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Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit and Google Analytics


									   Improving Citizen Access to
Information using Free SEO Tools
      and Google Analytics

             QUINN ROBINSON
            My Background in Search

 IIS ASP.NET Indexing and Front Page Extensions
   FAST NXT 4 (non-crawler)
   FAST ProPublish (Apache Tomcat and MySQL,
    acquired by Microsoft)
   Google Custom Search
   Google Search Appliance
   Various Yahoo!/Google APIs
Free SEO Toolkit and Google Analytics Goals

 Improving citizen access to information and
 analyzing site traffic can be greatly improved by
 using specialized search engine optimization (SEO)
 and Web site analytics tools. We will discuss a new
 SEO tool from Microsoft, which analyzes how search
 engines index your site, and also shows problems
 with your site and how to fix them. We'll also discuss
 Google Analytics, a search engine-focused tool to
 analyze site traffic.
       Microsoft Web Platform Installer

 Microsoft’s tool to install IIS and IIS add-ons on
  servers and clients
 Provides “one-click” installation to install popular
  applications that extend IIS functions
 Not available on Windows Vista Home Premium or
  any operating system that IIS is not supported on
         Free SEO Toolkit from Microsoft

 Local Government Goals for Free SEO Toolkit
   Optimize site for

   Increase Web site citizen traffic and usage

   Determine how your web pages are displayed on third-party
    web sites
   Help keep search engine results fresh

   Decrease telephone calls and emails to ask for information that
    is not easily found on Web site
   Good ROI on your Web investments

 Free SEO Toolkit Installation
   Requires Microsoft Web Platform Installer
How to Run Free SEO Toolkit (Found in IIS)
Create a New Analysis in Free SEO Toolkit
     Analyzing Free SEO Toolkit Reports

 Free SEO Tool identifies pages that are branded; for
  example, sets of pages named “MRSC -Page Title”
  should be renamed “Page Title - MRSC“ since search
  engines put more weight on words at the beginning
  of page titles than words at the end of page titles
 Finds broken and redirected links and shows what
  pages link to them; useful for domain changes and
  other major site re-organizations
 Finds HTML errors, missing ALT tags, protocols
  used, improper syntax and pages that are too large
 Many other categories of reports
          Free SEO Toolkit Sitemap Tool

 Can be customized to index your site and be made
    available to search engines
   Good for dynamic pages that change frequently
   Lets Google/Yahoo!/Bing know how often your
    content changes so that it can be reindexed in a more
    timely manner
   XML format allows metadata insertion
   Can be set to run on a daily, weekly, monthly or
    yearly schedule
           Graphical Robots.txt Editor

 Insert rules for allow
 Insert rules for disallow
 Review your existing robots.txt file
 Group inclusions and exclusions by User-Agent
     More Free SEO Toolkit Information

 Crawling Websites
 Report Usage and Recommendations
 Managing Robots.txt and Sitemap Information
Google Analytics and Web Site
       Traffic Analysis

             QUINN ROBINSON
          Setting Up Google Analytics

 Sign up for a Google Account
 Set up your Google Analytics Account
 Add code snippet to your page and sit back and wait
  until people start visiting your site
 Log in to Google Analytics and analyze search traffic
  and search engine keywords
 Optimize your site and improve the user experiment
  of site visitors
Log in to Google Analytics
Test Drive Google Analytics Interface
            Benefits of Google Analytics

 Works on any HTML page (even if the page is
    scripted in ASP.NET, ASPX, PHP, Python, etc.)
   Analytics are available without having to manually
    analyze log files
   Can show trends over time using graphs and data
   Provides list of most common keywords used to
    access your site through third-party search engines
    (Google, Yahoo! and Bing)
   Can be added to entire site by adding to site
        Limitations of Google Analytics

 No analytics available for Adobe PDF, Microsoft
  Word, and TXT files ; works mainly on HTML pages
 End users can disable JavaScript and so there will be
  no information about their visit
 Does not work for Intranet pages that are not
  available outside firewall
 Cannot run on your local servers, but runs in the
Google Analytics vs. Google Urchin

 With the Free SEO Toolkit, and Google Analytics, it
  is easy to improve cittizen access to information and
  analyze site traffic.
 Microsoft’s Free SEO Toolkit analyzes how search
  engines index your site, and also shows problems
  with your site and how to fix them.
 Google Analytics, while not a logfile anayzer, is
  useful for generating a quick, web-based analysis of
  your site which focuses on search engine referrals,
  site visitor statistics and site improvement goals.

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