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									     Big Island Workplace
Hawaii County’s One-Stop Employment & Training
                Delivery System

             Workforce Forum
           Informational Exchange
           West Hawaii Employers
                 May 29, 2003
                Waikoloa Marriot
    Desired outcomes for today…
 You, as employers, have a better idea of what the
  Workforce Investment Board and the Big Island
  Workplace Connection are tasked with doing;
 We have a better understanding of your work
  force needs;
 Our account representatives and you get better
  acquainted for future use of our services; and,
 We all agree to work together to strengthen our
  work force and our work places
BIWC: “Community networking for a
              quality workforce”
   Primary Objectives
     To coordinate and integrate employment &
      training services to serve the needs of our
      employers and job seekers
     To link training and employment preparation
      with current employment opportunities
     To bridge economic development initiatives
      (future employment opportunities) with training
    Who are the BIWC Partners?
 Alu Like, Inc.               Maui Economic
 Dept. of Human Services       Opportunity
 Division of Vocational       Office of Housing &
  Rehabilitation &              Community
  Services for the Blind        Development
 Hawaii Community
                               Senior Employment
 Hawaii County
  Economic Opportunity         Unemployment
  Council                       Insurance
 Hilo & Kona                  Workforce Development
  Community Schools for
BIWC Governance (How are we structured?)
                                            BIWC Organizational Structure

                                                   Hawaii County
                                             Workforce Investment Board
                                                 Office of the Mayor

                                               Executive Committee
                                               Royce, Shiroma, OHCD
                                      Blayne Hanagami, WDD (one-stop operator)
                                               E. HI Chair/W. HI Chair

                    E. HI Employer Advisory Group             W. HI Employer Advisory Group
                           Kahua 'Oihana                       Business Resource Council
                       Workforce Development

                         E. HI Chair Lenny Paik             W. HI Chair Norene Kunitomo, DOE
                   V.Chair Kaui Paleka, Senior Empl.                 V. Chair (Vacant)
                        Sec. Cheryl Takaba, DVR                    Sec. Kathy Perry, U.I.
                   E. HI Operator Charles Kunz, WDD          W. HI Operator Lori Sasaki, WDD

         Hilo Connection                                     Kailua-Kona                    Honoka'a
                                                             Connection                    Connection

 Itinerant Site:    Itinerant Site:                          Itinerant Site:     Itinerant Site:   Itinerant Site:
     Pahala              Puna                                    HOVE                Kohala            Waimea
    BIWC’s Four Guiding Principles
 Universal Access: self-directed and general
  services available to all customers
 Customer Choice: customers empowered to
  choose services and for those eligible choose training
  from Individualized Training Accounts
 Integrated Services: Services and benefits
  coordinated to avoid duplication and maximize
 Accountability: Services and performance
  measured via customer satisfaction surveys and
  prescribed standards established by WIA
                 BIWC Customer Flow
                 CORE SERVICES
            (universal access) Available to all
Job listings, Internet, software, informational workshops
                     Resource Center

          Eligible Adults, Dislocated W orkers
     Interactive workshops, paid work experience,
       basic education, entrepreneurial modules

          Eligilble Adults Dislocated W orkers
                Classroom training, OJT,
                 Must be from ETP List

                 Full-time employment

                      files closed
                     when retention

               up to 1 year
      Types of Services to Job Seekers and

 Local, state, national job listings
 Labor market info.: job projections, minimum
  qualifications, educational preparation, etc.
 Eligible training providers (ETP)
 Software programs (resume-writers, typing tutors,
  Skills Bank, etc.)
 Assistive technology for the disabled
 Training videos: getting and keeping a job,
  interviewing techniques, etc.
 Training opportunities (private, public): internships,
  paid work experience, OJT, classroom training
 Types of services for job seekers and employees
 Various workshops: employment readiness, basic
  education, employer expectations, entrepreneurial,
 Resource Library: literature on services from partners
  and other community agencies
 Educational scholarships
 Workforce Informer: comprehensive analysis of labor
  market by County, industries, etc.
 Career Kokua: educational and career exploration
 Employability Assessment: testing, personality
 Employment Counseling
 Support Services: safety equipment, uniforms, tools,
     Services/Benefits to Employers
 100% subsidized employment for up to four months
 50% on-the-job training reimbursements for up to 6
 50% subsidized training for current employees
 Worker Opportunity Tax Credits ($2,400 per new hire
  from a target group)
 Job Fairs, Employer Fairs, labor seminars, substance
  abuse awareness, violence in the workplace
 On-site counseling support to new employees
 Free video conferencing for meetings, interviews, etc.
 Facility usage for recruitment and interviewing
 Free consultation for reasonable accommodations and
               Employer Fairs
   May 2002: KIAA
    Employer Fair
   August 2002 Dignity of
    Work (Chambers, Hawaii
    Is. Contractors, etc.)
   Photo: BIWC Partner
    Lenny Paik, Principal at
    Hilo Community School
    for Adults discusses
More BIWC informational sessions

                   BIWC Partners Dept.
                    of Human Services
                    and WDD
                    (background) share
                    information to
                    interested employers
Job Fairs: Kona and Hilo (on-site interviews; fashion
                   show models)
BIWC promotions with Dignity of Work
     Recent and Upcoming Initiatives

   Employer Fairs for business      Employer Account
    organizations (info. on           Representatives (BIWC and
    BIWC)                             WDD staff responsible to
                                      individual employer)
   Workforce Forums (May
                                     Educational Workshops
    29; June 17)with employers        for Employers (via
   New Apprentice Initiative         Business Resources
    with employers, USDOL             Council, Kahua ‘Oihana):
    Bureau of Apprenticeship          hiring persons w/disabilities;
    and Training and Women In         violence in workplace
    Technology                        prevention, etc.)
   Job Fairs (Hilo and Kona)        Employer-Led Workshops
                                      for job seekers (employer
                                      presents expectations,
                                      promotes place of business)
For More Information…please
               Hilo Connection:
               Kona Connection:
               Honoka’a Connection:

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