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									                                                                                  did not declare the foreign currency to the Reserve Bank as required by the
ZIMDAY                   Thursday 1 July 2004                                     laws of Zimbabwe.
                                                                                                        From News24 (SA), 30 June
In this issue:                                                                                         Zim election reform 'cosmetic'
Mawere freed -                               Herald                               Harare - Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai criticised govern-
Cosmetic reforms -                          News24                                ment-proposed electoral reforms on Wednesday, calling them cosmetic
                                                                                  measures aimed at deceiving voters and poll observers. The proposals -
Sunday meeting -                       Business Day
                                                                                  including transparent ballot boxes and an independent election commission
Hungry -                                        BBC                               to supervise voting - were "still miles away from our needs," Tsvangirai said.
No comment -                               Namibian                               President Robert Mugabe's 26-member politburo, his party's top policy-
Knives out for Mnangagwa's front man -   Daily Mirror                             making body, agreed last week to adopt election reforms before March
                                                                                  2005 general elections, state media reported. Under the proposed reforms,
                                                                                  next year's polls would be held on one day, instead of over two or three
                      From The Herald, 1 July                                     days as in the past. The number of polling stations would be increased, and
                  South African court frees Mawere                                verification of ballots would take place at polling stations. The proposals
Herald Reporter                                                                   meet some opposition demands, but fall far short of guaranteeing a free and
A South African magistrate yesterday freed Zimbabwean businessman                 fair poll, Tsvangirai said. The state media said on Saturday the proposals
Mutumwa Mawere and ordered the Zimbabwean law enforcement agents                  were necessary because of "the intrusive behaviour of the US and (Euro-
who were trying to have him brought back to Zimbabwe to face trial to follow      pean Union), who often declare elections not free and fair when the results
proper extradition channels. Mawere appeared in a Pretoria court yesterday        are not in their political interest."
for a ruling on a request by the Zimbabwean police to have the extradition        Mugabe vowed last week not to allow Western observers to monitor future
hearing postponed pending further investigations. The Randsburg magi-             elections, saying: "We will not allow the erstwhile imperialists to judge our
strate, however, ruled that the court was unable to give the Zimbabwean           elections. We ask our friends to judge us." International observers rejected
police, represented by South African lawyer Mr Paul Schutte, another month        the June 2000 parliamentary and March 2002 presidential elections, citing
to carry out investigations as they had last month promised they would be         widespread intimidation and vote rigging. Mugabe, 80, claimed victory in
ready for the extradition hearing by Tuesday this week. The magistrate            both polls. Tsvangirai said in a statement the country's electoral process
ordered that Mawere be reimbursed the R50 000 he paid as bail and that            remained flawed and left an atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust among
his Zimbabwean and South African passports be returned to him. There are          voters. "Let us not deceive ourselves that internal and external recognition
fears that Mawere could now skip that country as he is now in possession of       and legitimacy can be achieved through half-baked and cosmetic measures
his travel documents. Sources in South Africa said according to South Afri-       designed to deceive the people," Tsvangirai said. "Unless someone has
can laws, the police have to gather substantive evidence on the allegations       something to hide, genuine elections are open to observation and endorse-
a person is facing before they file extradition papers. Zimbabwean police         ment by all interested persons or parties regardless of their country of ori-
have, however, alleged that they were not getting enough support in terms         gin. Players must never choose their own referees," he said. Tsvangirai said
of legal advice from officials at the Attorney General’s Office here while the    no reforms were proposed to sweeping media and security laws that se-
South African authorities took their time to process the extradition papers.      verely curtailed rights to free expression and free assembly necessary for
The South African Justice Ministry is alleged to have authorised the Zim-         fair campaigning. "No free and fair election is possible when political activity
babwean police to be assisted by their legal officer, Mr Schutte, on June 21.     and democratic space are at a premium," Tsvangirai said.
Acting Attorney General Mr Bharat Patel said the Director of Public Prose-                         From Business Day (SA), 1 July
cutions, Mr Joseph Musakwa, was supposed to have joined the Zimbab-                            Mbeki smokes peace pipe with MDC chief
wean police in South Africa ahead of the hearing to assist them.                  Harare Correspondent
Yesterday Mr Patel said according to the South African laws, it was appro-        President Thabo Mbeki met Zimbabwean opposition leaders in Pretoria last
priate that the Zimbabwean police be represented in court by a law officer        Sunday to assess progress in efforts to resolve the current political and
from that country. "Of course, we can come in on the advice part and when I       economic crisis in that country. The meeting was seen as a last-ditch at-
spoke with Mr Musakwa on going to assist the police in South Africa, he           tempt by Mbeki to make good on his promise that the main protagonists in
said it was not clear what they wanted him to do there," Mr Patel said. Mr        the Zimbabwean political dispute would have come to a settlement by the
Musakwa said someone from the AG’s Office still has to be in South Africa.        end of this month. Sources close to the talks said Mbeki met a delegation
"It was not like someone had to go just like that. There were investigations      from Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led
that needed to be done here before someone went there. What was I sup-            by the party's secretary-general, Welshman Ncube. It is understood that,
posed to have gone to do there when we had already sent the extradition           among other things, he discussed the electoral reforms proposals released
papers to South African authorities in May? Was I supposed to go and con-         by Zanu PF last Friday. The reforms, which formed part of electoral guide-
front the South African Minister of Justice on why he was sitting on the pa-      lines recommended to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe by the
pers?" Mr Musakwa asked. He said the reason why the extradition had not           Southern Africa Development Community, include limiting the voting period
succeeded was because the relevant South African officials delayed autho-         to one day. They also allowed for the establishment of a new Zimbabwe
risation. "It is not a legal requirement for us to be there, but as we speak we   Electoral Supervisory Commission, whose members were recommended by
are doing something about it."                                                    parliament and appointed by Mugabe. Reforms also included the use of
The AG’s Office sent the extradition documents which had to go through            transparent ballot boxes and the counting of votes and announcing results
Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to South Africa Cde Simon Khaya Moyo, who                   at the voting stations. The MDC is said to have told Mbeki that while the
would, in turn, hand them over to the South African Ministry of Foreign Af-       envisaged reforms were a step in the right direction, they were "woefully"
fairs. The papers would then be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice for          inadequate to improve the hostile political climate for the general election
passing on to the courts. It is alleged the cumbersome procedure is to pro-       next March. The MDC indicated to Mbeki that a "conducive political envi-
tect citizens from falling victim to either political hate or any personal ven-   ronment" for polls was needed, in addition to a new legal electoral frame-
dettas that might result in law enforcement agents from other countries to        work which the government was proposing. Ncube's delegation is said to
sometimes fabricate allegations and seek extradition. Zimbabwean police           have highlighted the need to repeal other repressive laws, disband Zanu PF
sources in South Africa said in the past when seeking the extradition of          militias, stop violence and intimidation and allow foreign election observers
fugitive criminals from South Africa, they did not go through such channels.      to monitor the elections. Although no date for the meeting was given, Mbeki
The detectives are also optimistic that they will soon get clearance from the     is now expected to meet the Zanu PF team, led by Justice Minister Patrick
South African Justice Minister to search Mawere’s offices for evidence.           Chinamasa and inform them about the MDC's concerns. Mbeki, who visited
However, they felt let down by yesterday’s ruling, saying they had commu-         Harare last December to meet Mugabe and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai,
nicated well with the South African police of their intentions to help them       had been pushing Zanu PF and the MDC to find a negotiated settlement to
extradite Mawere. But, they said, it seemed some officials backtracked. "We       the current crisis in Zimbabwe.
have been waiting for the extradition papers to be fast-tracked and have                                 From BBC News, 30 June
made clear arrangements with responsible officials here, but you cannot
                                                                                                        Hungry for Zimbabwe's land
push things when you are in a foreign country," one of the detectives said.
                                                                                  By Alastair Leithead
South African police arrested Mawere after he was declared wanted by the
                                                                                  The radio crackles in the small office in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second city,
Zimbabwean police in May. Following his arrest, Mawere said he held a
                                                                                  as the few white farmers still left on the land keep in touch. The govern-
South African passport and is a permanent resident of that country. Mawere
                                                                                  ment's four-year land redistribution programme to undo "colonial wrongs" by
is wanted in Zimbabwe to answer to fraud charges involving $300 billion.
                                                                                  giving white-owned land to black Zimbabweans has led to violence and
Mawere’s company, Southern Asbestos Sales, is also accused of defraud-
                                                                                  death. White farmers are still being forced from their land, and the threats
ing the Zimbabwean Government of undisclosed billions of dollars, which
                                                                                  from war veterans and squatters are real, farmers say. "They've told some
the company was obligated to forward here. He is also accused of under-
                                                                                  of my workers that if I don't move out they will kill one of my family, or burn
charging and undervaluing the asbestos he exported from Zimbabwe and
                                                                                  the homesteads down," one farmer explained through tears of anger and
                                                                                  frustration. He is bitter and angry after two years of battling to keep his land.
His vegetables supply some government departments and ministers, but                  technically July 1 is a Thursday, but this is a Sunday newspaper... so I can't
this is not enough to protect him from losing his farm without compensation.          comment on that now," the New Era boss declared. Plans to launch the
"Once you leave your property you'll never go back, because they will take it         regional publication by Namibia and Zimbabwe have already raised a few
over completely. Perhaps it is a racial thing - they don't like some of us            eyebrows in the region with critics in some neighbouring countries describ-
whites, or all of us whites. They want what we have," he says. "My mind               ing it as a "Mugabe [Zimbabwe's President Robert] and Nujoma [Namibia's
changes 10 times a day - sometimes I think we should surrender and get                President Sam] propaganda tool". The Assistant Editor of Zimbabwe's state-
the hell out for my family's sake, but then I'm from Scottish descent and             run Herald newspaper, Moses Magadza, will edit the New Sunday Times,
have Scottish blood in me - I do not surrender."                                      assisted by a staff member from New Era. During its initial stages the new
Driving around areas that were huge commercial farms, it is obvious the               newspaper will depend on articles from New Era and Zimpapers, but it is
impact the reform has been having. Small holdings have been set up by the             ultimately expected to be independent.
road, but the wicker silos of maize are only a half or a third full - and the                            From The Daily Mirror, 1 July
harvest has just been collected. Maize is still being planted and grown, but a                     Zanu PF heavies gun for Sibanda’s ouster
farmer explained to me it is the wrong season and is too cold; all the effort         Daily Mirror reporter
will yield nothing. The plight of the white farmers is a story often told, but the    As the ruling Zanu PF moves to clean its house ahead of next year’s gener-
plight of the black farm workers whose livelihoods depended on the com-               al election, calls have emerged from some of its Bulawayo heavies for the
mercial farms are the true sufferers. "Most of the farm workers are now out           expulsion of the party’s former provincial chairman, Jabulani Sibanda. The
of a job and are in such a bad situation now. This is where we got our mon-           latter, who is also the current national chairman of the Zimbabwe National
ey to feed our children and get them educated," said a black farm manager,            Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), stands accused of bring-
who asked not to be identified. There should have been a system of distri-            ing confusion into the party. According to the heavies (names supplied),
buting the land, but the way it was done was totally wrong. I worked my               Sibanda had thrown the party into turmoil through his actions and activities
whole life thinking things will turn better at the end, but I'll just die poor as I   in the province where he is alleged to be calling the shots at the expense of
am," he said.                                                                         other senior party officials. They also contend that Sibanda had mobilised
People are already suffering from this lack of food. I was taken to a derelict        groups of youths that went around the city terrorising all those he viewed as
block of flats where a small group of children sang as they waited for lunch,         his enemies and opponents. "As pointed out earlier on, this young man
their only meal of the day. A charity feeding programme has been set up               lacks direction and he is bound to throw the party into a very dangerous
there to help people who are desperately short of food, in a country which            situation such that we might fail to make any meaningful impact in next
used to export maize to the rest of southern Africa. The project leader did           year’s election. It is an open secret the party is fighting tooth and nail to
not want her organisation named for fear the government will close them               retain the seats that we lost in 2000, and this can only be achieved if there
down. "It shows them up. It shows the rest of the world they are not doing            is order within the party," said one senior official and central committee
what they are supposed to be doing which is caring for their people. The              member. He added that with the confusion and problems that have rocked
private agencies are having to come in and do that," she said. "Children are          the party, all the plans might not be achieved as the electorate would not
dying from starvation. We had children fainting and not able to even walk to          support a party engulfed in confusion. The senior party official also told this
get food as they were too weak. This country has been brought to its knees            paper that according to the provincial leadership, Sibanda had ceased to be
and it is slowly dying. All we are doing is holding our finger in the dam trying      a party member as he was suspended last year for gross insurbodination
to stop the final disaster - but it's coming." State television, however, shows       and lack of respect for the party’s top brass.
happy Zimbabweans reaping record harvests, as the government boasts                   According to the official, the provincial leadership wrote to the central com-
that there is more maize than the country needs. The United Nation's World            mittee last year where it recommended that Sibanda be expelled from the
Food Programme was recently banned from completing its crop assess-                   party as he had been found to be a cancer that the province had failed to
ment, but independent surveys say the country has only half of what it                effectively deal with. "We wrote (to the central committee) and recommend-
needs.                                                                                ed that they expel the young man (Sibanda) because he had proved to be
"They have a plan here to starve people to death for political ends - to get          the one bringing confusion into the party. There was no way that we could
everyone aligned to their party at all costs, which is absolutely diabolical          let him continue to be with us as he had proved that he is not one of us," the
and vicious," says the Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube, an outspoken               official said. The Daily Mirror was told that at one time, Sibanda organised a
critic of the government. "I'm very, very concerned as the government is              demonstration in Bulawayo where party stalwarts Dumiso Dabengwa (for-
telling lies, saying there is enough food and already babies are dying. We            mer home affairs minister), Sikhanyiso Ndlovu (former higher education
have statistics from the city council that 50 to 60 have died already of mal-         deputy minister), Vice President Joseph Msika, and politburo and women’s
nutrition. I'm really scared that people will die by their thousands unless this      league member, Thenjiwe Lesabe were denigrated by Sibanda’s suppor-
matter of food is opened up." There is evidence the ruling party has been             ters. The supporters are alleged to have also sung songs that were against
using food aid as a political weapon. Last month there was a by-election in           a food task force led by Sikhanyiso Ndlovu in Bulawayo, set up by the pres-
Lupane north of Bulawayo, which the opposition Movement for Democratic                ident to monitor food prices at the height of the food shortages that visited
Change lost, even though it is in the party's heartland. "The people of Lu-           the country last year. Sibanda also stood accused of abusing the party’s
pane were told if they didn't vote for Zanu PF, no food aid would be forth-           vehicles in the province. He is alleged to have used the party’s vehicles for
coming. That had the effect of deterring some 5,000 people who would have             his own personal business, a situation that resulted in one of the vehicles
voted for us, like women with young children or vulnerable groups," said              being damaged in an accident. A lot of other allegations were heaped on
David Coltart, the MDC's shadow justice minister. The crops have just been            Sibanda at the time, leading the provincial leadership to write to the central
harvested, and there is more maize around now than there will be next                 committee and the politburo recommending Sibanda’s expulsion from the
March, when the parliamentary elections are due to be held. The fear is that          party.
political manipulation of food aid will be used on a much bigger scale.               Another senior official from the party’s Bulawayo province said there was
                     From The Namibian, 30 June                                       worry in the party that Sibanda’s expulsion had taken longer than expected
                   New Sunday paper in legal battle                                   when other errant party members before him had received swift dismissals.
Petros Kuteeue                                                                        He made mention of Kindness Paradza, Zanu PF’s legislator for Makonde
Windhoek - A planned regional newspaper, to be called the New Sunday                  and another pending case of Walter Mzembi, who are all accused of bring-
Times, by Namibian and Zimbabwean state media houses looks to have hit                ing chaos into the ruling party. "This shows that the problems that have
a snag. South Africa's Sunday Times newspaper has taken legal steps to                accumulated in Bulawayo are not created by Sibanda alone, but that he is
block the use of its name, while the publishers seem to be unsure of wheth-           being used by some other influential people out to further their own political
er the new publication will be on the streets tomorrow, as originally planned.        agenda. They know that once Sibanda is ejected from the party, they do not
Three months ago, New Era Publication Corporation and Zimbabwe's Zim-                 have the Matabeleland vote in the succession issue. But we are aware of all
papers signed a co-operation agreement to pave the way for a regional                 this and I can assure you that nothing of that sort is going to happen, as we
newspaper to "counter the threat of the global media to African values".              will not rest until he is thrown out. If it means that we are to approach the
Reports coming from South Africa indicate that attorneys acting for the               President, then let it be," the official said. It was also alleged that after Si-
Sunday Times have written to New Era and Zimpapers, warning them that                 banda had been suspended, the provincial leadership impounded the ve-
any use of the name New Sunday Times would constitute an infringement                 hicle that he was using, only for him to be seen thereafter, driving a new
of the Sunday Times's rights to the well-known trademark. The head of                 spacious four-wheel drive vehicle. The official said that the party, upon un-
Namibia's Government-owned New Era newspaper, Protasius Ndauenda-                     derground investigations, discovered that the vehicle that Sibanda drove at
po, on Monday confirmed to The Namibian that he had received a letter                 the time, had been purchased for him by a high-ranking government official
from the Sunday Times' lawyers a month ago. "They (the Sunday Times                   who also financed his activities in the city centre. "This concretised our con-
lawyers) just brought to our attention that their client was claiming owner-          cern that Sibanda was not alone in his disturbances of the activities in the
ship of the name... and that we should not use the name," he said. Ndauen-            party and that we were fighting a battle that we are bound to lose. It also
dapo was then quick to state that he did not want to comment further on the           dawned upon us that the man who bought the car that Sibanda was using
issue. "Our lawyers have responded. But it is difficult to say anything now."         could be behind the delay in the execution of the necessary justice the party
He was also reluctant to offer comment on whether the first edition of the            always talks about." Sibanda was not accessible for comment last night.
New Sunday Times would be on the street on July 1 as planned. "You see

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