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									Special Advertising Section                                                                            Special Advertising Section

                                              HealtH: It’s all about You

                              The Spirit of

                                              Consumerism in health care is here              other health professional
                                              to stay, says the recently released             in the past year.
                                              2010 Global Survey of Health Care         	   •	Seven	out	of	eight	Americans		
                                              Consumers from the Washington,                  believe themselves to be in
                                              D. C.–based think tank, Deloitte                excellent, very good or
                                              Center for Health Solutions.                    good health.
                                                 The group's 2008 report noted:         	   •	More	than	half	are	diagnosed		
                                              “They [that’s you, by the way] are              with chronic conditions.
                                              neither patient nor patients. They        	   •	One	in	five	participates	in
                                              are consumers.” You have a choice               a wellness program.
                                              and a voice in your own health care.      	   •	Consumers	most	trust	safety		
                                                 Is this you?                                 and effectiveness information
                                              	 •	Four	of	five	consumers	say                  from medical associations and
                                                    they saw a physician or                   academic medical centers.

                                              Care Is WHere You FInd It
                                              Deloitte found that consumers tend        effusing high praise for his doctor,
                                              to seek care locally, but willingness     Johannes Bonatti, MD, a cardiac
                                              to travel on a physician’s recommen-      surgeon at UMMC and the School
                                              dation is high. More than half of you     of Medicine.
                                              looked online for information about          Bonatti’s colleague, Stephen T.
                                              treatment options.                        Bartlett, MD, UMMC surgeon-in-
                                                 Ronald Bress from Cheektowaga,         chief, professor and chairman of
                                              near Buffalo, N. Y., did both after       surgery at the school, says the center
                                              suffering cardiac arrest during a         also performs 300 kidney trans-
                                              2009 workout. The word: He’d need         plants a year, one of Dr. Bartlett’s
                                              open-heart surgery.                       specialties. Outcomes exceed expec-
                                                 Bress located the website of the       tations, thanks to advances in surgi-
                                              University of Maryland Medical            cal technology and immunosuppres-
                                              Center, a.k.a. UMMC in Baltimore          sive medications, he says. “Patients
                                              (www.umm.edu). He read about              can usually bounce right back.”
                                              the minimally invasive procedure             Donor-friendly transplant tech-
                                              known as Totally Endoscopic,              niques have evolved from an open
                                              Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery            incision to laparoscopy: a kidney is
                                              (TECAB), a high-precision robotic         extracted through the navel. Last
                                              grafting surgery devoid of a massive      November, UMMC transplant sur-
                                              incision, opening of the chest and        geons scripted a medical fairy tale
                                              lifetime scar memento.                    with a four-way kidney exchange
                                                 Then he became the first person        involving eight patients from four
                                              in the world to undergo robot-assist-     states, including a 10-year-old
                                              ed triple bypass at UMMC, prompt-         Catonsville, Md., boy and a 74-year-
                                              ed by the timely e-mail that landed,      old man from Virginia Beach, Va.
                                              like a colorful jet, in his inbox as he      Kidney exchanges or swaps
                                              researched his heart condition. It        allow living donors and their
                                              was from Southwest Airlines, advis-       intended recipients to undergo
                                              ing him of specially discounted           surgery even if their blood and
                                              flights from Buffalo to Baltimore.        tissue types don’t match. They’re
                                              He took off for a life-changing and       paired with other donors and
                                              life-saving experience.                   recipients who are incompatible
                                                 “Now, I feel like a young kid. I do    with each other but are a match
                                              everything,” Bress beams proudly,         with others in the group.

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Special Advertising Section                                                                                                                                                                                                               Special Advertising Section

exeCutIve deCIsIons about HealtH                                                                                                   IF You Could turn baCk tIme
Medicine has become so very special-           “For	some	of	us,	our	only	contact	     	   •	 Keep	Your	Shots	Current               You’re doing so much for yourself, but     in-our-face encounters with aging,
ized—like many aspects of our once-        with a doctor is when we’re sick or        	   •	 Make	Time	for	Health	Screenings       … tick tock. Would you, could you,         we may face fatigue, weight gain,
simpler lives. Ironically, it may also     injured,” says Scott A Carstens, MD        	   •	 Curb	Your	Processed	Sugars            stop your biological clock? At a confer-   headaches, depression, insomnia, hot
lead to a fragmented approach              and medical director of Scripps            	   •	 Chill                                 ence on aging in May, it was suggested     flashes, joint and muscle pain, brain
to health care.                            Memorial Hospital La Jolla, home                                                        changing the way we customarily view       fog, allergies, and recurrent infections,
   Time for our annual checkup,            of the executive health center. A             “Take time to savor the good things       the process and instead, recognize         says Steven Hotze, MD, author and
so we’re off to our primary care           head-to-toe physical examination is        that come your way, and don’t live           aging as a condition that may be treat-    radio host.
provider. If we’re advised to see          critical to establishing your health       a life of regret,” says Dr. Carstens.        ed, manipulated and delayed. Quiz: If          Of course, no two people are alike,
one or more specialists, we must           “baseline” and to screen for diseases.     Follow	his	“get	breathless”	advice,	         we’re not healthy and high-function-       nor are their medical problems.
make appointments, then get there,         It’s also an important first step if you   then compare your fitness regimen            ing, does it matter if we live longer?     Luckily, a wealth of diverse options          	 •	 Yeast
often taking time from work, then          are planning to lose weight, embark        with a few of the American College              Changing the definition of aging        exists for each consumer to investi-          	 •	 Hypothyroidism
wait for lab results while wondering:      on an exercise program or make other       of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM’s)                in medicine will ultimately change         gate appropriate individual solutions.        	 •	 Bioidentical	Hormones
“Did Dr. A talk to Dr. B and Dr. C?”       health-related lifestyle changes.          latest trends:                               the medication landscape. Reuters          The Hotze Health & Wellness Center            	 •	 Adrenal	Fatigue
We hope so!                                    In between doctor visits, add Dr.      	 •	 Using	educated,	accredited,             news agency, which reported the story,     (www.hotzehwc.com) in Katy, Texas,            	 •	 Vitamins	and	Minerals
   Savvy professionals embrace the         Carsten’s “Live Well” tips to your               experienced fitness professionals      reminds us that currently, regulators      founded in 1989, has been dedicated to        	 •	 An	Eating	Program
streamlined approach of executive          “to-do” list today:                        	 •	 Strength	training:	think			             license drugs for specific diseases and    helping more than 15,000 patients con-
health centers as just the ticket to a     	 •	 Know	Your	Risks                             “weights”                              not aging. The possibilities are mind-     front changes associated with aging.            On the website, Dr. Hotze invites
one-stop, head-to-toe assessment.          	 •	 Watch	Your	Weight                     	 •	 Personal	training:	just	for	you	        bending when postulated by biogeron-       Programs incorporate all natural, bio-       visitors to test themselves for free,
Johns Hopkins Medicine, Mayo               	 •	 Be	Pro-Antioxidants                   	 •	 Core	training	of	the	middle-body		      tologists, who study the biological        identical products that aim to restore       via questionnaires, and to read his
Clinic, Duke University, The Ohio          	 •	 Know	Your	Fats,	Bad	and	Good                muscles: tough love for abs            effects of aging.                          hormones to optimal levels, strengthen       free eBooks.
State University and the Scripps           	 •	 Floss                                 	 •	 Special	fitness	programs	for	older		       Live for today, but when we’re young,   immune systems and increase energy              Adopting a full-body strategy and
Center for Executive Health adeptly        	 •	 Engage	Your	Brain                           adults, a la, use it or lose it        we don’t always consider later conse-      levels with an eight-point treatment         staying in the middle of life’s “balance”
meet the needs of this expanding           	 •	 Sleep	Long                            	 •	 Functional	fitness:	strength            quences of decisions made “then.”          regimen focused on:                          beam can pay off handsomely now
demographic.                               	 •	 Laugh	More                                  training improves balance and          Suddenly, during midlife and our first       	 •	 Airborne	and	Food	Allergies           and later.
   “In the busy world we live in, it’s     	 •	 Love	More                                   ease of daily living.
easy to get caught up in the respon-       	 •	 Temper	Your	Temperament	              	 •	 Sport-specific	training:	distinctly		
sibilities you have at work and with
your family,” says Gary Gallegos,
                                           	 •	 Drink	More	Water
                                           	 •	 Wash	Your	Hands
                                                                                            relates to young athletes
                                                                                      	 •	 Pilates:	core	training	uses	the		
                                                                                                                                   tHe kInder Cut
executive director of SANDAG, San          	 •	 Take	a	Vacation                             entire body for flexibility, posture   “Going under the knife” no longer          high doses, causing minimal injury to        more traditional therapies and often
Diego’s regional planning agency.          	 •	 Watch	Your	Liquid	Calories            	 •	 Group	personal	training:	makes		        means an incision, scalpels, resulting     the surrounding normal tissue.               unpleasant, long-term side effects. He
   He chose The WholePerson                	 •	 Get	Breathless:	Exercise                    financial sense for both client        blood, nor pain (hurray!) and infec-          Now Gary Miller, MBA, CPA, says           returned to work immediately—coin-
Examination™ at the Scripps Center         	 •	 Stay	Upbeat                                 and trainer                            tion. There’s typically no anesthesia;     he feels like the ᾽70s fictional cyborg,     cidentally, he’s also a realtor—and his
for Executive Health near San Diego,                                                                                               and it’s done on an outpatient basis       The Six Million Dollar Man. Miller,          prognosis is good.
with its alternative solution: a compre-                                                                                           with shorter treatments and quicker        from Plano, Texas, underwent suc-               “Certain patients are better treated
hensive physical with the center’s lead-                                                                                           recoveries. Radiosurgery is an emi-        cessful radiosurgery for early stage         with one knife than the other,” says
ing physicians and lifestyle experts,                                                                                              nently powerful weapon in the arsenal      prostate cancer at Baylor Radiosurgery       John K. O’Connor, MD, the center’s
resulting in less “running around”                                                                                                 for patients for whom:                     Center (www.baylorhealth.com). Like          medical director and Miller’s radia-
and more time to enjoy the things that                                                                                             	 •	 other	treatment	options               Bress, the Internet was his “physician’s     tion oncologist. The Gamma Knife, a
matter most. The center provides a                                                                                                      have failed                           assistant.”                                  22-ton metal sphere with 201 intersect-
multidisciplinary team of world-class                                                                                              	 •	 surgery	can	remove	only	a                The center offers the full range of       ing beams, is ideal for brain tumors
Scripps physicians and degreed                                                                                                          portion of the tumor                  sophisticated radiosurgical options          and related disorders. Patients wear a
lifestyle specialists in one location                                                                                              	 •	 the	tumor	has	recurred                combining an interdisciplinary team          specially designed “helmet.”
at one time.                                                                                                                       	 •	 surgery	is	too	risky                  with two innovative radiosurgical               Next door is the CyberKnife, a
   “With all that goes on in life, it’s                                                                                            	 •	 an	outpatient	procedure	is            systems: the Gamma Knife® and the            9-foot-tall robot that circles the patient
important that you take care of you                                                                                                     preferable                            CyberKnife®. Baylor University Medi-         to attack tumors from head to toe, he
personally, and I think the Scripps                                                                                                                                           cal Center at Dallas is the first medical    explains. No head frame is required,
Center has helped me recognize the                                                                                                    Radiosurgery, with its high success     center in Texas and one of the few in the    ideal for youngsters with fragile skulls.
importance of checking myself out                                                                                                  rate, actually has nothing to do with      world to combine these technologies          CyberKnife may be
and being proactive and preventive,”                                                                                               radios and isn’t “pure” surgery.           within a single, dedicated surgical suite.   used on spine, pancreas, lung and
Gallegos says.                                                                                                                     Multiple small beams of radiation pre-        Diagnosed in December 2008,               liver tumors—plus early stage prostate
                                                                                                                                   cisely target the tumor with extremely     Miller says he wasn’t excited about          cancers like Miller’s.

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Special Advertising Section

                                                                              Your oWn
                                                                              exerCIse “room”
                                                                              Pity the hotel without its own itera-
                                                                              tion of a gym or a membership pass
                                                                              for you to use a comprehensive
                                                                              facility nearby. Still, exercising in
                                                                              your own room means you can con-
                                                                              trol temperature, TV or music—so
                                                                              pack your own gym.
                                                                                  Kits are portable and lightweight,
                                                                              with a manual, chart or DVD.
                                                                              Although components vary by
                                                                              price, they may include a bar, tub-
                                                                              ing, door anchor, handles, ankle
                                                                              straps and more. Wow. So many
                                                                              exercises are possible with these             “I simply put myself in the hands of
                                                                              little gems—a “home gym” away
                                                                              from home. Pushups and crunches                 these wonderful doctors at the Center.
book It to HealtHY travel                                                     require no equipment, of course, so
Whether or not you’re flying for health care, a regular “hand-holdable”       no excuses.                                     Now I feel much better about myself,
book pulled out of your briefcase feels just right as you settle into your
                                                                                1. VersaStick
Southwest Airlines seat. Here’s a new release and some old favorites—not
                                                                                                                               and I am even more active.”
for Kindle, but save buying “used”—available at Amazon.com to main-
tain bodily equilibrium while logging miles.                                       $79.95
                                                                                                                            – Barbara Ory
                                                                                                                              breast cancer survivor
  1. Homeopathic Guide for Travelers by Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy
     Available Oct. 26, 2010

     Build a basic traveler’s first-aid kit and use homeopathic remedies
     that may counter everything from exhaustion to altitude change,
     from jet lag, climate shifts and the side effects of unfamiliar foods.
                                                                                2. JFit Complete Workout
  2. Airplane Yoga by Rachel Lehmann-Haupt and Bess Abrahams                       Travel Kit
     Try 35 exercises that target legs, lower back, shoulders and spine,           $51.45
     plus test dexterity with “heavy luggage hand stretches” and
     “deplaning pep walks.”

  3. Health & Fitness for the Road Warrior: Consistent Fitness by Staying
     Consistently Healthy by Kurt Gutierrez

     Sound familiar? The author found logging 100,000 miles a year no
     big deal—except he knows it bucks your established exercise and          3. GoFit Ultimate Pro Gym
     diet plans.                                                                 www. Amazon.com
  4. Healthy Highways: The Travelers' Guide to Healthy Eating by Nikki
     Goldbeck and David Goldbeck                                                 Meanwhile, you’ll be hearing          Affiliated with St. Charles Surgical Hospital, the only hospital in the world dedicated to reconstructive surgery for women facing breast cancer.
                                                                              about—and watching—more
     Browse 2,800 verified listings in this guide that the authors promise    exergaming products in the               Frank J. DellaCroce, MD, FACS, Scott K. Sullivan, MD, FACS and Christopher G. Trahan, MD
     is indispensable to vagabond vegetarians, vegans, and organic and        future: exercise combined with
     sustainability fans.                                                     video gaming.

                                                                                                                                      1717 St. Char les Avenue | New Or leans | 504.899.2800 | www.breastcenter.com
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Special Advertising Section

                              GaIns aGaInst PaIn
                              “Sticking with it” at home or while
                              traveling can be tough when we hurt.
                              Almost 86 million of us endure some
                              form of chronic pain, so we try pain
                              relievers, antidepressants or narcot-
                              ics, topical creams or patches or even
                              psychotherapy. Doctors may treat
                              our pain symptoms or, ideally, relieve
                              their cause at the source, as with
                              peripheral nerves, located outside the
                              brain and spinal cord.
                                 The most common peripheral nerve
                              problem, neuropathy, is frequently
                              due to diabetes, says Dr. A. Lee Dellon,
                              MD,	PhD,	FACS,	of	the	five	Dellon	
                              Institutes for Peripheral Nerve Sur-        They think bypass surgery will mean
                              gery® (www.dellon.com). Dr. Dellon is
                              also the author of Pain Solutions and
                              Professor of both Plastic Surgery and
                                                                             canceling their summer plans.
                              Neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins
                              University School of Medicine.                                                  * * *
                                 Neuropathy, he explains, is damage
                              to peripheral nerves that can cause               What they don’t know is that they will fly to the
                              muscle weakness, numbness and
                              pain, even ulceration and amputa-               University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore
                              tions through loss of sensation. Other              where a world-class cardiac surgical team will
                              potential peripheral nerve antagonists
                              include the thyroid gland, chemother-             perform an extremely unique completely robotic
                              apy, heavy metal poisoning, vitamin
                              deficiencies, alcoholism and arthritis.         and video-controlled bypass surgery. They don’t know
                                 When is it OK to “lose your nerve”?
                              Decompression of a nerve—relieving              this minimally invasive surgery won’t crack his chest,
                              pressure—from nerve entrapment                    will only leave three tiny scars and will have him
                              in the leg, ankle or foot, has relieved
                              symptoms in up to 80 percent of                       back to a normal life in just three weeks.
                              patients, Dr. Dellon says. He also
                              treats pain after total knee replace-
                              ment; shoulder or ankle pain after
                              reconstructive musculoskeletal sur-
                              geries; groin pain following hernia
                              repair, Caesarian section or abdomi-
                              noplasty; and thorax or abdominal                           advancing the state of the heart.
                              wall pain after breast reconstruction.
                                                                                     *   h e a r t by p a s s . o rg | 8 0 0 - 49 2 - 5 5 3 8   *
                                 Pain has a way of telling us there’s a
                              problem somewhere, but when it takes
                              away from our lifestyle, no question:
                              It’s a real pain.

164 | Spirit
Special Advertising Section

                                                                                                                          WHERE ART & SCIENCE UNITE
                                                                                Come on over                              The Art of Unforgettable Smiles
                                                                              Check out ACS’ Reach to Recovery
                                                                                 volunteer visitation program, in         By Dr. Joseph Stan DDS
                                                                               which breast cancer survivors are
                                                                               trained to respond to patients and
                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Joseph Stan’s extensive 15
                                                                              their families—often with personal,
                                                                                                                                                        years of experience in Cosmetic
                                                                                 no-charge visits. Learn more at                                        and Implant Dentistry coupled
                                                                                www.Cancer.org (“Contact Us”).                                          with awless artistic expertise
                                                                                                                                                        ensures he delivers the level
                                                                                                                                                        of result where art and science
                                                                                                                                                        truly unite. Having performed
                                                                                                                                                        thousands of Dental Procedures
                                                                                                                                                        and personally placed over
                                                                                                                                                        6000 implants, Dr. Stan is
                                                                                                                                                        one of the most renowned
                                                                                                                            Dr. Joseph Stan DDS         and experienced Cosmetic
                                                                                                                                                        & Dental Implant Specialists
                                                                                                                          both in Los Angeles and Internationally. Through our multi-           Beau’s Smile by
                                                                                                                          specialty dental center, we offer patients same-day cosmetic          Dr. Joseph Stan DDS
                                                                                                                          and restorative procedures to ensure exceptional results.
                                                                                                                          At our ofce, through specialized Sleep/Sedation dentistry
                                                                                                                          procedures, patients gently nod off for a few hours, waking up        • Sleep /Sedation Dentistry — For Painless Dentistry
                                                                                                                          with a truly magnicent new Unforgettable smile.                        & The Most Comfortable And Pleasant Experience Possible

                                                                                                                          Because no smiles are alike Dr. Stan designs his client’s             • 24–48 Hour Beverly Hills Smile Makeover Turnarounds
                                                                                                                          smiles to suit their age, gender and facial contours in order to        (For Suitable Candidates) — In Proud Partnership With
                                                                                                                          satisfy their expectations of a brilliant smile. Patients locally,      da Vinci Porcelain Veneers
                                                                                                                          interstate and from all over the world confer with him to custom
                                                                                                                          design an Unforgettable Smile to last a lifetime.                     • Beverly Hills Smile Makeover Weekend Appointments

alWaYs ask about oPtIons
                                                                                                                          If you are looking to see your favorite star or if you just
                                                                                                                                                                                                • A Specialized State Of The Art Beverly Hills Dental Facility
                                                                                                                          want to experience Los Angeles the way the celebrities
                                                                                                                          do, spend a weekend with us in Beverly Hills, getting your
Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc        com) in “NOLA,” the only hospital         breast cancer patients eligible for      Beverly Hills Smile Makeover by Dr Stan, and still have time
                                                                                                                                                                                                • Same Day Dental Implants & Full Mouth Reconstruction
in many ways. Susan McMillan           in the world dedicated to breast          the procedure, it was reported, were     to experience one of the world’s best neighborhoods. Spot
                                                                                                                                                                                                • Hi-Tech Laser Whitening
postponed her routine mam-             reconstruction for women facing           not informed of the reconstructive       your favorite celebs, and enjoy all the shopping, dining,
mogram. Describing herself as “a       cancer, adjacent to the Center for        options available to them.               dancing and entertainment that Beverly Hills has to offer.
                                                                                                                                                                                                • Our Resources Are Available To Help You Plan Your Weekend
caterpillar that turned into a but-    Restorative Breast Surgery. Drs.             Immediate reconstruction per-                                                                                 Smile Makeover Trip To Beverly Hills
                                                                                                                          Ask Us About Our Easy Finance Options & Cosmetic
terfly” after surviving a “swirling    DellaCroce and Sullivan and team          formed at the same time as mastec-       Restoration Guarantees.
tornado,” McMillan of New Orleans,     specialize exclusively in advanced        tomy means women face neither
La., paints vivid word pictures. She   techniques that allow for breast          the disfiguring mastectomy scar,
was diagnosed with breast cancer,      reconstruction without sacrifice of       nor damaged tissues from radiation                 BEFORE                                             BEFORE                                        ENTER NOW FOR YOUR
underwent a mastectomy, then           important functional muscles.             therapy. Plus it’s one less surgery to                                                                                                            CHANCE TO WIN YOUR OWN
feeling “lopsided,” later opted for       The American Cancer Society            undergo, says Dr. Sullivan. He and                                                                                                                 BEVERLY HILLS
reconstruction with what’s called a    (ACS) reports that each year, more        Dr. DellaCroce are the first plastic                                                                                                              UNFORGETTABLE
DIEP flap procedure. The advanced      than 254,000 women face breast            surgeons in the world to report a 100               AFTER                                              AFTER                                      SMILE MAKEOVER:
technique removed tissue from her      cancer. Celebrities who’ve gone           percent success rate with immediate
abdomen to rebuild the previously      public with their battles include         reconstruction, documented in the                                                                                                                 www.josephstandds.com
altered left breast.                   actresses Christina Applegate and         medical literature.
   McMillan credits her strong         Cynthia Nixon, and singers Melissa           Epilogue: McMillan thanks the
faith, her family and what she         Etheridge, Sheryl Crow and Kylie          “wonderful” Southwest Airlines              Terri and Marcos’ Smile Makeovers
calls	“the	best	doctors.”	For	her,	    Minogue. The American Society of          Phoenix base for reuniting her with         by Dr. Joseph Stan DDS
those	were	Frank	DellaCroce,	MD,	      Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported          precious family jewelry left on a
FACS	and	Dr.	Scott	Sullivan,	MD,	      a 39 percent increase in breast           Phoenix to New Orleans flight.
FACS,	founders	of	the	St.	Charles	     reconstruction procedures in 2008         She’d gone away to recover from
Surgical Hospital (www.scsh.           over 2007. Tragically, 70 percent of      rigorous chemotherapy.                   Contact us for a Complimentary Consultation.
166 | Spirit
Special Advertising Section                                                                                                                                                      AD VERT I SEMEN T

                                                                                                                                                                        How I Got My Life Back

sHoW us Your smIle
Smile! What, you’re hesitating? If             cover stains and other              to calm self-confessed “scaredy cats.”        MAGGIE’S STORY                             Maggie is a woman who came to the Hotze Health & Wellness
your pearly whites aren’t, or people           distractions. Translucent           Various levels of conscious sedation                                                     Center with a seven-year history of depression and fatigue, which
                                                                                                                                                                            developed after giving birth to her second child. She had a lifelong
look at your teeth instead of into             ceramic porcelain is applied        or intravenous sedation are available,
                                                                                                                                                                            history of cold hands and feet and sensitivity to cold. She was
your eyes, don’t despair.                      to tooth’s surface for stain-       along with relaxing iPod music, blan-                                                    experiencing significant hair loss, was constipated and had severe
   You already know to brush, floss            resistance and strength.            ket and even—aww—a teddy bear.                                                           muscle aching. Even after sleep, Maggie never felt rested.
and see your dentist. Did you know        	 •	 Dental	Implants:	They	look	so		        Now smile, because advanced                                                               Maggie had experienced recurrent sinus infections and head-
that anyone who participates in                real, ideal for missing, loose or   cosmetic dentistry means you don’t                                                       aches over the past seven years, for which she had taken antibiot-
organized sports or recreational          	 	 badly	damaged	teeth.	First,	a		      really have “just one set of teeth.”                                                     ics. She also complained of recurrent abdominal cramping and
activities risks injuring their mouth?         small titanium “root” is placed                                                                                              bloating associated with the ingestion of sugar and bread products,
We’re not just talking hockey play-            in the jawbone and a custom-                                                                                                 which she craved.
ers here, says The American Dental             made porcelain tooth is                                                                                                          Since her last pregnancy, Maggie’s menstrual cycles had been
Association. A study of collegiate             attached to the implant.             be a team PlaYer                                                                        irregular. She had gained 30 pounds over the past seven years and
                                                                                                                                                                            had difficulty losing weight. She had lost all sexual desire, and felt
basketball teams showed that ath-                                                   Get more involved with your health care;                                                that she was in a “brain fog.”
letes wearing custom-made mouth-             Traditional crowns and bridges         you’ll get better results. Here’s how:                                                      Maggie had sought the care of numerous physicians. They told
guards sustained significantly fewer      are still options, but you may be in      	 •	 It’s	your	right	to	speak	up	with                                                   her that she was “depressed” and prescribed her antidepressants.
dental injuries than non-wearers.         awe of a “Smile Makeover” using                questions or concerns. Go for it.                                                  A friend of hers, who was a patient at the Hotze Health & Wellness
   And we’re not just talking kids.       state-of-the-art techniques like those    	 •	 Make	sure	that	someone,	such	as                                                    Center, told her that there was a natural alternative treatment for
If your road warrior status becomes       from expert cosmetic dentists John             your personal doctor, is in charge                                                 her problems, so Maggie came to us for an evaluation.
weekend	warrior	on	Fridays	and	you	       Christian Schiro, Arturo Garcia                of your care, especially when you’re
take to the rink, court, diamond,         and Rick Kline of Smile Texas in the           in the hospital.
                                                                                                                                 MAGGIE’S TREATMENT                         Maggie’s name could be easily erased from her chart and replaced
                                                                                                                                                                            with the names of thousands of other women in midlife whom we
motorcycle, skateboard—consider a         greater Houston area.                     	 •	 If	you	have	a	choice,	choose	a
                                                                                                                                                                            have evaluated. Maggie had been made to feel by her doctor that
mouthguard. It’s always better to be         Smile Texas offers these special            hospital at which many patients have                                               she was a hypochondriac and emotionally inadequate. We explained
safe than; You can buy one yourself,      cosmetic services:                             the procedure or surgery you need.                                                 to her that her symptoms were very common to women in her age
but best see your dentist for best-fit,   	 •	 Teeth-In-An-Hour™:	Multiple		        	 	 The	Internet	is	your	friend	for	this.                                               group and were easily treated. She had an imbalance in her female
best-look protection.                          surgeries, no more. A single one-    	 •	 Learn	about	your	condition	and                                                     hormones that adversely affected her body’s ability to use thyroid
   If your teeth are a treasure, con-          hour procedure allows full                treatments by asking your doctor                                                   hormones. It was the change in her hormones that triggered her
sider a cosmetic dentist to make               function in a day or two, with no         and nurse and by using other reliable                                              allergy disorder, which in turn led to recurrent sinus infections. The
dental wishes come true with special           stitches, no incisions.                   sources, like these trusted                                                        antibiotics which she had taken for her infections also killed normal
skill and precision. He or she will       	 •	 Teeth-By-Tonight®:	Visit	in		             medical and health care websites
                                                                                                                                                                            bacteria in her body and allowed yeast problems to occur.
                                                                                                                                                                                Maggie was prescribed natural bio-identical hormones, natural
improve teeth function and likely              the morning—sport a new                   used by professional journalists.
                                                                                                                                                                            thyroid supplementation, and was treated for allergies with sublin-
your social and professional life, too.        smile tonight.                            www.cfah.org/hbns/index.cfm                                                        gual immunizing drops given under the tongue daily. Within two
Gorgeous teeth took a giant step for-     	 •	 Snap-on	Smile®:	A	fast,	afford-	          www.eurekalert.org                                                                 months, Maggie’s depression and fatigue had disappeared. She
ward with whitening gels and trays,            able, attractive solution for a           www.futurity.org/category/                                                         was able to discontinue her antidepressants. She told us, “I have
but there’s so much more:                      special day.                              health-medicine                                                                    not felt this good in years. Thank you for giving me my life back!
	 •	 Porcelain	Veneers:	Non-		                                                           www.healthnewsreview.org
     reversible, but quick—probably         Enjoy the experience in a warm,              www.medpagetoday.com
     two visits—to improve small,         inviting environment equipped with             www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus
     chipped, or cracked teeth,           amenities like CT scans (computed              www.sciencedaily.com
                                                                                                                                                                                           877.698.8698             HOUSTON
     fill gaps and spaces, and            tomography) and a nurse anesthetist

It’s Still Early, But …
                                                                                                                                  For a limited time, the Hotze Health & Wellness Center is offering you a copy of our new e-book, “The Thyroid and Hormone
Nervous	dental	patients	are	already	applauding	the	most	recent	journal	of	the	American	Chemical	Society.	It	reports	that
laboratory animals showed a common local anesthetic delivered as nose drops or a nasal spray could define a new category
                                                                                                                                 Connection,” absolutely free. Just visit our website at www.HowIGotMyLifeBack.com, fill out the online form and you’re done!
of targeted and effective intranasal drugs—noninvasive treatment for dental pain, migraine and other conditions.

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       When Your                    SNORE NO MORE                                                                                                                                                Live Well. For Life.
       Kids Lose,                   “G’night!” Ahhhh, sleep …
                                    If only you could “turn it all off,”
                                                                                Snorers don’t mean to—really. The
                                                                              American Academy of Otolaryngol-
                                                                                                                     adults snore at least occasionally
                                                                                                                     and 25 percent are habitual snorers.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Celebrating 25 Years of Service

       They Win                     that nagging repetition of thoughts       ogy (www.entnet.org) says people         Try these tips first to curb snoring:
                                                                                                                       • Lose weight if you are

                                                                                                                                                               Dr. Joseph Stan DDS
                                    about what you should do, what you        who snore may suffer from:
      Last February, First Lady     want to do and what will ultimately         • Poor muscle tone in the tongue         overweight.
     Michelle Obama launched        get done … tomorrow. Will you ever            and throat                           • Cut down or eliminate alcohol
     the Let's Move! campaign       catch up? Surely, a good night’s sleep      • Excessive bulkiness of throat          and other sedatives at bedtime.
          in part because:          will have you feeling like a new per-         tissue                               • Avoid sleeping flat on                                                     Combining his artistic background with
       • The childhood obesity      son in the morning—if you can just          • Long soft palate and/or uvula          your back.                                                                 his specialization in Aesthetic and Implant
      epidemic in America is a      get a good night’s sleep.                     (small, central piece of flesh                                                                                    Dentistry, Dr. Joseph Stan is one of Beverly
     national health crisis. One       A recent study in the journal Sleep        hanging down in throat)               More than 300 devices are regis-                                            Hills’ most prominent celebrity dentists. Using a
    in every three children ages    documents a gradual reduction               • Obstructed nasal airways           tered by the U.S. Patent and Trade-                                            combination of digital computer imaging along
    2–19 is overweight or obese.    in the average amount of sleep we           • Deformities of the nose or         mark Office as snoring cures, but                                              with artistic application, Dr. Stan evaluates the
                                    all get, especially among full-time           nasal septum, such as a            many of us won’t wear or use                                                   facial aesthetics of each of his patients, then, in
       • Excess weight is costly                                                                                     them correctly.
                                    workers—and that doesn’t count                deviated septum                                                                                                   combination with their personality and cosmetic
    during childhood, estimated                                                                                         The newest, “minimally invasive”
                                    unofficial overtime. Scientists rec-                                                                                                                            desires, Dr. Stan creates the perfect smile for each
      at $3 billion per year in                                                                                      procedures are performed at The
                                    ommend six to eight hours per night          Snoring can also be a sign of a                                                                                    patient. Dr. Stan believes each one of his patients
        direct medical costs.                                                                                        Snoring Center:
                                    as “optimal for health”: Do you?          serious sleep disorder called “sleep                                                                                  deserves a magnificent smile. His goal is to create
       Obese children are much         Snoring can wreak havoc with           apnea,” when during sleep a person        • The Pillar Procedure®: The                                                smiles for his patients that reflect the true essence
   more likely to snore than kids   quality sleep time, whether you’re        stops breathing for more than 10            center performs 25 percent                                                of their spirits and personalities. In fact, some of
   whose weight is normal, said     the snorer or the “snoree,” subject       seconds at a time.                          of all of these procedures done                                           the most unforgettable smiles in Hollywood are
   the May issue of the medical     to a roomie’s “sawing logs.” Snoring         If you snore, you’re not alone—          in the world. Up to five woven                                            by Dr. Stan. Having placed over 6,000 implants,
   journal Chest. Scientists also   occurs when the flow of air through       although you may be soon if you             inserts in the soft palate drasti-                                        he is one of the most experienced and respected
       determined that obese        your mouth and nose is blocked,           can’t control your snoring. As Medi-        cally reduce snoring and             industry leaders in Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implantology and is renowned as
    children are nearly twice as    causing tissues at the top of your air-   cal Director of The Snoring Center          sleep apnea.                         one of Los Angeles’ leading cosmetic dentists for those who want to feel better about
     likely to have obstructive     way to strike each other and vibrate.     in Dallas, Texas, Craig Schwimmer,        • Coblation of the soft palate:        their teeth and look younger. Dr. Stan has seen firsthand how helping his patients,
            sleep apnea.            Many adults snore, especially men—        MD, MPH, is also a board-certified          Effective and affordable, it         by giving them great smiles, has enhanced not only their self esteem but also the
                                    but women do their share, too. Snor-      otolaryngologist. The head and neck         stiffens the soft palate,            way they interact and engage with others. Dr. Stan and his team take great pride in
                                    ing may increase with age.                surgeon says 45 percent of normal           reducing snoring.                    providing the finest treatment and service to every patient he sees.
                                                                                                                                                                          Go to www.josephstandds.com or call 310.275.8100
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