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					Steer Clear Of Links That Do Not Promote Your Site

Often people are told that if they have links with other websites, then
this will be of help to their website, so they analyse the Internet
trying to find sites they can link with. They frequently do not think
about whether such links are incoming or reciprocal links, but focus on
any and every link they stumble across. Unfortunately, not all links hold
the same value, so you should beware of links that will not benefit your
website. It is therefore necessary to appreciate which links will draw
attention to your website and also the ones that will have no value
whatsoever. In some cases, having too many outbound links can actually
damage your search engine ranking.

Which Links are Appropriate?

Ideally, you need to have links pointing to your website and vice versa
so that when the search engine spiders trawl your website they can
identify the links that are pointing to your site. Such links are an
indication that your site is important, that the site has worth and this
is why other websites have your url on their web pages. You need to
always ensure that links are relevant to your particular niche. For
example, if you are a driving instructor, having a link to a site
promoting designer dog collars will not be of value to you, as it is

You should select your links with care. Some say that websites that have
been around for a long time will automatically have value, but this is
not necessarily the case. If such sites are not updated, they will not be
crawled that often by the search engines, so being linked to these sites
will not help your site very much.

You should seek out sites that have quality content, frequent updates and
which also have relevance to your own site and its products and services.

What Are Less Valuable Links?

Links from link farms or paid links need to be avoided. The offers you
see may look attractive, but often they will result in links that will
not help your site. Often, people will visit auctions sites to purchase
links. In such cases, people are renting you links. They often charge a
monthly fee to place your link on their page and as long as you pay them
the fee, your link will remain on their site. If you should elect to
follow this route, you need to be fully aware of the type of site you
will be linked to, what the page rank of that site is and exactly where
on that site your own site url will be listed.

Many believe that it is pointless to purchase links from other people
because with a little research and effort and a good website, you can
gain links by contacting the webmaster. Of course, some will not want to
link with you, but just move on to another appropriate site to your