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									           THE DIRECTION OF ASISTANCE
                (DIASPER – NAVY)

        The Direction of Assistance of the Social Services (DIASPER)
is responsible for the management, administration and control of the
social activities in the Navy, focused on to the welfare and quality of
life of military personnel.

       The Spanish Navy has residences and some apartments in
Sóller (Port of Sóller) in the Balearic Islands, a residence in Mahón
(Menorca), also in the Balearic Islands and a residence in Barcelona
for the military personnel and their families, available to members of
CLIMS organization. Besides these facilities, there are residences in
Ferrol, Cádiz and Cartagena, partially assigned to the DIASPER for
social assistance purposes.

                 NAVY HEADQUARTERS

        Juan de Mena, 1 - 4ª Planta - 28071 MADRID
     Telephone: 0034 91 379 59 22 / 0034 91 312 42 18
        Fax: 0034 91 379 52 09 / 0034 91 312 40 29
Port of Soller
                         Sóller is an attractive
                 resort in the northwest coast
                 of Majorca (Balearic Islands).
                 It is located 35 km from Palma
                 de Majorca, in the Majorca’s
                 north-west coast. The town is
                 situated about 3 km inland,
                 from its port, “Port of Sóller”.
                 The town lies in a large, fertile,
                 bowl-shaped valley. The popu-
                 lation is about 12.000 inhabi-
                 tants and the valley is famous
                 for its orange groves and
                 terraces of ancient olive trees.

                       Shopping area, restau-
                 rants and other facilities are
                 available to the visitors in the
                 surrounding area.
   Port of Sóller. Panoramic view           View from the Residence


                                          Accommodation: 12 big fully
                                    furnished apartments (3/4 rooms)
                                    with space for 6/8 persons.

                                           The apartments are for exclusive
                                    use of military personnel: officers and
                                    their families.

                                          They can be used all year round
                                    but during the period from June 15th to
                                    September 15th the Spanish personnel
                                    has priority.
Residence “COSTA BRAVA”

       Accommodation: There are 35
double rooms for military personnel,
officers and chief petty officers (N.C.O.)
and their families.

     It is open all year round except in
November, but during July and August
Spanish personnel has priority.


                                                   From June to September the
                                             apartments and the residence are pre-
                                             ferably assigned for 15 day periods
                                             (from 1st to 15th or from 16th to 30th).
                                                   From October to May the apart-
                                             ments are assigned by weeks, fort-
                                             nights or months while the residence is
                                             assigned by days.
                                                   The responses to the applica-
                                             tions for June, July, August and Sep-
                                             tember will be given in April.
How to get to Sóller

      There are daily direct flights from different countries. Tickets to Palma
de Mallorca must be reserved well in advance. Taxi is the best way to get to
Sóller from the airport.
      Also you can travel by ferry to Palma de Mallorca from Barcelona,
Valencia or Denia with several companies (Acciona-Transmediterránea,
Balearia, Iscomar). Cars can be boarded into the ferries.
      The ferry arrives at the port of Palma de Mallorca and then it is neces-
sary to travel by car, bus or train to Sóller.

      By car: Take the road 711, Palma-Sóller. Near Sóller there are two
alternative routes; either the mountain Coll de Sóller or the toll tunnel.
      By Bus: It goes directly to Puerto de Sóller through the road and tun-
nel of Sóller. Bus station address is:
      Eusebio Estada St. – PALMA DE MALLORCA
     By train: A typical train is the traditional connection between Palma
and Sóller. The train station is located in the Eusebio Estada St., near Plaza
de España and the bus station.
     Finally the connection between Sóller and Puerto de Sóller, about five
kilometres, is by tramway or taxi.

Address of the apartments:
Viviendas de Sóller
C/ Antonio Montis, 7
07108 Port de Sóller

Address of the Residence “Costa Brava”
RAS “Costa Brava”
Estación Naval de Sóller
C/ Marina S/N
07108 Port de Sóller

Phone: 0034 971 638517 (Office)
       0034 971 638570 (Director)
Fax:   0034 971 632431
Mahón (Menorca)
Location and History

       Mahón (28,000 inhabitants) is the capital
city of the Balearic Island of Menorca, located in
the eastern part of the island. Mahon boasts one
of the deepest natural ports in the world.

      Menorca, the most easterly of the Balearic
Islands, is just 35 miles long and 14 miles wide with
few mostly laid back beach resorts and around
120 beaches, coves, bays, and harbours around
the rocky coastline. There are several excellent
prehistoric sites and places of historic interest.

       The island enjoys an annual average temperature of 17º C with high humi-
dity (annual average of 69%) and dominant north winds.

      The name is attributed to the eponymous Carthaginian general Mago Barca,
brother to Hannibal, who is thought to have taken refuge there in 205 B.C.. Mahón
was declared a roman municipality in the first century B.C., and later became part
of the Byzantine Empire. During the Arab domination the capital was moved to
Ciudadela. Mahón was recovered in 1287 from the Moors by Alfonso III of Aragón
and incorporated into the Kingdom of Mallorca, a vassal of the Kingdom of Aragón.
Its harbour, one of the most strategically important in the western Mediterranean,
was re-fortified.

       Menorca was seized by the British during the war of the Spanish Succession
in 1708, and in 1722 the capital was moved from Ciudadela to Mahón. The British
rule in the Island lasted until 1755. There were two later periods of British presen-
ce, from 1763 till 1781 and from 1798 till 1802 when it was permanently handed
over to Spain by the Treaty of Amiens.
The Residence
       The Mahon Naval Station
Residence offers 16 guest rooms with
shower, WC and TV. An outside insta-
llation with tennis and paddle courts,
gym, terrace, barbecue area and chil-
dren’s playground are available. A suf-
ficient free parking area is available for
our guests. The inside installation
offers a comfortable television room
and a restaurant. For military person-
nel, officers and chief petty officers
(N.C.O.) and their families.
Excursions & Places of interest

       Menorca was declared a
Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in
1993. So the inhabitants’ will and tena-
city has ensured that the island is kept
in the best possible condition. For ins-
tance, more than 40% of the island is
legacy protected as a nature and mari-
ne reserve. Therefore you will be able
to enjoy numerous beautiful and well-
equipped beaches such as Sa Vall,
Cala Galdana or Cala en Porter and
have the opportunity to enjoy horse
treks, bicycle rides, boat trips and visits
to archaeological sites such as Naveta
des Tudons (Ciudadela) or the ruins of
Talatí de Dalt and that of the Trepucó in
Mahón, caves or interesting monu-
ments. There are many popular fiestas,
full of history and tradition, restaurants
to taste the island typical food or noc-
turnal pavements cafes where you can
spend pleasant evening sunsets.
          How to get there

          It is possible to reach Menorca by plane (Menorca Airport) or
          by ship from the main Spanish Mediterranean ports.
          To reach de residence from the airport, drive on Me-12 road
          to Ciudadela until you reach Me-1 (Ciudadela-Mahon) road.
          Then turn right to Mahón (Maó) direction. When you reach
          the next crossroad turn left to Port direction. Finally, when
          you reach the next crossroad turn left on Me-3 to Estació
          Naval (Naval Station) direction.
          To reach de residence from the port: Drive to right on Moll de
          Ponent Street to reach the next crossroad. Then turn right on
          Me-3 road to Estació Naval (Naval Station) direction.

Mode of payment

     It’s only possible cash payment.

Limitations: Animals are not allowed, Smoking allowed only in restricted areas.
             No exchange office.


Estación Naval de Mahón
Calle Cos Nou, s/n
07701 Mahón
Islas Baleares - ESPAÑA

Resort Administration Office
Telephone Number: 0034 971 15 75 41
Fax Number: 0034 971 15 75 14
Location and History

     Barcelona is the second most important city in Spain, with a population of
about 1,7 million people. It is located at the Northeast part of Spain in the
Mediterranean Coast.

      The origin of Barcelona goes back in time to the 5th century B. C., with some
Iberian settlements particularly at the top of Montjuic Mountain where a small
necropolis dated around the 3rd century B. C. has been found.

      Barcelona was then colonized by Greeks and Romans. When the Roman
Empire disintegrated, the city fell under the Visigotic rule. In the 5th Century, King
Ataulfo appointed Barcelona as the Kingdom’s Capital.
      Barcelona was invaded by the
Muslims in the 8th Century and once
regained by Christians formed the
Crown of Aragon, linked later to the
Crown of Castile.

      During the 19th Century,
Barcelona grew with the industrial

      Barcelona offers many interes-
ting buildings and monuments such
as the gothic Cathedral, “La Sagrada
Familia” church, “the Spanish village”,
the Güell Park, and so on.

      Barcelona was the site of the
1992 Summer Olympics Games and
the 2004 Universal Forum of the
Residence of the Comandancia Naval de Barcelona

       It is located in the histori-
cal center, on “Las Ramblas”,
near the Statue of Columbus
and the “Maremagnum” leisure
center. The residence can
accommodate up to 28 people
in 14 double rooms. All the
rooms have bathroom, air con-
ditioning and heating. The resi-
dence has a dining room and
cafeteria and includes a small
outdoor private parking. It is set
up like a bed and breakfast. For
military personnel, officers and
chief petty officers (N.C.O.) and
their families.

Residence of the Comandancia Naval de Barcelona
C/ Portal de Santa Madrona 1-3
08001 Barcelona

Phone / Fax: 0034 93 304 09 71

Ferrol (A Coruña)

     Ferrol is one of the most important cities of Galicia with a population of about
90,000. It is located in the Northwest of Spain and it was constructed as a seaport.
      Its estuary, which rises in the outlet of the Jubia River, forms together with
the estuaries of Coruña, Betanzos and Ares a geographical unit called Artabrian
Gulf. The position facing the Atlantic Ocean helps this town to enjoy a oceanic cli-
mate, with mild temperature all year round and moderate rainfall.
      Ferrol is highlighted by its linear and modernist architecture, its immense
beaches and, above all, a dynamic urban melting pot that on the weekends lea-
ves the town to visit the magnificent surroundings.
       The most important military cons-
truction is the castle of San Felipe (18th
century), built at the entrance of the
estuary to control the traffic and to block
the entrance of ships. Also deserving a
visit are St. Julián Cathedral (18th cen-
tury, neoclassical style), the military
church of St. Francisco and the chapel
of the Virgin of Chamorro (17th century),
patron saint of the city.
       Among the beaches, very beautiful
all of them, we can highlight San Jorge,
Covas, Doniños, Ponzos, Valdoviño (3 km
long), Pantin, Villarrube y Cedeira.
      Ferrol city is 50 km from La Coruña
and less than 100 km from Santiago de
Residence “LA CORTINA”
      It is located at the West end of the Arsenal, by the port and very near to the
centre of the city. It has a small outdoor parking and also lounges, bar and dining
room. The residence accommodates 114 people in 56 double rooms and 2 single
rooms equipped with bathroom, internet, TV and refrigerator. The residence has
restaurant, lounges, bar and library. For officers and their families.

Residence “BATALLONES”

                                                It is located at the East part of the
                                         city, approximately 5 minutes walking
                                         from downtown and just opposite to the
                                         University. The residence accommoda-
                                         tes 30 people in 10 double rooms and 10
                                         single rooms. The rooms have bathroom,
                                         TV, Internet and refrigerator. The resi-
                                         dence has outdoor parking, lounge,
                                         dining room and bar. For officers and
                                         their families.
Residence “EL MONTÓN”

       It is located at the East end of
the city, only 10 minutes by car
from the city centre (also there is
public transportation). The residen-
ce accommodates 68 people in 34
double rooms equipped with bath-
room. The residence has outdoor
parking, lounges and dining room.
It is located in the same complex
as the Naval Club which is equip-
ped with lounges, dinning rooms,
swimming pools, tennis courts, and
a small beach. For chief petty offi-
cers (N.C.O.) and their families.


Residencia “La Cortina”
C/ Curuxeiras s/n.
15401 Ferrol (A CORUÑA)
Phone: 0034 981 358 443 / 444
Fax:   0034 981 352 099

Residencia “Batallones”
Av/ Mac Mahon S/N
15403 Ferrol (A CORUÑA)
Phone: 0034 981 355 956

Residencia “El Montón”
El Montón – Caranza
15406 Ferrol (A CORUÑA)
Phone: 0034 981 319 052
Fax:   0034 981 319 211
San Fernando (Cádiz)

       San Fernando lies at the very heart of the Bay of Cadiz, covering an area of
30 square kilometres. It has approximately 90.000 inhabitants. The Island of Leon,
as it is popularly known is an enchanting place to visit due to its warm climate, its
unspoilt beaches and the extrovert and hospitable nature of the people who live
      Even though San Fernando is on the Atlantic coast, its climate is influenced
by the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, temperatures are warm and pleasant for
most of the year. The average annual temperature is 19,6o C, with up to 3,100
hours of sunshine per year.
      San Fernando offers many interesting buildings and monuments such as
the town hall, the history museum, the archaeological collection of Punic and
Phoenician furnaces of Torre Alta, San Romualdo castle, the military church of
St. Francisco, the church of Our Lady of the Carmen (XVIII century) and the
Royal Naval Institute and Observatory (XVIII century).
 Mausoleum of the Renowned Seamen

                                     Royal Observatory of the Spanish Navy

Residence “SAN CARLOS”
                                           Residence San Carlos is located
                                    in the military village of San Carlos,
                                    along with the "Panteón de Marinos
                                    Ilustres" and the "Museo Naval" (Naval
                                    Museum) among other buildings. It
                                    takes approximately a 10 minutes walk
                                    to go to the centre of the town of San
                                           The residence accommodates 90
                                    people distributed in 44 double rooms
                                    and 2 single rooms. All rooms have
                                    bathroom, refrigerator, TV, Internet and,
                                    some of them, air conditioning. The
                                    residence has lounges, dining room
                                    library and cafeteria. The residence has
                                    no private parking though it is possible
                                    to park in the surrounding areas.
                                         San Fernando has 10 km of bea-
                                    ches, and it is approximately 8 km
                                    away of the thousand-year-old city of
                                    Cádiz and 110 km from Seville.
                                          For officers and their families.

Residencia “San Carlos”
C/ Capitán Conforto s/n.
11110 San Fernando (CÁDIZ).
Phone: 0034 956 599 118
Fax:   0034 956 599 114
Cartagena (Murcia)

     Cartagena is located in the
South-east of Spain, with a big bay
bounded at the East part by Cape
Palos and at the West by Cape Tiñoso.
       The city of Cartagena is connected
by highway with the famous beaches of
“La Manga del Mar Menor (30 km), the
city of Murcia (45 km), Alicante (110 km)
and Granada (300 km).
      Cartagena was one of the most
desired harbours in the world through                      City Hall
      It was founded in the year 223 BC by the Carthaginians who called it Quart
Hadash (new city) becoming a commercial centre. Romans, Barbarians and
Arabians dominated Cartagena until it was conquered by the Christians in 1245.
Because of its rich history, Cartagena has a wealth of cultural and archaeological
legacy: Punic rampart (227 BC), Roman theatre and amphitheatre (1st century
BC), the Byzantine wall (6th century), the castle of “La Concepción”, The Civil War
Shelters, etc.
Residence “LA MURALLA”


     In the very downtown of Cartagena city, it is facing the marina and the com-
mercial harbour. The residence accommodates 139 sleeping places in 61 single
rooms, 33 double rooms, 1 triple room, 1 quadruple room and 1 quintuple room.
The rooms distributed in four floors, have heating, refrigerator, bathroom and
soon, TV and telephone. The residence has dining room, cafeteria, laundry and a
lounge with TV in every floor.
      The residence does not have parking though there is a public parking in the
surrounding area.
     For officers and their families.

Residencia “La Muralla”
C/ La Muralla del Mar, 13
30290 Cartagena (MURCIA)
Phone: 0034 968 509 342
Fax:   0034 968 127 100
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