Channeling Community Assets for Safe Senior Living

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					                                                                      SpeCiAL StrAtegy AwArd: SeniorS and Safety

    Channeling Community Assets for Safe Senior Living
    Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, Westside Crime Prevention Program & the New York City Police Department

                                              the neighborhood. Collaboration with               The housing complex, administered
For older adults living on
                                              diverse partners has allowed these agencies    by the New York City Housing Authority
their own, unsafe environ-                    to continuously rise to meet the changing      (NYCHA), provides affordable homes to
ments come in many forms—                     needs of the community. When crime and         more than 800 adults over 60 years of age,
a broken door lock, a dimly                   safety became a priority at the Amsterdam      most of whom are African-American or
                                              Houses/Addition, LSNC and WCPP com-            Latino. Almost two-thirds of these residents
lit hallway or an inoperable                  bined forces with the New York City Police     are poor and would be unable to afford
apartment intercom.                           Department’s 20th Precinct and community       other apartments in the neighborhood.
                                              partners, and achieved vast improvements       More than 90% have lived in the complex
Fortunately for the seniors living in the
                                              in the real and perceived safety of seniors    for at least half their lives; many were born
Amsterdam Houses and Amsterdam Addi-
                                              in the area.                                   and raised there.
tion, a public housing development on the
Upper West Side of Manhattan, there is a      SENIOR LIVING
coalition dedicated to ensuring a safe and    The Amsterdam Houses, built in 1947, and             2009 MetLife Foundation
supportive environment, which includes        Amsterdam Addition, completed in 1974,           Community-Police Partnership Awards
representatives of law enforcement, build-    are made up of 13 high-rise public hous-
ing management, local government, service     ing buildings and one moderate-income            This publication is part of a series published by
agencies and a crime prevention program.      cooperative apartment house. Located in          the Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s Com-
    This web of partners is led by the Lin-   the busy Upper West Side neighborhood            munity Safety Initiative as part of the MetLife
coln Square Neighborhood Center (LSNC)        of Manhattan, the buildings are just steps       Foundation Community-Police Partnership
and the Westside Crime Prevention Pro-        from Lincoln Center for Performing Arts,         Awards program. Sponsored by MetLife Foun-
gram (WCPP). These two organizations          a world-renowned epicenter for arts and          dation since 2002, the Awards celebrate and
have a combined 90 years of experience        culture, as well as restaurants, shops and       promote exemplary community safety strate-
working to improve the quality of life of                                                      gies bolstered by collaboration between police
                                              luxury apartments.
                                                                                               and neighborhood leaders. LISC and MetLife
                                                                                               Foundation believe that public safety is an inte-
                                                                                               gral component of building strong and healthy
                                                                                               communities. Law enforcement and commu-
                                                                                               nity building—from economic development to
                                                                                               youth programs to neighborhood beautification
                                                                                               efforts—yield greater benefits for neighborhoods
                                                                                               when they are strategically integrated. For more
                                                                                               information about LISC or the MetLife Foundation
                                                                                               Community-Police Partnership Awards, please
                                                                                               visit For more information about
                                                                                               the Foundation, please visit

   Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, The Westside Crime Prevention Program and the
   New York City Police Department celebrate their 2009 MetLife Foundation Award. From
   left to right: Stephanie Pinder (LSNC Executive Director), Julia Ryan (LISC CSI Program
   Director), Marjorie Cohen (WCPP Executive Director) and Assistant Chief Philip Banks
   III (Commanding Officer Patrol Borough Manhattan North).
    The efforts of the Safety and Security Committee have led to greater confidence in the safety of the Amsterdam Houses/Addition
    among its senior population.

With such a large percentage of the popula-                                                               and area service providers. “Combined,
                                                 A FOCUS ON
tion over the age of 60, Amsterdam Houses/                                                                these stakeholders enable us to identify and
Addition qualify as a “Naturally Occur-
                                                 COLLABORATION                                            galvanize resources to address community
                                                 “When we began a supportive services pro-
ring Retirement Community” or NORC.                                                                       needs,” said Pinder. “The Council deep-
                                                 gram, we knew we couldn’t offer all of the
This is a natural condition in which a large                                                              ens our effectiveness in providing services
                                                 things that seniors needed on our own, but
number of older adults are concentrated                                                                   and opportunities to address the health and
                                                 what we could do was identify the people
in one area because they have remained as                                                                 well-being of seniors, such as health care,
                                                 and organizations in the community who
residents of the same homes or community                                                                  access to regular meals, physical fitness
                                                 were already doing these things and then
throughout the years. As the United States                                                                activities, cultural events and educational
                                                 partner with them,” said LSNC Executive
population ages, more NORCs are devel-                                                                    classes.”
                                                 Director Stephanie Pinder. LSNC did just
oping around the country.                                                                                     When safety became a major issue,
                                                 that. In 2001, Pinder sent a letter to 35
    In 2000, LSNC received funding from                                                                   Pinder reached out to the New York City
                                                 community organizations, offering them a
the City of New York to develop a for-                                                                    Police Department’s 20th Precinct to join
                                                 seat on the LSNC NORC Advisory Coun-
mal NORC Supportive Services Program                                                                      the Council. “We are responsible for ensur-
                                                 cil and an opportunity to contribute to a
(NORC-SSP), which now provides seniors                                                                    ing that seniors have healthy lives. Healthy
                                                 plan to strengthen the lives of people in the
access to three social workers, a nurse,                                                                  living is most certainly contingent upon
                                                 community. “Who could refuse that? All
food service, housekeeping and a number                                                                   being in a safe environment,” said Pinder.
                                                 35 organizations accepted our invitation,”
of instructional programs at Amsterdam
                                                 said Pinder.
Houses/Addition. In keeping with the his-
                                                     The dynamic LSNC NORC Advisory
                                                                                                            “We are responsible for
toric settlement house model, the Lincoln
Square NORC-SSP works with partners
                                                 Council, put in place to bolster the work                   ensuring that seniors have
such as health care agencies, housing enti-
                                                 of Lincoln Square staff and to guide the                    healthy lives. Healthy living
                                                 organization’s community-building efforts,
ties, social service organizations and other
                                                 is made up of a cadre of residents, rep-
                                                                                                             is most certainly contingent
civic engagement resources to create a
rich web of support and opportunities for
                                                 resentatives from neighborhood orga-                        upon being in a safe
seniors in the community.
                                                 nizations and businesses, city and state                    environment.”
                                                 legislators, the New York City Housing
                                                                                                             — Stephanie Pinder, LSNC Executive director
                                                 Authority, the City’s Department of Aging

2                                                 MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award Winner 2009 / SPECIAL STRATEGy AWARd: Seniors and Safety
MOBILIZING TO                                            Advisory Council. They acted immedi-                    up direct dialogue between seniors and law
INCREASE SAFETy                                          ately, inviting the NYPD’s 20th Precinct,               enforcement representatives. The Commit-
While the Lincoln Square NORC staff had                  Westside Crime Prevention Program and                   tee arranged to have regular community
occasionally heard rumors about drug deal-               Amsterdam residents to discuss the issues               forums and town hall meetings at which
ing in the Amsterdam Houses/Addition,                    at an open meeting. Pinder cultivated new               residents could voice their various con-
they were alerted to the true extent of crime            relationships with the precinct and with                cerns. This was a powerful model that drew
problems through a survey completed by                   WCPP in the simple but powerful way she                 attention from public officials, due in part
seniors in 2002. The survey was intended                 had brokered partnerships in the past: she              to the fact that seniors make up one of the
to gauge the community’s level of elder-                 sent letters offering them seats at the LSNC            most politically engaged constituent groups
friendliness; it was administered in Lin-                planning table.                                         in the Lincoln Square community.
coln Square and nine other communities.                      Out of that meeting, LSNC and its                       “These meetings were very productive.
    Survey results revealed that safety was              partners formed a Safety and Security                   We saw upwards of 200 senior residents
the number one neighborhood concern                      Committee, comprised of many Advisory                   in attendance,” said Pinder. “We heard a
of seniors in Lincoln Square. More than a                Council members along with the Manhat-
quarter of respondents reported that neigh-              tan District Attorney’s Office, the NYPD
borhood safety was “fair or poor”. In com-               20th Precinct and the Amsterdam Houses/                   Crimes, mostly drug deals,
parison, the average responses across the                Addition property managers. Having safety                 were taking place but not
ten pilot communities participating in the               experts and other resource decision-makers
survey and in a subsequent national survey               on the Committee helped to ensure that the                being reported because
were substantially lower, at only ten percent            safety strategies would be impactful.                     residents were scared
and seven percent respectively.                              The Safety and Security Committee
                                                                                                                   of becoming victims of
    Amsterdam House’s poor perfor-                       met regularly to analyze local crime prob-
mance in safety became a top priority for                lems and devise methods for eliminating                   retaliatory attacks
the LSNC staff and the LSNC NORC                         them. One of their first steps was to open                or vandalism.

    LSNC Executive Director Stephanie Pinder (center) has established a number of partnerships with valuable stakeholders in order to bring
    services and support to LSNC NORC-SSP clients.

MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award Winner 2009 / SPECIAL STRATEGy AWARd: Seniors and Safety                                             3
lot of things we had heard before but now          like inoperable elevators and broken locks               Materials included photos showing actual
other people like the building management,         and intercoms. These conditions, playing                 drug dealing scenarios, collected with the
police and local representatives were hear-        off each other, created a heightened sense               help of a former police officer who had been
ing these concerns firsthand too.”                 of fear within the senior population.                    head of an NYPD Street Narcotics Enforce-
    This was important because while                   The Committee worked to create what                  ment Unit. WCPP also eased seniors’ fears
the police agreed to come to Commit-               Marjorie Cohen of the Westside Crime                     about reporting crimes by offering to serve
tee meetings, they were surprised to hear          Prevention Program tagged as the “a pre-                 as an intermediary between the police and
complaints of safety problems. According           fect storm situation”—a moment when                      the residents. “The important thing was to
to NYPD call-for-service and arrest data,          they had buy-in from all the necessary                   give seniors options they were comfortable
Lincoln Square had a very low incidence of         stakeholders and conditions were perfect                 with. If they had a safety concern, they
crime. After discussions with the residents,       for creating positive change in the Amster-              could talk to the police, or they could turn
the cause of the discrepancy was revealed:         dam Houses and Addition. The Committee                   to a social worker, or they could call me,”
crimes, mostly drug deals, were taking place       called on the collaboration and leadership               said Cohen.
but not being reported because residents           of the following critical partners.
were scared of becoming victims of retalia-
                                                   Community Organizers                                        Educating seniors on
tory attacks or vandalism.
                                                   The Westside Crime Prevention Program                       telltale signs of illegal
PARTNERS CREATE A                                  (WCPP) was an instrumental player in the
                                                                                                               activity and opening up
“PERFECT STORM”                                    Safety and Security Committee. WCPP, a
                                                                                                               communication between the
                                                   longtime partner of LSNC, is a community
The Committee and LSNC staff recog-
nized that resident fear and low crime             organization dedicated to the goal of mak-                  police and the residents was
reporting were among many underlying               ing the Upper West Side of Manhattan safe
                                                   and secure for everyone who lives, works
                                                                                                               instrumental in reducing
conditions that needed to be addressed if
they wanted to be successful at eliminat-          and goes to school in the neighborhood.                     crime in the complex.
                                                      WCPP Executive Director Marjorie
ing crime and disorder in the development.
                                                   Cohen led safety training sessions with the                  Educating seniors on telltale signs of
Other conditions included those relevant to
                                                   seniors to educate them on how to distin-                illegal activity and opening up communica-
the “broken window theory” - poor building
                                                   guish between a group of young people just               tion between the police and the residents
maintenance and quality of life conditions
                                                   hanging out and a group of drug dealers.                 was instrumental in reducing crime in the

    Deputy Inspector Keith Spadaro (far left) and officers of the 20th precinct are honored for their work in improving safety and security in the
    Amsterdam Houses/Addition.

4                                                   MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award Winner 2009 / SPECIAL STRATEGy AWARd: Seniors and Safety
        the Lincoln Square norC advisory Council is made up of a host of specialized individuals and entities. together they work
        to identify and secure the resources needed to maintain the Lincoln Square neighborhood Center and its efforts to support
        senior residents living in the Upper West Side. Partnership members were selected based on their ability to meet the needs
        and enhance the overall wellbeing of seniors.

        Community and Social Service Organizations                                    Healthcare Agencies
            American Bible Society                                                        American Red Cross
            Amsterdam Addition Tenant Association                                         Beth Israel Hospital
            Amsterdam Tenant Association                                                  Center for Home Care Policy and Research,
            Good Shepard Faith Church                                                     Visiting Nurse Service Ny

            Lincoln Amsterdam Cooperative Board of directors                              St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital Center

            Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts                                    Law Enforcement
            Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center                                            New york City Police department, 20th district
            The Lincoln Square Business Improvement district                              New york County district Attorney’s Office
            Transportation Alternatives
                                                                                      Universities and Research and Funding Institutions
            Westside Crime Prevention Program                                             Alzheimer’s Association

        Government Agencies and Representatives                                           Fordham University
            Assembly member Linda Rosenthal                                               Fordham University School of Social Work
            City Councilmember Gale Brewer                                                John Jay College of Criminal Justice,
            Community Board 7, Manhattan                                                  Physical Education department

            district Leader, Ansonia Independent democrats                                New york Academy of Medicine

            Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer                                    The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation

            New york City department for the Aging                                        United Hospital Fund

            New york City Housing Authority
            Congressman Jerrold Nadler
            New york State Senator Thomas duane

complex. Resident crime reporting evolved                Engaged Residents
from, “I saw people dealing drugs”, to more              A close working relationship between
descriptive witness accounts of crime inci-              the LSNC staff and residents was helpful
dents. When residents provided detailed                  when it came time to engage seniors in the
testimonies on what type of activity was                 safety efforts. This relationship had been
taking place, what the people involved                   cultivated over time since seniors were ini-
looked like and where the activity occurred,             tially involved in the development of the
officers were more successful in conducting              NORC-SSP.
investigations and building cases against                    Seeing the importance of clear and
criminal offenders.                                      unified communication with police and
                                                         building managers, seniors reorganized the
                                                                                                                    The LSNC NORC offers a range of
                                                         Amsterdam Houses Resident Association
                                                                                                                    programs and services to support the seniors
                                                         which had been inactive for over a year.                   living in the Amsterdam Houses/Addition.

MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award Winner 2009 / SPECIAL STRATEGy AWARd: Seniors and Safety                                                5
The Resident Association now meets
on a monthly basis to undertake a vari-
ety of projects on behalf of the tenants.          SAFETy AS ONE COMPONENT OF A
Its president attends every Safety and             COMPREHENSIVE SENIOR SUPPORT NETWORk
Security Committee meeting. The Asso-
ciation has also reestablished a Tenant            Capitalizing on diverse resources available in the community, the Lincoln Square
Patrol made up primarily of seniors who            norC-SSP is able to address a range of physical and mental health, social, nutri-
volunteer to sit in the lobby of the build-        tional and spiritual needs of senior residents. it operates four core service pro-
ings in the evenings, creating a presence          grams that allow seniors to remain in their homes, living as independently as
that deters crime and makes residents              possible for as long as possible.
feel comfortable to come and go.

Police and Prosecutors
                                                   HEALTH SERVICES
                                                   A partnership with Roosevelt Hospital
LSNC’s relationship with the NYPD 20th
                                                   and other healthcare agencies allows
Precinct is unique. The public housing
                                                   Lincoln Square to operate a compre-
authority has its own Housing Bureau
                                                   hensive health care program that is a
police force and the local precinct is typi-
                                                   central component of the organization’s
cally not involved in law enforcement on
                                                   service portfolio. A full-time Roosevelt
NYCHA property. However, the Amster-
                                                   nurse is stationed at LSNC five days
dam Houses and Addition were inte-
                                                   a week to provide health and blood                SOCIAL SERVICES
grated into the 20th Precinct’s command
                                                   pressure screenings, health education,            The Lincoln Square NORC-SSP also
district. A five-officer team led by Deputy
                                                   vaccinations and physician referrals.             assists residents in accessing social
Inspector Keith Spadaro is assigned to
                                                   Health education is provided through              services available to seniors such as
the development. NYPD officers are at
                                                   health fairs and health and wellness              food stamps, Medicaid, home care and
the Amsterdam Houses/Addition every
                                                   workshops, from general topics such as            entitlement benefits. Case managers
day, conducting patrols and responding
                                                   “Seniors and Safety” to specifics about           are available to provide information
to calls for assistance and quality of life
                                                   diabetes, hypertension and arthritis. The         and referral services and overall case
                                                   Lincoln Square NORC-SSP also provides             assistance.
    In addition, the 20th Precinct has an
                                                   home health aides, doctor home visits
officer present at every meeting that takes
place at Amsterdam Houses, including
                                                   by a geriatrician team, congregate lunch          RECREATIONAL/
the Safety & Security Committee meet-
                                                   services and a commodities food and               EdUCATIONAL
ings, town hall discussions and Resident
                                                   nutrition distribution program. MyMEdS
                                                   medication information and manage-
Association meetings. “We are there to                                                               Lincoln Square NORC-SSP provides
                                                   ment is provided in conjunction with
participate in the meetings, answer any                                                              opportunities for seniors to socialize and
                                                   local pharmacies and Roosevelt Hospi-
questions or concerns, provide updates                                                               stay active through free or low-cost rec-
                                                   tal Emergency Room.
on operations, quell any rumors and                                                                  reational and educational activities such
educate the seniors. We are there to show                                                            as out of town excursions; New york City
our support of the community,” said                MENTAL HEALTH                                     shopping and museum excursions; con-
Spadaro.                                           SERVICES                                          certs and performance events at Lincoln
    One outcome of these commitments               A range of therapy and support groups             Center for the Performing Arts; physical
by the 20th Precinct is that officers are          are offered through Professional Mental           exercise classes such as tai chi, yoga,
familiar faces in the development, and             Health Services including case man-               aerobics and dance exercise; “Silver
seniors are more comfortable approach-             agement by social workers, depression             Surfer” computer classes; arts, crafts
ing them when they need help. “Commu-              screenings, homebound services, bi-               and poetry workshops; weight manage-
nication between residents and officers            lingual individual psychotherapy, weekly          ment classes; and English as a second
happens on a regular basis now. People             telephone reassurance, weekly geripsy-            language courses.
are less worried about talking to an               chiatrist visits, transportation to off-site
officer because it doesn’t stand out any-          appointments and friendly visiting.
more,” said Spadaro, “They really could
be talking about anything—reporting a

6                                              MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award Winner 2009 / SPECIAL STRATEGy AWARd: Seniors and Safety
   Senior residents take part in safety training sessions led by the WCPP to learn how to identify and report suspected criminal activity.

suspicious activity or just chatting about               Unit to conduct sweeps with a warrant,                  about chronically unlocked lobby doors,
family or the weather. The important thing               and we work with the District Attorney’s                inoperable elevators and broken intercoms.
is that conversations are happening because              Office to identify and prosecute individuals            The management’s security efforts were
detailed information from the residents is a             who are on the property illegally through               bolstered by the installation of security
tremendous help to our investigations.”                  the Trespass Affidavit Program,” said                   cameras funded by Fordham University
     The precinct has been able to conduct a             Inspector Spadaro, “Crime is more than                  and elected officials, footage from which
number of operations in collaboration with               just a police issue, it is a collaborative effort.      has helped with incident investigations by
other law enforcement agencies based on                  If we didn’t have the D.A.’s office working             NYPD.
tips from residents. “We collaborate with                hand in hand with us turning arrests into                   New management was also steadfast
the Probation Department to identify and                 prosecutions for example, these arrests                 in their commitment to rid the apartment
arrest individuals on the property who are               would be worthless.”                                    of the few “bad apples” who were creat-
in violation of their probation. We work                                                                         ing an unsafe living environment for others.
with the NYPD Narcotics Enforcement                      Building Management                                     Management increased its number of nar-
                                                         From the outset, new managers at the                    cotics evictions and the Safety and Security
                                                         Amsterdam Houses and Addition were
  “Crime is more than                                    committed to improving poor physical con-
                                                                                                                 Committee arranged meetings between the
                                                                                                                 management and the NYCHA legal depart-
   just a police issue, it is                            ditions in and around the buildings that                ment to expedite the processing of these
                                                         were contributing to feelings that the area
   a collaborative effort.”                              was unsafe. The management team was
                                                                                                                 drug eviction cases. “Making this connec-
                                                                                                                 tion between the legal department and the
   — Inspector Spadaro, NyPd 88th Precinct               very responsive to reports from the tenants             management is a perfect example of what

MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award Winner 2009 / SPECIAL STRATEGy AWARd: Seniors and Safety                                             7
made the Safety and Security Committee            Brewer and her staff were major players in
effective,” said Cohen.                           the community building within the Amster-                  Safety has been restored
    These individual components joined            dam House and Addition and in making                       in the Amsterdam Houses
forces to create a “perfect storm situa-          connections to the Housing Authority’s
tion” indeed—WCPP provided the safety             legal department when the building man-                    and Addition and the
education that seniors needed to properly         agers had issues with tenants conducting                   tight-knit community
report crimes, detailed crime reports meant
police could file charges and the manage-
                                                  illegal activity on the property. New York
                                                  State Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal
                                                                                                             can put the focus back
ment used these charges to evict problem          spearheaded the development of an Upper                    on taking advantage
residents, restoring safety to the complex. If    West Side Senior Pedestrian Safety Plan.                   of all the resources
any of these pieces were absent, the process          “Each of these projects had a tremen-
would have been harder and the probabil-          dous impact but we all knew they should
                                                                                                             and opportunities their
ity of success lower.                             not exist in a vacuum. It is only after they               neighborhood has to offer.
                                                  are combined that we see a difference in
LEVERAGING                                        the overall quality of life of residents of
POLITICAL WILL                                    the Amsterdam House and Addition,” said
                                                                                                              For more information, contact:
Efforts of the Committee were bolstered           Penny Ryan, District Manager of Man-
by the support of actively engaged local,         hattan’s Community Board 7. Commu-                          Marjorie Cohen
state and federal elected representatives,        nity Board 7 also plays an ongoing role in                  Executive director
a number of whom are members of the               improving quality of life in the Amsterdam                  Westside Crime Prevention Program
NORC Advisory Council and have long-              Houses and Addition.                                        Phone: 212.866.8603
standing working relationships with LSNC                                                                      Email:
and WCPP.                                         RESULTS                                                     Melanie Schmidt
    Having all of the representatives             As a result of the efforts of the Safety                    Associate director
together in the same room during Advisory         and Security Committee, safety has been                     Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center
Council and Safety Security Committee             restored in the Amsterdam Houses and                        NORC
meetings ensured that each was informed           Addition and the tight-knit community can                   Phone: 212.874.0860
on what others were doing, enabling the           put the focus back on taking advantage of
group to combine forces in the most effec-        all the resources and opportunities their                   Keith Spadaro
tive way possible. Members of the Com-            neighborhood has to offer. When a follow-up                 deputy Inspector, 20th Precinct
mittee worked closely to develop a plan           senior survey was conducted in 2008, crime                  New york City Police department
to solve the problems and then delineated         and safety had dropped from the top spot to                 Phone: 212.580.6406
who could do what. Local and state elected        third on the list of neighborhood concerns.                 Email:
officials contributed to the effort by leverag-   98 percent of respondents said they felt safe               The authors and publishers are solely
ing existing resources or securing new ones.      in their apartment; 76 percent felt safe in                 responsible for the accuracy of the state-
For example, New York State Senator Tom           their building or another building on the                   ments and interpretations contained herein.
Duane used grants awarded to the Amster-          property and 76 percent felt safe walking                   Such interpretations do not necessarily
dam Addition by Fordham University as             in the neighborhood. The significant rise                   reflect the views of MetLife Foundation.
impetus to secure the additional funding          in confidence in safety and security is the                 Author: Lauren kopper
                                                                                                              Design: B. Boyle design
needed to purchase security cameras for           result of not only a 35 percent drop in area
                                                                                                              Photos: Courtesy of the Lincoln Square
the roofs, lobbies and outside of the build-      crime since 2001, but just as importantly, a                        Neighborhood Center
ings. New York City Councilmember Gale            more engaged and informed community.

Stephanie Pinder, LSNC’s Executive Director, died unexpectedly shortly before this case study went to press. This publication is dedicated
to her, in recognition of her extraordinary leadership of LSNC and her many valued contributions to the Lincoln Square community.

8                                                 MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award Winner 2009 / SPECIAL STRATEGy AWARd: Seniors and Safety