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                                                                                 NATURAL RESOURCES
Zoology is a major branch of the biological sciences and involves the study           & AGRISCIENCE

of animals. Zoology ranges from the subatomic and cellular level of the smallest organism to the
largest mammal. Zoological study focuses on embryonic development, body structure and
function of parts, habitat, and ecological interactions with other living organisms. Specializations
within this subject include embryology, cytology, ecology, entomology, ornithology, anatomy,
physiology, paleontology, genetics, herpetology, parasitology, mammalogy, marine biology, and
wildlife fisheries biology.

                                      Related Majors
Agriculture--Animal Science--Biology--Entomology--Environmental Science--Marine Biology--
      Museology Pathology--Pharmacology--Physiology--Veterinary Science--Wildlife
                           Management--Zoology Education

                                      High School Courses
                                     Science       Biology
                                    Physiology    Chemistry
                                         Math Algebra

                                     Related Occupations
                     Animal Breeder—-V Animal Control Officer—-AA
                    Animal Laboratory Technician—-AA Biochemist—-B
                              Conservationist—-B Curator—-B
                                Ecologist—-B Educator—-B/D
                      Farm/Ranch Manager—-B/V Fishery Biologist—-B
                         Forester—-B Humane Society Worker—-AA
                          Kennel Operator—-V Marine Biologist—-B
                       Microbiologist—-B     Museum/Zoo Worker—-AA
                        Nature Photographer—-AA/B Park Ranger—-B
                       Pathologist—-D        Pest Control Worker—-AA
                   Pet Shop Manager—-V         Public Health Specialist—-B
                        Range Manager—-AA/B           Taxonomist—-B
                            Technical Writer—-B Veterinarian—-P
                     Veterinary Assistant—-V/AA Wildlife Biologist—-B
                            Zookeeper—-AA/B Zoologist—-B/D
C=Certificate (usually requires 1 yr. or less of study; could be pre/post HS or college)  AA= Associates Degree (usually equivalent to 2
full yrs. of study beyond HS) B=Bachelor’s Degree (usually equivalent to 4 or more yrs. of study beyond HS)            M=Master’s Degree
   (usually equivalent to 1-2 full yrs. of study beyond a Bachelor’s)    D=Doctoral Degree (usually equivalent to 3-5 full yrs. of study
    beyond a Bachelor’s) P=First Professional Degree (post-Bachelor’s training/study varies; may require up to 6 or more yrs. of
combined study/interning & residency for some medical majors)          V=Training/study varies greatly, is often technical and may require
                                                             an apprenticeship)

                                        Leisure Activities
 Browsing through 4-H exhibits, pet shops, and science displays; attending animal shows or the
  circus; belonging to a zoological society, Future Farmers of America or wildlife preservation
 group, or the Humane Society; visiting aquariums, museums, zoos, and nature centers; hiking,
camping, nature photography, bird-watching, fishing, or horseback riding; owning and caring for
pets; working part-time or as a volunteer for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals, the Humane Society, or a national park or forest, zoo, or veterinary office; watching
 animal shows on TV; reading animal-related publications; collecting shells, butterflies, insects,
                                    or other natural specimens.


                             Proficiency in observing, collecting, and analyzing data

                                   Ability to concentrate for long periods of time

                         Proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and memorization

                            Ability to conduct and clearly explain scientific research

                               Proficiency in problem solving and decision-making

                                           Proficiency for accuracy and detail

                                       Ability to work with and relate to animals

    Intellectual capacity to perform well in most undergraduate and graduate college programs

                                        Thorough knowledge of general biology

                         Good health, physical stamina, agility, and manual dexterity

                                              Values and Attributes
                                               Desire to help others
                                       Courage, respect and determination
                                Deep appreciation for and kindness toward animals
                                  Interest in animal protection and preservation


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                       American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

                                  6 North Pennell Road

                                    Media, PA 19063

            (offers student membership, a journal, job listings and other links)

                       American Zoo and Aquariums Association

                             8403 Coleville Road, Suite 710

                                Silver Springs, MD 20910

(lists employment opportunities and publishes information about careers in zoos and aquariums
                     as well as in mammal, aquatic, and marine science)

                      Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

                                 1313 Dolly Madison Blvd.

                                          Suite 402

                                    McLean, VA 22101

(offers student membership and educational programs, provides career information, job listings
                                      and fellowships)

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