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					  Agewell Foundation
is about celebrating old
  about respecting our
    about giving them
       support and
   about knowing that
       there is life
    - even when old.
              The Facts - India
   No. of Persons 60+ in India was 57 million in
    1991 which is expected to reach 100 million
    mark during next decade.
   63% of the total elderly population is in age
    group of 60-69 years
   26% in age group of 70-79 years.
   11% in age group of 80 years and above.
    National figures also indicate that incidence of
    widowhood is much higher among females who
    are 60+.
         About Agewell Foundation
   An NGO dedicated to the welfare of senior citizens
    across the country . Established in the year 1999
   Assist senior citizens to move surely but steadily from
    helplessness and self pity towards confidence, respect
    and mutual caring by bringing forth awareness and
    values in the young
   Agewell volunteer teams include professionals, senior
    bureaucrats, university professors, artists, writers,
    judges & all those people who sincerely feel and work
    for the cause
 Agewell Foundation is committed to
generate compassion and understanding
 within all to transform social attitudes
    towards the senior citizens, by
           empowering every
       person in living life fully.
Agewell is set up to infuse better interaction
 between the generations. It endeavors to:
      Bring awareness towards self, with a positive
       change in perceptions about Old Age
      Initiate steps towards senior citizens friendly
      Evolve a sense of moral and social responsibility
       towards senior citizens
      Advocate for the needs and rights of senior citizens

        Extend a helping hand to senior citizens wherever
    Senior Citizens - Priority Areas
   Social Participation & Empowerment
        Social integration
        Macro-social change & development
        Changing structures and functions of families,
         kin and community
   Health And Well-being
        Healthy ageing
        Biomedical support
        Physical and Psychological support
        Improved quality of life
Senior Citizens - Priority Areas
   Legal Security
       Legal protection
       Justice in time

   Finance Empowerment
       Financial security
       Financial sustenance
       Financial participation in the society
                 Current Activities
   Helpline & Redressal Services
       Agewell Helpline for senior citizens in Delhi
       Agewell Helpline for senior citizens in Ahmedabad

   Voluntary Activities
       “ Aadhar ” ~Nationwide Voluntary Action Network

   Employment & Job Opportunities
       “ Eklavya ” ~Agewell Employment Exchange for
        senior citizens
                Current Activities
   Special Services
       “ Sahyog” Psychological Trauma Centre

   Social Activities
       “Share a Smile with Your Elders” – School Contact
       Agewell Family Membership Scheme

   Research Activities
       Agewell Centre for Research & Advocacy for Needs &
        Rights of senior citizens
    Research & Advocacy Center
   Advocacy Issues
       Needs & rights of older persons from their own
       Concern for welfare of elderly
       Adequacy of economic resources in old age
       Evolve and implement methodologies for better living
        conditions of older persons
       Life cycle model of economic well-being
       Old age generational & gender differences relating to
        economic status
       Attempt to bridge intergenerational gap
    Research & Advocacy Center
   Currently underway:
       Research:
          Nationwide study of needs & rights of senior
           citizens from their own perspective
          Issues of concern for welfare of senior citizens

          Evolution and implement of new methodologies for
           improving living conditions of senior citizens

       Analysis:
          Gap analysis between intergenerational & Indian
           senior citizens’ condition and status
          Data consolidations & analysis of issues faced by
           senior citizens since the year 1999
Contact Management Services
   Inbound Help Line Services
       Situation call supports
       Counseling services
       Query & response handling along with information

   Outbound Helpline Services
       Targeted phone campaigns in selective areas
       Para-medic services
       Para-legal services
       Financial services
       Insurance services
    Agewell Volunteers’ Presence In
       States of India (Aadhar)
   35 States & Union Territories of India
   540 Districts Across India
   6,300 + Dedicated Volunteers
   4.8 + Million Senior Citizens
   4,924 Self-help Groups
   3,52,011 Senior Citizens members of Self-help Groups
     Rest of India
     West Bengal
     Uttar Pradesh
     Maharashtra                                                         451
     Madhya Pradesh
     Kerala                                                                      514
     Karnataka                                  247
     Jharkhand                               220
     Gujarat                                                       399
     Bihar                                                                 479
     Assam                                                               454
     Andhra Pradesh                                                                    583
        Contact Management
             - Breakup

 Social Issues
     34%                      Suggestions

Financial, Pension &     Medical & Legal
  Insurance Issues           Issues
        24%                    22%
        Activities in Pipeline Awaiting
   Patient Care
       Old age trauma mobile services
       Old age and disability – an outreach initiative
       Senior citizens and HIV/AIDS
   Training Programs
       Senior citizens as social communicators
       Care giver, Old age management
   Research
       Senior citizens in prison and asylums
       Linkage between adolescents and senior citizens
   Interaction centers for senior citizens
                      Our Focus
   To initiate a debate and identify the current perspectives
    and issues that are being experienced by the senior
    citizens in the country, culminating with applicable
    solutions to problem areas and present the same to the
    policy decision makers.
   The triology of symposiums address:-

    1. Social   needs        (conducted on 12 / 04 /06)

    2. Medical    needs      (conducted on 30 /06 /06)

    3. Legal    needs        going on…
     Today’s Focus

Legal Needs & Rights
  of Older Persons

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