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Exclusive Broker Agreement between broker and seller of a small business by Savsonic


This is a simple "Letter of intent" for small business acquisition.

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									                                       Letter of Intent

THIS AGREEMENT is entered into by and between hereinafter referred to as Seller and
BizDevDNA, hereinafter referred to as Broker. Seller agrees to sell through the sole and
exclusive services of BizDevDNA, (type of business)____________________________
a business known as (name)______________________________, located at (address)
__________________________ (city)_______________________ (state)__________.

The sales price under the agreement shall be allocated as follows:

$_________________ Total Sales Price
$ _________________Existing financing to be assumed by buyer.
$ _________________By Promissory Note of Buyer to Seller for_____ months at____ %
                   interest with equal monthly payments if $____________ .
$ _________________Other

SALES PRICE ALLOCATION: The total sales price of $___________________ shall be
allocated to the various assets of the business as follows:

Equipment and Fixtures                 $______________
Leasehold Improvements                 $______________
Inventory of Goods at Cost             $______________
Covenant not to Compete                $______________
Business Trade Name                    $______________
Goodwill                               $______________
Other:                                 $______________
Other:                                 $______________

Seller hereby appoints Sutton Business Investments, Inc. (Broker) the sole, exclusive and
irrevocable right to sell, exchange, lease or otherwise dispose of the above described business,
assets, rights and property or any portion thereof (and the term "Business" as used herein
shall be deemed to refer to all or any portion thereof), during the period from_________ , 2011
to and including _____________, 2011 (the "Selling Period") for the price and on the payment
terms set forth above or for any other price and payment terms acceptable to Seller; and Broker
shall endeav
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