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                                        PROJECT PROPOSAL

Project Proposal: Electronic Student Medical Records Tracker for the University of Santo Tomas
Education High School.

Rationale of the Project: Nowadays, almost every transaction in most universities here in
Metro Manila are computerized or electronic. Enrollment, library records and even attendance
monitoring. However, in most universities and even other establishments, medical records are
still written in paper and stored in file cases – when in fact, health is one of the important
things in life. We know that these records can be damaged easily; so, by making it electronic,
there is less risk for them to be destroyed.

Objectives of the Project: This project aims to create an electronic student medical records
tracker for the University of Santo Tomas Education High School. Specifically, the researchers
aims to: a. design a database system using SQL 2005 and that will run on lowest
hardware configuration possible and develop the designed system.

Scope and Limitations of the Project: The database that will be created will store student’s
information such as the student’s name, student number, phone number, address,
parent/guardian, parent/guardian’s phone number known health issues, doctor’s notes and
dentist’s notes. Some of the information such as student number, name and parent/guardian’s
information will be retrieved from the student database. However, this will only be done during
the student’s first visit in the university clinic. Then, the data will be stored automatically to the
clinic’s own database. The clinic staff including the doctors will be able to retrieve student’s
personal information in read-only mode. Nurses, doctors and dentists can add notes depending
on the severity and type of the problem. Medicines given and prescribed should also be taken
note. In the event that the student needs to be rushed to the hospital for further treatment, a
printed copy of the medical records shall be given with the attending
nurse’s/physician’s/dentist’s signature. Records of students who graduated shall be printed,
signed by the university’s physician and given to them with their transcript.

Prepared by:                                          Approved:
Tancioco, Allen
Lazarte, Rogemarie
Bendicion, Divine                                     MRS. MA. TERESA A. PLASTINA
                                                      Instructor, College of Computer Studies

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