DAVID MCINTOSH by chenmeixiu


									                                       DAVID MCINTOSH

                                        Curriculum Vitae

DAVID MCINTOSH is a consultant at Fox solicitors, in the City of London, having previously been
the Senior Partner of another well-known City law firm for 28 years. He is a past President of the
Law Society of England and Wales and is a continuing member of its Council and Chairman of its
International Issues Committee.

He is also Chairman of The Solicitors’ Indemnity Fund, The City of London Law Society and of the
Institute of Chartered Insurers’ Professional Standards Board.

With a considerable background in commercial and insurance litigation, including involvement in
many of the UK’s most prominent group actions, he now specialises at Fox in advising and
representing leading law firms and others involved in regulatory investigations and proceedings
and in providing Fox with a commercial litigation capacity. He is a regular broadcaster and writer
on legal and legal practice issues.

He has been happily married for longer than he has practised law with daughters and
granddaughters and when not with his family or at work, enjoys golf at Chigwell and Real
Sotogrande golf clubs.

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