Boston that put them            Ryan Howard and two great closers creat-       After Teixeira was hit by a pitch, A-Rod
   given the keys to the city and way before        atop the AL East. In September, the               ed an unforgettable series.                    drove in the winning run.
   the champagne was poured, the 2009 New           Yankees took home their first division title        The series opened up with a Game One          Game Five could have been the last game
   York Yankees had a season to remember.           in the new stadium. Also, history was in          pitching duel: Sabathia vs. Cliff Lee. Lee     of the series, but the Yankees came up
      The season opened with championship           the making when Derek Jeter passed Lou            was outstanding, throwing a complete           short, losing 8-6 and bringing the series
   No. 27 seeming light years away. When            Gehrig as the Yankees’ all-time hits leader.      game, while Chase Utley hit a pair of          back to the Bronx for the final games.
   filling out their roster with free agents, the     Then came the playoffs. A-Rod, who has          home runs to help beat the Yankees, 6-1.         The Yankees won Game Six with a 7-3
   Yankees raked in two free agent pitchers         always been criticized during the playoffs,         Game Two reminded Yankee fans every-         victory, capping off the World Series win.
   A.J. Burnett and CC Sabathia, as well as         quickly turned into A-Bomb. The quest for         where what it felt like to win in the World    World Series MVP Hideki Matsui had six
   first baseman Mark Teixeira.                     27 was now on the horizon.                        Series. Burnett was outstanding and            RBIs, leading the Yankees to win their
     Then came Alex Rodriguez and his off-             The division series saw the New York           Rivera closed out a win. The Yankees were      27th World Championship – the most in
   the-field issues, including admitting to         Yankees take on the Minnesota Twins.              able to tie the series with two homers from    sports. It was a night to remember; the
   steroid use while on the Texas Rangers and       Everything was going right for the                Matsui and Teixeira.                           Bronx was a celebration in itself and the
   undergoing hip surgery that would leave          Yankees with their starting pitchers,               The Yankees came out on top when the         new stadium brought a new memory to a
   him out of the lineup until May 8.               bullpen and even Rodriguez, who was               Fall Classic returned to the Phillies’ ball-   new dynasty.
     The season did not look any more prom-         coming through in the clutch. The Yankees         park. In Game Three, Jayson Werth had a
   ising when the Yankees opened up their           clinched the series after a 3-0 sweep.            pair of home runs, but Rodriguez hit an
   brand new ballpark with a 10-2 loss. With         The Bronx Bombers met the Los Angeles            instant replay-aided two-run homer, which
Page 14 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                     Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week Nine: Comebacks Galore NFL: Consistently Inconsistent

By JEREMY KELLY                                   interception return to the 4-yard-line, with a                                                   have four wins between them.
                                                                                                   By JOEY LEWANDOWSKI
Staff Writer                                      17-14 lead. But a holding penalty pushed                                                          That brings us to the other “top” teams in
                                                                                                   Staff Writer
                                                  the Giants back 10 yards, and Big Blue                                                           the league: the Broncos, Cowboys and
  The NFL Network has a Top 10 list of the        eventually settled for a field goal, keeping       What has surprised me more than any-          Bengals. While each has six wins, I’m not
greatest come-from-behind victories of all        the deficit at six points with 2:11 remaining.   thing else this NFL season is the incredible    sold on any of them.
time. While none of last week’s matchups            Rivers responded by calmly leading the         inconsistency of most of the teams in the        The Broncos’ six wins have come against
are likely to crack the list, nearly every        Chargers on an 80-yard drive that ended          league. There are only five teams that I’m      the Bengals, Browns (yuck), Raiders
game gave viewers a prime example of why          with an 18-yard touchdown pass to Vincent        sold on at this point: the Colts, Patriots,     (yuck), Cowboys (when they were a mess),
they shouldn’t turn the game off too early.       Jackson with 21 seconds left. The loss was       Saints, Steelers and Vikings.                   Patriots (when they were a similar mess)
  After 11 straight losses dating back to last    the Giants’ fourth straight heading into their      Questions arise even within those five       and Chargers (another mess). In what
season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won 38-          bye. San Diego has won three in a row.           teams. The Colts are 8-0 but barely             could be argued were their two toughest
28 over the Green Bay Packers, thanks in           The Eagles continued to show their incon-       squeaked by the 49ers and Texans. The           games of the year, Denver fell flat against
part to two fourth quarter touchdown pass-        sistency as they lost a key home contest to      Saints are also 8-0, but their defense has      the Ravens (a humiliating 30-7 loss in
es by Josh Freeman in his first career start.     the Dallas Cowboys, 20-16. Despite keep-         given up an average of 27 points per game       Week Eight) and the Steelers.
  Tampa Bay trailed 28-17 with nearly 13          ing breakout wide receiver Miles Austin in       over their past four wins, which isn’t very        I have no idea what to make of the
minutes to play, but Clifton Smith returned       check for most of the game, Dallas quarter-      championship-like.                              Cowboys. They’ve lost to the Giants and
a kickoff 83 yards to set up a Tampa touch-       back Tony Romo still threw for 307 yards,          After struggling early, the Patriots have     Broncos, who are more good than bad, so
down, leaving them 4:20 to play. An inter-        including a critical third-down completion       appeared to once again return to their dom-     that’s excusable. They’ve also beaten the
ception return for a touchdown by Tanard          to tight end Jason Witten late in the game.      inant selves. To be fair, though, their last    Falcons and Eagles, who are both good.
Jackson with under a minute to play iced          Dallas gained sole possession of first place     three wins came against the Titans (pre         However, four of their wins have come
the win for the Bucs.                             in the NFC East with the win.                    Vince Young revival), Buccaneers (pre           against the Bucs, Panthers, Chiefs and
  The New Orleans Saints stayed unbeaten            Several games featured failed comebacks,       Josh Freeman) and Dolphins – three teams        Seahawks, who are all more bad than
through yet another tough game. They              but still great efforts. The Washington          who aren’t going to come anywhere close         good. So are the Cowboys good? Maybe.
trailed the Carolina Panthers 17-3 in the         Redskins trailed the Atlanta Falcons 24-3        to the playoffs this season.                    Are they bad? Maybe. I’m really not sure.
second quarter, but rallied for a 30-20 win       and got as close as 24-17 before falling 31-       The 7-1 Vikings haven’t had too many           The Bengals could be 2-6 as easily as they
to extend their record to 8-0: their best start   17. The Chicago Bears fell behind the            impressive wins either. They knocked off        are 6-2. Four of their wins were by less
in franchise history.                             Arizona Cardinals 34-7 and made it back to       the Packers twice, but those wins were          than one score, leading to their nickname:
  In Seattle, the Detroit Lions leaped out to     34-21 before falling 41-21. The Kansas           more a result of the Vikings’ biggest           the Cardiac Cats. Their wins have come
a 17-0 after one period, but then watched         City Chiefs trailed the Jacksonville Jaguars     strength – their pass rush – exploiting the     against impressive teams, however: the
the Seahawks dominate the rest of the game        24-6 with only three minutes remaining but       Packers’ biggest weakness – their offen-        Packers, Steelers, Ravens (twice) and
for a 32-20 victory. Detroit quarterback          cut the deficit to 24-21 before losing.          sive line. The Vikings did manage to beat       Bears, albeit not in the dominant fashion a
Matthew Stafford, in yet another learning            There are several huge matchups this          the Ravens, but lost their toughest matchup     good team would or should win in.
experience, threw five interceptions.             week, with the Cincinnati Bengals traveling      in Week Seven against the Steelers.                Then there’s the Ravens, Bears, Jets,
  In New York, Phillip Rivers came up big         to Pittsburgh, the first-place Cowboys             The Steelers look impressive at 6-2, but      Texans, Jaguars, Chargers, Eagles, Giants
late in the game against the team that draft-     going to face the Packers, and the               only three of their wins have come against      and Cardinals. Each of these teams have
ed him as the San Diego Chargers defeated         Indianapolis Colts hosting the New               “good” teams – the Vikings, Chargers and        shown flashes of brilliance or dominance
the Giants, 21-20. New York appeared to           England Patriots. I’m sure we’ve never           Broncos. Their other three wins came            at least once this season, but I have little to
have the game clinched late following an          heard of THAT matchup before.                    against the Titans, Lions and Browns, who       no faith in any of them.

                           NFL WEEK 10 STAFF PICKS
      Week 10                Joey Lewandowski              Charlie LaPlaca               Jeremy Kelly            Dave Ragazzo               Andrew Gould                  Natasha Arena
      Matchups                 Overall (36-28)             Overall (37-27)             Overall (32-32)          Overall (33-31)            Overall (35-29)               Overall (31-33)
                               Last Week (7-1)             Last Week (4-4)             Last Week (5-3)          Last Week (3-5)            Last Week (4-4)               Last Week (3-5)

     JAX @ NYJ                     New York                     New York                    New York                New York                      New York                  Jacksonville

      CHI @ SF                  San Francisco                   Chicago                 San Francisco            San Francisco                    Chicago                 San Francisco

     ATL @ CAR                       Atlanta                     Atlanta                     Atlanta                  Atlanta                      Atlanta                      Atlanta

      CIN @ PIT                    Pittsburgh                  Pittsburgh                  Pittsburgh               Pittsburgh                    Pittsburgh                 Pittsburgh

     KC @ OAK                     Kansas City                 Kansas City                   Oakland               Kansas City                 Kansas City                   Kansas City

      DAL @ GB                     Green Bay                      Dallas                      Dallas                  Dallas                       Dallas                       Dallas

      PHI @ SD                    Philadelphia                Philadelphia                 San Diego               San Diego                      San Diego                  San Diego

      NE @ IND                    Indianapolis               New England                  Indianapolis            New England                New England                    Indianapolis
Page 15 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                          Thursday, November 12, 2009

NBA Rookies Look to Exceed Expectations and Make a Mark
By ANDREW GOULD                                   Curry definitely has the ability to score and     assists as turnovers (3.1 a game) is not going     be Jennings’ biggest competition for Rookie
Staff Writer                                      could become a less selfish Ben Gordon for        to cut it.                                         of the Year. At 6’6’’ and 220 pounds, Evans
                                                  Golden State.                                       So far, Brandon Jennings has seized the          has a large physique for a point guard, and
  I participate in a fantasy basketball league                                                      early lead in the Rookie of the Year race.         has used it to drive to the basket with regu-
where everyone keeps all their players from                                                         Jennings grabbed everyone’s attention by           larity. After Kings’ star shooting guard
the previous years, which means that there is                                                       playing basketball in Italy instead of going       Kevin Martin fractured his left wrist, Evans
an annual draft to select the rookies. Since                                                        to college. While it seemed like an odd            led the Kings to two straight victories, scor-
my team was terrible (thank you, Gilbert                                                            move, Jennings looks more experienced              ing 55 points in the two wins combined.
Arenas), I had the second pick. After the                                                           than any other rookie, scoring 18.4 points         Evans will get the chance to shine as the star
obvious choice, Blake Griffin, was chosen                                                           per game with 4.4 rebounds and 4.4 assists         of the team this year, and Sacramento might
first, I realized that the rest of this year’s                                                      for the rejuvenated Bucks.                         be looking at a future All-Star.
draft class is rather lousy.                                                                                                                             For Knicks and Nets fans enduring terrible
  The Clippers lucked out for once, winning                                                                                                            basketball, is there a silver lining to be found
the draft lottery and drafting Oklahoma                                                                                                                with their youngsters? The Nets might have
standout Blake Griffin. Unfortunately, that                                                                                                            found a gem in Terrence Williams, a
luck didn’t last long, as Griffin fractured his                                                                                                        guard/forward with tremendous physical
left knee in a preseason game. It will be a                                                                                                            attributes. While Williams is still raw, he has
while before Griffin makes his NBA debut,                                                                                                              the ability to play several positions. With
but he has the potential to be a double-dou-                                                                                                           Devin Harris out for a couple weeks,
ble machine and the face of the Clippers                                                                                                               Williams will get some playing time at the
franchise.                                                                                                                                             point, where he excelled at Louisville.
   Who else has the potential for stardom?                                                                                                             While the Nets are currently the worst team
With the second pick of the draft, the                                                                                                                 in the league, Williams has the potential to
Grizzlies took a chance on 7’3’’ center                                                                                                                become an Andre Iguodala-like player in the
Hasheem Thabeet, who looks to be a long-                        photo courtesy of Eric Richardson                                                      future.
term project. In seven games, Thabeet has a       The Clippersʼ Blake Griffin, the No. 1                                                                As for the Knicks, forward Jordan Hill has-
measly four points and eleven rebounds.           overall pick this year, is sidelined                                                                 n’t been given much of an opportunity this
Most shocking, though, is that he has 13          for eight weeks with a broken knee.                                                                  season. He has the ability to run and score in
fouls – in 42 minutes of play! Right now, it’s                                                                                                         coach Mike D’Antoni’s offense, but it’s hard
looking like Thabeet, at best, could develop        Although Spanish phenom Ricky Rubio                                                                to picture him becoming productive enough
into a defensive stopper down the line.           opted to remain in Spain, the Timberwolves                                                           that fans won’t look at him and think that the
  The majority of this draft’s talent can be      were prepared for that possibility, drafting                         photo courtesy of Brad Ward     Knicks could have Jennings instead. Knicks
found at the guards. After leading underdog       Syracuse point guard Jonny Flynn with the         The Netsʼ Brandon Jennings has                     fans should see that last year’s struggling
Davidson deep during 2007’s Final Four,           sixth pick of the draft. Flynn is already         jumped out to an early lead in the                 rookie, Danilo Gallinari, is leading the
Stephen Curry quickly became a star in col-       showing the ability to score in the NBA,          Rookie of the Year race.                           league in three pointers in his second season,
lege basketball. While Knicks fans were           posting 14.3 points per game through seven                                                           so patience can pay off.
hoping Curry would run their offense, the         games. However, he still has work to do as a       My choice for my fantasy basketball team
Warriors grabbed him ahead of New York.           point guard – averaging the same amount of        was Kings guard Tyreke Evans, who might

   College Basketball: Kansas Jayhawks Top Preseason Rankings
   By DAVE RAGAZZO                                 ers, four were on the 2008 team that won         under investigation for violations that          men join All-American Patrick Paterson to
   Staff Writer                                    the NCAA Championship game, including            occurred in 2008 when his team went to           form a very dangerous team, especially in
                                                   guard Sherron Collins and big man Cole           the National Championship. The looming           a mediocre Southeastern Conference.
    The Kansas Jayhawks began their season         Aldrich. The Jayhawks’ depth is the reason                                                          Reigning champion North Carolina also
   ranked first in the Associated Press            that many people believe they can win the                                                         makes the preseason rankings as they are
   Preseason poll. Many familiar teams make        NCAA Tournament this year.                                                                        sixth in the Associated Press top ten. The
   out the top ten including Michigan State          The only issue for the team is off the                                                          Tar Heels were dominant last year, but had
   and North Carolina, while Kentucky              court, rather than on it. The team had a dis-                                                     four of their five starters enter the NBA
   returns after a slight exile from the rank-     turbing off-season that included a team                                                           through the draft this offseason. Replacing
   ings with a brand new roster.                   brawl with the football team and a suspen-                                                        all that talent is usually a struggle for any
                                                   sion of Brady Morningstar for the first                                                           team, but not for Coach Roy Williams,
                                                   semester after he was suspected of drunk                                                          who has rarely had to rebuild through his
                                                   driving. If the Jayhawks can clean up their                                                       coaching career.
                                                   off-court behavior, they have all the pieces                                                        Up front, the Tar Heels will have senior
                                                   to win a National Championship.                                                                   Deon Thompson as well as Ed Davis, who
                                                     National runner-up Michigan State also                                                          was the team’s highly touted sixth man last
                                                   returns a strong nucleus of players this                                                          season. The loss of a true point guard will
                                                   season and is ranked No. 2 behind Kansas.                                                         be the biggest question for the Tar Heels as
                                                   Reigning Big Ten Player of the Year Kalin                                                         they begin their pursuit of back to back
                                                   Lucas returns to solidify the back court                                                          championships.
                                                   with Durrell Summers. The frontcourt is                                                            The season tipped off on Monday, Nov. 9
                                                   young but talented, as they look to replace                                                       as the Tar Heels defeated Florida
                                                   NCAA tournament star Goran Suton and                                                              International, 88-72. The win spoiled the
                                                   Marquis Gray. They will have to play one                                                          debut of Florida International’s coach, for-
                                                   freshman up front along with sophomore                                                            mer NBA great Isiah Thomas. Thompson
                                                   Delvin Roe, who saw limited playing time                                                          scored 20 points and had ten rebounds in
                  photo courtesy of Dirk Hansen    last season. If these young players develop                     photo courtesy of David Giard     only 22 minutes, while Davis added 13
   Sherron Collins (left) will be coun-            quickly, the Spartans can easily make their      Durrell Summers will help lead                   points and 11 rebounds. The Tar Heels also
   ted on for the Kansas Jayhawks.                 sixth Final Four in the last 12 seasons.         Michigan Stateʼs backcourt.                      committed 26 turnovers, which is not only
                                                     One of the bigger stories this off-season                                                       uncharacteristic of a Williams-coached
      The Jayhawks bring back their entire         involved the No. 4 ranked Kentucky               investigations have not affected Calipari’s      team, but is also not good enough to beat
   team, except for one bench player who has       Wildcats and their new coach, John               reputation, at least with players, as he was     many of the top teams that they will be
   been replaced with number one recruit           Calipari. Calipari, who left Memphis to          able to persuade many of his recruits to         playing.
   Xavier Henry. Among the returning play-         join the prestigious program, has been           join. Calipari and five top-ranked fresh-
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