Defining the Future of Senior Living by chenmeixiu


									                                                                                SODEXO SENIOR SERVICES CASE STUDY

      Defining the Future
       of Senior Living

               How Sodexo Helps Asbury Communities
              Enhance Residents’ Lives and Reduce Costs.

  “O     ur vision at Asbury Communities is to become a national leader in defining the future of senior living by find-
         ing ways to provide residents with truly exceptional experiences,” states Doug Leidig, Chief Operating Officer
   for Asbury Communities, the noted not-for-profit operator of six CCRCs in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma.
   “It’s why we sought a strategic partner who could provide us with highly specialized expertise in key services
   such as dining, housekeeping and maintenance,” adds Leidig, “services that are not our core competencies.”
  “We knew we could do better in these areas and wanted to build upon our in-house resources to do so,” continues
   Leidig. “That’s why we decided to look at outsourcing.”
   Two service providers were invited to meet with a team of Asbury Executive Directors and other key leaders.
  “Sodexo won hands down,” recalls Leidig. “The camaraderie between our team and theirs was special. We knew
   we’d be able to work together to get the results we wanted.”

  Asbury                      94%                   8% to 15%                         8%                      2009
Communities               System-wide                Reduction of           Increase in residents        Strongest financial
    2009                   occupancy               expenses across            feeling connected             performance
Performance                                           the system                and engaged                   in years
                  “Together, we have been able to
                  accomplish impressive things.”
                  Edwin Thomas III, Chief Executive Office, Asbury Communities, Inc.

Over the first six months of 2008, Sodexo assumed respon-    “Asbury and Sodexo are aligned around the same vision
sibility for Dining and Nutrition Services, Housekeeping,     and goals,” continues Leidig. “We are strong proponents of
Laundry, Maintenance and Grounds at all six Asbury Com-       resident-centered care — and so are they.”
munities. In January 2009, Sodexo assumed responsibility
                                                             Besides undergoing Sodexo’s Training Our People = Success
for wellness activities at all six communities as well.
                                                             (TOPS) technical training, support staff in every Asbury
Sodexo now provides a complement of support services         community has gone through Sodexo’s innovative Focus on
across the system, including:                                Service Spirit (FOSS) training and CARES behavioral train-
• Dining and Nutrition Services                              ing, two innovative programs that teach employees the key
                                                             behaviors that lead to positive resident experiences.
• Building Services
                                                             “Our residents respond to this caring, engaged behavior,”
      – Housekeeping
                                                              adds Leidig. “It’s reflected in the number of referrals we get
     – Laundry
                                                              from our residents.”
     – Maintenance
     – Grounds                                               Asbury residents also like all the choices they have — in din-
                                                             ing, recreation, personal growth and wellness opportunities.
• HealthAbilityTM Wellness Services
                                                             For example, every Asbury campus has a variety of dining
“We have been very impressed with Sodexo’s expertise,”       venues ranging from formal dining rooms to cafe and bistro
 says Leidig, “but having great programs and processes are   environments that are open throughout the day.
 only part of Sodexo’s value to Asbury Communities. The
 cultural fit between the two organizations is probably
 even more important.”
“All those choices are more work for our staff, but they understand the importance,”
 says Joe Gorman, Senior Vice President for Sodexo. “Today’s seniors are looking
 for more choices, more variety. That’s what being resident-centered is all about.”
 There are now over 70 Sodexo employees throughout the Asbury system. Most
 were originally Asbury hourly employees who became Sodexo salaried staff.
“They are still Asbury employees as far as our residents are concerned,” com-
 ments Leidig. “There is no us and them at Asbury; we are all one team.”

The inauguration of HealthAbilityTM at Asbury Communities is particularly
noteworthy. “We had already made a significant commitment to wellness as an
important part of our business model.” says Leidig. “With Sodexo’s HealthAbility
program, we were able to take that to a new level.”

Sodexo’s multi-dimension HealthAbilityTM approach goes beyond the physiological
aspects of wellness. The program promotes multiple dimensions of wellness
at Asbury Communities: physical, nutritional, intellectual, social, emotional
and spiritual.

One of the innovative things about HealthAbilityTM is the ability to monitor and       ImPRovIng RESIdEntS’ LIvES
capture outcomes. Some of those outcomes are shown in the table at right.
                                                                                         At ASBuRy CommunItIES
“Together, we have been able to accomplish impressive things,” says Ed Thomas
 III, Chief Executive Officer of Asbury Communities. “Our objective in consolidat-         System-Wide Results of
 ing all these support services was to create efficiencies, share best practices and   HealthAbility Wellness Program

 unify processes across the system. We knew if we accomplished that, financial                  Summer 2009
 benefits would follow — and they have.”
                                                                                             TypicaL FuncTionaL

                                                                                       Balance                + 9.5 %
                                                                                       Endurance             + 10.7 %
                                                                                       Flexibility            + 6.6 %
                                                                                       Leg Strength           + 8.8 %
                                                                                       Arm Strength          + 14.1%

                                                                                             TypicaL QuaLiTy oF
                                                                                             LiFe improvemenTS

                                                                                       Feel energetic         + 3.2 %
                                                                                       Feel mentally alert
                                                                                       and stimulated         + 5.0 %
                                                                                       Feel connected
                                                                                       and engaged            + 8.7 %
                                                                                       Have meaning and
                                                                                       purpose in life        + 6.7 %
                                                                                       Laugh daily            + 4.7 %
                     Nearly $2.9 Million Under Budget

“Our biggest challenge                                BuILdIng SERvICES HIgHLIgHtS
 in 2009 was to reduce
 expenses,” continues                   Energy                  Laundry                 Cost of              Productivity of
 Thomas. “At the start of                Costs                Productivity           Housekeeping            Housekeeping
 the year we had each                                                                  Supplies                  Staff
 department develop
 contingency plans
 for cutting costs. In
                                         doWn                      uP                     doWn                      uP
 July, when we saw the
 economy continue to
 slide, we moved on those
                                        15%                     24%                     16%                   12.5%
 plans and instituted
 an 8% to 15% expense
 reduction across the
 system. And Sodexo led                                             25 different kinds of paper towels and hand soap. By looking
 the way.”                                                          across the entire system, Sodexo was able reduce costs — and
Sodexo-managed departments finished the year nearly                 obtain a better quality product.
$2.9 million under budget. These reductions were                    Asbury was also able to use Sodexo’s powerful vendor relation-
accomplished through a number of initiatives, including             ships to save money on other capital purchases — from
smarter energy purchases,                                                                          tractors and waste treatment
increased staff productivity,                                                                      systems to tables and chairs.
use of labor-saving processes                 ASbury’S COnTinuing CArE
                                                                                                  “At the end of the year, our
and equipment and                              rETirEmEnT COmmuniTiES
                                                                                                   actual operating expenses
procurement savings on
                                            Asbury methodist village Gaithersburg, MD              were well below what we
supplies and other items.
                                             Asbury-Solomons Island Solomons, MD                   originally budgeted,” sums up
A big chunk of these savings                                                                       CEO Thomas. “And we did it
                                                 Bethany village Mechanicsburg, PA
came from negotiating a better                                                                     without reducing the quality
contract for electricity and                        Epworth manor Tyrone, PA                       of the services provided to our
natural gas. Sodexo was able                        Inverness village Tulsa, OK                    residents.”
to lock in prices for 90% of                             Springhill Erie, PA                      “Our alliance with Sodexo has
the system’s usage, reducing
                                                                                                   certainly paid off,” adds COO
Asbury Communities’ total
                                                                                                   Leidig. “It has given us access
2009 energy costs by 15%.
                                                                    to remarkable resources and helped us meet our strategic
Smarter purchasing of basic supplies also contributed to the        goals by providing exceptional service to residents and
savings. For example, the six communities were using                associates alike.”

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         and Essential Eye Photographics, LLC
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