Things to Do With a Dollar by RifaiXeno


									 At times, many of us feel like we may not have enough money to go out and do something fun to
entertain ourselves. However, most people have a dollar lying around somewhere, whether it be
between the couch cushions or on the floor of your car. Here are some fun, entertaining things you
can do with a dollar:
1. Have a movie night! Go to your local RedBox or Blockbuster Express (usually at the front of your
local grocery store) and rent a movie for a dollar. The rental is usually good until the next night and
for only a dollar, you can't beat it! Pick up some movie treats and pop some popcorn and you'll have
the perfect movie night at home!

2. Take a trip to the dollar store and go wild! This is a fun activity for kids because you can give
them each a dollar or two and tell them to get whatever they want! They'll feel grown up and have a
blast shopping with their very own money!

3. Go to your local McDonalds and enjoy something delicious off of the dollar menu - a hamburger,
soft serve sundae, fries or drink! You'll feel like you indulged your inner sweet tooth and you only
spent a buck!

4. Trade your dollar in for 100 pennies and go to a fountain with your friends/significant other/kids
and make 100 wishes! While it seems a little corny, you'll get to enjoy some time spent outside and
fun while doing it! Plus, out of 100 wishes one is bound to come true!

5. Take a walk downtown and when the homeless mother with her child asks you for spare change
hand her a dollar and feel like you've accomplished something special today.

6. Buy a lottery ticket! If you win, it will be the best dollar you've ever spent! If you lose, you're out a
buck - big deal! Cross your fingers and go for it!

7. Buy a loaf of day-old bakery bread from your local grocery store and take a walk to the park or
lake to feed the ducks or birds. Sometimes it's the little things that make the best memories!
8. Buy a glass lemonade from the neighborhood kids' lemonade stand and let them keep the change.
It will make their day!

9. Go to a used bookstore and buy a book you've been wanting to read. Used book stores are the
perfect place to spend an afternoon thumbing through books... old and new.

10. Go to your local pet store and buy a few goldfish. Put them in water in a vase you have at home
and voila... you have a new pet!

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