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					CIBSE CHP GROUP e-Newsletter
This is the third CIBSE CHP Group newsletter keeping members of the group
informed of initiatives, events and news in relation to all forms of CHP. The
newsletter is automatically sent to all group members on a regular basis.

Included in this newsletter…

   ??   News from the Group
   ??   CHP Group respond to Part L proposals
   ??   Community Heating Networks event
   ??   Government Pledges £10 million of new funding for Community Energy
   ??   BSRIA installs condensing Mini-CHP unit
   ??   Mayor announces new Climate Change Agency for London
   ??   University first for mini-CHP units
   ??   IGEM issue new standard to help CHP compliance with HSE PM84
   ??   CHP questions in the house
   ??   £2 million for CHP/biofuel pellet plant in Northern Ireland
   ??   COGEN Europe issues guidance on legislation
   ??   Cogenco – a new identity for Nedalo UK
   ??   More success for Whisper Tech in the UK
   ??   Christmas tree lights become clean and green
   ??   Carbon Trust invests over £1 million on fuel cells
   ??   Ener-G Combined Power looks ahead to higher energy prices
   ??   Energy Minister welcomes micro-generation manifesto
   ??   Consultation on the review of the UK Climate Change Programme
   ??   Aircogen Strengthened by Peter Brotherhood Integration

News from the Group

We now have over 300 members signed up to the CHP Group in less than a year – still
the fastest growing special interest group in CIBSE, ever! Tell all your friends (including
non CIBSE members) to sign-up by visiting the web site.

Site visit - around 25 delegates visited the 200kWe CHP installation at the Liverpool
Radisson hotel. Associated presentations from the designers, manufacturers and
installers provided an in depth understanding of a very good installation. Our thanks go
to Neil Sturrock of CIBSE Merseyside & North Wales Region for organising the event. If
anybody else would like to host a site visit then please contact Phil Jones at

Group Chairman Phil Jones gave a presentation to the CHPA annual conference
focussing on the proposals for the building regulations Part L. He was also involved in
very useful round table talks with Lord Whitty regarding the continuation of funding for
the Community Energy Programme (see later).

CHP Group respond to Part L proposals

The CIBSE CHP Group have submitted a very significant response to the ODPM
consultation on the proposed Building Regulations Part L. Whilst the majority of the

Jan 2004                                    1/6                                 CIBSE CHP Group
proposals were generally welcomed, community heating CHP seems to have been left
out in the cold. The submission asked for clarity on a number of issues and suggested
that trigger points be added to encourage a multi building approach encouraging

Community Heating Networks event

Over 50 delegates attended the Community Heating Networks event on October 19th.
This included speakers on the international CH scene, the design and installation of
community energy networks plus case studies including the Woking Borough Council
CHP/fuel cell community energy network and Edinburgh University heat network. Go to and click on “group members area” to see the proceedings. This is
a members-only area and you will receive the password in a separate e-mail.

Government Pledges £10 million of new funding for Community Energy

DEFRA announced on 9 th December that the Community Energy programme has been
allocated an additional £10 million of funding over and above the original allocation of
£50 million. The details of the extension to the program have yet to be announced but
the final round of funding from the original pot of money will take place in January with
the final deadline for applications on 31st January 2005. Schemes supported by the
Community Energy program in 2002-04 generating 44 MW of CHP and saving nearly
22,500 tonnes of carbon per annum.

BSRIA installs condensing Mini-CHP unit

BSRIA has installed a unique condensing mini-CHP system at its facilities in Bracknell,
Berkshire. The standard DACHS mini-CHP unit generates 5.5kWe of electricity and
12.5kW of heat and was supplied and commissioned by Baxi Technologies UK. This
installation is fairly unique as it includes an additional condensing heat exchanger which
recovers extra heat from the exhaust of the CHP engine.

BSRIA are monitoring the performance and reliability of the DACHS unit in order to
produce an industry guide detailing how to retrofit mini-CHP into existing buildings.
Early indications are that an increase in heat output by around 2.5 kW is being
achieved. This increases the overall efficiency of the DACHS unit from 79% to around
90% (Gross Calorific Value) making it one of the most efficient CHP installations in the
UK. It is anticipated that around 9 Tonnes/yr of CO2 will be saved per annum. The
CIBSE CHP Group has organised a site visit on the 28th February (see below).

Mayor announces new Climate Change Agency for London

Using one of the Mayor’s ten statutory personal appointments, Allan Jones has been
appointed as Chief Development Officer for the newly formed London Climate Change
Agency. In his previous role at Woking Borough Council, Allan Jones has undertaken
groundbreaking work on energy including CHP, fuel cells and renewable energy. Allan
Jones will now be bringing this expertise to London to implement the Mayor’s Energy

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said: “‘What Allan Jones has achieved in Woking is
nothing short of revolutionary and I am delighted that he has agreed to take up the

Jan 2004                                    2/6                                CIBSE CHP Group
challenge of replicating what he achieved in one borough on London’s world-city sized

University first for mini-CHP units

The University of Nottingham is believed to be the first higher education establishment
in the UK to utilise mini-CHP. The university’s School of The Built Environment has
installed two DACHS units within its highly innovative Sustainability Research Building
(SRB). The 5.5 kWe DACHS mini-CHP units have been supplied and commissioned by
Baxi Technologies UK. The SRB provides laboratories and studios for students and
researchers but also acts as a testing ground for new building materials and power

In the summer months during periods of low or no space heating load, the thermal
output from the units will be used to drive an ejector cooling cycle system for air
conditioning within the building. This element of the project will incorporate a sponsored
PhD monitoring programme to produce a proto-type small scale tri-generation system
aimed at domestic and commercial applications.

IGEM issue new standard to help CHP compliance with HSE PM84

The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) has issued its 2 nd edition of the
UP/9 standard, which covers the installation design requirements for gas turbines,
auxiliary burners and supplementary firing burners as used in CHP applications. The
new edition contains the latest information on the implications of the Health and Safety
Executive HSE PM84 guidance note: ‘Control of safety risks at gas turbines used for
power generation’ issued in June 2003. There are many new requirements and a few
relaxations as a result of practical experience and site safety problems in UK
installations. CHP operators should also be aware that they might need to take action to
comply with The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations
(DSEAR) that came into force in July 2003. In practice this means that
installers/operators of relevant installations will have to provide risk assessments
covering their work. The risk assessments and any upgrading of equipment must be
completed before 1st July 2006. Copies of the 2 nd edition of UP/9 can be obtained from

CHP questions in the house

On 16th September, MP Richard Younger-Ross asked the Secretary of State for
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs if she would give further details of the very serious
challenges to be overcome highlighted in her foreword to the Combined Heat and
Power Strategy. Mr. Elliot Morley replied “The Strategy details a range of interventions
in the market to help support CHP which, by their very nature, are needed to overcome
the challenges ahead. We recognise the current unfavourable economic climate for
CHP, which largely results from high gas prices and low electricity prices. We are
therefore not complacent and will continue to monitor progress towards the CHP target
and work in active partnership with industry to ensure delivery of the Strategy.”

£2 million for CHP/biofuel pellet plant in Northern Ireland

Energy Minister Stephen Timms announced in August a grant from DTi of £2 million to
help fund a new biofuel pellet plant at Balcas timber processing facility in Northern
Ireland. This will utilise sawdust and wood chips to make 50,000 tonnes of fuel pellets

Jan 2004                                    3/6                                CIBSE CHP Group
each year, providing energy for 10,000 homes. A CHP plant is also being developed to
enable Balcas to be self-sufficient in electricity and heat. The plant will generate 2.5MW
of electricity and will also be partially funded by a £1 million loan from the NIE SMART

COGEN Europe issues guidance on legislation

COGEN Europe has issued a new Briefing Paper on "European Policy and Legislation
affecting Cogeneration". The document summarises the most important pieces of
European legislation relevant to the development of cogeneration in Europe. It shows
that the current European legislative architecture is broadly supportive of the
development of high-efficiency and low-carbon technologies in the electricity and heat
sectors, leaving national governments much discretion in devising polices for the wider
use of cogeneration. However, there is lack of knowledge about the relevant provisions,
and the unprecedented level of EU-level legislative activity in the energy and
environment areas in recent years which has left many in the industry in some
confusion. The Briefing Paper can be ordered on

Cogenco – a new identity for Nedalo UK

Cogenco Limited is the new identity for the Horsham based CHP supplier formerly
known as Nedalo UK Ltd. With over 450 sites operating in the UK, the Cogeneration
Company Ltd recently announced the re-branding of the company to help it remain a
leading force in CHP throughout the UK and Europe. “This is a very exciting time for
Cogenco”, says Steve Guttridge, Managing Director, “we have seen the Company
going from strength to strength in a relatively short period since the MBO in 2003, we
are extremely optimistic and planning for the future, our re-branding is a vital part of that

More success for WhisperTech in the UK

Just two months after announcing a $300 million deal to supply home energy systems
to the UK, Whisper Tech's revolutionary 'WhisperGen‘ unit has been chosen for one of
the world's largest group of domestic CHP installations and has won a prestigious
building industry award. In a deal brokered by Powergen, the WhisperGen unit will be
installed in 550 family homes in Manchester built by home construction company,
Lovell. Powergen describes the WhisperGen as "one of the most significant inventions
ever for home energy". Each unit can reduce a household's energy bill by an average of

Greenest ever Christmas tree

For the first time ever the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree lights were powered by a
clean form of energy – a hydrogen fuel cell and using energy efficient light bulbs. The
Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron said: “This is a significant initial step towards establishing
a hydrogen fuel cell economy in London. This is the first time in Europe a fuel cell has
been used in this way and will show that this is a viable alternative to the noisy and dirty
petrol and diesel generators currently used. The fuel cell was invented here in London
in 1839, so it's high time that this clean and efficient technology was used more widely.
I will be working with the London Hydrogen Partnership to make sure that it happens.”

Jan 2004                                     4/6                                  CIBSE CHP Group
The hydrogen is provided by BOC, and the installation is also sponsored by Johnson
Matthey Fuel Cells a world leader in catalysts for fuel cells. Both are members of the
London Hydrogen Partnership The fuel cell was installed by UK fuel
cell systems integrators siGEN, one of the first British companies to provide fuel cell
based solutions for real world applications

Carbon Trust invests over £1 million on fuel cells

The Carbon Trust has now invested over £1 million in fuel cells and related
technologies through its Low Carbon Innovation Programme. Investments include the
feasibility of sustainable hydrogen production from starch at the University of
Glamorgan and a University of Birmingham project assessing the safe, efficient and
economic large scale storage of hydrogen. Ceres Power are working on the design of
Solid Oxide fuel cells while Birmingham City Council are conducting a demonstration of
CHP Technologies. Heriot-Watt University are looking at the feasibility of low-cost
modular proton-exchange membrane electrolysers and HILTech Developments Ltd are
assessing the feasibility of developing novel high volume fuel cell hydrogen storage.

Ener-G Combined Power looks ahead to higher energy prices

“Electricity prices have risen by 25% and are expected to rise a further 30% in the next
twelve months with further increases beyond this” says Alan Barlow - MD of ENER-G
Combined Power. Alan has produced a paper looking at the reasons behind this trend
and explains how CHP can protect energy users against rising prices.

Alan argues that a combination of the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA),
short-term thinking and marginal plant being forced off-line had led to low electricity
prices and a difficult environment for CHP. However more recently, the Climate Change
Levy, increasing oil prices and an increasing renewable obligation placed on electricity
suppliers is giving rise to very significant energy price rises. Barlow also argues that the
spark spread (ratio of electricity price to gas price), is expected to rise in the medium to
long term making CHP more economic. Over the last 6 to 12 months, the price of
natural gas has risen by around 16% - 20%, this is less than the recent rises in the cost
of electricity. He also argues that proposals for the Building Regulations Part L appear
to encourage the use of CHP on many sites, providing a further driver to the market.

Energy Minister welcomes micro-generation manifesto

Speaking at the launch of Green Alliance's Micro-generation Manifesto on 15th
September, Mike O'Brien, the Energy Minister, set out how micro-generation forms part
of the government's vision for the future of energy provision. He added that the
manifesto contains interesting ideas which the government will consider in developing
its forthcoming Micro-generation Strategy, now a legal requirement under Section 82 of
the Energy Act 2004.

Welcoming the Minister's comments, Dave Sowden, Chief Executive of the Micropower
Council, said: "The industry is pleased with the government's constructive response to
Green Alliance's manifesto. Political vision is an important starting point for micro-
generation to fulfil its potential as a catalyst for cultural change in people's everyday
use of energy. We look forward to working closely with the government in the

Jan 2004                                    5/6                                 CIBSE CHP Group
development of its micro-generation strategy, building on the ideas contained in the

Consultation on the review of the UK Climate Change Programme

In September, the Government launched a review of the UK Climate Change
Programme with the publication of its Terms of Reference The UK Climate Change Programme was
published in 2000 and put in place the national framework to tackle the challenge of
climate change. It included an ambitious set of policies and measures to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions and included a commitment to carry out a formal review in

The consultation is being run UK-wide, by DEFRA, in partnership with other
Government departments and the devolved administrations. The deadline for
responses to this consultation is 2 nd March 2005 and the CIBSE CHP Group are
formulating a response. Through this review, government are committed to evaluating
the existing programme and publishing a revised programme in the first half of 2005. If you wish to contribute to
our response then please e-mail Phil Jones (

Aircogen strengthened by Peter Brotherhood Integration

Aircogen Ltd, has become a wholly owned division of Peter Brotherhood Ltd (PBL)
following the acquisition of 100% of Aircogen’s shares. The move highlights PBL’s
commitment to providing energy efficient solutions to the sustainable and renewable
energy market. Aircogen will continue to offer a wide range of packaged CHP systems
that operate on natural and biogases and will benefit further from PBL’s experience of
exporting to over 100 countries. Using this as a platform, Aircogen plans to further
expand its overseas market.

Forthcoming CIBSE CHP Group events

   ?? Site visit to BSRIA condensing mini CHP 28th February, Venue BSRIA,
      Bracknell. Contact Jennie Sinfield on 020 8675 5211.

   ?? CHP In Buildings (CPD Workshop) 20th April Venue: London. Contact Maggie
      Procopi at CIBSE CPD Events on 01442 866 378

   ?? Fuel cells for buildings International conference April 27th, Venue: CIBSE,
      Balham (including the CHP Group AGM) Contact Jennie Sinfield on 020 8675

   ?? CHP In Buildings (CPD Workshop) May Venue: Manchester. Contact Maggie
      Procopi at CIBSE CPD Events on 01442 866 378

   See for further details.

This newsletter is from the CHP Group of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
(CIBSE), 222 Balham High Road, London, SW12 9BS Tel: 020 8675 5211

If you do not want to receive future CIBSE CHP Group newsletters please send an e-mail to: with UNSUBSCRIBE in the title. Carbon Trust’s support in the preparation of
this newsletter is gratefully acknowledged.

Jan 2004                                      6/6                                  CIBSE CHP Group

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