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									ZTE First Android Tablet: ZTE Light V9

ZTE Light released in 2011 CES
At the beginning in 2011, the annual CES in Las Vegas opened once again. Integration of
the latest products, technologies, applications, CES can be seen as the benchmark of
2011’s communications industry, where you can see the most concerned products like
the smart phones, tablet PCs and other fresh products, but from where you also can learn
about the field of communication The latest technology, and its future application in life. I
went to CES2011 venue to bring live pictures & the latest news for you.

ZTE announced its first 7-inch tablet phone equipped with Android smart operating system
– ZTE Light (V9), and here are the real pictures photographed on the spot. let us look at
the tablet model together

In the hot environment of tablets, ZTE has also released its first tablet model ZTE Light V9,
but it also supports standard GSM and WCDMA networks, the phone call function can be
achieved. In addition, it has a 30 million pixel camera in the front and a 300 million pixel
camera on the back, video calls can also be available ZTE Light equipped with a current
second new Android operating system, and supports GPS / WIFI and some major
functions and applications

ZTE didn't exactly manage to impress with its low-cost ZTE Racer Android handset, but
the company's now back with yet another Android device: the 7-inch ZTE Light tablet. Not
a ton in the way of surprises here, as you might expect, but the V9 tablet does cover all
the basics with Android 2.1, WiFi and 3G connectivity, built-in GPS, an SD card slot for
expansion, and a promised ten hours of battery life -- along with what appears to be a
custom Android skin

The big difference between ZTE Light Tab and other common tablets is that it could be
used as a smart phone. You could use it dial and receive calls.

Let’s get a ZTE Light then enjoy the fun it brings.

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