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									    Regional Activities and the
           Region 4 Meeting
            January 2006

              Marc Apter
          2006 Past-Chair RAB

        Regional Activities Mission
    •   Serve the needs of the members of the IEEE by
        maintaining, enhancing, and supporting the
        geographical organizational units of the IEEE.
    •   Responsible for IEEE membership and member
        development. Membership includes recruitment,
        administration of admissions, retention,
        elevation, and service, as well as related
        operational and budget issues. Member
        development includes member value
        development, new member programs and
        services and support for members’ careers, in
        collaboration with other IEEE Organizational
2       Units.
        Regional Activities Strategic
    • Ensure value of Membership
    • Be the leader in Membership Direction
    • Be the leader in volunteer development
    • Be at the forefront of communications
      between member to member; member to
      IEEE; and organizational unit to organizational
    • Meet the challenges of a large and
      transnational organization
    • Emphasize delegation using the powers
      reserved concept

                 IEEE Today
       (as of 31 December 2005)
• Over 367,000 members in more than 150
    – 40.6% are from outside the United States.
• Nearly 74,000 Student Members.
• Over 27,000 Society Affiliates.
• 311 Sections
    – Over 1,500 Technical Chapters.
• Over 1,400 Student Branches in 79 countries.
    – Over 375 Student Branch Chapters.
• 44 Technical Societies and Councils

        Basic Governance Relationships
         Between IEEE Geographical
              Organizational Units

   Technical                                  Regional Activities
Activities Board                                    Board

IEEE Societies                                   Regions                         Parents - WIE,
           Technical                 Areas                                        GOLD, LMC


                                  Chapters                  Affinity Groups

                   Sub-Sections              Student Branches       Geographic Councils

                                  SB Chapters          SB Affinity Groups

        Sections Congress 2005
• 310 Sections - 271 Represented – 87%

• Oldest Sections Present
    – Chicago (1893)
    – Twin Cities & Pittsburgh (1902)

• Newest Sections Present
    – Lithuania, Veracruz (June 2005)
    – Lebanon & Morocco (November 2004)

                 Current Services
•   New EASY Join IEEE
                                        • Conference Search
•   myIEEE
•   Concentration Banking Card          • Society branded applications
•   shopIEEE                            • Emerging Technologies
•   Article Purchase online               Knowledgebase
•   Fellows Nominations                 • Entity Web Hosting
•   Elections and Balloting             • SAMIEEE/Section
•   IEEE Web Account                      Reporting/Online
•   IEEE Email Alias/Functional Alias     Rosters/Add Hoc reports
•   UCS/Spam Management/Anti virus
    protection                          • Online Communities
•   Mailing Lists (listserv)            • Internet Conferencing
•   IEEE e-Notice                       • Electronic Potentials
•   IEEE Member Digital Library         • Spectrum Online
•   Redesigned with focus on
    user experience                     • Improved Navigation &
                                          usability of our web sites
                       Future Services
    •   Comprehensive & complete 360-degree view of member/customer
    •   Increased self service capabilities for members with the ability to
        manage all your information in one place
    •   Catalogs & Order processing with flexible fulfillment options
    •   Check & Debit account processing on-line
    •   Ability to use credit/debit card on file
    •   Ability to shop for all products using the shopping cart
    •   Single Sign-on
    •   IEEEtv
    •   New levels of personalization
    •   Improved search capabilities
    •   Secured web content
    •   Enhanced Email Alias service
    •   Superior enterprise security
    •   Enhanced collaboration tools
    •   Streaming audio/video conferencing
    •   Learning management

          Proposed IEEE Goal
• We want to be the leading organization in
  dominant and emerging technologies
    – In electrical engineering, electronics,
      electrophysics, computing, communication,
      biomedical engineering and healthcare
      technology, media and entertainment,
      automation and manufacturing
    – In new areas of technology

              Being the leader…
• We will continually update our portfolio and lead
  the development of new areas
     – We shall grow as the technology sector grows

• Professionals in our areas will see IEEE as their
  “professional home”
     – the first source of information and contacts to address
       technical challenges

• We will publish the most important new work and
  hold the major and most prestigious conferences
  in our areas of interest
     – we shall set the “gold standard”
                 Being the leader…
• We will be the first source of
     –   Information and advice for governments and policy makers
     –   Standards for industry
     –   Practical solutions for industry
     –   Continued education
     –   Accreditation

• “We will not give up an inch”
     – We will not be the second best resource in Computing (after
     – We will not be the second best resource in MEMS and nano-
       technology (after ASME)
     – We will not be the second best resource on biomedical
       engineering (after BMES)

               IEEE Membership
• Recruiting & retaining volunteers at all levels
• If IEEE wishes to grow membership, doing
  “more of the same” will not work
• Value of Membership is Being Challenged
     – Our market share is declining
     – Employment statistics about our core constituency are
     – Our members keep questioning our relevance
        • The academic sector is relatively happy with IEEE
        • Our relevance to industry is in question
        • Our main “product” (IP) is largely available to non-members
        • We have serious competitors (e.g., Elsevier, university-
          industry consortia, open access movement, etc.)
12      • We are unable to convert student members to full members
• IEEE should grow in proportion to the
  growth of the technology sectors
     – If we are lagging behind, professionals are
       going elsewhere

• If IEEE wishes to grow membership, doing
  “more of the same” will not work

              Some Challenges
• We need to identify what corporations really
  want from IEEE

• We need to avoid harming other successful
     – E.g., IEL sales, Standards Corporate Membership

• We may run into disagreements over public
  policy advocacy efforts

       What This Means To You
• You will make these new approaches to
  getting members successful
     – Without the Section Volunteers, we won’t
• We have some new web sites coming to
  help you
• A new capability of Internet Meetings for
  geographically spread out Sections is
  currently being tested

         Senior Member Elevation
     • Benefits
        – The professional recognition of your peers for technical and
          professional excellence.
        – An attractive fine wood and bronze engraved Senior Member
          plaque to proudly display.
        – Up to $25.00 gift certificate toward one new Society
        – A letter of commendation to your employer on the
          achievement of Senior member grade (upon the request of
          the newly elected Senior Member.)
        – Announcement of elevation in Section/Society and/or local
          newsletters, newspapers and notices.
        – Eligibility to hold executive IEEE volunteer positions.
        – Can serve as Reference for Senior Member applicants.
        – Invited to be on the panel to review Senior Member
            Associate Members
     • With the current Bylaws, someone should
       only be an Associate for no more then six
     • Region 4 has 800 Associate Members with
       more than 6 years of membership
       – Use SAMIeee to look at your Section’s member

     • We must continue to serve our
       members, serve our profession, and
       bring benefits to humanity.
     • Our performance in both the IEEE and
       our careers define who we are.
     • We are professionals.

     Questions and Comments

       IEEE Section & Society
       Corporate Lead Program
     “How to Make Money for Your Section”

        Future online sales growth must
        come from the corporate sector

     • Government market is too small
     • Academic is highly penetrated around the
       – Less room for growth
     • Still THOUSANDS of technology companies
       internationally to subscribe to IEEE products
       – and we need YOU to help develop our leads!

     Why Companies Need IEEE
• From IEEE - a world renowned leader in the
• In terms of price, we offer the best value over
  anything else on their “shelves”
     • See “Commercial Journals Twice as Expensive as IEEE”

• Offer content in a wide range of disciplines
• Best content available
     • IEEE publishes the top-cited journals in the field
     • IEEE information speeds innovation

              IEEE Publishing Products
                   for Companies
 • IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL)
 Our most comprehensive package. IEL provides access to almost a third of the world's
 current electrical engineering and computer science literature. Over one million full-text
 documents comprise the entire collection of IEEE and IEE journals, transactions,
 conference proceedings, and active technical standards. 2006 Price: - $111,200
 • IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP)
 The world's core collection of engineering, electronics, and computer science periodicals,
 including 124 IEEE journals and magazines. 2006 Price: $37,995
 • IEEE Proceedings Order Plans (POP All)
 IEEE’s classic collection of the world’s leading conference proceedings. This online
 collection allows access to as many as 600 current conference proceedings and a backfile
 to 1998. 2006 Price: $44,995
  • IEEE Enterprise
  Flexible access for any-sized business (not sold to universities). Purchase a set number of
  downloads in advance from the full collection of IEEE magazines, journals and conference
  Level 1: 350 articles ($14.28 per article) $4,995              Designed
                                                                 for small
  Level 2: 800 articles ($12.50 per article) $9,995              companies!
  Level 3: 1,750 articles ($10 per article) $17,500
     Why does IEEE need your help?

     • YOUR section or society may have
       the corporate contacts to generate
       quality sales
     • YOU can help the IEEE grow by
       providing those leads

             What’s in it for you?
 •YOUR section or society can get a rebate of the sales price
 •Not just once, but also with each subscription renewal
 •If IEEE closes a sale as a result of your lead, your Section or
 Society will earn:

 Enterprise Level 1                 $700 rebate per sale

 Enterprise Level 2              $2,000 rebate per sale

 Enterprise Level 3              $3,500 rebate per sale

   IEL, ASPP or                           $3,500 per sale
              How does it work?
     • Target companies in your region or area of
     • Enlist members of your section or society who
       have contacts within those companies
     • Have them see if company is interested in
       free trial of an IEEE product
       – IEEE has developed sample scripts and e-mails
         that members can easily adapt as needed

                   How does it work?
     • If company is interested, fill out lead form at
     • IEEE Marketing will then
        –   Contact customer
        –   Set up a free 2 week product trial
        –   Track usage
        –   Follow up trial
        –   Send invoice
        –   Close sale & collect payment
     • Payments will be made to sections & societies for
       successful closed orders quarterly

To submit a lead, go to

• Basic information
  needed for IEEE to
  follow up

             Note on Conflict of Interest
•    All IEEE volunteers and staff should be sensitive to real or apparent
     conflicts of interest in the course of their work on behalf of the IEEE
     and/or, in the case of volunteers, their employer (see IEEE Code of
     Ethics, article 2). When a conflict of interest or the appearance of a
     conflict should arise, the individual’s first responsibility to the IEEE or
     his or her employer, as the case may be, is the full and candid
     disclosure of the facts and circumstances surrounding the conflict to
     the disinterested persons responsible for approving the proposed

•    In the case of the IEEE Sales Rebate Program, volunteers who may seek
     new or renewal licenses for IEL or other IEEE electronic products from
     their employer or other organization to which they may owe a fiduciary
     duty should be sensitive to the appearance of a conflict of interest.
     Even though a volunteer will not derive a personal benefit from the new
     or renewal license between the IEEE and the volunteer’s employer, each
     volunteer should take steps to be familiar with his or her employer’s
     conflict of interest policy and take all necessary steps to assure that he
     or she fully complies with such policy

                      Contact Us
     – Jonathan Dahl (Staff)

     – Michael Spada (Staff)

     – Dan Toland (Staff)

                        Send us a lead!

 Section, Chapter, Affinity Groups,
  Student Branches Governance
  • All IEEE units must conform to IEEE
    Constitution, Bylaws, Policy & Procedures
  • Basic governance document will be the
    RAB Operations Manual for all Geographic
     – Section bylaws are no longer required
     – Geographic Councils will have Charters
  • Geographic units may have governance
    documents (e.g., operating manual) to help
    operate their units but they must comply
    with higher level documents
  • Subsections, Chapters & Affinity Groups
    must conform to Section governance
32  documents
             Required Reporting
     • All geographic units must report their officers,
       financial activity, and meeting activity
       annually to the IEEE Operations Center in
        – Report forms are sent out Nov/Dec
        – 10% bonus if all reporting postmarked no later
          than end of third week in February
     • All activity should be reported through the
       Section, including that of Subsections,
       Chapters and Affinity Groups
        – Officer & meeting report forms sent to Secretary
        – Financial forms (L-50) sent to Treasurer
        – Chapters needs to copy their Society on their
         Officer Confirmation
• Responsibility of Section Secretary
• Include all officers: Committees,
  Chapters, Affinity Groups
• Include member #s for verification
• Officers must be in good standing and
  Members *
• Chapter Chairs must be a member of the
• In general, there is a 2-year term limit for
        Society Required Reporting
•    Different for each Society
•    Most are tied to funding opportunities
•    Send a copy of your L-31 just to be safe!
•    Check the Society Chapter Funding Guide
     for more information

     Online Interactive Reporting
• Officers and Meeting reports
• Provides a confirmation page
• Chapters should print page and send
     – One copy to Section Secretary
     – One copy to Societies to comply with
       reporting/funding requirements
• Plans underway to offer automatic
  submission to other contacts
          Geographic Roster
• Must have an IEEE web account and must be
  listed in the Roster in order to have access
• Updated every two weeks
• Includes all Region, Section, and Council
  officers as reported to IEEE Staff
• Updates?
• Data extracted directly from IEEE member

           Resources for Officers
•    Electronic Communications   •
•    Financial Resources           ns/rab/scs/Resources/
•    Helpful web links             m
                                    – This list of resources was
•    New Officer Info                 created specifically with IEEE
•    Newsletters                      volunteer leadership in mind.
•    Officer Training                 Officers seeking information at
                                      a glance should check the
•    Publications, Guides,            links in the left-hand menu
     Handbooks                        first. If you have suggestions
•    Reference Material               for additional links, please let
                                      us know.
•    IEEE Governance Documents
•    IEEE Volunteer Resources
                                 • Contact Information
•    Section/Chapter Support
     Home Page

             Conflict of Interest
• Section Chair/Treasurer
     – When submitting 2005 Financial Report will
       be requested to complete Conflict of Interest
       Disclosure Statement
• Newsletter Editors
     – Review IEEE Policy 6.3
       • Material involving the support or nonsupport of
         candidates for IEEE and public office is not

     (Presentation name)

         For (Name of group)

       (Presenter’s name,title)
     (Date [dd/month/yyyy] location/meeting)

       Protection from Personal
• Indemnification
     – IEEE Bylaw I-300.3
• U.S. Federal Volunteer Protection Act
• IEEE Insurance Coverage

• IEEE Bylaw I-300.3 sets forth the IEEE policy on
• This bylaw is the strongest statement IEEE
  makes with respect to protecting its Volunteers.
• All participants should read and be familiar with
  this bylaw.
• Makes indemnification mandatory, however
  subject to conditions…

             IEEE Bylaw I-300.3
• IEEE Bylaw I-300.3 makes indemnification
  mandatory. However, such indemnification is
  subject to the following conditions:
     – The action taken is found by the IEEE Board of
       Directors to have been duly authorized, and not to
       have been taken in bad faith, or in a manner
       inconsistent with the purposes or objectives of the
     – The person to be indemnified has otherwise met
       appropriate minimum standards of conduct set forth in
       the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law; and
     – Such indemnification is not otherwise prohibited by
                IEEE Bylaw I-300.3
       Indemnification. To the extent permitted by law, IEEE shall
     indemnify (i) each Director, Officer, former Director and
     former Officer of IEEE, (ii) each person who serves as a
     duly authorized volunteer or employee of a duly authorized
     IEEE activity, (iii) each person who shall have served at the
     request of IEEE as a Director or Officer of another
     organization, against judgments, fines, amounts paid in
     settlement and reasonable expenses, including without
     limitation attorney’s fees and expenses, actually and
     necessarily incurred by such person in connection with the
     defense of any action, suit, or proceeding to which such
     person is made or threatened to be made a party by virtue
     of such service…

     US Federal Volunteer Protection
• The US Federal Volunteer Protection Act (VPA)
  may apply in certain cases. (U.S only)
• Subject to certain limitations and exceptions,
  under the VPA, a volunteer will not be held liable
  for harm caused by the volunteer if:
     – The volunteer was acting within the scope of his or her
     – The volunteer was properly licensed or certified (if appropriate or
     – The harm was not caused by the volunteer’s willful or criminal
       conduct, gross negligence, or reckless misconduct; and
     – The harm was not caused by the volunteer operating a vehicle for
       which the operator must have a license or that must be insured.

        IEEE Insurance Coverage
• IEEE maintains Liability insurance at limits deemed
  appropriate by the IEEE Insurance Committee for IEEE's
  current business sponsored activities.
• IEEE maintains a $1 Million General Liability (GL) Policy.
     – Provides coverage in the event of liability due to bodily injury
       (including death), personal injury, or damage to the property of
• In addition to the primary GL Policy, IEEE also maintains
  $50 Million in Excess Umbrella Liability coverage.
• Volunteers are included as additional insureds on these
  policies “while acting within the scope of their duly
  authorized duties.”

 IEEE Insurance Office Contacts:
• Tom Lynch
     Staff Director-Financial Services
• Karyn Connor
     Insurance Program Manager



        * Alpha Preview *
          (work in progress)

49 Appliance
                                  Media player

                                                         Console tabs

 Program menu

                                                          Search utility –
                                                            IEEE Xplore

                                         Video viewing
                Banner ad space

50 Appliance
                                  Media player

                                                         Console tabs

 Program menu

                                                          Search utility –
                                                            IEEE Xplore

                                         Video viewing
                Banner ad space

Media Player Manager

                       Choice of player and
                       internet connection

              What did SPG report
         from the internal interviews? (1)
• The value proposition of an IEEE membership to an individual is
  different than the value proposition of an IEEE relationship to a

      – “Companies are concerned with ROI, brand, reputation, costs,
        revenue…this stuff is not being measured by an employee’s
        membership with IEEE.”

•    There is inconsistency in the understanding of the current relationship
     between IEEE and corporations

      – “Companies (who buy IEL) seem to already feel as though they have a
        formal relationship with IEEE.”

                      Internal interviews (2)
•        Corporations currently see IEEE individual membership as a cost versus
         an opportunity

     –      “There is no immediate short-range benefit for anybody in management area
            to have employees belong to IEEE.”

•        IEEE’s publications are seen as too theoretical to the practitioner

     –      “A large portion of IEEE intellectual property is driven by academics, except
            for Standards. Gearing IP more towards industry is something that corporate
            partners could help foster.”

     –      "The stuff IEEE produces is not really that useful, or it takes a lot of work to be

               What did SPG report
         from the external interviews? (1)
The most cited areas of IEEE value to a corporation in that order

     –    Strategic Value

          - Standards
          - IEL/ Publications/ Research

     –    Operational Value

          - Professional Development
          - Information Exchange/ networking

• “The Standards Association gave a
  legitimacy to IEEE as an organization and
  was important to selling the IEEE brand
  within our company”

• "If you go to industry and you want to open a
  door, you start speaking
  standards....because everyone uses
  standards and they cannot live without

                External interviews (2)
•        The whole of IEEE is critical to the value proposition for a
         corporate partner
     –      Offering a partnership to a corporation will require an
            integrated strategy across relevant parts of IEEE
     –      IEEE does not typically communicate value to the people
            within corporations

     –      Companies are puzzled by our structure
           •   …and lack understanding of how different units can
               offer different services that are relevant to the
               corporation’s need

           External interviews (3)
• Buy-in and understanding at a senior
  level of a corporation is critical to the
  acceptance and success of a corporate

     – “Corporate relationships with IEEE should
       start with CEOs first.”

                  External interviews (4)
•        A corporate partnership program must distinguish itself from
         an individual membership

     –      “IEEE needs to make sure there is no reason for an individual member to stop
            being a member relative to a corporate partnership.”

•        The ability to track users and usage of products and services
         is important to a corporation as well as to IEEE

     –      “If I could identify the users and level of usage by user of the IEL, I could more
            easily secure the budget dollars to pay for it.”

               External interviews (5)
• IEEE’s journals and publications are currently more
  academically focused than practitioner-oriented
     – The inability to contribute was cited as an issue

• Training and professional development is a key area
  of opportunity for IEEE to meet corporate needs

     – “Training by IEEE gives the impression that it is impartial and
     – “Companies are very concerned about the quality of their future
       workforce and are investing millions of dollars in education.”

           External interviews (6)
• Discounts on individual memberships is not
  a critical selling factor in a corporate
  partnership model

• The different sales models of the IEL between
  Europe and the US impact the customer
     – Agents vs. salespersons who work for IEEE

     – “IEEE should see me as a valuable partner who can help them
       sell their product into the company, not just a bank who is able to
       provide them with several thousands of dollars.” (Europe)

     – “ I feel more like a customer than a partner.” (Europe)

     – “ There is nothing I would change about the relationship with
       IEEE. IEEE worked with us to understand our needs. They
       should carbon copy this approach with other organizations.”

                      Segment initiative
•    Objective: identify how we can cooperate with non-IEEE groups and
     individuals who operate in our fields of interest
      – Fields of interest for 2005
           • Healthcare (instrumentation and IT)
           • Multimedia and entertainment

•    We started with IT professionals in Healthcare
      – Worked closely with the Biotech Council and EMBS

•    First contact: HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems
      – 15,000 members and 220 corporations

•    We hired Tecker Consultants to conduct focus groups at HIMSS annual

     Job growth to 2012 in our traditional disciplines

• More slowly than average…

     – Electrical and Electronics engineers
     – Computer hardware engineers
     – Engineers who work for Electrical and Gas

• As fast as average…

     – Computer programmers

     Job growth to 2012 in our traditional disciplines
     • Much faster than average…

        – Computer and Information Systems Managers

        – Computer support specialists

        – Computer software engineers

        – Computer Systems Analysts, Database
          Administrators, and Computer Scientists

           • But not as rapid as during the previous decade
           • And many of those do not see IEEE as their ‘professional

What is myIEEE ?
o 350,000 websites – unique to
  each Member                      Section & peer-to-           Integrated &
o Connects individual members      peer networking        personalized benefit
  to their Section and Society                                         access
o One-stop resource for
  engaging member benefits
o Establishes a “virtual home”
  during the transition from                    Increasing and
  student member to young                      personalizing the
  professional                                Member’s connection
o Updated daily from IEEE’s core                  with IEEE

“myIEEE” – Entry Page
(September 2005 release)                   Personalized list of technical
Greeting module
Member’s name,
member #, and
Utility desktops
Tool clusters and
member benefit
modules. Volunteer
desktop for
volunteers.                                                                     Benefit
                                                                              modules &
                                                                              other IEEE
Self-service account

                           Personalized recommendations based
                           on technical interest profile
“myIEEE” … a personalized experience for Members

                Member recognition and
                Section affiliation

                                   Quick-scan of benefit
                              headlines and related IEEE
                              news updated dynamically

               online admin

                              Society Memberships w/ listing of upcoming
                              conferences updated dynamically

“Desktops” – benefit tools & utilities (entry page)


      Member #99ab8899

                                                                IN SUMMARY

Mission and objectives…
 o   Putting the Member 1st,            o   Respect the value of Members’ time
     regardless of IEEE organization          o Personalize information
     structure or benefit platform            o Provide an integrated, Member
 o   Providing an interface to IEEE             experience (benefit access and
     membership is contemporary                 membership management)
     with younger generations                 o Increase usage of benefits and
 o   Encouraging usage of benefits              local networking
     via desktops and tools… benefits   o   “Virtual home” during the transition
     usage = retention                      from student member to young


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