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									              MACLAY TIMES
VOL. 9, ISS. 3                                                                          MARCH 4, 2011

Student Spotlight                              by Claire Angerer & Bay Hanson

    Joanna Kupiszewski       Michele Himadi                Beecher Lewis               Gabe Atkin

        We asked third graders what their favorite fantasy creature was and why, and we had some
great responses! Gabe Atkin in Mrs. Cherry’s class said his favorite fantasy creature is a dragon,
because they are cool, have spikes on their tails and they can use their tails as weapons. Gabe
really loves dragons! Joanna Kupiszewski in Mrs. Timm’s class loves mermaids. She likes them
because they get to swim all the time. Yeah! Mermaids are amazing swimmers! We also asked
Beecher Lewis and Michele Himadi, who are both from Mrs. Sims’s class. Beecher said that his fa-
vorite fantasy creature is the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, because he has a funnel on top of his
head. Beecher also likes the Tin Man because he enjoys the Tin Man’s speech from the book. We
also think the Tin Man’s speech is very interesting! Michele’s favorite fantasy creature is a dragon
because it blows fire, and she thinks baby dragons are cute. She also likes them because they can
fly, and she wants to fly, too! Lastly, she likes them because she has a Silly Band dragon. There are
lots of cool fantasy creatures. Maybe you also have a favorite fantasy creature!

Teacher Feature: Mrs. Chase                                  by Casey Easterling & Mary Catherine Waddell

                   Mrs. Chase grew up in Tallahassee, Florida. She has a brother and sister, and
                   they are very close family. She was lucky to be able to do so many interesting
                   and fun things and have such a great family. She rode horses as a child. She had
                   a dog named Rusty and a cat named Grizy, but Rusty died in 1993. When she
                   was in second grade her teacher, Mrs. Fly, left a few months after school started.
                   Mrs. Robinson became her new teacher, but she didn’t like her very much. Her
favorite books as a child were Charlotte’s Web and The Little House on the Prairie series.
       Mrs. Chase went to the University of Central Florida for college, and got her degree in teach-
ing, because she loved working with children. Mrs. Chase said that her parents convinced her to
follow her heart. We asked her if she could be anything besides a teacher, what she would be. She
said a talk show host or the owner of a fun clothing store! Her role model is her dad because he
was such a loyal person. He always knew just the right thing to say to comfort someone. He was
such a generous, loving man, always helping those in need, especially children. He taught her never
to judge a book by its cover, and to never give up. Those are the qualities that make a special
teacher like Mrs. Chase!!
First Grade is Fun!                       by McKenley Minacci & Jewel Strawberry

                                      First grade is fun both and challenging! I remember moving from Kindergarten
                             to first grade, and it was not easy. In first grade you do a lot of work in math, social
                             studies, and science. Sometimes it can be a blast, but there’s also times when it gets
                             challenging.      Mrs. Wesley, Mrs. Brandenburg, and Mrs. Nettles are Maclay’s first
                             grade teachers, and they all have different opinions on what first grade is like. Mrs.
                             Wesley says that the word teacher means someone who wants to help others learn new
                             things. Both Mrs. Nettles and Mrs. Brandenburg agree! Mrs. Brandenburg’s favorite part
                             about her class is watching them master a skill and become experts at something they
                             are gifted at. Mrs. Wesley and Mrs. Nettles love their classes because all of their kids
enjoy sharing and learning with each other. All the teachers agree that reading is the main skill in first grade! They
say that if you can read, you can do almost anything, and I have to agree!
        We also interviewed three first grade students. Abby Hugill said her favorite part about being a first grader
in Mrs. Brandenburg’s class is the Wise Owl Weekend. On the weekends, you get to bring a stuffed owl home with
you. While you have the owl, you write down things that you did with it. When Abby had Wise Owl, they went to The
Olive Garden. Joshua Rolfs in Mrs. Wesley’s class said he loves everything about first grade! But he mostly loves
math, because of all the numbers and problems! He also says he likes playtime when he gets to play with one of
his good friends, Grant. They enjoy German dodge ball, soccer, and football. The last student we interviewed was
Jenna Cain in Mrs. Nettle’s class. Jenna’s favorite part about first grade is playing with friends at recess on the jun-
gle gym. She says she likes to play with her good friend, Livy. As you can see, first grade can be a lot of fun, too!

2010...It was a good year at Maclay!                                             By Emma Bell & Brianna Brown

         What do you remember about 2010 at Maclay School? Do remember anything about sports, academ-
ics, or special events? If you can’t think of anything, let us tell you what an exciting year it was! Do you re-
member the sports? Maclay Varsity girls’ volleyball team went to state for the third time in a row. They are
really good. Their coach this year is Coach Rita Crockett. Our boys’ varsity basketball team won the Maclay
Holiday Hoops tournament in December. This tournament is open to girls and boys varsity basketball teams
in the area. It was sponsored by the Florida Commerce Credit Union. Do you remember the academics? Our
Brain Bowl team has had two competitions so far. They won the first competition in Niceville, FL. They got
third place in their second competition in Gainesville.
         Do you remember all the special events that happened in 2010? We had a BMX event because the
lower school raised a lot of money for the Charleston Wrap fundraiser. Some students experienced flurries or
snow during the Christmas break. Two of our many wonderful staff members had something great happen to
them this year. Mrs. Harris got married on July 10, 2010, to a man named Tyler Harris. Mrs. Strain had her
baby girl, May Elizabeth. For the Lower School Student Council, McKenley Minacci was elected president of
LSSC, Will Doughton vice president, Harrison Obrect treasurer, Austin Ghazvini secretary, and Ezi Eminiki
administration liaison.

Spring Break               by Olivia Borschel & Lonzetta Simpkins

         There are some great places to go for spring break. Water parks are some of them. Shipwreck Island is located in
Panama City, and that’s only 2 hours away. The prices are great. If you are the age 9 and older it only costs $33. If you
are 8 and younger it only costs $28. The rides are awesome. One ride that’s great is the White Knuckle River. That ride is
great for family bonding. Another is The Great Shipwreck. That ride is where you hold onto a pulley that is 10 feet into
the air, and then you drop into a pool that is 7 feet deep. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Food and drinks are great too.
There is a delicious variety of food, such as pizzas, Mexican food, frozen yogurt, ice cream, grilled chicken, hamburgers,
hot dogs, and more! Shipwreck Island is a great place for family fun!

One other place to visit in the spring is Big Kahunna’s in Destin. Big Kahunna’s Water Park has more rides than I can
count! Some favorites include Bombs-Away-Bay, the Cobra Twister, Crocodile Flats, Fun Fountains, Humanga River, The
Lazy River, and Tiki River Run. Tiki River Run is probably the best ride I have ever seen! In this ride it seems as if you are
really sliding down a river with some cool tubes to go through, too. Plus, there is a new ride this year called Honolulu Half
Pipe! This ride is all about surfing! Destin is about 161 miles from Tallahassee. The park is open every day from May un-
til August. In March and April it is only open on certain days. A season pass for each person is $80.00. A Golden Season
Pass for each person is $99.99. Hope you have fun at these water parks!
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Gulliver’s Travels               by Erika Langley & Helen Smith

        What a story! When a sailor named Lemuel Gulliver falls overboard, watch out, because small people
called Lilliputians in the mini-country of Lilliput tie him up! He also meets giants, talking horses, and huge
birds! The story includes daring escapes, frightening monsters, and mythical creatures. Gulliver’s voyages
change him and the world around him forever. A true classic, this is a great book, and you absolutely need to
read it! Without a dull moment, Jonathan Swift takes you to lands you’ve never heard of and you meet crea-
tures you’ve never seen. Come and check it out from the library today!
        In the movie, the main character Lemual Gulliver is played by Jack Black and is just an average guy.
He has a major crush on a girl named Darcy played by Amanda Peet, the editor of the company Gulliver works
for. When Gulliver writes a story for Darcy, he doesn’t think very much about what’s in store for him. Gulli-
ver is sent on a mission to question a man who thinks he knows the secret to the Bermuda Triangle. He finds
himself in a storm, and next thing you know, he is on the sand surrounded by midgets! He is called a “beast”
for the next few days before he meets Horatio in the dungeon. Then, a few days later, he meets Princess Mary.
        The small people think Gulliver is a hero, but when they find out the truth, then things take a turn for
the worst. All of the sudden, Darcy shows up. She is very mad at him too. At the end of the movie, Darcy and
Gulliver are friends. Horatio and the Princess Mary fall in love, and so do Darcy and Gulliver.

Varsity Girls’ Basketball                                    by Lauryn Parker & Siena Kole

       We interviewed the Maclay Girls’ Varsity Basketball team captains Precious
Hall, Brooke Rick, and Macie Wilkins, along with their coach Raphael Harris.
They’ve won 23 games and they’ve only lost 3 this season. Only three seniors
will be graduating from the team this year: Macie Wilkins, Lindsey Peppers, and
Grayal Allen. This team has played their way through some of the toughest
teams in the district, almost making their way to state!
       We asked Coach Raphael Harris about his team and their goals. He told
us that his goals for his team this year, were to win district, regional, and state!
Their biggest competition is Lafayette and P. K. Younge. He said that good work
ethics, off-season and preseason workouts all account for their wins. Each of his
captains brings something unique to the table. He told us that he is sad to see
his seniors go, because this class has a lot of heart, and tries their best.
       Macie Wilkins is a senior and a team captain. Macie said that she loves to have team sleep-
overs and mess around and laugh. They have to make sure the team is always on time and trying
their hardest, and they also have to act as a leader. On and off the court, she needs to make sure
her teammates respect and can always count on her. Brooke Rick, a 4 year Lady Marauder, said
that the team’s favorite thing to do together is to hang out at the Wilkins house. She says, “It takes
leadership. You have to lead on and off the court.” Brooke says that being team captain is a great
opportunity to help the team out. Brooke seems to be a great Lady Marauder Girls’ Basketball cap-
tain. Precious Hall has only been at Maclay for 1 year, and has made a big impact on the girls bas-
ketball program. She has brought more fans to the games than ever! She says the team likes to eat
together. Precious thinks being a team captain takes communication and being a role model on the
court and off. Precious also says that her team trusts her enough to be a leader and to tell them
when they’re doing right and wrong. Precious really knows basketball!
        The basketball season for the girls is over, but they did go on to district and regional compe-
titions. They lost their first game at regionals, and were eliminated. They had a great season,
fought hard, and played great as a team! They hope for another great season next year!

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Survey: The best part of Spring Break!                                          by Khadeja Ahmed & Paige Bridges







        No homework        Going to the       Taking a trip     Sleeping in      Playing outside Lemonade Stand
                             beach                                                   all day

Exotic Animals
by LinLee Franklin & Anna Lewis

         We decided to write about unique animals that you might not think about every day. We picked the Sugar
Glider, the Red Panda, the Chinchilla, and the Angora rabbit.
        The Sugar Glider can be found throughout the northern and eastern parts of Australia’s mainland. They
are nocturnal, and sleep in nests during the day but are active at night. The Sugar Glider is commonly found in for-
ests with food and eucalyptus trees. They feed on acacia, eucalyptus, and gum trees’ sweet sap and hunt for in-
sects and small vertebrates. It also eats fruit and needs to have calcium. The Sugar Glider stays in trees for shelter.
It has a squirrel-like body and a black stripe from its nose to its mid-back. The sugar glider also has a cream col-
ored chest, throat, and belly. The sugar glider can glide 50 to 150 meters.
        The Red Panda is a small mammal that is native to eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. It has red-
dish-brown fur and a shaggy tail. It eats eggs, birds, insects, small mammals, and mainly bamboo. The Red Panda
has a rounded head, upright ears, and a black nose and eyes.
         Another unique animal is the Chinchilla. Chinchillas are very good jumpers, and can jump up to six feet. A
Chinchilla’s teeth need to be worn down monthly or their teeth will become grown over and keep them from eat-
ing. In their native habitat, they live in burrows or rock crevices. There are two living species of chinchilla, Chin-
chilla brevicaudata and Chinchilla lanigera. The Chinchilla brevicaudata is currently in danger of becoming extinct.
Chinchillas come in a variety of colors. In their wild habitat they are usually only found in gray. Chinchillas have
become rare from hunting because of their fur.
         Another awesome animal is the Angora rabbit. Angora rabbits are active, fun, playful, and have lots of
personality. They enjoy attention from their owners and company from other rabbits, or well mannered cats. An-
gora rabbits are mostly bred for their soft and silky fur. They don’t possess the same causes of allergies as other
animals do, which would be good for kids with allergies. They love to play with toys such as pine cones, plastic
balls, pieces of soft wood, stuffed socks, or an old glove. The average Angora Rabbit can live up to 5-7 years if you
keep it in good shape. We hope that if you are looking for a new, fun and unusual pet then you would think about
these first!!!

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