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Risk of suicidal behaviour in adults taking antidepressants: Increased risk is probably restricted to younger
people and varies greatly between individual medicines Page(s) 411

Diagnosis of venous thromboembolism: D-dimer tests can help management but cannot replace clinical
judgment Page(s) 412-413

BMJ pico for original research in the print BMJ: We are now rolling this out for all research   Page(s) 414-

Obama tries to defuse anger over healthcare reforms     Page(s) 417

Health secretary urges GPs to be ``creative'' in prescribing exercise   Page(s) 417

Fears that full impact of typhoon in Taiwan is only just beginning to emerge    Page(s) 418
CMO prioritises groups to be vaccinated against swine flu      Page(s) 418

Preventing diarrhoea should be global priority, says WHO       Page(s) 419

Sub-Saharan Africa needs to double number of health workers         Page(s) 419

Doctors condemn website that allows patients to rate and compare hospital performance          Page(s) 420

The new(ish) health secretary promises some breathing space for NHS clinicians and managers           Page(s)

City council considers adults only certificate for films with smoking     Page(s) 421

Recession could increase alcohol and drug addiction      Page(s) 421-421

Pandemic lessons from Australia       Page(s) 424-426
Sweet, M.

Views from Venice      Page(s) 427
Richards, T.

What's the difference between a hospital and a bottling factory?: Efficient processes are essential to good
and cost effective care. But health services need to look beyond manufacturing for models Page(s) 428-
Morton, A. Cornwell, J.

Priority patients in a pandemonium      Page(s) 461
Wheeler, R.

Rekindled passion: fire and fallout    Page(s) 462
Martin, C.

Doctors and the dictator   Page(s) 463
Dalrymple, T.

The Diary of a Teenage Health Freak      Page(s) 463-463
Hurley, R.

Risk of suicidality in clinical trials of antidepressants in adults: analysis of proprietary data submitted to US
Food and Drug Administration Page(s) 431-434
Stone, M. Laughren, T. Jones, M.L. Levenson, M. Holland, P.C. Hughes, A. Hammad, T.A. Temple, R.
Rochester, G.

Effect of withdrawal of co-proxamol on prescribing and deaths from drug poisoning in England and Wales:
time series analysis Page(s) 435-437
Hawton, K. Bergen, H. Simkin, S. Brock, A. Griffiths, C. Romeri, E. Smith, K.L. Kapur, N. Gunnell, D.
Five year prognosis in patients with angina identified in primary care: incident cohort study   Page(s) 438-
Buckley, B.S. Simpson, C.R. McLernon, D.J. Murphy, A.W. Hannaford, P.C.

Prevalence and structural correlates of gender based violence among a prospective cohort of female sex
workers Page(s) 442-444
Shannon, K. Kerr, T. Strathdee, S.A. Shoveller, J. Montaner, J.S. Tyndall, M.W.

Effect of timing of first postnatal care home visit on neonatal mortality in Bangladesh: a prospective cohort
study Page(s) 445-448
Baqui, A.H. Projahnmo 1 Study Group

Neuraminidase inhibitors for treatment and prophylaxis of influenza in children: systematic review and
meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials Page(s) 449
Shun-Shin, M. Thompson, M. Heneghan, C. Perera, R. Harnden, A. Mant, D.

Excluding venous thromboembolism using point of care D-dimer tests in outpatients: a diagnostic meta-
analysis Page(s) 450
Geersing, G.J. Janssen, K.J.M. Oudega, R. Bax, L. Hoes, A.W. Reitsma, J.B.

The changing epidemiology of lung cancer with a focus on screening         Page(s) 451-454
Silvestri, G.A. Alberg, A.J. Ravene, J.

Rational testing: Initial investigation of amenorrhoea   Page(s) 455-456
Dickerson, E.H. Raghunath, A.S. Atkin, S.L.

10-minute consultation: Herpes zoster ophthalmicus       Page(s) 457-458
Lam, F.C. Law, A. Wykes, W.


Elements of Danger - The Case of Medical Imaging         Page(s) 841-842
Lauer, M.S.

H1N1 Influenza, Public Health Preparedness, and Health Care Reform           Page(s) 843-845
Lurie, N.

Medical History: Dr. Holmes at 200 - The Spirit of Skepticism     Page(s) 846
Bryan, C.S. Podolsky, S.H.

Understanding How Americans View Health Care Reform            Page(s) e13
Blendon, R.J. Benson, J.M.

Exposure to Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation from Medical Imaging Procedures            Page(s) 849-857
Fazel, R.

Early Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction with Sensitive Cardiac Troponin Assays        Page(s) 858-867
Reichlin, T.

Sensitive Troponin I Assay in Early Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction        Page(s) 868-877
Keller, T.

Shattuck Lecture: The Hypertension Paradox - More Uncontrolled Disease despite Improved Therapy
 Page(s) 878-887
Chobanian, A.V.
Mechanisms of Disease: Interleukin-17 and Type 17 Helper T Cells         Page(s) 888-898
Miossec, P. Korn, T. Kuchroo, V.K.

Retinal Detachment in Malignant Hypertension        Page(s) 899
Tajunisah, I. Patel, D.K.

Unilateral Epistaxis Page(s) e14
Chu, Y.-H. Lee, J.-C.

A Woman with Fever, Rash, and Lymphadenopathy            Page(s) 900-912
Abramson, J.S. Digumarthy, S. Ferry, J.A.

Clinical Application of Sensitive Troponin Assays      Page(s) 913-915
Morrow, D.A.

Disclosure of Financial Relationships to Participants in Clinical Research       Page(s) 916-921
Weinfurt, K.P.

Finding the Weakness in Cancer      Page(s) 922-924
Downward, J.


Sore throat in primary care: Steroids reduce pain in the first day, but data on harms are lacking   Page(s)
Little, P.

New methods to deal with publication bias: Are helpful, but prevention is better than cure      Page(s) 468
Dubben, H.-H.

Pain and radiographic damage in osteoarthritis: Are correlated, but managing individual patients requires
consideration of other factors Page(s) 469
Pincus, T. Block, J.A.

Management of stable angina: Lifestyle modification, drug treatment, and evidence based discussion about
further interventions are essential Page(s) 470-471
Yusuf, S.

Future NHS funding A threat or an opportunity?       Page(s) 472
Appleby, J.

Cervical screening by age; A/H1N1 pandemic; Painful bladder syndrome             Page(s) 473

Breast screening; Congenital abnormalities; Assisted suicide       Page(s) 474

Hundreds of Chinese children left poisoned as metal smelting plants are ordered to close       Page(s) 475

Shortfall of family doctors will put US in ``crisis'' by 2020   Page(s) 476

NHS staff told to take more responsibility for their own health     Page(s) 477
Regulation of research is hampering progress in US health care     Page(s) 478

Homoeopathy should not be used to treat serious diseases says, WHO       Page(s) 479

What's new in the other general journals   Page(s) 480-481

You can say sorry    Page(s) 482-483
Feinmann, J.

The assisted dying debate has been hijacked    Page(s) 484
Delamothe, T.

We need minimally disruptive medicine: The burden of treatment for many people with complex, chronic,
comorbidities reduces their capacity to collaborate in their care. Carl May, Victor Montori, and Frances
Mair argue that to be effective, care must be less disruptive Page(s) 485-487

Glad to be here   Page(s) 516
Manning, A.

Men behaving madly      Page(s) 517
Adshead, G.

We need ideas based medicine     Page(s) 518
Spence, D.

The Unforgettable Dr Farrell    Page(s) 518
Farrell, L.

Corticosteroids for pain relief in sore throat: systematic review and meta-analysis   Page(s) 488-490
Hayward, G. Thompson, M. Heneghan, C. Perera, R. Del Mar, C. Glasziou, P.

Alarm symptoms and identification of non-cancer diagnoses in primary care: cohort study      Page(s) 491-
Jones, R. Charlton, J. Latinovic, R. Gulliford, M.C.

Novel methods to deal with publication biases: secondary analysis of antidepressant trials in the FDA trial
registry database and related journal publications Page(s) 494-497
Moreno, S.G. Sutton, A.J. Turner, E.H. Abrams, K.R. Cooper, N.J. Palmer, T.M. Ades, A.E.

Association between radiographic features of knee osteoarthritis and pain: results from two cohort studies
 Page(s) 498-501
Neogi, T. Felson, D. Niu, J. Nevitt, M. Lewis, C.E. Aliabadi, P. Sack, B. Torner, J. Bradley, L. Zhang, Y.

Use of smokeless tobacco and risk of myocardial infarction and stroke: systematic review with meta-
analysis Page(s) 502
Boffetta, P. Straif, K.

The double jeopardy of clustered measurement and cluster randomisation Page(s) 503-505
Kramer, M.S. Martin, R.M. Sterne, J.A.C. Shapiro, S. Dahhou, M. Platt, R.W.

An overview of how asbestos exposure affects the lung     Page(s) 506-510
Currie, G.P. Watt, S.J. Maskell, N.A.
A patient's journey: Mesothelioma     Page(s) 511-512
Sweeney, K. Toy, L. Cornwell, J.

10-minute consultation: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease    Page(s) 513-514
Bhala, N. Usherwood, T. George, J.


COPD-more than just tobacco smoke        Page(s) 663
The, L.

Self-plagiarism: unintentional, harmless, or fraud?    Page(s) 664
The, L.

Revitalising health in Afghanistan   Page(s) 664
The, L.

Phosphodiesterase-4 inhibition in COPD       Page(s) 665-667
OByrne, P. M. Gauvreau, G.

From BODE to ADO to outcomes in multimorbid COPD patients             Page(s) 667-668
Schunemann, H.

Inhaled corticosteroids in COPD and the risk of pneumonia        Page(s) 668-670
Welte, T.

Time to define the disorders of the syndrome of COPD        Page(s) 670-672
Beasley, R. Weatherall, M. Travers, J. Shirtcliffe, P.

Telemedicine for management of patients with COPD?          Page(s) 672-673
McKinstry, B. Pinnock, H. Sheikh, A.

Sex, rights, and politics-from Cairo to Berlin Page(s) 674-675
Greer, G. Chau, K. Hinz, C. Thanenthiran, S.

Elective caesarean sections-risks to the infant   Page(s) 675-676
Steer, P. J. Modi, N.

Abortion ban leads to more maternal deaths in Nicaragua        Page(s) 677
Moloney, A.

Stretching the AIDS dollar     Page(s) 678
Chatterjee, P.

Leonardo Fabbri: investigating the complexity of COPD        Page(s) 679
Morris, K.

Susan Spencer    Page(s) 680
Snyder, A.

Rivaroxaban versus enoxaparin after total knee arthroplasty      Page(s) 681
Raju, N. C. Dimmitt, S. Eikelboom, J. W.

Rivaroxaban versus enoxaparin after total knee arthroplasty      Page(s) 681
Stief, T.
Rivaroxaban versus enoxaparin after total knee arthroplasty   Page(s) 681-682
Longo, U. G. Maffulli, N. Denaro, V.

Rivaroxaban versus enoxaparin after total knee arthroplasty Page(s) 682
Gomez-Outes, A. Suarez-Gea, M. L. Blazquez-Perez, A. Pozo-Hernandez, C. Vargas-Castrillon, E.

Rivaroxaban versus enoxaparin after total knee arthroplasty - Authors reply   Page(s) 683
Turpie, A. G. Benson, A. Misselwitz, F.

On empathy: another perspective     Page(s) 683-684
Awofeso, N.

Gestational diabetes and health promotion   Page(s) 684
Odent, M.

Pricing of pneumococcal vaccines under advance market commitments        Page(s) 684
Cernuschi, T.

Department of Error   Page(s) 684

Roflumilast in symptomatic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: two randomised clinical trials
 Page(s) 685-694
Calverley, P. M. Rabe, K. F. Goehring, U. M. Kristiansen, S. Fabbri, L. M. Martinez, F. J.

Roflumilast in moderate-to-severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treated with longacting
bronchodilators: two randomised clinical trials Page(s) 695-703
Fabbri, L. M. Calverley, P. M. Izquierdo-Alonso, J. L. Bundschuh, D. S. Brose, M. Martinez, F. J. Rabe, K.

Expansion of the prognostic assessment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: the
updated BODE index and the ADO index Page(s) 704-711
Puhan, M. A. Garcia-Aymerich, J. Frey, M. ter Riet, G. Anto, J. M. Agusti, A. G. Gomez, F. P. Rodriguez-
Roisin, R. Moons, K. G. Kessels, A. G.

Budesonide and the risk of pneumonia: a meta-analysis of individual patient data Page(s) 712-719
Sin, D. D. Tashkin, D. Zhang, X. Radner, F. Sjobring, U. Thoren, A. Calverley, P. M. Rennard, S. I.

Caution: coloured medication and the colour blind     Page(s) 720
Cole, B. L. Harris, R. W.

Screening for and early detection of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease    Page(s) 721-732
Soriano, J. B. Zielinski, J. Price, D.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in non-smokers      Page(s) 733-743
Salvi, S. S. Barnes, P. J.

New drugs for exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease    Page(s) 744-755
Hansel, T. T. Barnes, P. J.

A reason to panic in pregnancy Page(s) 756
Pearson, G. A. Eckford, S. D. Trinder, J. Levy, A.

Critical importance of effective supervision in postgraduate medical education     Page(s) 196
Forsyth, K.D.

Asthma in older adults: a holistic, person-centred and problem-oriented approach      Page(s) 197-198
Marks, G.B. Poulos, L.M. Jenkins, C.R. Gibson, P.G.

Evidence-based uncertainty: recent trial results on prostate-specific antigen testing and prostate cancer
mortality Page(s) 199-201
Smith, D.P. Banks, E. Clements, M.S. Gardiner, R.A. Armstrong, B.K.

Health and mortality consequences of abdominal obesity: evidence from the AusDiab study Page(s) 202-
Cameron, A.J. Dunstan, D.W. Owen, N. Zimmet, P.Z. Barr, E.L.M. Tonkin, A.M. Magliano, D.J. Murray,
S.G. Welborn, T.A. Shaw, J.E.

Second opinions in oncology: the experiences of patients attending the Sydney Cancer Centre Page(s)
Tattersall, M.H.N. Dear, R.F. Jansen, J. Shepherd, H.L. Devine, R.J. Horvath, L.G. Boyer, M.J.

Patient privacy versus protecting the patient and the health system from harm: a case study       Page(s) 213-
DeWitt, D.E. Ward, S.A. Prabhu, S. Warton, B.

``Through a glass, darkly'': the clinical and ethical implications of Munchausen syndrome        Page(s) 217-
Robertson, M.D. Kerridge, I.H.

Clinical supervision by consultants in teaching hospitals     Page(s) 220-222
Hore, C.T. Lancashire, W. Fassett, R.G.

The role of research in the failure of the alcopops excise in Australia: what have we learned?     Page(s) 223-
Shakeshaft, A. Doran, C.M. Byrnes, J.

Screening for prostate cancer: explaining new trial results and their implications to patients    Page(s) 226-
Barratt, A.L. Stockler, M.R.

The King versus Aleck Bourne      Page(s) 230-231
de Costa, C.M.

Imported West Nile virus encephalitis in an Israeli tourist    Page(s) 232-235
Rogers, B.A. Hueston, L. Ratnam, I.

Syphilitic perioptic neuritis mimicking papilloedema     Page(s) 236
Low, G.S.H. Edis, R.H.

Challenging respiratory infections in cystic fibrosis   Page(s) 236
Yousef, A.A. Jaffe, A.

What can public health surveillance of emergency department presentations for acute alcohol problems tell
us about social trends in drinking behaviour? Page(s) 237
Muscatello, D.J. Thackway, S.V. Belshaw, D.A. McGrath, D.

Water recycling - forwards or backwards for public health?      Page(s) 238
Collignon, P.J. Leder, K.S. O Toole, J.E. Sinclair, M.I.
Making sense of differing bowel cancer screening guidelines   Page(s) 239
Bolin, T.D. Korman, M.G. Cowen, A.E.

How to succeed at medical school. An essential guide to learning    Page(s) 219-233
Gatenby, P.A.

Younger onset dementia. A practical guide      Page(s) 234
Almeida, O.P.

Richard John Smidlin    Page(s) 229-234
Roche, J.B.


Why Paying for Health Care Reform Is Difficult and Essential - Numbers and Rules        Page(s) 937-939
Aaron, H.J.

Prasugrel in Clinical Practice   Page(s) 940-941
Bhatt, D.L.

Weighing Benefits and Risks - The FDA's Review of Prasugrel        Page(s) 942-946
Unger, E.F.

Gefitinib or Carboplatin-Paclitaxel in Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma       Page(s) 947-957
Mok, T.S.

Screening for Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutations in Lung Cancer        Page(s) 958-967
Rosell, R.

Injectable Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum for Dupuytren's Contracture     Page(s) 968-979
Hurst, L.C.

Fluvastatin and Perioperative Events in Patients Undergoing Vascular Surgery    Page(s) 980-989
Schouten, O.

Should Coronary Calcium Screening Be Used in Cardiovascular Prevention Strategies?        Page(s) 990-997
Bonow, R.O.

Current Concepts: Intestinal Transplantation    Page(s) 998-1008
Fishbein, T.M.

Sigmoid Volvulus Page(s) 1009
Chen, P.-H. Chuang, C.-H.

Giant Congenital Nevus Page(s) e15
Kadhiravan, T. Sharma, S.K.

A Change of Heart     Page(s) 1010-1017
Tsai, T.T.

Personalized Medicine and Inhibition of EGFR Signaling in Lung Cancer       Page(s) 1018-1020
Gazdar, A.F.

Oral contraceptives and venous thromboembolism Pills containing either levonorgestrel or norethisterone
with the lowest possible dose of oestrogen are advised as first choice Page(s) 521
Dunn, N.

Incidental findings on brain magnetic resonance imaging Consensus from clinicians and researchers on
management is urgently needed Page(s) 522
van der Lugt, A.

The effects of payment by results Cannot necessarily be predicted by theory and past experience    Page(s)
Anderson, G.

Rosiglitazone or pioglitazone in type 2 diabetes? Longer term safety data are needed before a change in
practice is warranted Page(s) 524
de Vries, C.S. Russell-Jones, D.L.

Vegetarian diets Health benefits are not necessarily unique, but there may be ecological advantages
 Page(s) 525-526

QRISK validation and evaluation     Page(s) 527

Neuropathic pain   Page(s) 528

Ottawa rules, OK?; Unnecessary interventions; Valuing health directly     Page(s) 529-539

Nursing homes; A/H1N1 flu      Page(s) 540

BMJ lends its support to 10:10 climate change campaign UN calls for safe humanitarian corridors in
northern Yemen Page(s) 531

Doctors seek speaker boycott of international conference UK drug related deaths are still rising, say two
reports Page(s) 532

German medical academics accused of accepting cash bribes       Page(s) 533

China moves closer to abandoning use of organs from executed prisoners        Page(s) 534

Developing nations pour cash into attracting medical tourists   Page(s) 535

What's new in the other general journals   Page(s) 536-537

In clear sight Page(s) 538-540
de Andrade, M.
Hippocrates, Michael Jackson, and medical ethics    Page(s) 541
Sokol, D.K.

Does Helicobacter pylori really cause duodenal ulcers? The link between duodenal ulcer and Helicobacter
pylori has revolutionised treatment. Alexander Ford and Nicholas Talley argue that the association is
causal, but Michael Hobsley and colleagues believe acid secretion is the key Page(s) 542-543

Financial incentives to promote social mobility Conditional cash transfer schemes have been shown to
improve health and health behaviours in poorer countries. Ian Forde and Dagmar Zeuner wonder whether a
similar strategy can work in the UK Page(s) 544-546

Just a little scratch?   Page(s) 577
Cohn, J.

The battle for hearts and minds    Page(s) 578
Browne, A.

A box of tricks    Page(s) 579
Dalrymple, T.

Ionych Page(s) 579
Lichterman, B.

The cyclopaths     Page(s) 580
Spence, D.

We aren't the champions      Page(s) 580-580
Iheanacho, I.

Incidental findings on brain magnetic resonance imaging: systematic review and meta-analysis Incidental
findings are common, particularly with increasing age and with high resolution scans, and should be
mentioned when obtaining informed consent for brain MRI Page(s) 547-550
Morris, Z. Whiteley, W.N. Longstreth, W.T. Weber, F. Lee, Y.-C. Tsushima, Y. Alphs, H. Ladd, S.C.
Warlow, C. Wardlaw, J.M.

Disagreements in meta-analyses using outcomes measured on continuous or rating scales: observer
agreement study Summarising meta-analysis evidence from trials using standardised mean differences is
meant to give clinicians and policy makers highly reliable information, but is much less objective than we
thought Page(s) 551-553
Tendal, B. Higgins, J.P.T. Juni, P. Hrobjartsson, A. Trelle, S. Nuesch, E. Wandel, S. Jorgensen, A.W.
Gesser, K. Ilsoe-Kristensen, S.

Has payment by results affected the way that English hospitals provide care? Difference-in-differences
analysis The quasi-experiment provided by the gradual introduction in England and non-use in Scotland of
a fixed tariff payment system shows that unit costs fell, apparently without lowering quality of care
  Page(s) 554-556
Farrar, S. Yi, D. Sutton, M. Chalkley, M. Sussex, J. Scott, A.

Hormonal contraception and risk of venous thromboembolism: national follow-up study The absolute risk
of venous thrombosis among Danish pill users was low, although more than twice that of non-users, and
fell with duration of use and decreasing oestrogen dose Page(s) 557-560
Lidegaard, O. Lokkegaard, E. Svendsen, A.L. Agger, C.
The venous thrombotic risk of oral contraceptives, effects of oestrogen dose and progestogen type: results
of the MEGA case-control study Oral contraceptives increased the relative risk of venous thrombosis
fivefold among Dutch women and the safest formulation combined levonorgestrel with a low dose of
oestrogen Page(s) 561
van Hylckama Vlieg, A. Helmerhorst, F.M. Vandenbroucke, J.P. Doggen, C.J.M. Rosendaal, F.R.

Adverse cardiovascular events during treatment with pioglitazone and rosiglitazone: population based
cohort study For these older diabetic Canadians, the risks of admission to hospital for heart failure and
death from any cause were lower with pioglitazone, but there was no difference in risk of myocardial
infarction Page(s) 562
Juurlink, D.N. Gomes, T. Lipscombe, L.L. Austin, P.C. Hux, J.E. Mamdani, M.M.

Contraception for women: an evidence based review       Page(s) 563-568
Amy, J.-J. Tripathi, V.

Easily missed?: Subarachnoid haemorrhage       Page(s) 569-570
Hankey, G.J. Nelson, M.R.

Lesson of the week: Chronic wound sepsis due to retained vacuum assisted closure foam         Page(s) 571-572
Beral, D. Adair, R. Peckham-Cooper, A. Tolan, D. Botterill, I.

10-minute consultation: Reduced sexual desire in women       Page(s) 573
Arunakumari, P.S. Walker, S.

Drug point: Topical administration of chloramphenicol can induce acute hepatitis      Page(s) 574-576
Doshi, B. Sarkar, S.


Physician Certification and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators Page(s) 941-942
Ghali, J.K. Schreiber, T.L. Lick, S.D. Kollar, A.C. Conti, V.R. Whittle, J. Curtis, J.P. Luebbert, J.
Krumholz, H.M. Coromilas, J.

Prognostic Importance of Ventricular Arrhythmia in Patients Treated With Percutaneous Coronary
Intervention Page(s) 943-944
Palmerini, T. De Servi, S. Branzi, A. Mehta, R.H. Armstrong, P.W. Granger, C.B.

Antiphospholipid Syndrome, Microalbuminuria, and Risk of Venous Thromboembolism Page(s) 945-946
Musallam, K.M. Uthman, I. Taher, A.T. Mahmoodi, B.K. Gansevoort, R.T. Kluin-Nelemans, H.C.

Immediate vs Delayed Intervention for Acute Coronary Syndromes: A Randomized Clinical Trial Page(s)
Montalescot, G. Cayla, G. Collet, J.-P. Elhadad, S. Beygui, F. Le Breton, H. Choussat, R. Leclercq, F.
Silvain, J. Duclos, F.

Laparoscopic Uterosacral Nerve Ablation for Alleviating Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Randomized Controlled
Trial Page(s) 955-961
Daniels, J. Gray, R. Hills, R.K. Latthe, P. Buckley, L. Gupta, J. Selman, T. Adey, E. Xiong, T.
Champaneria, R.

Effect of Mass Distribution of Azithromycin for Trachoma Control on Overall Mortality in Ethiopian
Children: A Randomized Trial Page(s) 962-968
Porco, T.C. Gebre, T. Ayele, B. House, J. Keenan, J. Zhou, Z. Hong, K.C. Stoller, N. Ray, K.J. Emerson, P.

Life-Science Research Within US Academic Medical Centers          Page(s) 969-976
Zinner, D.E. Campbell, E.G.
Comparison of Registered and Published Primary Outcomes in Randomized Controlled Trials          Page(s)
Mathieu, S. Boutron, I. Moher, D. Altman, D.G. Ravaud, P.

Evolving From Reductionism to Holism: Is There a Future for Systems Medicine?         Page(s) 994-996
Federoff, H.J. Gostin, L.O.

Assessing the Appropriateness of Care-Its Time Has Come      Page(s) 997-998
Brook, R.H.

Cost Shifting Does Not Reduce the Cost of Health Care     Page(s) 999-1000
Fuchs, V.R.

Researchers, Funding, and Priorities: The Razor's Edge   Page(s) 1001-1002
Moses, H.

Treatment of Bell Palsy: Translating Uncertainty Into Practice   Page(s) 1003
Steiner, J.F.

Combined Corticosteroid and Antiviral Treatment for Bell Palsy: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
  Page(s) 985-993
de Almeida, J.R. Khabori, M.A. Guyatt, G.H. Witterick, I.J. Lin, V.Y.W. Nedzelski, J.M. Chen, J.M.

BOOK AND MEDIA REVIEWS Textbook of Physical Diagnosis: History and Examination (Swartz)
  Page(s) 1005
Pinsky, L.

Health at Older Ages: The Causes and Consequences of Declining Disability Among the Elderly (Cutler,
Wise, eds) Page(s) 1005
Clarfield, A.M.

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Speaking for the Dead: The Human Body in Biology and Medicine (Jones, Whitaker)         Page(s) 1007-1008
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MEDICAL NEWS & PERSPECTIVES Program Offers Disadvantaged Teens a Gateway to Health
and Science Careers Page(s) 933-934

Group Issues Revised Guideline for Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring During Labor        Page(s) 935

Institute of Medicine Outlines Priorities for Comparative Effectiveness Research    Page(s) 936-937

Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis Associated With a Splash Park-Idaho, 2007      Page(s) 938-940


The Prometheus Payment Model Page(s) 1033-1035
de Brantes, F. Rosenthal, M.B. Painter, M.
The End of Fee-for-Service Medicine? Proposals for Payment Reform in Massachusetts             Page(s) 1036-
Steinbrook, R.

An Interview with Gail Wilensky       Page(s) 1038-1040
Iglehart, J.K.

Reemergence of PML in Natalizumab-Treated Patients - New Cases, Same Concerns                Page(s) 1041
Major, E.O.

Ticagrelor versus Clopidogrel in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes           Page(s) 1045-1057
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Recurring Mutations Found by Sequencing an Acute Myeloid Leukemia Genome                Page(s) 1058-1066
Mardis, E.R.

Asymptomatic Reactivation of JC Virus in Patients Treated with Natalizumab           Page(s) 1067-1074
Chen, Y.

Brief Report: Treatment of Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy Associated with Natalizumab
 Page(s) 1075-1080
Wenning, W.

Brief Report: Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy after Natalizumab Monotherapy             Page(s)
Linda, H.

Parenteral Nutrition in the Critically Ill Patient    Page(s) 1088-1097
Ziegler, T.R.

Baker's Cyst in a Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis        Page(s) 1098
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A Man with Fatigue, Cough, and Peripheral-Blood Monocytosis              Page(s) 1099-1107
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Ticagrelor - Is There Need for a New Player in the Antiplatelet Therapy Field?       Page(s) 1108-1110
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Cancer Genomes - Continuing Progress         Page(s) 1111-1112
Downing, J.R.

Interactive Medical Cases - A New Journal Feature         Page(s) 1113
McMahon, G.T.

Understanding Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm              Page(s) 1114-1116
Weintraub, N.L.

Mutation in TET2 in Myeloid Cancers Age, Neuropathology, and Dementia Autologous Stem Cells for
Multiple Myeloma End-of-Life Practices and Belgium's Euthanasia Law Ruptured Abdominal Aortic
Aneurysm Related to IgG4 Periaortitis Page(s) 1117-1122

Diagnosis of ovarian cancer in primary care Persistent abdominal distension warrants urgent referral
 Page(s) 583
Austoker, J.

Should healthcare workers have the swine flu vaccine? Evidence from decades of seasonal vaccination
suggests likely benefits and low risk of adverse events Page(s) 584
Jordan, R. Hayden, A.

Alcohol and social marketing Is it time to ban all forms of marketing?     Page(s) 585
Gilmore, I.

Improving adherence to prescribed drugs Techniques used to change behaviour should be considered
  Page(s) 586
de Almeida Neto, A.C.

From sick notes to fit notes Doctors need better support in dealing with work related medical problems
  Page(s) 587-588
Verbeek, J. Madan, I.

A/H1N1 flu pandemic; Cow's milk allergy in children        Page(s) 589

BMJ pico; the American crisis     Page(s) 590

Pfizer agrees to pay record fine of $2.3 billion for promotion of off-label use of four drugs   Page(s) 591

Concerns mount over misuse of propofol among US healthcare professionals          Page(s) 592

Report recommends banning alcohol advertising and raising prices         Page(s) 593

General practice consultations rose by two thirds in 13 years    Page(s) 594

Safety review shows increased reporting of adverse incidents involving drugs in the NHS         Page(s) 595

Iran appoints first woman health minister    Page(s) 596

US doctors and psychologists more complicit in torture than previously thought, says report       Page(s) 597

What's new in the other general journals    Page(s) 598-599

Tom Frieden Bold pioneer of US public health      Page(s) 600-601
McColl, K.

The gatekeeper and the wizard, redux     Page(s) 602
Kamerow, D.
How should we plan for pandemics? WHO has revised its definition of pandemic flu in response to current
experience with A/H1N1. Peter Doshi argues that our plans for pandemics need to take into account more
than the worst case scenarios Page(s) 603-605

Should I have an H1N1 flu vaccination after Guillain-Barre syndrome?     Page(s) 635
Price, L.C.

Trust me, I'm a scientist   Page(s) 636
Colquhoun, D.

The abolition of memory      Page(s) 637
Dalrymple, T.

Dracula Page(s) 637
Stoker, B. Twisselmann, B.

A testing time   Page(s) 638-638
Spence, D.

A sickening system     Page(s) 638-638
Patel, K.

Effects of dietary intervention and quadriceps strengthening exercises on pain and function in overweight
people with knee pain: randomised controlled trial In middle aged primary care patients pain was
significantly lower in the knee exercise groups at two years, with a number needed to treat of 9, while
dieting reduced weight and depression but didn't help the knees Page(s) 606-609
Jenkinson, C.M. Doherty, M. Avery, A.J. Read, A. Taylor, M.A. Sach, T.H. Silcocks, P. Muir, K.R.

Lifestyle interventions for knee pain in overweight and obese adults aged >or=45: economic evaluation
of randomised controlled trial Dietary intervention plus quadriceps strengthening exercises was probably,
but not definitely, cost effective at GBP 20 000 per QALY Page(s) 610-612
Barton, G.R. Sach, T.H. Jenkinson, C. Doherty, M. Avery, A.J. Muir, K.R.

Soluble or insoluble fibre in irritable bowel syndrome in primary care? Randomised placebo controlled trial
Significantly more primary care patients reported symptom relief with soluble fibre (psyllium) over 12
weeks than with rice flour placebo, while bran showed no clinically relevant benefit and was poorly
tolerated Page(s) 613-615
Bijkerk, C.J. de Wit, N.J. Muris, J.W.M. Whorwell, P.J. Knottnerus, J.A. Hoes, A.W.

Risk of ovarian cancer in women with symptoms in primary care: population based case-control study
Among women aged over 40 in primary care abdominal distension, postmenopausal bleeding, loss of
appetite, urinary frequency, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, and abdominal bloating independently
predicted ovarian cancer with positive predictive values from 0.2% to 2.5% Page(s) 616
Hamilton, W. Peters, T.J. Bankhead, C. Sharp, D.

Commentary: Diagnosing ovarian cancer-more problems than answers        Page(s) 617
Fox, R.

Willingness of Hong Kong healthcare workers to accept pre-pandemic influenza vaccination at different
WHO alert levels: two questionnaire surveys The intention to accept vaccination against H1N1 influenza
(swine flu) among respondents was less than 50%, even at WHO alert phase 5 Page(s) 618
Chor, J.S.Y. Ngai, K.L.K. Goggins, W.B. Wong, M.C.S. Wong, S.Y.S. Lee, N. Leung, T.-f. Rainer, T.H.
Griffiths, S. Chan, P.K.S.
Monitoring the emergence of community transmission of influenza A/H1N1 2009 in England: a cross
sectional opportunistic survey of self sampled telephone callers to NHS Direct During the early epidemic
trends in the proportion of patients with swine flu diagnosed by doctors and confirmed at regional
laboratories were mirrored by those among NHS Direct callers who self diagnosed and self swabbed
  Page(s) 619
Elliot, A.J. Powers, C. Thornton, A. Obi, C. Hill, C. Simms, I. Waight, P. Maguire, H. Foord, D. Povey, E.

Sarcoidosis Page(s) 620-625
Dempsey, O.J. Paterson, E.W. Kerr, K.M. Denison, A.R.

Guidelines: Assessing the onset of pre-eclampsia in the hospital day unit: summary of the pre-eclampsia
guideline (PRECOG II) Page(s) 626-628
Milne, F. Redman, C. Walker, J. Baker, P. Black, R. Blincowe, J. Cooper, C. Fletcher, G. Jokinen, M.
Moran, P.A.

A patient's journey: Persistent pain   Page(s) 629-630
Ray, M. Hester, J.

Lesson of the week: An underdiagnosed cause of nipple pain presented on a camera phone          Page(s) 631-
Holmen, O.L. Backe, B.


Visual Function and Fitness to Drive Page(s) 137-137
Kotecha, A. Spratt, A. Viswanathan, A.

Wealth, health and equity: convergence to divergence in late 20th century globalization      Page(s) 29-48
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Open tibial fractures in the paediatric population: a systematic review of the literature   Page(s) 75-85
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The management of Clostridium difficile infection      Page(s) 87-110
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Editors Choice    Page(s) 1-6
Vetter, N.

Visceral pain hypersensitivity in functional gastrointestinal disorders   Page(s) 123-136
Farmer, A. D. Aziz, Q.

Global health: where are our priorities?   Page(s) 23-28
Martin, G. Bird, P. Crichton, C.

Preventing dementia: role of vascular risk factors and cerebral emboli     Page(s) 49-59
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The ethics of public health practice: balancing private and public interest within tobacco policy   Page(s) 7-
Shickle, D.

Sports activities after lower limb osteotomy    Page(s) 111-121
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Schizophrenia genetics: new insights from new approaches      Page(s) 61-74
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Dementia and Hypoglycemic Episodes in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus           Page(s) 843
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Policies of Children's Hospitals on Donation After Cardiac Death    Page(s) 844
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Functional Outcomes of Older Overweight Cancer Survivors After Diet and Exercise Page(s) 845
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Prevalence of Breast Carcinoma In Situ in the United States   Page(s) 846-848
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Association of Cytochrome P450 2C19 Genotype With the Antiplatelet Effect and Clinical Efficacy of
Clopidogrel Therapy Page(s) 849-858
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Hormonal Therapy Use for Prostate Cancer and Mortality in Men With Coronary Artery Disease-Induced
Congestive Heart Failure or Myocardial Infarction Page(s) 866-873
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Sex Differences in Mortality Following Acute Coronary Syndromes Page(s) 874-882
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A Moral Imperative for Children    Page(s) 892-893
Laraque, D.

A Matter of Time Page(s) 894-895
Lloyd, R.C. Goldmann, D.A.

Tailoring Antiplatelet Therapy Based on Pharmacogenomics: How Well Do the Data Fit?           Page(s) 896-
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Addressing the Global Disease Burden of Typhoid Fever      Page(s) 898-899
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Setting Priorities for Patient Safety: Ethics, Accountability, and Public Engagement    Page(s) 890-899
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Social Structures and Aging Individuals: Continuing Challenges (Schaie, Abeles, eds)       Page(s) 900
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Just Caring: Health Care Rationing and Democratic Deliberation (Fleck)       Page(s) 903-913
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Typhoid Fever    Page(s) 914-914

Apparent Disappearance of the Black-White Infant Mortality Gap-Dane County, Wisconsin, 1990-2007
 Page(s) 839-840

FDA Approval of Expanded Age Indication for a Tetanus Toxoid, Reduced Diphtheria Toxoid and
Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Page(s) 841-841


Poverty, Wealth, and Access to Pandemic Influenza Vaccines        Page(s) 1129-1130
Yamada, T.

Systemwide Cost Control - The Missing Link in Health Care Reform          Page(s) 1131-1132
Oberlander, J. White, J.

Health Insurers at the Table - Industry Proposals for Regulation and Reform     Page(s) 1133-1134
Ignagni, K.

Health Insurance Exchanges - Making the Markets Work        Page(s) 1135-1138
Frank, R.G. Zeckhauser, R.J.

Dabigatran versus Warfarin in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation   Page(s) 1139-1151
Connolly, S.J.

Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in Women and Men             Page(s) 1152-1163
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Inhibition of the Hedgehog Pathway in Advanced Basal-Cell Carcinoma         Page(s) 1164-1172
Von Hoff, D.D.

Treatment of Medulloblastoma with Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor GDC-0449            Page(s) 1173-1178
Rudin, C.M.

Screening for Colorectal Cancer    Page(s) 1179-1187
Lieberman, D.A.

Acquired Melanonychia      Page(s) 1188
Ranta, D. Bonmati, C.

Uvular Necrosis after Endoscopy     Page(s) e20
Shores, N.J. Bloomfeld, R.S.
A Man with Weight Loss, Odynophagia, and Failure to Thrive        Page(s) 1189-1199
Stone, V.E.

Can We Rely on RE-LY?       Page(s) 1200-1201
Gage, B.F.

Following the Hedgehog to New Cancer Therapies        Page(s) 1202-1205
Dlugosz, A.A. Talpaz, M.

Good Law from Tragic Facts - Congress, the FDA, and Preemption         Page(s) 1206-1211
Annas, G.J.

CORRESPONDENCE Duration of Androgen Suppression in Prostate Cancer                Page(s) 1212

Fomepizole for Toxic Alcohol Poisoning      Page(s) 1213

More on B-Cell-Depleting Induction Therapy and Acute Cellular Rejection        Page(s) 1214

A Classic Twin Study of External Ear Malformations, Including Microtia       Page(s) 1215-1217

Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone and Postmenopausal Flushing            Page(s) 1218-1219


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Alone and With Medication for Persistent Insomnia         Page(s) 1053
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Tamsulosin and Ophthalmic Adverse Events After Cataract Surgery         Page(s) 1054
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Access to Bariatric Surgery and Patients With Diabetes     Page(s) 1055-1056
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Effect of Procalcitonin-Based Guidelines vs Standard Guidelines on Antibiotic Use in Lower Respiratory
Tract Infections: The ProHOSP Randomized Controlled Trial Page(s) 1059
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Effects of Donor Pretreatment With Dopamine on Graft Function After Kidney Transplantation: A
Randomized Controlled Trial Page(s) 1067
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Genetic Modifiers of Liver Disease in Cystic Fibrosis Page(s) 1076
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Evaluating Dopamine Reward Pathway in ADHD: Clinical Implications Page(s) 1084
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Comparisons of Citations in Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar for Articles Published in General
Medical Journals Page(s) 1092
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A 52-Year-Old Woman With Obesity: Review of Bariatric Surgery          Page(s) 1097
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Update: A 72-Year-Old Man With Localized Prostate Cancer-14 Years Later        Page(s) 1105
Delbanco, T. Albertsen, P.C.

Pomona Page(s) 1038
Torpy, J.M.

Learning to Tie My Shoes    Page(s) 1040
Clary, P.L.

Years of Stories Page(s) 1042
Christianson, A.L.

Cook and the North Pole    Page(s) 1121-1122

The Journal Impact Factor Denominator: Defining Citable (Counted) Items       Page(s) 1107
McVeigh, M.E. Mann, S.J.

Electronic Medical Records at a Crossroads: Impetus for Change or Missed Opportunity?        Page(s) 1109
D Avolio, L.W.

Eight Rights of Safe Electronic Health Record Use     Page(s) 1111
Sittig, D.F. Singh, H.

Regional Variation and the Affluence-Poverty Nexus      Page(s) 1113
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EDITORIAL: Measurement of Serum Procalcitonin: A Step Closer to Tailored Care for Respiratory
Infections? Page(s) 1115
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medical workforce in Australasia Page(s) 244-245
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Child protection and the health professional: mandatory responding is our duty      Page(s) 246
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Translational research and rational therapy: structural barriers in Australia   Page(s) 247-248
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An expert-supported monitoring system for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in general
practice: results of a cluster randomised controlled trial Page(s) 249-254
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Is uptake of genetic testing for colorectal cancer influenced by knowledge of insurance implications?
  Page(s) 255-258
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Adequacy of consent documentation in a specialty surgical unit: time for community debate?        Page(s)
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Is reflexology an effective intervention? A systematic review of randomised controlled trials     Page(s) 263-
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The community's attitude towards swine flu and pandemic influenza Page(s) 267-269
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Why health reform? Page(s) 270-272
Lewis, S.J. Leeder, S.R.

Winds of change: growing demands for transparency in the relationship between doctors and the
pharmaceutical industry Page(s) 273-275
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A national approach to perinatal mental health in Australia: exercising caution in the roll-out of a public
health initiative Page(s) 276-279
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A case study evaluation of ethics review systems for multicentre clinical trials Page(s) 280-283
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Acute psychiatric illness in a young woman: an unusual form of encephalitis Page(s) 284-287
Parratt, K.L. Allan, M. Lewis, S.J.G. Dalmau, J. Halmagyi, G.M. Spies, J.M.

LETTERS      Page(s) 288

Australia's influenza containment plan and the swine flu epidemic in Victoria     Page(s) 288
Catton, M.G. Druce, J.D. Birch, C.J.

A pandemic problem with public transport      Page(s) 288
Cowie, B.C.

First clinical case of a locally acquired carbapenem-resistant VIM-1 metallo- beta -lactamase in
Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Australia Page(s) 289
Merlino, J. Stokes, H.W. Cheong, E.Y.-L. Gottlieb, T.
Melioidosis in south-eastern Queensland Page(s) 290
Guard, R.W. Morero, P.J. Yi, W. Mackay, M.J.

Severe Queensland tick typhus complicated by diabetes in south-eastern Queensland      Page(s) 290
Birch, T.F. Muller, M.

Glycaemic control in patients with type 1 diabetes after provision of public hospital-funded insulin pumps
 Page(s) 291
Thong, K.Y. Fegan, P.G. Yeap, B.B.

Access block: it's all about available beds   Page(s) 292
Denaro, C.P.

Interventions to circumvent intensive care access block: a retrospective 2-year study across metropolitan
Melbourne Page(s) 292
Stark, H.E. Maxwell, C.N. Gibberd, R.W.

Access block can be managed      Page(s) 292
Nocera, A.

Should the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee extend the range of free nicotine replacement
therapies available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? Page(s) 293
Robertson, J.A. MacLaren, D.J. Clough, A.R.

Poor outcomes among gastrostomy-fed patients in the community        Page(s) 294
Watt, W.H. Needham, K.A. Talbot, P.L. Bell, J.P. Pang, G.J.

Anxiety and depression among long-term survivors of cancer in Australia: results of a population-based
survey Page(s) 294
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No Article Title Page(s) 295
Boyes, A.W. Girgis, A. Zucca, A.C. Lecathelinais, C.

Bicycling injuries and mortality in Victoria, 2001-2006     Page(s) 295-295
Wardlaw, M.J.

Three synchronous tumours identified by FDG-PET/CT          Page(s) 275-275
Leong, P.M. Lin, M. Fowler, A.R.


Ethnic minorities and their perceptions of the quality of primary care   Page(s) 641
Sheikh, A.

Meeting the health needs of trafficked persons: International guidance provides advice on safe and
appropriate treatment Page(s) 642
Zimmerman, C.

Age based discrimination in health and social care services    Page(s) 643
Oliver, D.

Does improving quality of care save money?: Higher quality is mainly driven by professional reasons,
which does not necessarily lower costs Page(s) 644
Appleby, J.
Health and climate change: Will a global commitment be made at the UN climate change conference in
December? Page(s) 645-646
Jay, M. Marmot, M.G.

China gears up for swine flu vaccination as virus spreads inland and into rural areas     Page(s) 651

GPs are to be paid GBP 5.25 a shot in the swine flu vaccination programme          Page(s) 651

Researchers, like politicians, use ``spin'' in presenting results    Page(s) 652

More than 20% of medical articles have a ``guest'' author      Page(s) 652

Findings from audit of 4000 patients clash with doctors' view of care pathway for the dying      Page(s) 653

Doctor cleared of proposing fatal dose     Page(s) 653

Obama calls for Congress to pass plan for healthcare reform          Page(s) 654

Study finds that four in 10 young people around the world die from injuries        Page(s) 654

Mentally ill prisoners continue to face death penalty in Japan       Page(s) 655

AIDS campaign that used Hitler lookalike provokes outrage           Page(s) 656

Nominations open for next year's BMJ Group         Page(s) 656

Awards for excellence in medicine and health care        Page(s) 656

Fighting and lack of rain result in mounting crisis in Sudan        Page(s) 656

Wellcome and Merck will develop vaccines for poor countries            Page(s) 657-657

Population: the forgotten priority    Page(s) 660-661
Coombes, R.

Safety on the curriculum     Page(s) 662
Ellis, O.

No power for the people     Page(s) 663
Heath, I.
Is rate more important than rhythm in treating atrial fibrillation?   Page(s) 664-665
Betts, T. Mitchell, A.

Biological therapies: how can we afford them?      Page(s) 666-669
Kelly, C. Mir, F.

A healthy alternative to climate change negotiations     Page(s) 697-697
Stott, R.

Death shall have no dignity    Page(s) 699-699
Dalrymple, T.

Effects of a physiotherapy and occupational therapy intervention on mobility and activity in care home
residents: a cluster randomised controlled trial Page(s) 670-672
Sackley, C.M. van den Berg, M.E. Lett, K. Patel, S. Hollands, K. Wright, C.C. Hoppitt, T.J.

Equity, waiting times, and NHS reforms: retrospective study       Page(s) 673-675
Cooper, Z.N. McGuire, A. Jones, S. Le Grand, J.

Comparisons between geographies of mortality and deprivation from the 1900s and 2001: spatial analysis
of census and mortality statistics Page(s) 676-678
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The effects of excluding patients from the analysis in randomised controlled trials: meta-epidemiological
study Page(s) 679-683
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